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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra P.C.-jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them just a few days from now.

By: Jimbo X

Collaborative efforts to spark Race War '16 moves two minutes closer to midnight

Way back in my undergrad years, I had to do a research paper on a media theory of my choosing (and by "my choosing," I mean something I had to pick off a list of five things my professor wrote on the whiteboard.) My senior thesis was on something called "agenda setting," which proposes pretty much the most obvious thing in the history of things being obvious: people's perspectives and prevailing worldviews are heavily influenced by the news and multimedia industries, which means - no shit, Sherlock - said "information distribution" industries can easily sway public opinion by selectively choosing what is widely disseminated and not widely disseminated. That, naturally, segues to a different social science term - something the academics like to call "framing." What's "framing," you might be a' ponderin'? Well, that's how people interpret social phenomenon - so instead of just seeing something as an objective, isolated thing, you form some sort of value judgement around it

Not that you need me to tell you this, but America's multimedia behemoth - its cable news networks and partisan websites and wild and woolly content aggregators and other social media "info" sources - are all about "the framing." It's not enough to simply tell you what happened, the faux-journalism empire now feels the moral obligation to tell you how you should FEEL about what's happening. As a result, we've seen the complete obfuscation of reality into fragmented political faultlines, with media institutions and platforms conveniently finding a way to turn whatever happens in the world into something that validates their reductionistic, tribalistic perspective while simultaneously invalidating whatever antithetical perspectives are lurking in the hinterlands. And this is a relatively simple process, from a "framing" standpoint - all you need is a key, tautological narrative to promote incessantly

Ever since the big Trayvon Martin flap in 2012, the media - both the established paper and television leviathans and the new wave, blog, clickbait and social platform models - has shamelessly stoked the racial embers in the U.S., particularly when it comes to the topic of African-Americans and police brutality. In turn, this created a post-post-post-modern philosophical doctrine that more or less implicitly posits the nation's white police forces as the Klan 2.0 with all non-Caucasians gripped in a life or death existential struggle against the supremacist state (propped up, naturally, by a loosely defined cabal of old, rich, and probably straight and Protestant white guys - which, by the circular ideological reasoning, would make Donald Trump the devil incarnate even if he wasn't running for president.) 

Now, this is a framework that's, well, only slightly impacted by a few annoying, statistically-proven trifles we sometimes refer to as "irrefutable facts." 

With all of that in mind - not to mention the fact that you are significantly more likely to be killed by falls, alcohol and drugs, food poisonings or a doctor's mistake than get shot and killed by the po-po - it seems like the media's utter obsession with continuing The Geraldo Rivera Show-caliber narrative of "blacks vs. cops and the racist whites who support them" represents shameless "cherry picking" of the utmost degree. 

That's not to say that there aren't a lot of questionable incidents in which black people die in police confrontations, nor does that negate the tragedy of the lamentable occurrences. However, such episodes are still incredibly rare occurrences. Even with an estimated 1,200 or so police-involved deaths a year (yet again, the bulk of them clearly justified as public safety imperatives), once you realize there are a good 12 million arrests per year, we're nonetheless talking about something that occurs in just one percent of one percent of police contact events. To describe something with numbers THAT insanely low as an "epidemic" isn't just untrue, it's a brass-balled rejection of reality itself. 

But you know what? As long as you keep yammering on and on about it and conflating the facts until you've convinced yourself that racist S.S. death squads are exterminating inner city populations by the tens of thousands, you can weaponize it for your own political gain. You can totally ignore the stats and instead trudge up a nonexistent "culture" of intolerance in the alleged police state (ironically enough, among the lowest paid government employees in the country) and go on and on about how anyone who disagrees with your skewed worldview are secretly in cahoots with the "secret" racist hierarchy. You can "frame" it so that no matter what - facts, be damned - you are always the righteous and justified one, "on the right side of history," and all other conflicting perspectives are not just wrongheaded, but downright evil and worth "dismantling" by any means. 

