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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

To prevent tyranny, ACLU representative says he's willing to kill Trump supporters

Earlier this week, the media was AGHAST when a nameless, faceless Donald Trump rally attendee shouted "light the motherfucker on fire" at a #BlackLivesMatter protester as he was dragged kicking and screaming out of the building by security officials. Alas, nary a word was mentioned when Loring Wirbel, the co-chair of the Colorado Springs, Colorado ACLU chapter, stated the following on Facebook:
"The thing is, we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, 'this is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him, I will have to shoot you before election day.'"
While Wirbel did step down from his post, he also said that his comments were made in jest and that no one should have ever taken them so literally - this, coming from a political base that interprets a student referring to obnoxious classmates  as "water buffalo" to be an all-call for a black Holocaust. Interestingly enough, it's not the only local story about an aggrieved leftist threatening gun violence against conservative ideologists, as a Denver area woman was arrested after telling Planned Parenthood she was going to exact revenge by walking into a Republican Party meeting and opening fire with her dead husband's weaponry. While we've been more or less indoctrinated to interpret domestic terrorism as far right radicalism - hence, why we always hear Timothy McVeigh's name mentioned but never Ted Kaczynski (and why we never even hear about incidents like the aborted 2012 mass shooting attack on the Family Research Council headquarters by a man who wanted to shove Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in the faces of murder victims as some sort of abstruse pro-gay marriage statement) - the truth remains that no one branch of political identitarianism corners the market on bloodthirsty zealotry. As this week's transgressions clearly indicate, as long as there are people who think they are morally forthright, there are going to be people who feel as if their righteous indignation is worth killing for. And in that, the left is every bit as capable of spilling innocent blood as their rabble-rousing analogues on the right.

Wannabe black man ousted from #BlackLivesMatter movement

Earlier this year, you may have heard a thing or two about Shaun King, this  clearly Caucasian fellow from Atlanta who for years passed himself as authentically Afro-American. Well, now that some suspicious allegations are arising about the whereabouts of some of his #BLM donations, fellow Black Lives activist Deray McKesson has taken him to task with a series of antagonistic tweets suggesting the inner workings of the national movement are running a bit less smoothly than they may appear. This was followed by some equally derisive comments from fellow BLMer Johnetta Elzie, who said that she was sick and tired of sacrificing so "fucking much" for King's shady doingsAnother left-leaning activist, Goldie Taylor, has also come out to attack King for his gross ineptitude managing charities, stating in an article for The Daily Beast that she has long head hearsay about King's misappropriation of funds, but noted that no one was saying anything because they "did not want to be seen as 'racist' or acting like 'crabs in the barrel.'" When pressed by that same publication for some comments on why he felt the need to redirect money intended for starving Haitians and the funeral expenses for dead teenagers shot and killed by the police for his own disastrous "social justice" undertakings, King replied thus: "It's just bullshit ... people need to understand that failure is not fraud."

Adam Sandler movie criticized for offensive depiction of Native Americans

After a series of critical and financial flops like Blended and The Cobbler, former Hollywood box office titan Adam Sandler has been reduced to making Netflix original movies. His latest venture, The Ridiculous 6, has been mercilessly savaged (err, that may not be the best terminology to use, in hindsight) by leftists who claim the film is insensitive to the plight of indigenous Americans (i.e, those folks we used to call "Indians.") "American filmmakers continue to return to indigenous people and the Western as a setting for storytelling that reduces indigenous characters to props," wrote Canadian Aboriginal commentator Jesse Wente, while the much less native American Brian Tallerico said of the film "saying that this is satire is like the drunk guy at the bar telling you how many black friends he has after telling a racist joke." While keyboard critics of the world continue to rail against the film - a sort of proxy attack on the political leanings of Sandler, who is one of the few Hollywood heavies to come out as a registered Republican - those same do-gooders seem to be far less interested in helping out actual Indians, who only have the highest rates of poverty, alcoholism, diabetes and suicide of any demographic in the U.S. But hey! Why invest in
actual social improvement initiatives when it's much funner - and way easier - to piggyback on the sufferings of others to prove your own political ideology superiority?

As it turns out, there may not have been as much racism going on at Yale as previously reported

Last Halloween, Yale student Neema Githere set the social media world on fire with an explosive Facebook message stating that her friends had been turned away from a frat party because they were black. This kicked off an entire autumn of on-campus protests, in which people attending college for free mercilessly decried the university's leadership for its "privilege." And now, following a month-long investigation, the truth about the alleged Sigma Alpha Epsilon "white girls only" party has emerged ... and what do you know, it never fucking happened. "Two students provided credible accounts that they were told, or heard either one or two SAE members say ' white girls only' as they were seeking admission to the party," the investigation recaps the brouhaha, "although the SAE members interviewed denied making these statements and nobody else who was interviewed heard the statements." Instead of cramming agitprop by bell hooks and Ta-Nehisi Coates down these kids' gullets, maybe it's about time Yale introduced some new required reading for its freshman class: a little text called "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." 

World-renowned atheist voices displeasure with "regressive left"

By now, we all know contemporary liberalism is an "all-in or nothing" ideology. Unless you proscribe to every tenet of the orthodoxy - in short, promoting an unwavering, unquestioning allegiance to the party line - the social justice masses of the world have no use for you. Few people these days know just how fast the lefties can turn on you as much as atheist superhero Richard Dawkins, whose vehement anti-Christian rhetoric formerly made him a champion of secular progressive politics. However, since he's dared asked the question as to why SJWs aren't going after Islam for being infinitely more anti-woman and anti-homosexual than contemporary Christianity, he's been all but excommunicated from the Church of the Left. "We are the Regressive Left," Dawkins stated recently on Twitter. "We hate misogyny, homophobia & other bigotry. Unless you're non-white of course. Yes, we're that patronising." Following a dire warning about the excesses of "identity politics," the author of the Selfish Gene was bombarded by critical remarks from the defenders of the faith - the most popular being the oh-so casual, mocking refrain of "said all the rich white people."

