Saturday, March 19, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

Media Absolutely Nonplussed By Inability to Derail "The Donald"

The U.S. media - the hypocritical, money-grubbing, corporate-industrial Leviathans they are - continue their absolutely petulant smear campaign against the leading Republican presidential candidate, whose ability to sway the public away from buying hook-line-and sinker whatever their cable TV screens or computer monitors tell them they ought to believe has the so-called "news business" in a tizzy. But alike the old X-Men adversary Sebastian Shaw, however, no matter how hard the media swings to take Donald Trump out, their desperate blows only serve to make the orange-skinned, toupee-sportin' populist all that much stronger. Yes, even after a black dude got punched in the face by an old white dude at a Trump rally and digital shit rags like The Huffington Post ran screeds with titles like "Donald Trump Encourages Physical Violence Once Again," while stories about Trump supporters having guns pulled on them by angry Hispanics remain relegated to regional TV news stations. When a rowdy mob of pro-Bernie protesters invaded a rally in Chicago - complete with punches thrown by alleged anti-violence activists whose grand plan was to overwhelm police and "rush the stage" when Trump came out - the media blamed Trump's rhetoric for inspiring the donnybrook and celebrated podium-crasher Jedidiah Brown like he was some sort of neo-Civil Rights hero (imagine, if you will, an anti-globalist crashing a Hilary Clinton speech receiving the same positive treatment from the press.) The New York Times - whose vendetta against the anti-Free Trade candidate has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Mexico's most powerful businessmen is the publication's majority shareholder - retaliated with stories about children discussing how afraid they are that their elementary school friends will be exiled if Trump is elected and ran primary projections stating Trump's chances were better in states with more trailer parks and residents sans high school degrees. The Atlantic - which is owned by a former health care policy research firm administrator who raked in $300 million when the company went public - fired back by saying Trump's "racist" platform was designed to "Make America White Again." Slate - which is owned by a man who lobbied for heavy changes to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trades to better suit his own economic interests - responded with a scathing, hardly objective hit piece describing "How Trump Happened" (spoiler: they think it's - you guessed it - racism.) Elsewhere, fly-by-night bits and bytes turd-rag Vox assailed Trump with a laborious essay describing his campaign as the ascension of "American Authoritarianism" and even those godless commie bastards in China took Trump to task with The Global Times citing his "racist" campaign as reason enough why democracy ain't worth pursuing. Alas, despite non-stop, rancorous, brazenly anti-Trump stories circulating day and night with sensational, hyperbolic and downright hysterical titles like "The Trump Violence Surge," what happened come Super Duper Tuesday? Well, Trump only swept the states of Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, pushing him well over the halfway count for delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination. But even in a resounding victory, all the media can do is desperately try to find a way to turn even THAT into some sort of abstruse indication than Trump and his supporters are white supremacists. It's abundantly clear that the media - both on the right and the left - direly and desperately do not want "The Donald" getting anywhere close to the Oval Office. Unfortunately, it appears that Trump's economic nationalist message is music to a lot of American voters' ears, and the tune - oddly enough - just so happens to sound like the last gasps of legacy media's clammy stranglehold on the collective consciousness. 

Bernie Sanders Proclaims White Folks Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout No Poverty

Lost amidst the media's incessant race-baiting against the Trump campaign was one of the most egregiously idiotic moments in recent presidential politicking history ... which, of course, the "news cycle" all but ignored. At a debate in Flint, Mich. on March 6 (boy, I wonder why they selected that particular locale?), Fidel Castro fan, disgraced Veteran Affairs chairproud Sandinista supporter and failed folk musician Bernie Sanders declared the following: "When you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. You don't know what it's like to be poor." Now, seeing as how 20 million Caucasian Americans live beneath the federal poverty line - representing more than half of ALL impoverished Americans - one has to consider SeƱor Sanders' comments nothing less than embarrassingly ignorant. Can you imagine Ted Cruz coming out and saying blacks don't know anything about mass incarceration or John Kasich declaring women don't know anything about domestic violence? Well, it's the exact same level of brazenly wrong here, but for some indiscernible reason, the mass media powers that are just aren't giving the self-declared democratic socialist the admonishing he (rightly) deserves. Furthermore, little has been made about how wantonly racist Sanders comments were against the African-American community - as The Huffington's Post Charlie Nelms put it, "will someone please tell Senator Bernie Sanders that not all blacks live in the ghetto & that racism affects middle AND upper class blacks!" But then again, what would you expect from a man who hails from a state that is 96 percent white and whose idea of "connecting" with the black community is pretending to eat soul food with a C-list rapper

Living in a (Trans)Utopia!

