Saturday, November 21, 2015

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the the things that had ultra P.C.-jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

Dartmouth students embark upon on-campus cultural revolution

Imagine, if you will, 150 Caucasians storming into the library of a historically black college, screaming "fuck you, you filthy black fucks" and physically pinning down a black woman while shouting "filthy black bitch" in her face. Odds are, it would get around the clock media coverage and probably spark a riot that would make the Rodney King brouhaha of 1992 look like a Kiwanis Club meeting. Now, imagine a gaggle of white and black social justice warriors ambling into an Ivy League library and roughing up anyone who didn't agree with their ideological leanings, pushing students, chasing them out of study booths and chanting such ghastly codas as "fuck you, you filthy white fucks! Fuck you and your comfort!" Well, that is precisely what transpired at Dartmouth earlier in the week, as a platoon of aggrieved and recklessly hostile students did their best Red Guards impersonation at Baker-Berry Library. For some reason, the story didn't pick up much traction in the mainstream press, which I am sure has to do with the whole Paris attacks stuff and absolutely nothing else. Following the incident, The Dartmouth Review described - almost to a "t" - the fundamental hypocrisy of the ongoing social justice radicalism engulfing college campuses like ants on a dropped Popsicle:

"Another '19 recalled clapping after a protester said 'let's give a round of applause for the beautiful people of color who were here for this protest.' The protester then turned on her saying, 'for all you that are sitting down and applauding right now, we don't care about you.'"

The best part? The catalyst for the Maoist purge was allegedly because somebody took down a "Black Lives Matter" tee-shirt hanging up in the school gymnasium. 

Black Lives Matter block Interstate 94 in Minnesota protest

More than 100 protesters linked arms and shut down Interstate 94 just outside of Minneapolis for more than two hours on Nov.16 to protest the police-involved shooting of a dude who beat the shit out of a woman so bad that she required hospitalization, who then beat the shit out of paramedics who tried to help her before finally trying to beat the shit out an armed police officer and getting fatally capped. Although about 50 protesters were arrested in the demonstration (believe it or not, such brass-balled displays of public endangerment are only worth misdemeanor citations), but apparently, shutting down a crucial artery for emergency vehicles got the job down: following the protest, the mayor of Minneapolis capitulated and asked the FBI to open up a federal probe into Jamar O'Neal Clark's death. Seeing as how the highway hijacking bore fruit for the SJW cause, don't be surprised if your weekday commute gets halted much sooner than later, too. 

Smith College protesters proudly express complete disregard for First Amendment as virtue

Remember a few weeks back, when University of Missouri protesters used their First Amendment right to assemble to physically prevent reporters from using their First Amendment right to gather news in a designated public forum? Well, the enlightened SJWs at Smith College in Massachusetts are taking a much more different approach, "allowing" reporters to exercise their constitutional rights just as long as they agree to use their publication as a soundboard for their own propaganda. "We are asking that any journalists or press that cover our story participate and articulate their solidarity with black students and students of color," said one of the student sit-in organizers to a publication that actually caved in to their demands. "By taking a neutral stance, journalists and media are being complacent in our fight."

...and a whole bunch of other #BlackOnCampus fun!

Folks, that is just the tip of the BlackOnCampus shenanigans. Elsewhere, students at Harvard retaliated against some nefarious individual or individuals placing black electrical tape on photographs of black professors at the School of Law by decorating the portraits with supportive Post-It notes, while a student at Georgia State University received death and rape threats because she DARED to challenge the forthrightness of BlackLivesMatter protesters upset that the Paris terror attacks sucked away some of their media attention. In North Carolina, student protesters disrupted a UNC-Chapel Hill town hall meeting, demanding the university eliminate the SAT, violate FERPA by posting student grades online and make everything in the school cafeteria free for literally everyone in the state, and showing just how economically marginalized they truly are, The University of Vermont's African, Latino, Asian and Native American and Bi/Multi-Racial Student Center paid for white faculty members to take a retreat and reflect on their "privilege" - one can assume, using state fees procured from tax-payers outside the college's hallowed, incredibly sheltered walls. And providing a proverbial cherry atop the sundae of social justice madness, Saginaw Valley State University was gripped in mortal fear following "anonymous" threats from someone promising to shoot and kill black people on campus. National media lost interest, however, when the person who issued the threat was revealed to be an African American student

Toys will be toys; nah, they're actually weapons of cultural warfare

Cop loses job for taking stand that Black (Metal) Lives Matter

A police officer working in the same Orlando-area enclave where a Hispanic man once shot a back teenager and somehow kicked off a still raging debate about white racism in America was fired after taking the stage at a Vital Remains concert and singing a song about the crucifixion of Jesus. It was most likely a hilarious "F-U" to his former employer (you see, the cop that get shit-canned was already planning on leaving the force), but at the same time, couldn't the dude argue it was a violation of his religious rights? I mean, shit, if squad cars in Georgia can literally reference the Judeo-Christian creator, I'm not really sure how this dude belting out some indecipherable lyrics about a Jewish carpenter getting whipped to death is any different. Alas, some public sector jobs allow the ideological a little more leeway - if an elementary school teacher in Chicago can get away with forcing students to do research papers on notorious woman-beater Chris Brown and former heroin trafficker Chief Keef, I'm pretty sure there's a school district out there somewhere that would let this guy dole out homework on Burzum and Gorgoroth for extra credit. 

China mulls issuing 'patriotism scores' for its citizenry, uses biblical Mark of the Beast as base measurement

Growing up in a fundamentalist, apocalyptic Christian home, I was well-versed on the Book of Revelations - that being, the final chapter of the Holy Bible, which describes in abstruse details how the son of Satan is going to come to power on Earth and bring about World War III using some sort of "social credit" system where the numbers 666 are mysteriously significant. So, jump ahead to the year of our Lord 2015, where China officials are hard at work on a new "social currency" model, which along with financial data, factors in things like social media posts. spending habits and even who is in your circle of friends to determine your eligibility for loans. Now, care to fancy a guess as to which arbitrary credit score the Chinese are contemplating using for the cutoff measurement to procure cash loans?

Demonstrating Europe's ongoing xenophobia crisis, a Muslim convert is beaten half to death by Christian extremists

With the world reeling from the horrific Muslim terror attacks in France last week (which were followed by another Muslim terror attack in Mali a few days later, and proceeded by Muslim terror attacks in Nigeria where 2,000 people were slaughtered and an incident in Kenya where Muslim terror attacks claimed the lives of 148 Christians, not to mention a wave of violence last summer in which 300 people were killed in coordinated Muslim terror attacks in Syria, Tunisia and Kuwait), I think it's direly important to reflect on all of the terrible things Christian radicals are doing to Muslims. Case in point? Security cameras recently caught the horrendous beating of U.K. Moslem Nissar Hussein, who was mercilessly beaten half-to-death by a gang of Christian extremists upset that he had converted to Islam. Clearly, this horrific incident indicates that fervid anti-Muslim sentiment courses through Westernized Christian culture, and needs to be stamped out immedi...wait, you mean Hussein was actually an ex-Moslem who converted to Christianity who nearly had his skull caved in by angry Muslims in jolly old England? Well, uh ... never mind, I guess. 


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