Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

Much ado about a white, male cop beating the living crap out of a black, female teen

This week, America was captivated by the Spring Valley High, South Carolina saga, which involved school resource officer Ben Fields getting heavily criticized online, then fired, for yanking a black, teenage orphan from her desk and tossing her across the classroom like a lawn dart while no less than three students filmed it on their cell phones. The event inspired impassioned diatribes from folks like Jamelle Bouie, who is absolutely flabbergasted as to why students of color are more likely to be arrested in class -- clearly, the unfathomable notion that maybe minority students are simply more prone misbehave and display less regard for authority CANNOT EVEN BE MULLED AS POSSIBILITY, so, as with literally every other problem we have in America, Bouie says the root of the matter has to be racism. That's the same conclusion drawn by the Jewfro-sporting The Atlantic scribe David A. Graham, who blamed disproportionate minority contact in schools on suspiciously unidentified socioeconomic factors that are "attributable in part or in full to structural racism," adding that he was dismayed by the students' "impassivity" during the incident -- "perhaps that's because seeing a black student harshly dealt with simply didn't register as unusual for them," he deduces. Interestingly enough, the school has a black majority student population -- and perhaps much to Senor Graham's chagrin, they made up the bulk of about 100 or so students who protested Friday to reinstate the ousted SRO. Then, there is the Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlewaite's take on the matter, in which she -- in addition to reinforcing my atheism -- claims the event was designed to let students know that the police state is inherently racist, and by golly, they just don't have no goddang respect for African Americans whatsoever. Of course, Dr. Thistlewaite had no opinion on a white principal in Sacramento getting body slammed while trying to keep several black kids from killing each other in a cafeteria brawl, nor is she spouting her "do unto others" rhetoric to black cop killer Tyrone Howard and black jogger shooter Roosevelt Bonner. Although it is a nuanced ordeal factoring in a host of variables (in which a "decisive" moral judgment is both impossible and irrelevant), the new-wave Orthodoxy has already made up its mind on the matter, and anyone who speaks to the contrary MUST be exiled from the collective consciousness. Just ask The View's Raven Symone (a black, lesbian, ex-Cosby kid who I'm still not 100 percent convinced isn't a spray-tanned Kelly Osbourne), who after stating that the student maybe played a role in what happened by not following her teacher's directions and punching the SRO first, become the subject of a vicious online campaign to get her tossed off the show

Unsubstantiated rumors of racism force restaurant to close

A local landmark in Athens, Georgia, shuttered its doors earlier this week, when it was revealed that it may or may not serve a secret menu item called a "N****rita" (and that, allegedly, is it's actual name, asterisks and all.) Of course, there is no direct evidence that such a drink exists whatsoever, and the only thing the media has to work with is a single laminated sheet -- with no official restaurant markings -- that a (supposed) employee left at a Kinkos. Surely, this cannot be considered an ideologically-motivated witch hunt against a business simply because its namesake implies even the remotest tinge of reverence for Confederate history, no? You fellas out in the Pacific Northwest shouldn't feel left out, though -- up in Washington, there's also a back sheriff's deputy suing a restaurant for $100,000 because they asked him to prepay for a meal

New study finds white boys to be the most marginalized demographic in the U.K. 

The results of a recent Equality and Human Rights Commission study in Great Britain produced some interesting results, to state the least. Analyzing outcomes for poor students across ethnic and gender lines, the Commission determined that white boys were the MOST likely to falter in school and go on to low-paying, menial labor of any gender-racial combination. While researchers of this latest study were mum on the sociological factors that may produce this discrepancy, an earlier House of Commons Education Committee report -- unable to pin the blame on anything even approaching an ethno-racial -gender-binary-scapegoat -- suggested the longitudinal failure could be attributed to crappy home lives, poor (or non-existent) parenting and the failure of anyone related to the child to instill in them any sense of ambition

Anonymous threatens to "unhood" Klan members online

Anonymous -- the fascist, pseudo-criminal enterprise consisting primarily of overweight, Caucasian beta-males -- took to the Internet Friday, listing about a dozen names, addresses, photographs and even CREDIT CARD NUMBERS of people they allege to be members of the Ku Klux Klan. In an earlier message, the group -- eerily echoing the slobbering fury of Joseph McCarthy -- threatened to expose data on 1,000-plus people they accuse of being associates and sympathizers with the KKK. Gloriously unaware of the advent of irony and self-reflection, Anonymous justified their actions thusly: "You are terrorists that hide your identities beneath sheets and infiltrate society on every level ... you continue to inflict civil rights violations, commit violent crimes and solicit others to commit violent criminal acts. You seek to intimidate and/or eliminate those that are different from you and those that you dislike by any means possible."

Kanye West says he was shunned in fashion industry for being straight

Last week, I brought up Kanye West's comments on classism ... which, unsurprisingly, drew a lot of anger from some black activist groups, who can't imagine people who look different from them ever being the victim of systemic and institutional prejudices. Well, this week, the guy who is boning Kim K every night pissed off the gay folks quite a bit,  stating that he was discriminated against in the fashion industry for not being a part of the disproportionately-represented gay designer in-group. During the interview, he also dropped this seemingly-prescient statement about a certain transgender manslaughterer: "Bruce just got off the exit sign and drove as fast as he wanted to. Oh, sorry, it's disrespectful to use that name but I'm still getting acquainted with what's politically correct because it's new, it's modern. This is like Roman times, bro."

