Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at everything that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

Mormon militiamen seize unoccupied lodge in rural Oregon, while media seizes opportunity to stoke racial embers

Last week, a gaggle of gun-toting anti-federalists - while early reports indicated their were hundreds, the updated figures are closer to about two dozenstormed an empty building in the middle of nowhere out in the Pacific Northwest to make some sort of abstruse stand for ranchers' land-use rights. This immediately drew the ire of the regressive left, who instantly deemed the men, despite causing no physical harm to anyone, to be scurrilous, indefensible domestic terrorists. On Twitter, the racially-charged hashtags #VanillaISIS and #YallQaeda become top-trenders and scores of Internet commentators rushed to the woodworks to suggest the federal government's reluctance to go in there and kill every last one of them is indicative of a foul double-standard. The militiamen not being ATF-charred corpses represents the "whitest privilege" imaginable, penned The Huffington Post scribe Nicholas Pierce in an expletive-littered tirade. "What if the Oregon protesters were black or Muslim?" wrote Katie Rogers in a painfully superficial piece for the New York Times. "What in tarnation is going on with all these angry ranchers?" stated Slate's Ben Mathis-Lilley in an unbiased "recap" that uses such neutral language as "dangerous," "irrational" and "nonsense" to describe the militiamen and their ideals. This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom favorite Chauncey DeVega stated "they'd be killed if they were all black" in yet another of his well-thought-out, enlightening clickbait screeds for Salon, ultimately deducing that the standoff - which, a week in at least, hasn't entailed any police on citizen violence - was further indication that in America, "white privilege is in an existential state of hypocrisy." Even the bullshit statistics pseudo-journalistic site FiveThirtyEight got into the furor, with Leah Libresco stating she had no idea what all them protester people were so upset about when the average amount the federal government charges people to buy back land forcibly taken from them is about $19 cheaper than it is buying land from a private property holder. All in all, it seems like an awful lot of people are going well out of their way to bring race into a subject - federal oversight of personal property and the safeguards private citizens have in place to protect them from being displaced like all those poor black folks were by FDR in the 1940s - that is really devoid of having any ethnoracial component whatsoever. If anything, the whole brouhaha is indicative of the media's own prejudices against rural whites, especially those who don't bow down and worship at the feet of the federal government (you know, just as long as a Democrat is in the Oval Office.) If a group of African Americans took up arms to defend their apartment complex from getting eminent domained Kelo v. City of New London-style, do you think The Huffington Post and Slate would describe them as "black ISIS" or "al Qizz-aeda?" Strangely, the commentators desperate for some sort of race-baiting link fail to draw up any real world parallels demonstrating a noticeable discrepancy in the outcomes of all-black armed protesters and those who are all white. Peculiarly, nothing happened at all to the Black Panthers who showed up in Texas with assault rifles earlier this year, who screamed "oink oink, bang bang!" at cops at the prison where Sandra Bland committed suicide. Nor did anything happen to the armed protesters of the all-black Huey P. Newton Gun Club when they marched on the Texas state capitol last spring. Historically, the Panthers fared pretty well when their armed ranks invaded the state capitol building in California in 1967, nor were there any casualties when armed black students took over Columbia University in 1970 to protest the construction of a new gym. In fact, the last time ANY armed black militant group was forcibly confronted - and killed - by police was 1985, and even then, its bodycount was dwarfed by the number of Caucasian dissidents immolated by the federal government at Waco in 1993. And that's why our Internet Is In America Outstanding Achievement in Actually Giving A Shit About What You're Reporting About Award of the Week (TM) goes to Slate's Jamelle Bouie, who had the audacity to state that the leftists' desire for federal retaliation is every bit as distressing as the armed occupation itself. "'Why won't they shoot at armed white fanatics' isn't just the wrong question, it's a bad one," he wrote. "Not only does it hold lethal violence as a fair response to the Bundy militia, but it opens a path to legitimizing the same violence against more marginalized groups. As long as the government is an equal opportunity killer, goes the argument, violence is acceptable. But that's perverse." 

Harvard researchers deduce diversity training is a bunch of B.S.