The Alinskyist tactics are working just dandy, no doubt about it. The media, with their constant barrage of political agenda-driven "framing" masquerading as journalism, have effectively "frozen and polarized" the issue, turning it into a contentious, no common-sense-need apply landmine of a social debate. America's gilded youth have basically been turned into "foot soldiers" for their cause, whipped into a hivemind frenzy of hating the ever-loving dog shit out of the very same peoples, leaders and organizations the media barons and academic tastemakers just don't like. 

And these impressionable kids - all desperately in need of something to believe in and some convenient scapegoat to blame all of their worries on - latch on to all the police hate. Day-in, day-out, the media is all to happy to serve them a one-sided, heaping helping of sensationalistic, borderline-militant agitprop disguised as "legitimate news." They endlessly tell them that cops LITERALLY want to kill them dead on the city streets and that some sort of sinister white hegemony wants to holocaust them one microaggression at a time. Not only is it morally righteous to take a stand against these uniformed Nazis, the young 'uns are told, it is an absolute mortal necessity. 

And then, one fateful evening in Dallas, a miserable, hate-filled piece of shit took that message to heart and went out and shot 14 people, in the process mortally wounding five, totally innocent police officers who - irony of ironies - were there to protect a sea of Black Lives Matters protesters

And then, the same goddamn thing - pissed off people of color actively attempting to murder cops as "revenge" for highly publicized police slayings in Louisiana and Minnesota - happened in Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri

Make no mistakes, the blood of those officers are on the hands of all the political pundits and acerbic bloggers and social media affirmation seekers and agenda-driven media leeches who have worked their asses off to convince the masses - in a complete affront to statistical reality - that an unstated war has been declared against the alleged oppressed. 

The only question remaining is whether this ghastly terrorist attack was enough death on the streets for their liking. And unfortunately, I don't think just one televised public sacrifice is enough to quench their thirst for blood. 

Media Really, REALLY Anxious About Idaho Incident Involving Gaggle of Muslim Children Urinating on Young Girl

Golly gee, the media sure do love them some "rape" stories. Alas, they tend to get a little iffy about coverage whenever the rapists are revealed to be a.) black, b.) homosexual, c.) women, d.) immigrants, or e.) really, anybody who isn't a white, straight, Christian with money. With that mentality firmly in mind, perhaps its understandable why the national media shied away from a June 2 incident in Twin Falls, Idaho, which apparently involved a 5-year-old girl being sexually assaulted by a trio of resettled Muslim boys, ages 7, 10 and 14. Now, as to what actually happened, we'll probably never know; since all of the kids involved are unlikely to be charged as adults, every little tidbit surrounding the case will likely remain under lock and key in the juvenile justice system, which affords virtually none of the reportorial privileges that adult courtrooms provide. This much, we do know, however: there is some video evidence from the attackers that a crime did indeed take place, and according to our best sources, the attack itself largely consisted of one of the assailants giving the 5-year-old (who may or may not have a mental impairment) a golden shower. Granted, it's a mildly less unsavory outcome than initial - yet, technically, not officially discredited - claims that the child was raped at knife point, but all that does is make one wonder: if you're the kind of person that is happy that an innocent kindergartner was only stripped naked and pissed on by underage immigrants from the Sudan, what the fuck kind of agenda are you trying to push yourself?

Anti-Black Lives Matter?

On June 26, about 30 members of the far-right (some would even say "neo-nazi") Traditionalist Worker Party set up camp for a demonstration on the steps of the California State House in Sacramento. Although the First Amendment of the United States Constitution gives them both the right to express themselves freely in public as well as peaceably assemble for symbolic mass gatherings - not to mention they filled out all the paperwork necessary to gather for said event - their protest was short-lived. Awaiting the TWP at the gates was a gaggle of about 400 "anti-fascist" counter protesters, who decided to show just how anti-fascist they were by covering their faces and violently attacking people who shared different ideologies than they do before they even had a chance to invoke their First Amendment freedoms. The end result, as you'd imagine, was quite gruesome: at least 10 people were seriously injured, with five people getting stabbed. Among the highlights from the festivities? Nationalists being pummeled into a bloody pulp in 30-on-two maulings, "anarchists" stabbing 15-year-old children in the chest with ANTIFA flags, local TV reporters getting the shit beat out of them by hooded "anti-fascists," a mob of "anti-racist" vigilantes trying to rob a camera crew and some downright delightful comments from a By Any Means Neccesary member who proudly declared that "shutting down" the racists by use of absurdly violent force was essential to protect "immigrants" from xenophobic nationalism. "I don't think the police should have been protecting them," remarked "counter-protester" Yvette Felarca. "This is what it means to take independent action. We then enact and enforce the justice that's necessary through our movement." 

