Sunday, October 4, 2015

LIVE(ish) Play-by-Play from Week 4's Raiders vs. Bears Game

By: Jimbo X

11:09 A.M. -- All right, folks. Game time coverage begins TODAY at 1 p.m. Be sure to refresh your browsers for updates throughout the afternoon, as YOUR Oakland Raiders attempt to go 3-1 on the season AT Soldier Field.

12:25 P.M. -- Still awaiting word on whether or not the following Raiders will be active today; Khalil Mack, Charles Woodson, Taiwan Jones and Justin Tuck. Jay Cutler WILL be the starting QB for Chicago, per ESPN. 

12:33 P.M. -- Statistically, the Bears are the worst team, defensively, in the NFL. The fire sale trade of Jared Allen, arguably their best player overall, to the Panthers earlier this week should give you a firm idea of just how optimistic the Bears management is about the remainder of the season. 

12:37 P.M. -- Chicago WR Alson Jeffery is inactive. And is that really Ed Norton doing the V.O. for Draft Kings commercials? 

12:45 P.M. -- Fun fact: there is only one NFL game this week featuring two teams who both have records above .500 (the Denver/Minnesota tilt later tonight.)

12:49 P.M. -- I may be in the minority, but I am actually a fan of the idea of a full-time NFL team playing in London. I mean, pro football, at 9 a.m. on Sunday on the East Coast? Yes, please.

1:00 P.M. -- And we are LIVE from Soldier Field, which so far this year, has been a field of broken dreams. Meanwhile, the 2-1 Raiders are surprising overachievers, powered by a high-yardage offense that is equally dangerous on the ground and by air.

1:02 P.M. -- Bears start on offense. Cutler takes his first snap. Forte gets three on the run. Bennett picks up a first down on second and seven.

1:04 P.M. -- Forte with about nine yards. Will Montgomery is down. Add him to an already lengthy injured list for the Bears.

1:06 P.M. -- Forte dropped for a loss on second down. Third and two. And under pressure, the Bears take it all the way down to Oakland's 10.

1:09 P.M. -- Forte with a few yards in the redzone. And Bennett drops a TD pass on second down

1:10 P.M. -- TOUCHDOWN BEARS. Royal with a seven-yard reception to put the Bears up 6-0. But the extra point snap is blocked.

1:13 P.M. -- First possession for the Raiders. Oakland starts within their own 10, put a penalty against Chicago will give them a few extra yards.

1:15 P.M. -- Murray goes nowhere on first down. Nothing going on second down either. And Carr comes up short on thrid down, for a three and out start. The Bears start their next possession from their own five.

1:20 P.M. -- Forte for about eight. He picks up another eight on second down. Under pressure, Cutler tosses it away on first down. Another blitz on second down forces Cutler to dump the ball, again. And Chicago converts on third down.

1:23 P.M. -- Ball at the CHI 40. Forte dropped for a loss on first down. And the defense forces another drop behind the line, along with a fumble. And the Bears get hit with a penalty to make it 3 and 19.And Cutler dumps it under presure. After a terrible first outing, the Raiders looked much improved here.

1:28 P.M. -- Raiders begin at their own 5. Murray gets dropped on first down. Murray with about five on seven on second down. And Crabtree makes the reception for a new set of downs. 

1:31 P.M. -- Cooper can't reel it in on first down. Rivera with a few yards after the catch. Third and six comig up. And Cooper drops a gimme pass, forcing the Raiders to punt it away. 

1:33 P.M. -- A holding call on the Bear puts them a few yards back from their own 20 on the next possession.

1:35 P.M. -- Forte stuffed behind the line on first down. Cutler tosses a seven yard pick up on a bobbled snap. Third and four. Chicago converts.

1:38 P.M. -- Forte runs for three. A near interception on second down. AND CUTLER GETS SACKED BY TUCK!

1:40 P.M. -- And that's it for the first quarter. The Raiders will start their next drive at midfield. 

1:43 P.M. -- Cooper with about five on his first reception of the day. Cooper with about three on the play and OH SHIT, CRABTREE IS HURT. 

1:47 P.M. -- Ok, he is walking around on the sideline now, so maybe it isn't too bad. And Smith converts for a new set of downs.

1:48 P.M. -- Murray dropped for a loss on first down. It is two and 13 at the CHI 40. Murray rumbles. Third and eight. AND MURRAY CONVERTS!

1:49 P.M. -- And Cooper hauls in what may be a long strike TD. Did he have both feet in bounds on the circus catch? The red flag is down.


