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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

In Europe, more fun with refugees ensues

According to the BBC, approximately one million migrants and refugees of North African and Middle Eastern dissent entered Europe last year amidst the ongoing Syrian crisis. Alas, despite the hyper-socialist, ultra-multicultural continent initially patting itself on its back for rolling out the welcome mat to predominantly Muslim immigrants, not everybody is too happy with the sudden Islamic influx. Following the horrific Paris terror attack and reports of thousands of women across Germany being gang assaulted on New Year's Eve, anti-immigrant sentiment in the region is soaring, and clearly, the prospects of retaliatory right-wing violence is a MUCH greater concern than the waves of ghastly violence perpetrated by migrants that are already happening. So what is actually happening in Europe's multiculturalism-uber-alles paradise these days? Well, here's the short list:

Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Considering how much the progressive-to-the-point-of-self-blinding media in Europe goes out of its way to make sure such incidents never make it to the front page or home page, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that there's WAY more stuff like this happening throughout Europe. Alas, no matter how many brainwashed children behead people on camera and how many extremists plot to go on anti-Western murder rampages, native Europeans continue to look away, pretending their homeland isn't being torn asunder by people who hate their guts even after they were given a free-of-charge sanctuary. This is the world political correctness has created, folks: one where people would literally prefer death to being perceived as just the teeny-tiniest bit prejudiced.

Funny how every time the SJWs win, so does militant Islam, no?

Rappers prove they really are the most enlightened among us

In late January, Decatur, Ga.-based rapper B.O.B. - a ninth-grade dropout perhaps best known for his duet with that chick form Paramore - went on an all-night tweet-fest, in which he publicly touted his support of the flat-earth theory, denied the Apollo 11 moon landing ever took place and claimed that celebrities are actually being produced in human cloning facilities. Following a few ripostes from acclaimed astrophysicist and atheist propagandist Neil Degrasse Tyson, B.O.B. responded with a "diss track" referencing, among other things, freemason conspiracies, his own love of pot and why he believes others should read the works of notorious Holocaust denier David Irving. Not to be outdone, former teenage heroin slinger and probable murderer Chief Keef  has ruined the lives of three Minneapolis college students, who have been subjected to threats, vandalism and constant harassment after the esteemed lyricist tweeted an erroneous home address of someone who had irked him in a bout of online video gaming

Georgia is indeed the best of all possible states

Sometimes, I feel sorry for everybody who doesn't live in metro Atlanta, which unquestionably has best mix of batshit insane country crackers and ghetto sociopaths of any M.S.A. in the nation. Don't believe me? Just take a gander at what you outsiders missed out on over the last couple of days:

Ya'll come on down anytime you want, you hear!

A tale of two racially-motivated attacks

On Feb. 1, hundreds gathered to protest the alleged assault of three African-American SUNY college students on an Albany city bus, at the hands of a dozen no-good, "n-word" spoutin' racist white folks. Alas, although Hilary Clinton tweeted her support for the students, video cameras on the bus - which, wouldn't you know it, just so happened to be equipped with audio capabilities - don't exactly back up the women's claims that they were assailed with a series of racial insults. Meanwhile, six black teenagers were arrested Jan. 28 for brutally mauling a white Metro passenger in a so-called "Wolf Pack" attack in D.C., with video evidence CLEARLY demonstrating their guilt. As it turns out, yet another "Wolf Pack" attack transpired later that very same day at a D.C. Metro stationSimilar attacks, all involving young black people violently assaulting random white people, were recorded Jan. 15, Jan. 2, and Nov. 22. But be careful: as we all know, only racists make assumptions based on objective data and statistically-confirmed patterns. 

The womenfolk slam CDC for report discouraging alcohol consumption

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released an advisory suggesting young women who are not on birth control who want to become pregnant (fun fact: 51 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplannedshould abstain from drinking, lest their unborn be saddled with the side effects of fetal alcohol syndrome - which, in case you didn't know, can result in children with severe cognitive impairments and physical deformations. Alas, a whole bunch of pseudo-feminists got their Victoria's Secret-purchased panties in a wad, with Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams and The Atlantic's Olga Khazan and Julie Beck slamming the CDC for telling women what do with their bodies. And as for the bodies of those children who come out with swollen heads and severe retardation? How dare they tell their mother's what they can put inside themselves, especially those entitled misogynists displaying the IQ of a first-grader 43 years after their birth!

NBA team nixes Chinese New Year celebration so as to not offend African-Americans

On Feb. 1, several members of the Sacramento Kings - most notably, star center DeMarcus Cousins - convinced the higher-ups to pull plans for a free tee-shirt giveaway celebrating the Chinese New Year. The problem? The shirt, celebrating the year of the monkey, had a photograph of a monkey in the team's purple and black colors on it. Per Cousins, the shirt is offensive, because February is also Black History Month in the States, and in case you didn't know it, "monkey" is a popular, disparaging euphemism for African-Americans. Team president Chris Granger told The Sacramento Bee the woeful episode is further proof the entire dadgum organization is in dire need of sensitivity training. "In an effort to celebrate Chinese New Year, we had some concerns," he said. "Certainly, we don't want to offend anybody.Apparently not a concern for the Kings? Sacramento's Chinese-Americans, who were just told "fuck your way of life" so as to affirm the way of life for another minority. 