Yep ... nothing even remotely "fascistic" about that kind of thinking, is there?

Al Qaeda Urges Terrorists to Target White People

Just how firmly entrenched is political correctness in today's globalized society? Well, if you ever needed proof that multiculturalism is now the unifying world religion, Al Qaeda has now advised wannabe holy warriors to refrain from targeting non-white victims. In a publication titled Inspire Guide: Orlando Operation released June 17, members of the jihadist sect encourage those wishing to follow in the footsteps of The Pulse Night Club mass murderer to be a little bit more selective in who they kill moving forward. "It is better to avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found in America, knowing that the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility," the Al Qaeda memorandum states. "Therefore we advise targeting [where] the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated." So, uh, is this to say that Al Qaeda and their homicidal analogues elsewhere in the world are softening up a bit towards minorities? Well, not really - as the memo continues, the terrorist organization pretty much says white folks 'gotta die because that's virtually the only way to keep the media from turning it into a discussion of everything but Islamist terrorism. "This is in order to not deviate the essence of the operation," Al Qaeda commands. "The media tried to portray the operation motives to be against a particular group of people in order to turn the public away from the real motives of the operation." 

Texas Gun Advocate Killed By Cops After Murdering Own Children

Well, here's a real knee-slapper out of the 'burbs of Houston. On June 25, 42-year-old Christy Sheats decided to celebrate her husband's birthday by breaking out a firearm and shooting their two children - Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17 - dead in a domestic incident. Once the police arrived, the daughter-slayer refused to drop her pistol, so naturally, that meant she was destined to do her best Alex Murphy in the abandoned steel mill impersonation sooner or later. Chalking a major "W" up for Team Irony, the elder (and now much, much deader) Sheats was apparently a pretty big fan of the Second Amendment. "It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away," she stated in a March Facebook post. "But that's exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.

White Pregnant Teen Horrendously Beaten For Not Giving Two Black Women Enough Straws

Let's say that, somewhere in the U.S., an African-American fast food worker was yanked out of a drive thru window and mercilessly attacked by two white people. Furthermore, let's say they beat her so bad she had gashes all over her face and had to be hospitalized. And for the kicker? On top of all that, she was pregnant, too. Odds are, the story would be a national event, with sensationalist coverage around the clock and Al Sharpton probably leading a vigil in the community to show solidarity in the fight against Caucasian oppression. Well, that very incident did indeed transpire in Independence, Mo. on June 26, only with the racial roles reversed. Tori Repine, a 19-year-old Wendy's employee, was viciously pummeled by as many as four people because, apparently, she didn't give the drive-thru patrons (as an aside, all reported as African-American) enough straws for their beverages. The lamentable in-restaurant footage - and some very disturbing photographs of the injuries Repine sustained in the attack - is available right 'chere. Not pictured however? Anyone giving a shit, for some totally inscrutable reason

LGBT Activist YouTuber Beats Himself Up In Prison, Then Says He Was Attacked In Hate Crime

Odds are, you've never heard of Calum McSwiggan before. For the uninitiated, he's a homosexual Limey who has a YouTube channel endearingly titled "eatgaylove," which as of late June, has amassed more than 5 million video views and more than 60,000 subscribers. Per McSwiggan's own words, his channel is dedicated to "gay rights, mental health, sex education and everything in between." Apparently, one of those nondescript things "in between" is perpetrating hate crime hoaxes, as McSwiggan was busted in L.A. for filing false charges stemming from a June 27 non-event outside a Hollywood gay club. Despite telling his Instagram followers that he had several of his teeth knocked out in a homophobic attack, police said the flamboyant, 26-year-old attention whore was actually the victimizer himself, having vandalized someone's vehicle for as yet-specificied or publicized reasons. And when he was booked? According to The New York Times, he "was later seen hitting himself with he handle and receiver of a pay phone at the jail and was taken to a hospital." Once that narrative came to light, McSwiggan quickly changed his story, saying that he attacked the car because he had been gang attacked by three men and "blacked out." This, despite his mug shot featuring no bruises, lacerations, cuts or signs of physical assault whatsoever

