Saturday, November 7, 2015

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

African-American man seeks asylum in Canada to escape warrants police violence

New York-born Kyle Lydell Canty made an appeal to Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board on Oct. 23, requesting the land of Rush, Molson and Gretzky grant him asylum because, in his own words, blacks in the U.S. are being "exterminated at an alarming rate" by police officers and he fears for his own mortality. To woo over the IRB -- which in the past, has been suprisingly welcoming of child rapists, just as long as they don't have Y chromosomes -- Canty submitted two videos, which captured his arrest for trespassing into a bus station to steal Wi-Fi for two hours and another in which police roll past him because they thought he was flagging them down -- only to drive off shortly thereafter, sans incident. Of course, Canty's refugee bid has nothing to do with the fact that he has numerous outstanding charges in multiple states for a whole slew of offenses, ranging from jaywalking to disorderly conduct to issuing terroristic threats. As far as Mr. Canty's black holocaust thesis is concerned, the indisputable data on police violence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention really doesn't lend it much support. However, had he argued that he was fleeing the U.S. to escape being murdered by other black people, he might have had a winning case, since 2014 FBI data asserts that 90 percent of all homicides involving black victims in the U.S. were perpetrated by other African-Americans. 

Because too many white people were on the jury, SCOTUS mulls tossing out conviction of man who brutally raped and murdered elderly woman

Every now and then, we encounter a news story that reminds us that evil, rather than an  unflinching absolute, is something that rests along a continuum. While we can all agree that racial profiling is bad (even if it sometimes saves lives), I'd like to think that we can also agree that some things are worse ... like murdering an elderly person. Alas, the upcoming Supreme Court of the United States case Foster v. Chatman very well could vouch for the legally-binding, precedent-setting antithesis, as it appears those no-good, hate-filled prosecutors in Rome, Georgia had the audacity mark the letter "B" next to the names of African-Americans on a list of potential jurors back in 1986. Foster's defense argues that blatant racial bias resulted in an all-white jury, which couldn't have possibly given Timothy Foster a fair shot in his capital murder trial. The end result? There's a very strong chance the highest court in the land, in the name of true equality, can invalidate the conviction of a man who raped, tortured and strangled a 79-year-old woman.

A tale of two toilets demonstrates mainstream media's TOTALLY objective take on transgenderism 

Two divergent stories on "transgender rights" reveal exactly where most mainstream media outlets sit (and shit) on the whole "TransAmerica" debate. When Houston voters overwhelmingly shot down a ballot initiative that would allow trans-folks to use which ever gendered public restroom they want, the backlash was ferocious: the New York Times described it as "Houston voters reject broad anti-discrimination ordinance" while the Huffington Post described it as "Houston voters reject measures barring LGBT discrimination." Meanwhile, the Atlantic chided those who voted against the ordinance, P.C.-splaining to us unwashed masses "how bathroom fears conquered transgender rights in Houston" while Vice explained "how Houston is being duped by bigoted zealots." The headlines looked quite a bit different, however, when The United States Department of Education ordered Township High School District 211 in Illinois to allow a male-to-female transhuman the ability to shower alongside biological, non-ding-donged underage female students. "Illinois transgender student must get full locker room access ," CNN reported, while ABC News said "school district violated transgender student's rights." Of course, they could have used the headline "federal government forces girls to be in close proximity to penis" and it would have been just as contextually accurate, but for some reason, they decided to swing the other direction. I've said this before, and I will no doubt say it time and time again: funny how it's democracy in action when it's something you support, but tyranny of the majority when it's something that isn't. 

New report alleges man-on-man rape in the military 15 times higher than previously thought

In today's hyper-P.C. wonderland, two of the most prominent narratives are that women are engulfed in a "rape culture" and that LGBT folks, across the spectrum, constantly experience abuse at the hands of the heterosexual patriarchy. That in mind, it's probably not that surprising that a report issued by the American Psychological Association on military sexual assaults earlier this week was completely ignored by the mainstream press -- presumably, because it notes that as many as 180,000 men in the U.S. Armed Forces may be experiencing sexual assaults at the hand of other men, with upwards of 57,000 of the incidents meeting the criteria for "penetrative attacks." Oh well, at least our friends over in China are taking the matter seriously: this past week, they passed legislation that criminalized male rape ... for the first time in the nation's history

New report reveals middle-aged whites are dying off at a rate five times faster than African-Americans in the same age group