Many years ago, I heard a classmate describe "multiculturalism" as little more than a codeword for "less white men," which - in hindsight - might just be one of the greatest epiphanies of my higher ed years. Researchers at Harvard have just released a study that somewhat validates that thesis, demonstrating that honkies with wing-wongs had greater concerns about being treated unfairly and experiencing anti-white discrimination in companies that laid out pointed "pro-diversity" measures. In the Harvard Business Review, those same authors published an article describing that - in addition to scaring the pants off white men - all of those highfalutin diversity training modules really aren't doing jack and/or shit to actually increase multiculturalism in the workplace. "In another set of experiments, we found that diversity initiatives also seem to do little to convince minorities that companies will treat them more fairly," the HBR states. "Participants from ethnic minorities viewed a pro-diversity company as no more inclusive, no better to work for and no less likely to discriminate against minorities than a company without a pro-diversity stance."

Anonymous targets the dude from The Prodigy for taking up hunting as a hobby

Anonymous - the group of cyber-criminals who have decided that extremist Muslim terrorists and people who post prank YouTube videos are worthy of the same vigilante justice - have turned their ire towards a rather obscure figure: techno-metal-shit-crap-nostalgia-rock outfit The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, who the group accuses of having "a fetish for murdering animals" and "rubbing shoulders with Tory criminals" simply because he moved to the countryside and took up horse riding. In an ominous video, the group - or someone claiming to be a member of the group - tells the Wolverine-coifed singer he has one-year to change his ways or else something bad will happen - which prompted Flint to go on Facebook and publicly declare that he will never, ever go riding on hunting trails again. Just inhale, inhale, Keith - now you're the victim

Waka Flocka Flame says Bill Cosby is being framed for rape

The same gentle poet responsible for such sensitive, soul-stirring prose as "drunk too much liquor, smoked too much weed, bitch on too much E" and "every time I fuck, man these girls wanna' cough / she only did it thorough 'cause she know I fuck her up" recently took to Twitter to rush to the aid of Bill Cosby, who - in case you have been living in a cave on Mars for the last two or so years - has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting enough women to field a full NFL roster. According to the esteemed cough drop spokesman, the Cos is actually being framed for all those rapes because the establishment just can't handle a successful black man. Now, as to why that same establishment allowed him unparalleled fame and fortune for 40 years before dropping the false flag on him in the twilight of his career, the presidential hopeful remains mum. Interestingly enough, Mr. Flame may have indirectly penned the accused rapist's anthem in his hit song "Rooster Rari," an upbeat little ode to date rape that begins with the refrain "pay for what, girl, you better pay for this dick / she the type to fall for two Zans in an outfit." 

Dating site WhitePeopleMeet draws criticism for doing the exact same thing as BlackPeopleMeet

The new online dating site WhitePeopleMeet is causing quite the ruckus, with anti-news resource Vox describing it as "either one blatantly racist dating site or one extremely calculated attempt to rile our collective outrage." The website's founder, 53-year-old Sam Russell of Utah, said he didn't set out to create the Stormfront version of Christian Mingle, but rather based the model on incontestable data demonstrating that white online dating site users are overwhelmingly more likely to select potential partners of the same race than they are to mix their virtual vanilla with other flavors. Naturally, this would lead one to ask the question why the same people upset over this niche, race-based dating site aren't furious over the existence of discriminatory, segregationist sites such as Black Cupid, Black Fling, Black Planet, Black Singles and Just Black Singles, but in the eyes of today's irascible social justice warriors, the only thing love isn't blind to, apparently, are opportunities to shamelessly promote identity politics. "I dated a black woman once. I helped raise a young black man," Russell told The Washington Post. "I just believe it's hypocrisy to say 'one group can do this, but another can't." 

