Sunday, December 6, 2015

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists outraged ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

A tale of two massacres...

On Black Friday, an aggrieved Caucasoid male (whose driver's license, for some reason, lists him as a female) ambled into a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado, opened fire and claimed the lives of three people, wounding an additional nine. The blowback from the mainstream media, as you would expect, was alternately mouth-foamingly caustic and strangely ebullient, as the leftist hit parade reveled in the opportunity to eviscerate that ghastly, hyper-racist, ultra-anti-woman, right-wing, rural-dwelling, Christian ideology that no doubt was the singular catalyst behind the murders. Huffington Post commentator Eric Boehlert railed against the media's "failure" to address conservative, domestic terror of the sort as the grave national security threat it is, while fellow HP commentator Julia Craven said the incident, somehow, represents white America's hypocrisy regarding the #BlueLivesMatter movement and, of course, is emblematic of their own onmipresent, all-encompassing racism. BJ Gallagher penned yet another scathing HuffPo piece about republican rhetoric driving Christians to kill. "When violence erupts, it may be one lone gunman pulling the trigger," wrote yet another Huffington Post scribe Monica Bauer, "but it's an entire country full of anti-choice activists who are offering him ammunition." Slate scribe William Salen - who earlier this year penned an article denying the Chattanooga naval reserve attack was a "real terrorist" incident - had no troubles listing the Colorado Springs shooting as a terror attack, however. In fact, in an incendiary Nov. 30 article, he stated that the Carolinas were a more concerning hotbed of terrorist ideology than the Levant. Well, flash forward just two days later, and what do you know, two Muslim extremists (including a woman) waltz into a Southern California holiday party and brutally gun down 14 innocent people in the deadliest U.S. mass shooting since Sandy Hook. As this helpful Reddit thread demonstrates, how the media covered this particular shooting quickly took a sharp turn as soon as the killers were identified as members of the Islamic community - gone were discussions about murderous ideologies and domestic terror, and of course, here comes the rhetoric about tighter gun control laws in 3, 2 and one. Immediately after the attacks, the New York Daily News (a "journalistic" operation with a vendetta against the NRA so severe, they don't even pretend their publication is about anything else anymorewent after right wing politicians for "offering prayers" in the wake of the shooting, while the media - absolutely reluctant to bring the issue of radical Islam into the arena of national discussion - instead used their Wordpress accounts to go after other media for stating things that are 100 percent factual yet not stated in a soft-boiled, no-assumptions-intended kindergartner teacher's voice and start online logs documenting all the times mosques got vandalized and people posted harsh things about Muslims on Facebook (I suppose a lack of bandwidth is their only excuse for not maintaining a separate log of terrorist attacks perpetrated by self-identifying Muslims, I take it.) Judging from the incredible biases exemplified in coverage of the two events - in which political ideologues have completely, hijacked reality and distorted it to fit their self-serving agendas - I'm beginning to wonder if, at this stage of the game, we really have a "free press" in America anymore. Certainly, we don't have one worth listening to anymore, that's for damn sure

Feminists are raving about the realistic depiction of "rape culture" presented in a superhero television series

For those of you not in the know, Jessica Jones is a made-for-Netflix miniseries starring that one dark-haired chick that always wears a ton of red lipstick. No, not that one. No, not that one, either. OK, she kind of looks like that one, but not really. No, not her. OK, yeah, that's the one you are thinking of. Well, anyway, she plays a "retired" private investigator or something along those lines that also has the ability to punch cars in half, but the entire premise of the show revolves around this evil demon guy who can make people do whatever they say by simply asking them. Why yes, that does imply a heavy-handed "rape culture" message, how did you know? Well, per one Slate columnist at least, this program - again, about a poor-woman's Wonder Woman recovering from being raped by a mind-controlling international businessman demon - should completely change the minds of GOP leaders regarding the issue of abortion. Those sentiments were echoed by HuffPo writer Melissa Jeltsen, who wrote a mini-dissertation on how the program - about a fictitious character who can pick up trucks and throw them like a two-year-old slinging a Lego block - so realistically portrays the unpleasant actualities of intimate partner abuse. Well, everything that is, except the part about men in the U.S. being more likely than women to be the victims of domestic violence, naturally. 

Who's ready for some holiday hate crime ho-ho-hoaxes?

Wedged snug in-between last week's Planned Parenthood shooting and Wednesday's California terror attack, there was a briefly mentioned mass shooting scare at the University of Chicago. So worried officials were over the online threats that they cancelled classes on Monday. As it turns out, the virtual culprit just so happened to be an African-American student named Jabari R. Dean, who in retaliation for the Laquan McDonald shooting, said he wanted to exact revenge and gun down as many "white devils" as he could. Meanwhile, a series of menacing tweets from someone promising to "shoot any black person I see at Kean University" was revealed to actually be the handiwork of Kean alum Kayla-Simone McKelvey, who said she sent out the online warnings to draw attention to the real world problem of racism that apparently isn't happening on her alma matter's campus. And lastly, a Connecticut police officer has been charged with writing a racist letter to a fellow colleague. Unfortunately, the anti-black screed directed towards Clive Higgins was actually manufactured by him and planted on an innocent officer