The last few weeks have been great for trans-news. Just take a gander at all of these scandalous, scintillating and sensational matters pertaining to men who want to whack off their wing-wongs and pretend to be the womenfolk (and the aberrant gals who want to replace their hoo-has with hoo-hes): 

And if you have the audacity to even mull the notion that transgender identity and borderline personality disorder could have the same neurological underpinnings ... well, congrats on your disgusting and despicable thought-crime, which we can't even offer a rebuttal to because it's so goddamn transphobic

New Polls Reveals Americans Aren't Too Fond of Immigration and Israelis Pretty Much Support Ethnic Cleansing

ew findings from consulting firm A.T. Kearney indicate it ain't just trailer park dwellers who smoke meth while watching The O'Reilly Factor who are opposed to both flavors of immigration to the United States. Per a survey of 2,590 Americans, 61 percent of respondents said they believe "continued immigration to the country jeopardizes the United States." Granted, baby boomers and Southerners were the likeliest to say that immigration - be it legal or illegal - negatively impacted the nation, but hold your horses, amigos: the very same survey found that 55 percent of "multicultural uber alles" Millennials were just as opposed to open borders policies. Sure, it sounds unexpectedly non-progressive, but compared to the popular consensus in Israel, the U.S. findings are downright Utopian. Per the Pew Research Centre, 48 percent of Jews in the Holy Land said they are in favor of proposals to kick all Muslims out of Israel, with 20 percent stating they strongly support efforts to forcibly uproot all Allah-worshipers. Furthermore, four-fifths of respondents said that - at the very least - Jews deserved preferential treatment by the Israeli government, while two-thirds said that "co-existence" with Muslims is impossible. Naturally, this begs the question: how long before somebody in the Israeli parliament starts getting really excited about opening up new "trade relations" with Madagascar

The Overmedicalization of Childhood Continues

Although the long-term, negative side effects of psychotropic pharmaceuticals - particularly, on adolescents - are well documented, a new World Health Organization report finds that the number of children prescribed anti-depressant medications have exploded since 2005. Per WHO findings, the percentage of toddlers, tykes and teens taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors increased 60 percent in Denmark, 54 percent in the U.K., 49 percent in Germany and 26 percent in the U.S. Interestingly, the same report comes on the heels of yet another study out of Taiwan suggesting that the uptick in diagnoses of ADHD in pre-schoolers and primary school children could simply be the result of educators failing to take student immaturity into consideration, with The Journal of Pediatrics report finding that the youngest students in each cohort were twice as likely to receive learning disorder diagnoses as their older peers. So, why give a shit if a bunch of youths are weaned on (almost always unnecessary) pharmaceuticals throughout their childhood and remain wholly dependent on a steady stream of public subsidized chemicals to function on even the most basic of levels as adults? Well, the results of a recent JAMA Psychiatry report give us at least one reason: from 2011 to 2014, researchers evaluated the cases of 66 Netherlands citizens who were euthanized for psychiatric conditions - this, despite evidence that at least half of them refused alternate "treatments" that didn't entail pumping a lethal cocktail of drugs into their veins. Long story short? If we're dead set on raising an entire generation incapable of living without crippling pharmaceutical dependencies, don't act surprised when a whole hell of a lot of them volunteer to off themselves on the public dime if and when the option arises.

When the "Victims" of Society Become the Victimizers

By and large, the U.S. media and academic narrative posits heterosexual, Christian and Caucasian males as the most repressive species on Earth. Therefore, virtually everyone else is a cruelly oppressed minority by default - yes, even males who fail to check off any of the other three 'majoritarian' qualifiers. That said, every now and then - and by "every now and then," what I really mean is "all the time" - these alleged minoritans tend to haul off and do things that ... well, certainly casts some doubts on who it is, exactly, that's perpetratin' the real victimizing in U.S. society. Here's a few examples that really knots up the whole ideal (ideal) that Jesus-revering, vagina-loving, melanin-deficient XY-chromosome-carriers are the root of all American evils

And always remember: if you can't find a valid reason to blame the patriarchy for what appears to be the gruesome, premeditated actions of able-minded individuals, you're just not trying hard enough

Army Recruits Declare War on ... White Privilege?

For all the talk about institutional prejudice these days, we never really hear talk about institutional anti-prejudice, which is certainly a much more common occurrence in 21st century America. Publicly-funded colleges across the U.S. now mandate multicultural programs for its students and government employees often have to undergo sensitivity and diversity training so as to better understand their own subconscious intolerance ... at the expense of Joe and Susie Q. Taxpayer, naturally. Just how institutionalized is this multiculturalism uber alles Tao nowadays? Well, it's so guldarn institutionalized that a FOIA request reveled that about 400 cadets at Fort Gordon in Georgia had to sit through a misspelling-strewn PowerPoint presentation titled "Power and Privilege," which among other things, proclaimed that "the trouble we're in privileges some groups at the expense of others," which in turn, promotes a "yawning divide" in income obtainment and quality of life and increases general fear and suspicion in society. Hopefully, our proud men and women in uniform will be thinking about their preferential treatment in society quite a bit, especially as they undergo heavy artillery fire from ISIS and wait four months for a V.A. check-up that anyone with a halfway decent insurance plan could've gotten the next day