Americans rally behind convicted murderer because Netflix told them to 

Proving American media consumers really haven't wised up since the release of Paradise Lost and Hotel Rwanda, the Netflix original The Making of a Murderer has become a runaway pop cultural phenomenon, even inspiring an online petition asking Barack Obama to pardon a man convicted of heinously murdering an innocent woman (which he can't do, because that presidential power is off limits to state sentences.) Ken Kratz, the prosecutor who put Steven Avery and Brenda Dassey behind bars for life for the murder of Tersa Halbach, recently came out to address a few tidbits from the case the "documentarians" conveniently excluded from their series, such as a wealth of DNA evidence - including that of the victim's discovered on a bullet fired from a gun in Avery's possession - plus the fact that Avery used a *67 feature to disguise several calls made to Halbach the day of the murder, plus the fact Halbach told her employer that Avery was exhibiting creepy behavior directed towards her before she was killed and he demanded she be the photographer that come out to his house the day of her murder. Since then, his firm's Yelp page has been savaged by online Avery supporters, with some going as far to send Kratz death threats. In that, the success of The Making of a Murderer is a very telling indictment of the contemporary cultural psyche, where we are so hellbent on defaming and demolishing conservative power structures that we'd much rather believe policemen incinerated a young woman to frame someone as part of some grand conspiracy than we are to yank out old Occam's Razor and accept the much, much likelier odds that someone with a long history of violence - including woman-beating and setting live animals on fire as a pastime - could have committed  a crime out of psychosexual rage. The same way "WM3" supporters never gave a shit about the three young boys who were brutally murdered in West Memphis, Tenn. almost 25 years ago, the pro-Avery crowds couldn't give any less of a damn about the case's real victim. All of the attention is on alleged police misconduct, and Halbach's corpse - and the pain and suffering her family has had to endure for the last ten years - is nothing more than a red herring. If anything, this made-for-Netflix outrage verifies what we've all believed for quite some time: that for people with such a penchant for social justice, modern America has hardly any desire for actual justice anymore. 

Morbidly obese Mississippi councilman rallies behind citizens right to physically assault police officers

Jackson, Miss. councilman Kenneth Stokes - who may or may not be Fat Albert brought over into real-life, Cool World-style - is so dadgum fed-up with police officers from other jurisdictions chasing down suspects in his crime-soaked, cesspool of a city that he recently advised citizens to respond by throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at cops. Given the opportunity to do an about-face by The Clarion-Ledger, Stokes instead doubled down, stating that tossing blunt objects at police officers was necessary to prevent the further "endangerment" of children. Huh. I wonder if Mr. Stokes has any advice on what we, as the public, ought to do to politicians whose idiotic, hateful ideologies endanger all of us legislatively?

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather criticizes racism in sport, goes on to say racist things about fellow boxers immediately afterwards

Multi-division boxing champ and convicted woman-beater Floyd Mayweather - who, alike Wocka Flocka Flame, is an ardent Bill Cosby apologist - told the website Fight Hype that he believed good old-fashioned racism is the reason why Andre Ward was ranked fourth instead of second in The Ring Magazine's list of top ten pound-for-pound boxers and why Laila Ali never had the same crossover media success that Ronda Rousey has had. Ironically, Mayweather - who in the past, has described Asian opponents as "little yellow chumps" and demanded they make him sushi rolls and wore a stereotypical, oversized sombrero walking out to fight Oscar de la Hoya, among other delightful forays - dropped more than few racially insensitive comments about WBC Bantamweight Champion Shinsuke Yamanaka in his interview. "I truly believe that racism still exists in the sport of boxing," the undefeated pugilist quipped. "I don't really know his full name, so I don't want to be disrespectful, but they got a Japanese guy ranked no. 9."

After hundreds of Muslim immigrants coordinate mass sexual assaults, German mayor advises Fraulein to change their behaviors

Seeing as how Germany kind of let Adolf Hitler kill an estimated six million Jews (and twice as many other people you never hear that much about, for some reason), the Deutschland power structure has gleefully taken it upon itself to spend the rest of eternity apologizing for the Holocaust, with their latest attempt at making amends coming in the form of letting one million Muslim refugees take up residence in their country. Unfortunately, about a thousand of those north African and Middle East transplants got the wrong idea on New Year's Eve and decided to orchestrate the mass sexual assault of about five to six dozen women in Cologne. Mayor Henriette Rekker - who months ago, got stabbed by an anti-immigrant extremist - responded to the mass wave of Muslim-on-Aryan sexual violence by advising der frau volk to embrace a "code of conduct" - including not getting drunk and sticking with their "own kind" - in order to not get violated by hostile Arabs. Continuing, Rekker said the inherent problem is not that a majority of the sexual assault suspects hail from parts of the world were women are universally viewed as second class citizens, but rather, the simple fact that a better explanation of what's allowed and not allowed at large public gatherings should have been issued

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves... 


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