CNN demonstrates incredible racial wealth inequities ... by leaving out several races

Recently, CNN posted an online story exemplifying the horrifying economic inequalities between whites, blacks and Hispanics. As you would expect, the rates of white home ownership and overall net worth for the light-skinned devils was far higher than that of the perpetually marginalized Hispanics and African-Americans, while poverty and unemployment rates were much lower. Of course, the single-mother household rate explains all of these discrepancies in fullbut goddamnit, we just have to make this thing about racism, somehow. Of course, the CNN graphs also left out something else interesting about wealth inequity in the U.S. - namely the fact that Pacific Islanders, Asians, Jews and Indians all make more money than white Americans do. 

Working class whites don't vote Democratic because they are racist, declares rich white Salon scribe

Proving that entitled, snobby liberal journalists know what's best for everybody beneath them, political commentator Sean McElewee recently penned an article for Salon hypothesizing that the primary reason non-college educated white people don't vote for democratic candidates is because - you guessed it - they are a bunch of hate-filled brown-people haters. Of course, McElewee never once mulls the inverse question about voting against his interests - as a rich, Caucasoid journalist, why doesn't he vote Republican to receive more tax breaks? - but he's oh so quick to criticize non-elite America (in case you didn't know, 59 percent of the U.S. doesn't have a college diploma of any variety) for not aligning themselves with politicians promoting the welfare state - and of course, dropping in the dreaded, although distressingly difficult to actually define and even harder to concretely determine, "r" word to really get the point across. Of course, working class whites would never despise democrats for sending them off to pointless wars, signing free trade agreements that send their jobs overseas, taking over their farms, taxing the crap out of what little income they bring in and enacting policies that deprive them of their self-sustainability, would they? Nope - they just hate blacks and Hispanics, apparently. 

Brazilians publicly shamed for their offensive Facebook posts

Portending what is almost certainly the next big thing in online social justice warrioring, a "civil rights" group in Brazil called Criola has decided to use social media geo-caching features to rebroadcast users' insensitive status updates about Afro-Brazilians (fun fact: more black slaves came to Blanka's home country than the U.S., and were exploited for a much longer time than they were here in the states) on digital billboards right where said besmirchers of the P.C. Social Contract live and work. Meanwhile, the gaggle of beta-male cyber-terrorists Anonymous - fresh off listing several politicians as KKK members sans any evidence and posting erroneous "info" on ISIS attacks - has threatened YouTube Sam Pepper for posting a prank video of someone being shot. Their rationale? "The video emulates ISIS executions." Huh - you'd think if these neckbeards were so concerned about terror, they'd get off their Hot Pockets-stuffed asses and join their respective militaries, no? 

In Europe, it is NEVER too early to train your children to become unquestioning liberal ideologists ... I mean, crusaders of inclusivity

While an astonishingly high number of pissed-off Muslim youths sprout up across Jolly Old England like Gremlins after a squall, rest assured the Camden Safeguarding Children Board (yes, it is indeed a real bureaucratic creation) is doing all they can to prevent your Billies and Suzies from turning into gay-hating, anti-immigrant rebels. The organization recently started handing out leaflets advising parent to be on the lookout for kids with a "distrust of mainstream media" and a distaste with "foreign policy" decisions. Of course, the big stanky turd in the punch bowl is that the pamphlet goes absurdly out of its way to avoid any discriminatory allusions to "terror" or - Allah forbid, Islamofacism -  even though most of the leaflet's warnings - among other things, they tell parents to hid their kids' passports to keep from fleeing the country, for some totally enigmatic reason - seem to be oh-so-daintily dancing around the ISIS issue. More worried about your kid turning into an anti-woman propagator of the global "rape culture?" Well, Sweden has mandated that all 16-year-olds in the country own a copy of the third-wave feminist claptrap We Should All Be Feminists. Interestingly enough, the book was written by a Nigerian author; presumably, the Swedes are going to have an easier time discussing the gender gap than the suspiciously high (and even more suspiciously under-reported) amount of Afrophobia going on in their snow-soaked homeland. 

Missouri politician introduces new restrictive gun control legislation ... but with a hilariously awesome twist

We here at The Internet In America like to pick on the liberal folks, but no means does that mean we're some kind of conservative cheerleaders. In fact, if you actually look around the website, you'd realize that we're just as critical and condemnatory of the comically aggrieved right as we are the comically aggrieved left. Which is why I'd like to congratulate Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman for pulling off the most hilarious F-U to Red State America in quite some time. In the wake of the SoCal massacre, the Democrat pushed forward House Bill 1397, which, among other things, would require those seeking to purchase firearms to wait 72 hours, meet with a physician to determine his or her "emotional capability" to own a gun and then watch a graphic film displaying the victims of gun violence while a licensed firearms dealer accompanied them. Sound like an absurd overreach of state powers and blunt, compulsory political introduction? Well, it probably should, seeing as how Newman crafted the law around the very same requirements that state imposes upon those seeking abortions

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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