Two researchers, one of whom was the 2015 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science, released a report earlier this week revealing that the death rate for Caucasians, ages 45-54 with no more than a high school education, has increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 over the last 15 years -- a sum that adds up to half a million untimely deaths. Talking to the New York Times, report co-author Angus Deaton said this stunning mortality rate increase has only one modern parallel - the AIDS crisis in the gay community in the 1980s. Strangely enough, the mortality rate for African-Americans in the same age group has gone down at a rate twice as fast as the death rate for non-educated white people has gone up, while white folks with college degrees are now about three and a half times less likely to die in middle-age than their alike-hued brethren with just a high school degree. Severe alcoholism, opioid drug abuse, obesity, declining job options and lack of medical care access are all being touted as reasons for why the honky death rate has increased so much over such a short period of time. Astonishingly, it looks like the first true ethnic cleansing of the post-globalization era might just be a byproduct of globalization itself

Texas professor's claims of police victimization undone by dashcam footage

University of North Texas journalism professor Dorothy Bland made quite the commotion on social media last month when she posted photos online of her allegedly being "harassed" by Corinth police for "walking while black." Well, her stories of undue treatment from the po-po appear to have been squashed something wicked, when dashcam footage from the incident was released earlier this week and revealed that all the policemen did was politely ask her to walk on the other side of the road so she could see oncoming traffic better. Knowing that the ... sham ... was up, Bland quickly turned her outrage around and brought up some hitherto unmentioned claims that one of the officers compared her to a dog (the officer in question's response? It was raining at the time of the incident, and he said his dog doesn't like getting wet.) Since she's the dean of the journalism school and all, some folks have started an online petition to have her removed for behavior unbecoming of a professor and a journalist -- as of Nov. 7, circa 3:30 p.m. eastern, it has approximately 4,300 signatures. 

Head of San Fran nonprofit says we shouldn't call thieves "criminals" because it hurts their feelings

In an online forum, Center for Media Justice Executive Director Malkia Cyril said that describing people who make the conscious decision to steal things as "thieves" and "criminals" is tantamount to a classist microaggression, further stating that she would prefer individuals use the less-judgmental phrase "the person who stole my belongings" instead. While some online commentators praised Cyril -- who, judging from the Wikipedia profile pic, may or may not be the Notorious B.I.G. -- others were a little less receptive to her idea. After an online commentator who claimed to be a low-income gay white man with AIDS asked who the "real victim" was when someone stole his bicycle that he can't afford to replace, Cyril fired back with this little humdinger: "Our things are not as important as people's lives. I'm asking that we open up the dialogue by acknowledging the immense wealth and privilege in the Bay Are [sic], who is being pushed out, and how that might inform crime patterns.So yeah, if you're ever in San Francisco, please rob the shit out of this asshole

Trailer for new Spike Lee movie forces people to think about longstanding beliefs through new perspective, promptly draws outrage from black community

Some folks were mighty miffed when the trailer for the latest Spike Lee joint, Chi-Raq, was released. Fully expecting some sort of racially-charged, Do the Right Thing-esque rejoinder to police brutality in the black community, Mr. Lee instead dropped a preview of a ribald satire in which African-American women in the hood decide to curb inner city gun homicides by blue-balling their boyfriends until they agree to stop murdering each other -- making it, technically, an adaptation of the Aristophanes comedy Lysistrata. Chicago rapper Rhymefest slammed it for "exploiting poor people" while HuffPo columnist Ernest Owens decried Lee for "the regurgitation of black lives being coonishly violent and uncontrollably lustful" -- which I believe is actually code word for "how dare someone make a movie that doesn't conform lock-step with my own political agenda!"

Multiculturalism wins as a a rainbow of domestic terror shenanigans befall America

It was a great week for diversity, as people from across the melanin spectrum embarked upon wild, woolly and homicidally vengeful terrorist attacks. In Mississippi, a man with clear anti-corporate sentiments is staring down a potential life sentence for throwing a defective IED inside a Wal-Mart; not to be outdone, a black man in San Diego put the local airport on lockdown for four hours when he pointed his high-powered rifle outside his apartment window and just started rattling off rounds. And proving the Muslims can do bad all by themselves, 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad was shot and killed by police after he went on a stabbing spreed at UC Merced -- all because he was kicked out of a study group. You really have to admire all of this trans-racial, trans-ethnic mayhem going on these days; indeed, these United States truly are the melting pot ... of madness

...and a potpourri of headlines that pretty much speak for themselves...


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