Democratic State Representative Indicted for Food Stamp Fraud

Let's talk about "entitlement spending" for a moment. For those not in the loop, the bulk of U.S. federal spending - and thus, the bulk of U.S. federal debt - is connected to the nation's expansive public benefits programs - you know, your Medicare, your Medicaid, your Social Security, your SNAP, your unemployment insurance, etc. While liberals are super-duper-quick to acknowledge the effectiveness of the programs in preventing the poor and the aged from starving to death on the streets, they really don't like acknowledging just how widespread benefits abuse is in the U.S. of A. Case in point? The DOJ recently announced they were embarking upon an initiative to go after individuals who committed $900 million in Medicare fraud over the last tax year. Which brings us to the hilarious case of Arizona legislator Cecilia Velasquez, who in late May, was indicted by a grand jury on three counts of felonious food stamp fraud. Apparently, Velasquez - remember, a democratically-elected member of the Arizona House of Representatives - bilked taxpayers out of $1,726 in food stamp benefits she was never eligible for. Adding to the head-shaking deplorability of the situation, Velasquez has also been accused of going to extreme lengths to mask her system gaming, including giving officials a false address, loaning her EBT card to other people and telling the IRS she had two dependents she really didn't have. And the kicker? She voted against a state proposal in February that would have resulted in tighter monitoring of state welfare program abuses. Unsurprisingly, the man who sponsored that bill was none too happy with Velasquez's behavior. "It is appalling that an elected official representing the people of Arizona would steal from the poor," said Arizona State Rep. Anthony Kern, "while consistently saying she is trying to help the poor.

Or, in more generally relatable terms, simply doing what Democrats have been doing writ large since the 1980s

Exploring the Intersectionality of Gun Violence and the African-American Experience

When people talk about America's epidemic of firearm-related violence, very, very rarely is it considered kosher to bring up the disproportionate representation of gun crimes committed by the United States' more melanated peoples. Indeed, per Bureau of Justice Statistics, uh, statistics, "the black people," despite representing barely 13 percent of the total national populace, nonetheless manage to commit 52 percent of all homicides, nearly 60 percent of all felony murders and - the really inconvenient one for our sakes - 57 percent of all fatal, intentional shootings in these United States. And as a recent New York Times expose revealed, even mass shootings - long thought to be the most stereotypically white hobby this side of hockey and patronizing grocery co-ops - are predominantly the handiwork of African-Americans, who are believed to be responsible for nearly three-quarters of all shooting incidents in the U.S. involving four or more victims. And for those of you wondering just how pronounced this phenomenon is in the U.S., here are just a few highlights from the last fortnight of firearm-assisted black bloodshed...

But of course, that's not to say that the African-American populace always commits gun crimes. Indeed, such is an entirely prejudiced, ignorant and untrue assertion ... sometimes, they just beat up teenage girls on the metro, fatally stab their four children and let their stepsons starve to death, you know. 

Let's Hear It For Atrocious Sex Crimes and Other Miscellaneous Forms of Absurd Interpersonal Violence!

Although violent crime in the U.S. is nearing half-century lows, we shan't forget that there's still a LOT of gruesome, needless and stomach-churning violence being perpetrated day in, day out in these United States. Here's a quick round-up of some of the more detestable acts of anti-human carnage going down in America as of late - and by golly, some of the people doing all that murderin' and maimin' and rapin' might just surprise you...

But why let Americans have all of the fun, no? Lest you think only us Yanks can do sickening sex assault right, at least 27 females between the ages of 12 and 20 have went to authorities about being groped and molested by seven men at an outdoor music festival in Sweden July 2 and 3 ... with an additional 12 assaults and five alleged rapes transpiring at yet ANOTHER festival held over the weekendAnd setting a new high water mark for rapists the world over, 31-year-old Dahir Ibrahim has been sentenced to life in prison after raping two women in Birmingham, England in 2014 ... this, after he was able to stave off deportation for a previous rape conviction from 10 years earlier. Per attorney Jabeen Akhtar, his client - whose crimes were captured on CCTV - should've been shown leniency, because he, and I quote, "come from a country where he had witnessed many atrocities and that he had a lack of understanding of what is acceptable in the U.K."

