Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

(Pop) Cultural Warfare?

Since the heyday of Sergei Eisenstein, entertainment has been used as a Trojan horse for all sorts of questionable political agendas. Hey, remember watching Captain Planet when you were a kid and all of a sudden being indoctrinated with the values of zero population growth and AIDS acceptance? Well, that's precisely the kind of thing I'm talking about. In many ways, mass media is a greater political force than politics itself, and no modern day phenomenon embodies that better than the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which has not only permeated popular music, but virtually saturated it. Just a day before her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, Beyonce dropped a new music video for her track "Formation" - a twangy ode to regional blackness laden with blunt Hurricane Katrina and Michael Brown iconography, which somehow managed to include both references to BDSM and Red Lobster. Her Super Bowl performance - which included Coldplay looking like the lamest white people who have ever lived - featured Mrs. Jay-Z rocking an MJ-inspired bandoleer (which is not at all hypocritical considering all of those pro-gun control PSAs she participated in a few years back) while flanked by a small platoon of backup dancers clad in Black Panthers regalia (along with a few not subtle nods to covert conservative hero Malcolm X and 1968 Olympians Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos - who, as an aside, were mercilessly criticized by another covert conservative hero, Jesse Owens.) Oh, and backstage Twitter and Instagram candids revealed plenty more politically-tinged photos, including a few dancers holding up signs supporting Mario Woods - a San Fran man shot 20 times by police ... while high as a kite, and refusing to drop a knife after attempting to stab another man to death. Surprisingly, there are some people out there who aren't too fond of Beyonce giving dap to an organization literally founded by a convicted cop killer with subsets that publicly cry out for the mass murder of white people, but for some reason, the media just can't accept the concerns of New York detectives and Tennessee sheriffs who see the grim consequences of black-on-black violence and anti-police bloodlust on a daily basis as valid.  The racially-charged politicking continued just a few days later at the Grammys, where - after opening with a performance from Hamilton, an ironic appropriations-fest in which the founding fathers of America are recast as black rappers - Kendrick Lamar took the stage, dressed as a prisoner, to slang lyrics about how the white man is trying to "terminate my culture" before launching into his trademark song - and de facto #BlackLivesMatter anthem - "Alright," which includes the use of the term "nigga" no less than 19 times and such heartwarming lyrics as "painkillers only put in the twilight, what pretty pussy and Benjamin is the highlight" and "we hate popo, wanna kill us dead in the street for sure." Of course, the mainstream media eats all of it up, cheerfully celebrating it as the triumph of the marginalized (in the form of multi-million dollar entertainers, at least) sticking it to "the man" while writing off any and all criticisms of the shameless identity politics propaganda as the ravings of unhip - if not secretly prejudiced - white squares. Of course, those same wide-eyed purveyors of racially-conscious identitarianism will mercilessly decry the same thing as white nationalism when enacted by Caucasians and continue to perpetuate the absurd idea that shitty skinhead music made in some dude's basement in West Virginia somehow has a greater ability to alter one's thinking and influence behaviors than the hard-nosed, cop-hating, white person-mistrusting hip hop music Wehrmacht that's broadcast on network TV and played ad nausem at pro sporting events. Naturally, all of this begs the question: uh, what exactly makes promoting minoritarian antipathy any less vulgar, irresponsible and dangerous than celebrating majoritarian antipathy again?

SPLC releases annual "hate group" report

Every year, the Southern Poverty Law Center publishes a recap of miscellaneous (and highly suspicious) findings and data called "The Year in Hate and Extremism." Not at all displaying any sort of underlying political motives, the cover of the 2015 recap features Donald Trump looming large over a hastily designed collage displaying swastikas, Confederate flags, Ann Coulter and that one Muslim woman who helped her husband kill a whole bunch of innocent government workers in southern California last autumn. As hilariously blunt that is, I assure you the contents of this agitprop is even better. Among the publications, ahem, highlights? Citations of Florida gun owners and Texas prison guards' YouTube videos as emblematic of "extremism in the mainstream," an "expose" on how racists are using sock puppet accounts to make their social media presence seem larger than it actually is (which is actually a common tactic for legitimate social justice advocacy groups as well) and of course, a lengthy feature about anti-Muslim sentiments that conveniently shies away from referencing all of the Muslim anti-everybody else violence that went down in 2015 across the globe. Interestingly enough, the SPLC analysis of "hate group" activity all but ignores the nation's vehemently anti-Western extremists and the sole reason they even bother listing black separatist organizations - whose rank almost matches that of purported KKK chapters - is because they are "homophobic" and "anti-Semitic" ... never mind all that delightful chatter about killing honkies, I suppose. The report wraps up with a smattering of "hate crimes" perpetrated from Aug. 2015 to Dec. 2015, listing such nefarious incidents as people finding KKK recruitment fliers in their driveways and Muslims being spit on while completely ignoring all of the lamentable racially-motivated black-on-white crimes perpetrated during the same timeframe. Of course, the SPLC never specifies what the criteria for being a "hate group" actually is, instead appearing to round up everybody who doesn't agree with their own liberal, multicultural, progressive uber allies Tao as "dangerous" people. In their eyes, entrepreneurs in Florida who offer Adolf Hitler themed travel packages and people who publish fundamentalist Christian comic books are no different than neo-nazi militias; thus, the Constitution Party of Oklahoma and the Florida Family Association are considered potential social threats, while eco-terrorists who have blown up buildings and attempted to murder other human beings get a free pass. Summarily, it seems like this alleged "intelligence report" is little more than a McCarthy-ish attempt to demonize anyone who doesn't follow lock-step in agreement with the SPLC's aggressive pro-globalization gospel; which means, irony of ironies, the whole goddamn thing is nothing more than a P.R. smear campaign designed to goad people into hating those who hate whatever the SPLC is telling them they have no choice but to accept as the only socially-permissible opinion.   