1:54 P.M. -- Cooper's 26-yard highlight-worthy reception gives Oakland the 7-6 lead.

1:55 P.M -- The Bears take over at their own 20. But a holding call puts them back a few yards.

1:58 P.M. -- Forte goes nowhere on first down. The Bears pick up the first down, but it is negated on a holding call. Two and 13 within their own 10. Crabtree is walking off the field. 

1:59 P.M. -- Forte within one of the first down marker. Third and one. And Chicago converts.

2:01 P.M. -- Larry Asante shaken up on the tackle. AND CUTLER BOBBLES THE SNAP, RESULTING IN A TURNOVER!

2:03 P.M. -- Oakland takes over at the CHI 26. Murray slow getting up after a five yard run. He is walking off the field. Helu in the backfield now. 


2:06 P.M. -- TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Helu with a five yard run to put Oakland up 14-6!

2:08 P.M. -- The Bears begin at their own 20. Murray is out with a shoulder injury, it appears. 

2:10 P.M. -- Forte with enough for a new set of downs. He gets one on the next play. A bit of a busted play makes it three and seven. And he gets a HUGE pickup, to about the OAK 20.

2:13 P.M. -- Another first down for Forte. And a facemask penalty puts Chicago in the redzone.

2:14 P.M. -- Second and goal. TOUCHDOWN BEARS. Cutler with a facile TD pass to a wide open Bennett.

2:15 P.M. -- That makes it 14-13, Oakland. The Bears have 213 yards, while the Raiders have ust 89.

2:18 P.M. -- Oakland takes over at their own 30. AND THE BEARS INTERCEPT THE BALL ON A BOUNCED TOSS TO MURRAY.

2:19 P.M. -- Chicago at the OAK 20. Second and seven. Chicago within ten of a TD. 

2:22 P.M. -- Forte goes backwards on the play. There is a flag. It's on Chicago. 

2:24 P.M. -- Second and goal. About seven to paydirt. Third and two 'til a touchdown. About a minute and a half left in the half. Fourth and goal coming up. Will the Bears go for it?

2:27 P.M. -- The field goal unit is out. Robbie Gould is good, and that makes it Chicago 16-14.

2:29 P.M. -- Janikowski whiffing air on the sideline. Crabtree is back in, and the Raiders have a minute and a half left in the half, with 80 yards 'til endzone.

2:30 P.M. -- And Carr is sacked for a huge loss. Third and 24 coming up. You gotta be thinking deep strike time for Oakland.

2:32 P.M. -- And Murray barely makes it to the Raiders' ten. 

2:33 P.M. -- Twenty one seconds left in the half and the Bears get it back around their own 40. And Cutler gets sacked. And that is it for the first half of play.

2:40 P.M. -- Yardage count? Chicago, 239, Oakland, 93.

2:41 P.M. -- At this point, the game is a toss-up. For the Raiders, it is certainly a positive to have both Murray and Crabtree back in the lineup, but defensively, the team is being torched at the tight end position AND right down the gut. For the Raiders to win this one, they are goign to have to keep the pressure on Cutler and shut down Forte. Oakland, with all of their weapons, can win a shootout here, but their defense has to do its part, as well. Ultimately, this one may come down to whichever team has the fewest turnovers. 

2:48 P.M. -- The Raiders get the ball to begin the second half. They will start at their own 25.

2:49 P.M. -- Murray with about four yards on the first play. A Bear is hobbling off the field. 

2:50 P.M. -- Second and seven. And Murray bobbles to make it third and seven. 

2:51 P.M. -- And Carr gets sacked AGAIN. The Bears start their next drive from nearly midfield.

2:53 P.M. -- But there is a flag on the play. No wait, there isn't. AND THE RAIDERS GET THE BALL ON A TURNOVER!

2:57 P.M. -- Murray runs for about seven. Second and three. No dice. Third and three now. The Raiders hit for a loss, but there is a flag against Chicago. New set of downs for Oakland. 

2:59 P.M. -- And Crabtree takes it down to the Bears' 15. Murray with another impressive run. Second and four. 

3:00 P.M. -- Seth Roberts out of bounds for what would have been a TD catch. And Cooper drops a pass that would have resulted in a first down. The Raiders settle for a FG, which maks it a 17-16 game. 

3:05 P.M. -- Bears start at their own 20. Flag on their first play. It is a false start against Chicago. Re-do for a first and 15. 

3:06 P.M. -- Second and 13. And nothing on that one. Three and 13. And Bennett moves the chains. 

