Saturday, June 11, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

Much ado about rape culture

Unless you've been living under a rock (not unlike a certain Spongebob Squarepants neighbor), you've probably heard about the saga of Brock Turner, a Stanford University kid who was arrested, charged and sentenced to six months in jail for finger-banging a drunk chick in a pine cone-strewn alley. While shocking lax sentences of the like aren't uncommon - lest we forget the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who only got 104 days in weekend prison for performing a lewd act on a 15-year-old boy, or the Texas man who got probation for raping a two-year-old, or the 23-year-old New Zealand woman who received eight months house arrest for filming herself performing an unspeakable act on her own one-year-old son - this one seems to have ruffled a bit more feathers than most for the trifecta of a.) the sex abuser in question being a wealthy, white athlete, b.) the boy's father and the judge stating that jail time and having to register as a sex offender would ruin the assailant's life and c.) the victim - who has not yet been publicly identified - penning a 14-page Buzzfeed worthy op-ed about why the incident - which she admits she was too drunk to recall - was such a heinous crime that has gone so viral, your old Game Boy Camera probably has it downloaded to its battery. Virtually every columnist in the world has written some kind of screed about the incident, and as this Washington Post article demonstrates, just about all of them hark back to that most malodorous societal scourge, rape culture - a completely theoretical, virtually unprovable ideal that flies directly in the face of United States Bureau of Justice Statistics data that reveal incidents of rape are at their lowest rate in 40 years. Considering about 84,000 rapes transpire in the U.S. each and every year, one has to wonder why this particular incident blew up into a national outrage. I mean, what intrinsically makes the Stanford debacle any worse than the story of the Ohio mother who let a 55-year-old man rape her two children, or the 33-year-old man in New York who tried to rape a woman on a PATH train platform, or the 55-year-old man in New Mexico who raped an 85-year-old woman, or the 15-year-old Staunton boy who raped a 14-year-old girl, or the 22-year-old intellectually disabled man in Singapore who tried to rape his four-year-old niece, or the five men in India who gang raped a 52-year-old Danish tourist? Sorry to be cynical, but something tells me you've gotten an ear and eyeful of fury over Turner - and not, say, the two men in Miami who drugged a woman and raped her to sell as pornography, or the HIV positive gay porn star who got 17 years for raping a 14-year-old child or any of the hundreds of women who have raped underage boys - because those incidents don't affirm their preexisting hatred of the financially well-off, hetero-cisgender Caucasian male. Surely, all of the scorn heaped upon Turner is deserved, but by that same token, one can't help but feel that he's getting extra public punishment because he fits that mold oh-so-many SJWs despise with an irrational, discriminatory fury. Interestingly, the very same week the Turner story broke the Internet, there was a virtual media blackout concerning the two dozen women who said they were viciously attacked at a music festival just outside of Frankfurt. All sins being (allegedly) equivalent, one would think that a incident of such a magnitude would draw twenty times the furor and outrage as the Turner assault, but seeing as how the alleged attackers are Muslim immigrants ... well, no need to stereotype an already "victimized" class any further, the post-liberal masses proclaim with shrugged shoulders, deafened ears and (self) blinded eyes. Of course the left-leaners are aghast at the notion of sexual assault - that is, just as long as the people doing the sexual assaulting aren't members of one of their protected in-groups. Of course they will decry that hideous, horrendous "rape culture" in frat-boy dudebro culture, but when it comes to the much more rampant sex abuse in the Muslim community, the Jewish community, the Hispanic community, the African-American community and the gay community, they simply don't give a shit. Although Brock Turner deserves a long stay in jail and a thorough lambasting from the general public, let's not mince words - in this trial by public opinion, he's being targeted less for the act itself and much, much more because he hits all the aggravators - rich, white, straight, male and able-bodied - that the social justice lynch mobs decided needed to be "disestablished" years before the much maligned Stanford sexual assaulter was in Pampers