Popular club drug hailed as a "miracle cure" for depression ... despite hardly any evidence indicating it actually is

Sara Solovitch - an acclaimed "journalist" who is actually just paid huge sums of money by agenda-driven foundations to write shit that supports them and their interests - had the online "legalize everything" contingent whipped into a frenzy when a piece about the medical benefits of ketamine - aka, the party drug "Special K" - was published on virtually every news website in the world on Feb. 1. Per her dubious math, ketamine has been demonstrated to virtually vanquish depression in 75 percent of trial subjects. Left out of Solovitch's flowery praise of Special K as a psychiatric aid? The fact that only 200 people worldwide have ever participated in clinical trials involving ketamine as a treatment for depression. Furthermore, Colleen Loo of Australia's UNSW School of Medicine notes that the drug has never been tested in placebo-controlled trials, whatever benefits of the drug as a treatment against depression diminish in just a few days and long-term use risks include liver damage, bladder dysfunction and cognitive impairment. Once again, Solovitch's advocacy-journalism appears to be yet another attempt by the media to reinforce the idea that dissatisfaction with one's predicament is a disease instead of what it actually is, a temporary perspective. And instead of introspectively solving your own problems and moving forward, what's the solution? The same as it always is; pump yourself full of mind-altering chemicals, numb yourself to your own misery and never move on to being self-sufficient as a human being ... with pharmaceutical companies, naturally, profiting at every turn

The Intercept reporter makes up a year's worth of stories

The latest to join a long-line of supposed "journalists" who made up bullshit to further their own political agenda is The Intercept's Juan Thompson, who was fired recently when his employer - one of those fly-by-night piece of shit social justice advocacy blogs masquerading as a real news site - revealed that he did a whole heck of a lot of lying in his articles. Among the highlights of Thompson's work? He made up a cousin who said Dylann Roof was inspired to shoot up Emanuel A.M.E. Zion Church last summer because of white power music and his girlfriend leaving him for a black man, completely fabricated a #BlackLivesMatter melee at a Donald Trump rally and invented a non-existent criminal justice professor for a story about the Ferguson, Missouri protests/riots. Thompson even went as far as making fake e-mail accounts for his editors to hide the fact that his stories were goddamn bogus; alas, despite this, The Intercept has yet to pull down any of his stories: instead, they are leaving them up for the page clicks ... I mean, to curate how seriously they take reporting deception.

D.C. bill would pay people to not commit crimes

Hey, would you like an extra $9,000 in your pocket each year? If one piece of legislation in the nation's capital (but just the city part of it, I am afraid) is approved, all you have to do is be one of 50 individuals deemed likely to engage in criminal activity who participates in a pilot program offering 9K a year - in addition to all of your other regularly scheduled entitlements - for simply proving their diversion program works by not committing any crimes. The program - tabbed at an unbelievable $25.6 million - is set for a council vote March 1. Interestingly, the program is modeled after a similar Bay Area program, whose program director swears up and down is responsible for San Francisco's downturn in gun homicides since 2010. Obviously, the entire thing is a long, drawn-out science project to "prove" that poverty is at the root of violent crime, but turnabout is fair play: what in the hell does that say about your constituents when you need to give them financial rewards to stop them from killing one another?

A vulgar display of (white) power? 

Phil Anselmo, one-time Pantera frontman, has been effectively blacklisted from the heavy metal community following a drunken performance at a Jan. 22 L.A.  event celebrating the life of deceased guitarist Dimebag Darrell. Anselmo was recorded shouting "white power" and doing a Nazi salute, immediately drawing the ire of fellow metal musicians Rob Flynn of Machine Head, Scott Ian of Anthrax and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, all demanding he be publicly condemned. His band Down has already been booted off a Dutch rock festival, and more than 1,000 fans have signed an online petition urging his removal from the upcoming Download Festival. Metal Sucks co-founder Axl Rosenberg (one guess what his ethnicity is!) published a long screed on his website decrying Anselmo for what he perceives is a career filled with crypto-racist behavior, ultimately determining that all of his fellow metal fans are "cowards" for not crucifying Anselmo for his thoughtcrimes. Seeing as how heavy metal fans have for decades celebrated music praising devil worship, rape, mass murder, cannibalism, torture, the Holocaust and necrophilia, that Anselmo's three-second antics is what constitutes "too much" certainly validates Mr. Rosenberg's assertion: one way or another, today's metal fans are, indeed, cowards

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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