Black man with gun pulled over by police and not killed, but other black people are still pissed off about it for some reason

In Tucson, Arizona, National Guard reserve Steven Hildreth, Jr., got pulled over by local police for a busted taillight. Although he had a weapon on him, he describes in a Facebook message how he acted cordially, treated the policemen with respect, dutifully complied with their requests and, as a result, received merely a warning for his automotive citation. "I'm a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to a certain social movements, I shouldn't be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities," he said in the now viral post. "Maybe, just maybe, that notion is bunk. Maybe if you treat police officers with respect, they will do the same to you." Outraged #BlackLivesMatter cyber-activists soon tore Hildreth apart, with one commentator expressing her disappointment that a like-hued human being refused to conform lock-step with her politics thusly: "I wonder if you consider yourself black or dark white."

Hilary Clinton tries to win over Atlanta's black voters with crack cocaine reform

Fans of delicious, delicious irony got quite the treat on Friday, as presumptive 2016 Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States Hilary Clinton had a speech targeting black voters at Clark Atlanta University interrupted by a gaggle of protesters, who proceeded to shout "Black Lives Matter" over and over again for the better part of 15 minutes before being kicked out to cheers from Hilary's fawning supporters. During the speech, Hilary promised to eliminate "racial profiling" practices, which needlessly stereotype black people as criminals. She then proceeded to spend the rest of her spiel discussing her other two carrots for the African American voting bloc -- sentencing reform for crack cocaine convictions and eliminating questions about felonies from job applications

The number one movie in Germany is a comedy about Hitler

While American audiences are generally snoozing their way through movies about Matt Damon stuck on Mars and pro-LGBT claptrap so cloying not even hyper-liberal film critics can give it a sterling recommendation, our friends over in Deutschland are lining up in droves to see Look Who's Back, a social satire about Adolf Hitler time traveling to modern day Germany, which is shaping up to become the biggest hit in the Land of the Hoff since Suck Me Shakespeer 2. Based on a novel that's sold over 14 million copies in Germany alone, the motion picture -- basically, a mishmash of Borat and that one episode of The Boondocks with Martin Luther King in it -- is described by its director as a warning about the resurgence of far right politics in the increasingly Muslim-ized Euro Zone, with the added bonus of making Deutsch natives feel bad about the Holocaust in a more post-post-modern manner. In other Hitler-related news, if you've been wondering what MySpace celebre Tila Tequila is up to these days, apparently, she's dressing up her kid like Die Fuhrer for shits and giggles

The United Nations urges Japan to crack down on cartoon pedophilia 

U.N. rep Maud de Boer-Buquichhio (good luck determining that dude's ancestral homeland) put the hammer down on Japan earlier this week, saying politicians and law-enforcement officials aren't doing enough to stamp out illegal depictions of child abuse ... in comic books, video games and anime. Sure, the kids featured in such perverse entertainment aren't real -- they're just sloshes of ink and code, of course -- but per Maud, such depictions perpetuate the normalization of real-life child abuse in the Land of the Rising Sun. Not that the dude doesn't have a point -- the country didn't make legislative efforts to ban ACTUAL child porn until last year

"Trans Bodies Are Not Costumes," says man who chooses to dress up as a woman everyday

Amid the usual Halloween-time brouhaha about offensive costumes incorporating blackface (and virtually nothing about offensive costumes incorporating whiteface, as to be expected), one Huffington Post trans-columnist urged the cisgendered of America to reject and rebuke "transperson" Halloween costumes, because, in her trans-logic, such perpetuates trans-phonic homicide incidents across America. "It's easy to say 'it's just a costume,' and at the the end of the night, you can take it off," the trans-author pens, "but we can't take off our transness, and we will continue having to live with the consequences of the subtle, casual hatred your costume embodies." You know, the same people who elect to start conforming to opposite gender social standards, choose to inject themselves with hormones and other chemicals and make the conscious decision to amputate and/or surgically restructure their own bodies ... and sometimes, on the taxpayers dime. 

Georgia decides drunk drivers are too drunk to be arrested

And part of America's ongoing commitment to absolve all citizens of that horrible malady, personal responsibility, a Georgia Supreme Court ruling from earlier this year has resulted in numerous drunk driving cases being tossed out, due to a loophole that positions drunk drivers as being too drunk to give their consent to DUI tests. Among the beneficiaries of this defense attorney's wet dream? A 20-year-old with a .225 BAC who puked on a police officer, who was later exonerated because a judge determined that his "fuck it, man, why not?" was not enough to register as implied consent for a blood screening

Ultra-liberal Rutgers professor convicted of raping mentally-handicapped black man

Last month, a grand jury found former Rutgers ethics professor Anna Stubblefield -- author of the 2005 screed Ethics Along the Color Line -- guilty of sexually assaulting a 34-year-old African-American man with cerebral palsy, who in addition to being incontinent, was also found by the state of New Jersey to possess an intellect somewhere between that of an infant and a pre-K student. When she goes before a judge on Nov. 9, she could be sentenced to as many as 40-years in prison ... no doubt giving her ample time to explore the disgusting racial hierarchy in America which just cannot allow a privileged white woman to rape a mentally-retarded African-American man whenever she pleases. 

And the best of the rest  in Social Justice Warrior-dom from Oct. 2015!


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