Virginia high school subjects students to "white privilege" cartoon

Long-time IIIA readers will recall Glen Allen High School, which made international headlines last year when a student at a pep rally accidentally broadcast, and I quote, "a racist version of the Duck Tales theme song." Well, as part of the school's plans to make amends, administrators forced students to watch a four minute long cartoon entitled "Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race," which features a pair of white runners outpacing two melinated 'toons who are halted at the starting line and bombarded by terms like "genocide," "slavery" and "wealth disparities" only to get drenched in a torrential downpour of "discrimination" and tripped up by "poor schooling." After several more symbols for "underemployment" and "shortened life span" impede the darker runners (which are structural problems that, as we all know, never afflict white people), we reach the literal "message" of the cartoon: "affirmative action helps level the playing field." For those wondering, the cartoon is a joint project of the African American Policy Forum, the Open Society Institute, the Fulfilling the Dream Fund and the "Critical Race Studies" programs at UCLA and Columbia ... so, yeah, no political agendas in play there, whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, people have plenty to say about the video in question - and for the first time in recorded human history, the comment section of a YouTube video is actually worth reading. 

Georgia is once again the best of all possible states

It's that time again, ya'll, to round up all of the wacky, deplorable, disgusting and unnerving happenings going on in the Peach State as of late. Among other hilarious hi-jinks include...

Remember, folks ... if you want to make it to Disney World, you got to go through our neck of the woods first

Your weekly dose of #BLM goodness!

You really can't have This Week in Social Justice without a thorough recap of the latest #BlackLivesMatter adventures, and we've no doubt had some good 'uns recently. So do we begin with Iraq veteran Chris Marquez, who was hospitalized after being senselessly beaten by a group of teenage ruffians who allegedly didn't like his response to their inquiry "do black lives matter?" outside a D.C. McDonalds? Or howzabout a string of vandalisms on the campus of the University of Texas, in which several buildings and monuments were spraypainted with the #BLM mantra? And what about the Smyrna, Georgia city council having to be evacuated from city hall when supporters of Nicholas Thomas - a man killed by police after he attempted to run them over - stormed the chambers? Or that one dude who lied about being black drudging up that one time Peyton Manning teabagged a woman at the University of Tennessee just because he was mad Cam Newton lost the Super Bowl who then started calling actual black people on Twitter who found fault with his assertions "coons,or #BLM leader Marshawn McCarrel II's selfless, group-rights-centric act of committing suicide on the steps of the Ohio state Capitol? They are all fine conversation-starters, if you ask me...

Hebrewin' up trouble!

The "so-called chosen frozen" took a break from earning 40 percent of all Nobel prizes for Economics despite making up barely 0.02 percent of the global population to weigh in on several hot-button issues recently. Writing for Salon, columnist Matthew Rosza penned a flowery spiel about how disgraced Veterans Affair committee chair Bernie Sanders' Judaism makes him an ideal Democratic candidate, although he never really explains how Jews today remain an "oppressed peoples" when their median household income in the U.S. is a good $20,000 or so higher than any other religion. Over at CNN, columnist Benjamin Blech (why is that so many Hebrew surnames sound like onamontopoeias for coughing up a loogie?) makes an argument for banning Mein Kampf from publication in Europe, stating "Hitler's words needed to be publicly condemned as outcasts, pornography unfit for viewing and criminal influence." As expected, the rabbi cites a questionable statistic from the European Jewish Congress demonstrating a 40 percent increase in non-defined "cases of anti-Semitism" over the last few years, although the author pussyfoots around the obvious reason why - if even factual - such would be the case. And in an extremely rare instance of hardcore Hebrews deferring victim status recognition to people outside the tribe of Judah, the Jerusalem Municipality announced that it would redesign the historic downtown Zion Square to honor 16-year-old Shira Banki, who was murdered in the street by religious extremists at a gay pride parade last summer. Oh, and by the way, those "religious extremists" in question? Orthodox Haredi Jews

