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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all of the things that OUTRAGED hyper-P.C. jihadists, before they forget all about them in just a few days...

By: Jimbo X

Incensed mother outraged slavery not represented in text book; meanwhile, another incensed mother is outraged slavery IS represented in Playmobil toys

Proving the old theorem "damned if you do, damned if you don't," the week that was was book-ended by two stories about outraged African-American mothers taking their grievances over representation of slavery public. Textbook Leviathan McGraw-Hill announced it would be making changes to one of its history books, following comments from a Houston-area mom who was more than just a wee bit miffed that one caption in the book had the audacity to use the term "workers" instead of "slaves." Meanwhile, a mom over on the West Coast went berserk when she found her kid playing with a suspiciously tan action figure with a collar around his neck. Naturally, this led to calls from the Sacramento chapter
of the NAACP to remove the almost $100 pirate ship playset from store shelves, and absolutely zero media references to the analogous Barbary slave trade that went on at the exact same time as the North Atlantic slave trade. 

Atlanta man fired, has life ruined because of his friend's social media comments

Gerod Roth learned the hard way to keep his damned yap shut on the Internet, when he got torn asunder by the social media mob for posting a photograph of himself and a colleague's child on Facebook. Thanks to some unsavory references to starving Ethiopians and slavery, Roth (and more than a few of his friends) all got shit-canned for their online yuk-yuks. Of course, this means Roth will spend the rest of his life wearing the "Scarlet R," struggling to make a living for himself, his girlfriend and child -- who, incidentally, are women of color themselves. Of course, none of this smacks of a newfangled liberal McCarthyism -- just ask Huffington Post commentator Kat Blaque, who wrote that Mr. Roth doesn't deserve penance for his thoughtcrime until he literally comes out in public and declares himself a witch communist racist in front of God and everybody

Harvard students honored to lose debate contest with murderers, rapists

When you're a former debate world champion team at the most prestigious (read: affordable only to elitists) college in America, you'd think you'd be a little less ebullient about losing an intellectual contest to people convicted of homicide and child abuse. Alas, the Harvard debate team proudly took to social media following their "loss" to the noble murderers and sex criminals of Eastern New York Correctional Facility, stating "There are few teams we are prouder of having lost a debate to than the phenomenally intelligent and articulate team this weekend" on Facebook. For those wondering, the debate -- decided by a "neutral panel" -- centered on the thorny topic of the children of unauthorized immigrants in public school systems. As it turns out, many of the prison debaters receive free education from the prestigious Bard College, meaning that perhaps the most affordable way to earn a bachelor's degree nowadays is to go out and stab a dude to death first. 

Hardcore feminist arrested after calling for Caucasian male genocide

28-year-old Bahar Mustafa -- who, despite her name, is actually whiter than a mayonnaise snowflake -- was arrested earlier this week for sending the menacing message "kill all white men" over social media. The kicker is that Ms. Mustafa is actually a diversity officer at a college in the U.K., whose shenanigans in the past include demanding white students refrain from attending campus events for minority students, later exonerating herself by declaring that minorities and women are incapable of racism and/or sexism because of some abstruse power hierarchy. Said the woman, who isn't a minority, nonetheless in a position of power at a state-governed institution. 

People upset with Pretenders frontwoman for not being upset enough over own sexual assault

Things got testy (but thankfully, not testes) on an episode of the state-funded NPR snooze-fest Morning Edition, when Chrissie Hynde snapped back against host David Greene, who was agog that Hynde dare state that she had at least partial responsibility for being gang-attacked by bikers at age 21. In the cringe-worthy interview, Hynde refuses to call what she experienced "rape," and said her assault was mostly the consequences of her own ill-informed decision to get stoned with strangers. Over the years, the rape-culture-proponents have mercilessly attacked Hynde (linguistically, of course) for trivializing the issue of sexual assault. In the NPR broadcast, however, appeared to be more pissed off at the people pissed at her for not being as pissed off about her attack as they want it her to be than she is being attacked in the first place -- even going as far as to describe her hardcore feminist detractors as a "lynch mob!" 

Atlanta school board members proud to participate in annual LGBT Pride festival

With support of the Anti-Defamation League, several members of the Atlanta Public School system (still reeling, by the way, from one of the worst cheating scandals in American history) including several members of the Atlanta Board of Education, announced they would gleefully participate in the upcoming weekend's 2015 Atlanta Pride Parade. It's so delightful to see such a forward thinking, open-minded and all-inclusive mentality rampant throughout city governance. And if you're wondering what happens when somebody working for the city of Atlanta refuses to accept gayness with open arms? It's simple -- they fire him.