In Florida, Another Trevon Gets Gunned Down By a Citizen Standing Her Ground

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a gun-toting home owner in the Sunshine State opens fire on an African-American teenager, shooting and killing him under Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law that the NAACP would really like you to forget it once heavily supported? Yes, it does indeed sound uncannily similar to the  whole Trayvon Martin brouhaha from 2012 - right down to the "victim," 17-year-old Trevon Johnson - but there's a mighty big discrepancy between the two cases; whereas the affair from four years ago appears to have been the results of an overzealous, paranoid Hispanic man getting into more trouble than he could handle and then having to use lethal - but probably justifiable - force to save his own life, this most recent slaying is a lot more, pardon the expression, black and white. The deets? A 54-year-old woman heard a burglar alarm go off, she found the teen inside her home trying to rob her, he attacked her, and she popped a cap in his burglarizing ass. Despite this being about as clear cut a defensible homicide as you're likely to find, Johnson's kinfolk ain't too happy about all this. Enter Johnson's cousin Nautika Harris, who tried to to exonerate her cuz of any culpability thusly: 

I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond, he was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning ... You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood. You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.

Well, shit. If black youths can't feel safe choosing to rob the homes of strangers, where can they feel safe in our remorselessly racist society

High Schools: The Next Battlefield in the Ongoing Cultural War?

Over the last few months, the central battleground in the Great Social Justice War have been America's college campuses. Missouri, Dartmouth, Yale, Cal State ... we are all well aware of the gory details by now. However, there seems to be an intriguing shift towards moving the proverbial goalposts down to the high school level, where more and more P.C.-tinged stories are making waves and causing a commotion on the social media. Here are just a few sampler platter items that very well could portend the expanded SJW battlefields of tomorrow

Of course, it may be just a matter of time until we roll back the P.C. warzone to the elementary level. Sure, it may seem a little unrealistic to expect fourth-graders to come to grips with concepts like intersectionality and white privilege, but I wouldn't discount their collective maturity levels. After all, 9-year-olds in Memphis are already dealing drugs to each other, so who knows what sort of third-wave feminist claptrap they would be able to comprehend?

SJWs OUTRAGED Over "Racism" in Feminist-Tinged Ghostbusters Reboot

The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot is controversial already, with many aggrieved people whose opinions are invalid simply on account of the fact they have penises saying the all-women recasting is a furtive attempt to promote feminist propaganda at America's multiplexes - which, as we all know, is something Hollywood never, ever lets happen. Well, you can add scribe Janessa Robinson to the ranks of those damn-damn-damn-opposed to the movie, who penned a screed in The Guardian recently decrying the film's trailer for not making the movie's central African-American characters an expert on ghost sciences. "Where white women stand on the backs of black women, and other women of colour, to gain success and power, feminism is not present," Robinson writes. "And the claim that the film somehow represents the practice of feminist casting and characters can only hold true if you do the mental gymnastics necessary to deny the fact that black women are women, too."

This, over fictitious characters, in a fictitious film, fighting fictitious supernatural beings. When you're having to blame make-believe ghost chasers for promoting racial inequality, don't you think you owe it to yourself to take a looooong look in the mirror and reevaluate exactly what you're doing with your life? 

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

China bans gays, cleavage, smoking drinking and reincarnation from its airwaves

Guns rights activist in Florida shot by her own 4-year-old son

Man in Orlando robbing Dollar Tree stores while dressed as Batman

Man who shot Idaho pastor, tried to break into White House says reptile people made him do it

Mass murderer blames deadly Wisconsin spree on demonically possessed Uber app

West Virginia legislators stricken with food poisoning hours after legalizing raw milk sales

Taxpayers fund Oregon professor's study of how "feminist glaciology"

Disney directly marketing new film to "furry" demographic

In $115 million lawsuit, Hulk Hogan forced to admit he doesn't have 10-inch penis while Gawker editor says he would gleefully publish child pornography on website if it involved a celebrity

Joe's Crab Shack apologizes for using photos of lynchings as restaurant decor

"The Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan accused of animal abuse

Anti-immigrant rally in Berlin draws crowd ten times larger than anticipated

Courtney Stodden says dad tried to arrange threesome with her and her mother

Chicago woman who drowned three of her kids might lose custody of the three kids she hasn't killed

National Public Radio denounces search engine algorithms as racist, sexist

American in North Korea sentenced to 15 years in gulag for trying to steal propaganda poster

Massachusetts sub arrested for trying to strangle student to death in the middle of class

UGA legend, MMA fighter Herschel Walkers disputes allegations Donald Trump is racist; rather than allow African-American athlete to form own opinion, Internet commentators immediately blame it on brain damage


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