Women proudly do their part to narrow the moral turpitude gap

Despite the fact that women are earning a majority of college degrees, obtaining postgraduate degrees at higher rates, reporting higher part-time pay, are privy to more college scholarships, have lower on-the-job mortality rates, receive less harsh sentences for committing the exact same crimes and win custody of children more often than their male counterparts, the Western culture narrative is that, by golly, women are still being persecuted left and right by a terribly, terribly misogynistic specter that - although a wholly intangible, non-physical idea instead of a concrete, observable object - permeates every facet of society. Although not exactly heralded as the sexism eroding triumphs they are, women today are certainly giving men a run for their money in a category long thought to be the domain of the XY-chromosome set - good old fashioned, murder, mayhem, and debauchery. Move over, fellas - let's hear it for these extraordinary gals doing their part to shatter the "glass ceiling" of depravity.

And capping off our whirlwind tour of disgusting, feminine carnage, 29-year-old Octavia Renee Rogers of Phoenix has been charged with the gruesome stabbing death of her three children - all boys, ages 8, 5 and two months old. Police say she was high on synthetic marijuana at the time of the murders and failed to kill herself following the triple pedicide, although her attempt to slash open her own throat did leave a pretty gnarly, Frankenstein-esque wound

New report says 45 million people enslaved across the globe

You know, considering how often we are reminded how unbearably god awful the Atlantic slave trade was (to the point fuckin' Snopp Dog has aired his annoyance with Hollywood's obsession with the black man's historical bondage), it's more than a little interesting (and by interesting, I mean "hypocritical as fuck") that so few self-described progressivists seem to care that much about the plight of contemporary slaves. According to the Walk Free Foundation's recently released 2016 Global Slavery Index, an estimated 45 million people today are considered enslaved subjects, with India alone home to at least 18 million slaves - which is about six million more people than ALL of the African slaves imported to the Americas throughout recorded human history. Interestingly, the organization estimates a good six million Sub-Saharan Africans are in bondage, with Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritania and the Central African Republic posting among the planet's highest per capita rates of enslavement. Which, naturally, just begs the question - just why in the hell are so many SJWs infatuated with the oppression of the 1800s when four times as many people are being victimized by the same ghastly social construct at this very moment?

Back in black (crime)

In today's America, the African-American folks get a real bad rap (but, uh, not this kind of bad rap.) Sure, black individuals - who make up barely 13 percent of the total national populace - may record 51.3 percent of all U.S. murders and 55.9 percent of all robberies, but let's take a look at their (pardon the pun) criminally-low rates of D.U.I.s, and violations of anti-drunkenness laws. I mean, holy shit, the white folks absolutely dominate when it comes to drinking crimes, which means perhaps we shouldn't get all that caught up in a tizzy when our more melaninated brethren haul off and do things like these...

And in the great state of Mississippi, 25-year-old Joshua Blunt is facing second-degree murder charges for leaving his 8-month-old daughter in a hot car until she died from hyperthermia. As you'd expect, Blunt's defense team is playing the race card like a Game Genie-equipped NES. "The people making the decisions are white," said attorney Carlos Moore. "If this man had been any other color besides black, I believe he would be at home, grieving like a normal father and preparing for a funeral." Frankly. I am as shocked as he is. I mean, holy shit, a black man in Mississippi who actually raised his biological child!

Georgia, as always, remains the best state in the union

Oh goodness, the Peach State is filled with such wonderful, wonderful people. Sure, it may not have the reputation for batshit insane violent crime that Florida has, but if you asked me, our unique brand of mentally maladjusted, needlessly aggressive criminal is among the dandiest in the nation. Don't believe me? Well, just take a gander at the following trangressions - be they blunt violations of the civil code or unforgivable slights against the social justice hive-mind - in Braves Country as of late...

And lastly, ya'll remember Bobby Brown, right? You know, the guy from New Edition who (reportedly) beat the living shit out of Whitney Houston for the better part of 20 years? Promoting a new tell-all book (which, among other scintillating tidbits, alleges that the his ex-wife had an affair with Tupac), Brown writes that he experienced some sexual abuse himself after moving into an Atlanta mansion formerly owned by Atlanta porn kingpin Mike Thevis - in the form of being raped by a ghost. "I need you to hear what I'm saying because I'm not making this up," he states. "And let me add this: This was before I ever touched any drug, besides weed and alcohol."