Florida rechristens Confederate-named roadway after President Obama

Remember when Tsaritsyn was renamed as Stalingrad in 1925, and as soon as Joey S. kicked the bucket, they went ahead and changed it to Volgograd? Well, that's sort of kinda what's happening down in the small Floridian city of Riveria Beach. The roughly three-quarters black city decided to rename its portion of Old Dixie Highway back in August, and this past week, the roadway was officially rechristened as President Obama Highway. The old moniker was "symbolic of racism, symbolic of the Klan, symbolic of cross burnings," per Riveria Beach's mayor; as to whether or not the mayor in 2080 will change its namesake again to avoid honoring the man who - as a conservative estimate - literally signed the death warrants of more than 3,000 Muslims, we'll just have to wait and see. 

Japan continues to not give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks about "multiculturalism" 

You know, for all of the incessant talk we hear about America being a racist culture, the rarely-spoken truth is that - compared to literally every other nation on earth - we're far and away the least prejudiced peoples on the planet. Meanwhile, Japan pretty much sets the gold standard for homogeneity, literally electing to wither away and die rather than amend its immigration policies, while nobody bats an eye when Koreans are threatened with trips to the gas chambers and popular bands put on honest-to-goodness minstrel shows on live television. This past week, Japan demonstrated its incredible reluctance to assimilate with contemporary global norms when it was announced that they only accepted 11 refugees out of at least 5,000 asylum seekers, and secondly passed domestic legislation forcing married women to adopt their husband's surnames or else. Interestingly enough, all of this stuff seems to completely fly under the radar of the easily offended international SJW community, who seem to be more upset that the nation allows whaling than the fact that their Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge that Japan - who, as a low end-estimate, were responsible for at least 20 million deaths - did anything wrong during World War II. 

For once, the mainstream media is hyper-critical of a new scientific study

For the most part, whenever a new scientific study - no matter how questionable its methodology - is released that backs up what the lefties want to believe, the media runs wild with it. Case in point? That stupid little study from awhile back about atheist kids being more altruistic than religious tykes because they were slightly more likely to share stickers with their classmates. Well, when a new report was released this week indicating that there may indeed be a link between maternal antidepressant medication usage and autism, the SJWs of their world came out in droves to defend their beloved pharmaceuticals, with the usually research averse Huffington Post going out of its way to explain the quantitative limitations of the findings and carefully explaining how correlation does not necessarily mean causation. Meanwhile, a columnist at Slate slammed the report as "irresponsible," primarily because he felt that it may cause women to stop using SSRIs altogether, while another writer at Refinery29 accused the researchers of "drawing big conclusions" from far too small a sample size. Alas, when another study popped up - this one, a joint MIT/Harvard publication linking GABA neurotransmitter activity with the development of ASDs - the Huffington Post did a complete 180 and accepted the report as God's given gospel. "The findings are a promising start towards improving early diagnosis, treatment and perhaps even prevention of autism," HuffPo senior health and science reporter Carolyn Gregoire enthusiastically spouted, "in addition to opening up the possibility of new drugs. that target GABA pathways." Obviously, the left-leaners sure do love it whenever the solution is conveniently available in pill-form -- even if, as recent studies have indicated, there isn't actually a problem requiring pharmaceuticals whatsoever

Salon publishes gun violence screed with one pretty big statistical oversight

If you are not familiar with the works of Chauncey DeVega - a hyper-egotistical, honky-hating mega-liberal who describes himself as a "ghetto nerd" and whose official website resembles something a 14-year-old girl would have cobbled together on LiveJournal ten years ago - the pseudonymous writer regularly lashes out at perceived racial injustices for dozens of publications (this, despite has knack for referring to African American rivals as "monkeys in the window" and "black garbage pail kids.") Earlier this week, he took on both the NRA and white society in general in an op-ed boldly declaring that the nation's gun violence epidemic was intrinsically linked to a culture of "white masculinity." Alas, in his meandering spiel against right-wing extremism, DeVega somehow misses a pretty important piece of data in the national gun violence discussion: namely, the fact that a majority of firearm homicides in the United States are perpetrated by black people. With African Americans represent barely 13 percent of the U.S. population yet producing the lion's share of both the nation's gun homicide perpetrators and victims (the crossover there is about 93 percent if you were wondering), perhaps DeVega ought his turn his spiteful pen towards examining America's violent culture of black masculinity, no? 

Germany partners with social media titans to stamp out online hate speech

Seeing as how Germany was responsible for that whole Holocaust thing back in the day, they pretty much have to apologize for it every thirty seconds and viciously flagellate themselves into a bloody mess the moment they even think something remotely insensitive about other cultures (which explains to a large degree why the country is practically letting the entire nation of Syria relocate inside its borders.) Well, to further this utopian ideal, German officials announced last week they had struck a deal with Facebook, Twitter and Google to crack down on "hate speech," which entails wide scale monitoring of social media and individually operated websites to detect - and then erase - any and all forms of prejudicial, harmful rhetoric. In quite possibly the greatest act of populist defiance in modern history, free-speech lovin' dissidents attacked a Facebook contractor in Hamburg as soon as the news broke; in response to the free expression squelching initiative, the unknown vandals spray-painted a gigantic "dislike" button" on its walls

...and a few headlines that pretty much speak for themselves...


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