Self-Identified Ohio "Queer" Lights American Flag on Fire As Protest, Promptly Has Life Ruined

Bryton Mellott - whose Facebook feed is glutted with vanity photos depicting the pot-bellied 22-year-old wannabe metrosexual looking all shades of pretentious and cringe-tactic - got more than he bargained for over the Fourth of July weekend after posting photographs of himself online burning an American flag, which according to Mellott, ignores "the atrocities committed against people of color, people living in poverty, people who identify as women and against my own queer community on a daily basis." Continuing his screed, Mellott goes on to describe his disdain for "politicians influenced by special interests," gun manufacturers and police brutality, before concluding with the fabulous sign-off "I do not have pride in my country. I am overwhelmingly ashamed, and I will demonstrate my feelings accordingly. #ArrestMe." 

Which, as fate would have it, Urbana, Ill. police DID. Of course, seeing as how flag burning is a constitutionally-protected First Amendment right, the po-po couldn't hold on to the tubby, American-hatin' homosexual for too long, but that doesn't mean Mellott didn't get some comeuppance via the court of public opinion. After the postings, Mellott was deluged with angry comments, including plenty of irked phone calls and Facebook messages directed towards his employer, Wal-Mart. Of course, one has to wonder why someone who hates the U.S and inequality and all that jazz would VOLUNTARILY decide to work for the nation's largest corporate monolith, but then again, it looks like Mellott could care less about his job prospects moving forward. He got his 15 minutes of fame, he can proudly call himself a political prisoner and instead of blaming his inevitable lifetime of failures on his own arrogance and stupidity, he can turn around and scream "homophobia" and cry like a toddler until everybody leaves him be. 

Alas, alike many publicity-starved social justice warriors, Mellott will soon fade away from the national consciousness and experience a fate worse than death for such self-victimizing attention whores - a life relegated to complete and utter obscurity, where he will no doubt spend the remainder of his totally meaningless days desperately trying to obtain the only thing that prevents him from killing himself - the precious post-post-modern commodity of online affirmation from total strangers. 

American Red Cross Issues Mea Culpa for "Insensitive" Pool Safety Poster

When you think "American Red Cross," a couple of things probably come immediately to mind. Blood drives. First aid kits. Clara Barton. One of the things that probably DOESN'T, however, is "casual racism," which the organization has now been accused of following the release of a special, child-targeted swimming pool safety poster, which - among other delightful illustrations - features African-American tykes diving in the shallow end, pushing other kids into the water and running around the perimeter of the pool while pretty much all of the white cartoon kiddos are behaving properly and responsibly. "In connection with the lack of images showing African Americans excelling in swimming, the poster doesn't make you feel welcome," The Washington Post quotes one Ebony Rosemond, head honcho of the Maryland-based organization Black Kids Swim. "It suggests to a black child that you're not welcome here." 

To be frank, I'm just not seeing what all the hubbub is about. I mean, take a look at the poster for yourself - can it really be deemed "racist" when it features just one African-American child drowning

... and a few headlines that speak for themselves ...

German politician says she lied about ethnicity of rapists to prevent promoting "racism" 

Atlanta woman found guilty of shooting own son to death during 2015 brawl

Iowa Civil Rights Commission demands churches offer gender neutral bathrooms

WikiLeaker Manning attempts trans-suicide

Guy who portrayed "Dona Concha" on Sabado Gigante given 153 years in prison for child pornography

Slate writer rails against "rational thought" because it's not trans-inclusive enough

New York Times op-ed writer claims Revolutionary War happened because colonialists were afraid of a slave revolt

Baseball bats, canned goods become instruments of warfare in 30-person Wal-Mart melee in New York

Report reveals dead people in Ohio are receiving food stamp benefits

To promote greater "diversity," Marvel retcons Iron Man as black, teenage girl - and people are still pissed because the comic itself is written by a white man

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