3:07 P.M. -- Dropped pass on first down. Second and 10. Nothing working on a pass attempt. Third and ten. And the Bears convert again.

3:09 P.M. -- Second and ten, almost at midfield. And it is incomplete. Third down and ten yet again.

3:10 P.M. -- A bobbled pass, but there is a flag. HOLDING ON CHICAGO. The Bears have to punt it away.

3:11 P.M. -- Oakland gets it at their own 25.

3:14 P.M. -- Second and one following a nine yard pass. And Murray easily picks up the first down.

3:15 P.M. -- Murray with two on the ground. Second and eight. Third down and seven. AND HELU CONVERTS!

3:17 P.M. -- Murray with three. Oakland now at midfield. Second and seven. Murray with about one. Third and six. And it is short to Crabtree. Marquette King to punt. The Bears take over at their own ten with about three minutes left in the quarter.

3:21 P.M. -- Forte gets about one on the run. Forte appears to have enough for the first down. He breaks off five on the follow-up. It is now second and five. Just a few on the next play. Third and three. A pass interference call on Oakland gives Chicago a new set of downs around midfield. 

3:25 P.M. -- Second and four. Cutler runs out the clock. We begin the fourth quarter with the Raiders holding on to a one-point lead.

3:30 P.M. -- First and ten. And Forte is dropped behind the line. And Chicago gets hit by a delay of game penalty. Second and 18. Bennett with four yards. Three and 14. And Forte gets dropped. Fourth down for the Bears. 

3:33 P.M. -- Gould comes out for the field goal. And it is good. Chicago regains the lead, 19-17.

3:36 P.M. -- And the Raiders start at their own 20 with 13 minutes left in the quarter.

3:37 P.M. -- Murray with two on the carry, maybe. Second and eight. An incomplete pass to Cooper. It is now third and eight. 

3:38 P.M. -- And Reece gets enough for a new set of downs. Olawale goes backwards on first down. Second and 11. AND CRABTREE WITH A BIG PICK UP FOR THE FIRST.

3:40 P.M. -- Reece rumbles for five. The Raiders are now at midfield. Second and four. 


3:42 P.M. -- Third and eight for the Bears. And they convert.

3:44 P.M. -- Forte goes nowhere. Second and ten. Third and one at the Raiders 20. 

3:46 P.M. -- AND CHARLES WOODSON WITH ANOTHER INTERCEPTION! But there is a flag. Unsportsmanlike conduct call on the Raiders. But they maintain possession, right?

3:49 P.M. -- Raiders at their own ten. Second and ten. And Crabtree takes it to the 30.

3:51 P.M. -- And another Crabtree reception puts OAK in Bears territory. 

3:52 P.M. -- And Helu rumbles for a new set of downs. Raiders at the CHI 40.

3:53 P.M. -- Under pressure, Carr underthrows Cooper. Second and ten, four and a half minutes left in the game. Third and two coming up. Raiders convert. 

3:55 P.M. -- Murray with four. Second and six. Raiders at the Bears 25. Helu makes it a three and two. 

3:56 P.M. -- Two minutes, fifty seconds to go. 

3:57 P.M. -- Helu well short. Here comes Sea-Bass. 

3:58 P.M. -- It's a 41-yard attempt. And that puts the Raiders up 20-19, right at the two minue warning. 

4:00 P.M. -- Chicago takes over at their own 20. Five yard run from Forte, and that takes us to the two minute mark.

4:03 P.M. -- And Cutler is dropped for a loss. Three and five. Incomplete. Fourth and five now. 

4:06 P.M. -- The Bears convert. One minute to go, second and ten at their own 30. Third and four. Another first down. At their own 40.

4:07 P.M. -- Deep strike is overthrown. Second and 10. Another first down. Bears at midfield. 

4:09 P.M. -- The Bears are in field goal range now. It's all on Gould now. 

4:11 P.M. -- A 49 yard attempt. 

4:12 P.M. -- And he makes it. 22-20 Chicago. 

4:13 P.M. -- Two seconds left in the game. One last opportunity for the Raiders to pull off some Cal-Stanford shit. 

4:14 P.M. -- Well, that didn't work. A disappointing loss for the Raiders, who after looking like an offensive powerhouse the last two weeks, played quite poorly here. That drops them to 2-2 on the season, with a contest against arch-rivals Denver next week.

4:17 P.M. -- Final score? Bears 22, Raiders 20. I hate football, with a passion.


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