The lighter side of horrific murder

You know, just because a horrifically violent, gruesome and nonsensical homicide took place doesn't mean you can't rummage through the bloody tea leaves and pick up some sort of worthwhile gallows humor. I mean, just take a gander at these recent wacky homicides and tell me there isn't some sort of ghoulishly admirable camp in all of the wanton carnage:

Washing over whitewashing

Over the last few years, the term "whitewashing" has become en vogue term for regressive leftists to attack what they perceive as micro-examples of racism in U.S. culture. Fundamentally, this is the widely-held (and, naturally, indisputable) belief that anytime a white actor portrays an individual who - historically or in pre-established media - was non-white, it's nothing short of a pop culture hate crime. Indeed, there is an entire Wikipedia article dedicated to all the times melanin-deficient Americans portrayed characters who were anything other than mayonnaise-white honkies and crackers. Interestingly, the term used to describe the opposite phenomenon - in which non-Caucasians play characters who, historically or in preexisting media, were described as unmistakably white - has a much softer label - the innocuous-to-the-point-of-being suspicious "non-traditional casting." Alas, while people yell and bitch and moan and cry "ray, ray racism!" like a stammering social justice warrior Scooby Doo because some filmmaker says he might cast a white guy to play Michael Jackson, virtually nobody made a peep when promotional images for the new London stage production of Harry Potter revealed an African-British Hermione Granger, nor were there any articles on The Huffington Post slamming Disney for casting that dude from Hamilton - arguably the most appropriatey thing in the history of appropriation - as the new Bert in the forthcoming Mary Poppins re-do. One gets the feeling that such silence would not be expected had the racial roles been reversed - I mean, can you imagine an all white version of The Wiz or an all white version of the old Ja Rule music video for Mesmerize

Islam-a-mania's running' wild, brother

Yes, a majority of the world's Muslim people are peaceful. In fact, by and large, they are so peaceful that there's no point bringing up all of the incidents of mass violence perpetrated by Islamic individuals compared to those who are hardcore adherents of other religions for comparative purposes ... ever. Alas, with Ramadan in full swing, we consider it our civic duty to fill you in on all of the things the Mohammadens are up to these days. Wondering what "the religion of peace" has wrought over the last fortnight? Well, here you go, infidels...

Of course, that revered liberal progressivist icon the Dalai Lama has to have some enlightening thoughts on the European migrant crisis. So what did he tell a German newspaper on June 1? "Germany cannot become an Arab country ... Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult. From a moral point of view, too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily." And remember, kids ... that's straight out of the mouth of his holiness

Higher ed continues noble quest to eradicate world of free thought, expression

Remember when college used to be considered a citadel of free speech, a haven for contrarian thinkers to go against the grain and shape our gilded youth into more critical, well-informed individuals? Well, that shit has been dead as a door nail for at least 25 years, but the amount of Orwellian dreck coming out of hallowed university halls nowadays nonetheless remains equally impressive and concerning. Take heed, America: this is the stuff we're paying our young 'uns to learn nowadays...

And in our how the fuck could anybody agree to fund this bullshit research project of the week, researchers at UCLA recently dropped a report declaring that high school suspensions are costing America hundreds of billions of dollars per year. So, uh, how is Little Johnny getting afterschool detention for calling his teacher a "fuckface" decimating the economy? Well, uh, it isn't directly, UCLA "researchers" declare, but kids who get suspended are more likely to drop out of school, and if they drop out of school they won't make as much money as a Ph. D. in neuroscience, so by subtracting the amount of money a doctor makes per year from how much the average non-high-school-graduate employee makes per year ... that's how much school suspensions are costing us, everybody. Uh - shouldn't fucking college researchers know the difference between "causation" and "correlation" by now? 