Even sex criminals are playing the P.C. card nowadays

Remember a few months ago, when there was a bunch of hullabaloo from the religious right about transgender-people having access to men and women's bathrooms, and the pro-LGBT contingent scoffed at their political rivals' fears that it offered a gigantic loophole for perverts to easily gain access to potential victims? Well, in Seattle, the proverbial turd has landed in the metaphorical punch bowl when a man waltzed into a public park women's restroom and started getting naked around the womenfolk. The women - disturbed, naturally - went to the security desk, but when they attempted to remove the man, he cited a recent state law that allows residents the option to choose whichever gender-specific restroom they identify with. Doubly ironic, the episode came just hours after a massive demonstration in Olympia against the new state bathroom policy, in which one sexual assault victim stated - oh-so ominously - "what we do believe is that this code is so poorly written that predators will abuse [it.]" Meanwhile, over in England, 63-year-old Shabir Ahmed said his pending deportation - which he has appealed to the European Court of Human Rights - is the result of an "all white conspiracy." By the way, Ahmed has been in jail since 2012 for being the mastermind of a sex ring that preyed upon victims as young as 13

Slate columnist tackles the insidious scourge of "hipster homophobia"

Scribe Nico Lang took Hollywood to task in a recent Slate piece, in which he went after "problematic" films such as Dirty Grandpa and Get Hard for reinforcing the unthinkable thought-crime that some people may not think all gay people are heroes by default and we shouldn't all celebrate like it was V-J Day every time they show two teenage boys tongue kissing on what used to be called "The Family Channel." That said, Lang said the TV landscape is looking a whole lot better, and since you can now watch men toss each other's salads on network television, we truly have moved into a modern day utopia. Interestingly enough, Lang takes offense to the fact that only 17 percent or so of modern Hollywood offerings feature homosexual characters - although seeing as how the nation's total LGBT population is barely 4 percent of the overall U.S. population, their mass media presence is still a disproportionate over-representation by more than threefold. 

Let's hear it for senseless violence!

Boy, if you had a thing for bizarre mayhem and malice, you had a proverbial field week as of late. Just take a gander at all of the madcap brutality that's transpired all across the globe recently:

By now, we all know how terrified I am of primates (thanks a lot, VHS cover art for Monkey Shines). That last tidbit ought to be a wake-up call, humanity - first, their drinking our rum and chasing us with kitchen appliances, and tomorrow, they'll be riding on horseback and capturing us in nets

In one student newspaper article, Brown University demonstrates literally everything wrong with the Millennial generation

Every now and then, you stumble across something so mind-blowing, you can't help but feel as if you've actually encountered an object from 20 years into the future. Ladies and gentlemen - and ladies who identify as gentlemen, and gentlemen who identify as ladies, and those of you who prefer to identify as something else that only exists in your head - here are the highlights of an astounding story from The Brown Daily Herald titled "Schoolwork, Advocacy Place Strain on Student Activism." 
“There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” said David, an undergraduate whose name has been changed to preserve anonymity. Throughout the year, he has worked to confront issues of racism and diversity on campus. His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health. “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. (Counseling and Psychological Services) counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay,” he said. 
Justice Gaines ’16, who uses the pronouns xe, xem and xyr, said student activism efforts on campus are necessary. “I don’t feel okay with seeing students go through hardships without helping and organizing to make things better." In the wake of The Herald's opinion pieces, Gaines felt overwhelmed by emotions flooding across campus. Students were called out of class into organizing meetings and xe felt pressure to help xyr peers cope with what was going on, xe said. Gaines "had a panic attack and couldn't go to class for several days." 
"Sampedro was also on the committee that planned workshops for the Latinx Ivy League Conference, including Paxson's presentation to students following the assault by a DPS officer on a student earlier that weekend. "I remember seeing all the tears in the room - that was traumatizing - and then not being able to focus on my homework," she said. "Homework was the least of my worries." 
 This work is an "important part of the academic learning experience," Ferranti said. She was present at the Brown/RISD Hillel-sponsored lecture that was protested by Students for Justice in Palestine earlier this semester, offering academic and emotional support for the protestors ... students "might be impacted, something might be triggered or they might suddenly remember more at that event they were protesting," she added.

And here I was, thinking a story about drunken monkeys stabbing people would be the weirdest - and most frightening - thing I heard all week!

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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