The Marshall Project is upset some states are freeing prisoners rather than paying for their sexual reassignment procedures

Usually, liberal types are ecstatic when long-held prisoners are suddenly released from prison. Also, liberal types are generally ecstatic whenever transgender folks are acknowledged by official government agencies. So what happens when official government agencies acknowledge transgender prisoners by suddenly releasing them from prison? That's right, they accuse them of discriminationIn a totally unbiased report from The Marshall Project, one "reporter" insinuates that California paroled a man accused of second degree murder rather than spent $20,000 in state-taxpayer-funded monies on a sexual reassignment surgery. Welcome to the new world order folks, where freedom truly has become the new slavery.

The Huffington Post lashes out against Kardashians for not being the Obamas

In a particularly nauseating spiel titled What Cosmopolitan's Kardashian Cover Says About Black Erasure, Huffington Post scribe Lakin Sterling gave Cosmo the old what-fer after declaring the Kardashians American's real first family. Sensing systematic intolerance where mere mortals only observe sans serif typeface, Lakin then proceeds to bloviate about Donald Trump and racist lipstick names before stating the following knee-slapper/head-shaker: "The greatness of the Kardashians does not lie in overcoming insurmountable odds to hold rank or position. That is something that the Obamas continuously work for and are left with no choice but to defend...despite outside attempts to ignore them in a room where they are rightfully seated." Only in America, I suppose, can you have the keys to the world's largest nuclear weapons arsenal and still be marginalized and dis-empowered by society.

It was NOT a good week for 11-year-olds

In the suburbs of Knoxville, Tennessee, an 11-year-old made national headlines when, after being rebuffed on a request to see an 8-year-old neighbor's puppy, he reasonably responded by grabbing a shotgun out of his paw-paw's closet and shooting her dead with itMeanwhile, an 11-year-old boy was raped by his now-21-year-old babysitter in England. However, her punishment was reduced to just six months, because, in the judge's eyes, "he was a mature 11-year-old and you were an immature 20-year-old." Not to stoke the misandry fires or anything, but can anyone imagine a judge saying something like that had the genders been reversed? 

In defense of a whole bunch of asininity...

Those of you looking for case examples of America's glorious lack of a belief in the virtue of self-responsibility anymore had plenty of news items to nibble on this week. For starters, there is the strange case of a South Carolina mom who decided to teach her kids a lesson against homophobia by parading her son down the aisles of a local Wal-Mart while dressed in drag. Up in George Herbert Walker Bush country, a freshman UConn student caused a ruckus when he berated a cafeteria worker for not cooking his favorite mac-and-cheese dish to his liking (it's not his first drunk and disorderly charge, either; at his previous college, he got arrested after calling a white police officer the dreaded, unfathomable, utterly unthinkable n-word.) Then, there's the tragic (in more ways than one) tale of an 800-pound-man who was tossed out of a Rhode Island hospital because he ordered, in violation of his meal plan, "a celebratory pizza" to mark losing a paltry 20 pounds over three months. Without the slightest tinge of morbid irony, he would then pass the blame on to hospital security, for allowing the delivery man to enter the hospital. And proving once and for all that no one is responsible for the own actions whatsoever anymore legally, a Florida court has ordered a school system to pay out $600,000 to the families of three teens, two of whom committed suicide and another who died in a car accident, because their principal hypnotized them

...but what about the libertarian folks? 

We here at The Internet Is In America get a lot of guffaws out of the post-post-modern liberal types, but we also like to dig our heels into the other side of the political aisle, too. Just so you know the more democratically-inclined aren't the only kooks and dingbats out there with a perverse notion of moral law above the actual law, I would like to conclude this week's installment with two examples of hardcore conservative, libertarian "social justice" madness. Down in Florida (it's always Florida, you know by now) attorney Augustus Sol Invictus announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. When he's not defending homicide suspects in an actual court of law, he's producing a series of YouTube videos prophesying a second Civil War and writing screeds in which he renounces his own citizenship. Alas, the courting of neo-Nazis and furtive calls to overthrow the government isn't what got him booted from the Libertarian Party of Florida (which imploded shortly thereafter) -- it was his his admission to killing and drinking the blood of a goat in pagan ritual. Meanwhile, a Michigan woman could be facing some serious charges after drawing her permitted, concealed weapon and busting a couple of shots off in a Home Depot parking lot ... to halt two guys she thought were shoplifting. These two stories pretty much sum up modern libertarianism -- in which the phrase "goat blood sacrifice" is featured in the less unnerving headline.

And the best leftovers from September's Social Justice Warrior Crusades!

Lost in the hubbub about a half-black English immigrant shooting nine people dead in Oregon, media works diligently to defend 16-year-old who tried to kill principal in South Dakota and another 16-year-old who tried to set school resource officers on fire in Pittsburgh.


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