Your required dose of The Donald

With the Bern all but extinguished, it looks like we're going to have Hilary Clinton representing the Dems this November. Naturally, this means the media - which has absolutely exhausted itself trying to come up with every possible campaign-derailing trick they can think of - has to really up their game to take out Republican challenger Donald Trump, whose populist, nationalistic, "fuck political correctness" bravado represents arguably the greatest threat to their ability to dictate American thought since the heyday of Andrew Jackson. Taking their brazen political favoritism to lofty new heights of incredulity, click bait pioneer Buzzfeed recently announced that they would refuse to run advertisements for Donald Trump on their site, with the the failing company's president stating it is for the same reason they don't run ads for cigarettes - because Trump is LITERALLY a public health menace. Meanwhile, New York Times scribe Michael Barbaro - who, in the past, has given lectures describing the necessity to "fudge" reality to make stories more captivating - wound up eating a load of his own shit when a hit piece alleging Trump acted like a sexist maniac at a beauty pageant was refuted by the very same people he portrayed as "victims" of Donald's misdoings. And of course, the media had a field day when Trump criticized the partiality of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel - who belongs to an organization non-descriptively called "San Diego La Raza (Espanol for "The Race") Lawyers' Association" - all the while downplaying all the predominantly Caucasian Trump supporters who were beaten, bloodied and pelted with objects by Mexican-flag-waving Sanders supporters at a recent San Jose rally (nor did the media care too much to explore the mayor's alleged order that police "stand down" during all the mayhem.) Then there are the antics of Vox "reporter" Emmett Rensin, who did away with objectivity (and civility) altogether, urging his readers to "riot" if and when Trump made a campaign stop in their neck of the woods. And proving once and for all that there is literally NO opportunity too small to attack the Donald, overrated comedian Judd Apatow told reporters that the reason why the Internet reaction to the all-women Ghostbusters re-do is so negative is because, by golly, everybody downvoting the trailer on YouTube are a bunch of misogynistic Trump supporters

Of course, as Election Day draws nearer, the anti-Trump rancor is going to grow stronger and stronger. With Hilary Clinton's war chest expected to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Trump has no choice but to align himself with big money donors to go toe-to-toe with Hil, and needless to say, I think we all know who the media is going to be tossing their support - both ideologically and financially - to in the lead up to the first Tuesday in November. The only question now is just how low will the media go to make sure Trump isn't elected - and even in an industry infamous for distorting reality to absurd degrees to fit their agendas and causes, I'd venture to guess that we haven't seen nothing compared to what awaits us later this year. Better have your galoshes on tight folks - we are about to get knee deep in some seriously stinky bullshit. 

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


  1. I've been reading your blog for a while. Your zeal and enthusiasm for running it is commendable. But it seems bit unrecognized and lonely in here. And while, i agree with nearly everything of these posts (social Justice witch hunters) , it makes me too depressed about everything. Maybe i can just insulate my brain and live ignoring all the things of political and social atmosphere. Anyway, Why are you making those blog updates so frequently ? Is it for yourself too?
    I hope i get to know why.
    have a nice (time being in question)

    [Obligatory foreigner with language difficulty notice.]

    1. I'm just trying to catalog as much social justice zaniness as I can while the issues are still relevant. A lot of stuff pretty much disappears from the Internet after a few days. Really, there's so much stuff going on these days that I could update the feature every single day and I still wouldn't run out of content to work with.

    2. How do you manage to collect all these Relevant things? It's not like they are ever willing to feature it, but are just putting it all under some section.never to be investigated by majority.
      I don't want to read BBC, Huffington post , NY Times myself now.
      Going to Brietbart or any such loony Right wing sensationalist outlet is not a viable option either. (That Milo guy is a laugh though.)
      Though your findings are from official sources at least. Reading it alone makes me head heavier. And to tell you truth, the so called spiritually glorious Third world nation of ours is getting bombarded with people who stand up for 'The cause'. The Hippies and Trustafrians weren't enough already.

      And on twitter or whatever social networks , people whom i shove irrefutable facts in their face , paint me as the (fill in the blanks here)-Phobe.

      Thanks for replying.