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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

Media mobilizes to derail the Donald in wake of post-DNC comments concerning deceased Muslim soldier's family 

I don't know if you were aware of this, but the mainstream media - running the gamut from ABC and CNN to Fox News and The National Review - really, really doesn't want Donald Trump to win the election this fall. Indeed, the leviathans of the totally not at all free press have more or less given up on the facade of being objective reporters in the run up to the unlikely populist presidential candidate's November bid, with The New York Times and The Washington Post churning out hit piece after hit piece trying to shame Donald supporters out of casting their ballots for the billionaire by describing their fellow Trump enthusiasts as "uneducated" and hailing from states with high levels of "racial hostility" - this, despite the fact that non-college-educated voters are more likely to vote for Hilary and the most heavily democratic states in the union are also among the absolute whitest in the country. Alas, The Huffington Posts and Salons and MSNBCs of the world felt sure as sugar that they FINALLY had Trump down for the count when, in the wake of the Democratic National Convention, the republican challenger shared a few choice words with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an (obviously) Muslim U.S. soldier who died during the Iraq War (which, as an aside, was something Hilary Clinton voted for.) During the impassioned DNC speech, Khizr (interestingly enough, a man who makes a living selling "pay to play" EB5 immigration visas to wealthy Middle Easterners and who in the past has written lengthy academic journals about, and I quote, "The Juristic Classification of Islamic Law") at one point held up a pocket version of the Constitution and rhetorically asked if Donald Trump - who, in case you weren't aware of it, has advocated a temporary ban on immigrants from nations with heavy terrorist presence coming to America until tighter vetting processes can be put in place - if he had ever read it. Granted, one may wonder if Mr. Khan himself had ever read the Constitution, which anyone who has taken middle school civics would be able to tell you ONLY applies to native born and naturalized immigrants (additionally,  the ability to deny specific populations immigrant status has been upheld by the 1953 SCOTUS ruling in Shaughnessy v. Meszei and incorporated as an executive branch power via the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952) but asides, asides, asides. Following the lambasting, Trump retaliated by asking why Mrs. Khan didn't say anything during the speech, which in turn got the mass media Wehrmacht whirring like a hurricane. On Aug. 1, Buzzfeed News (yes, the definition of an oxymoron, I know) had no less than eight stories on its front page deriding Trump for his (allegedly) bigoted comments, with such not-at-all editorialized titles like "Trump is Trying to 'Dehumanize' the Khan Family"; The Washington Post ran a story with the not at all hyperbolic title "In Clash Between Trump and the Khans, New Signs of a Cultural and Political Divide"; The NYT did their damnedest to steer readers into thinking the brouhaha signals the death knell of the presidential candidate's campaign with their article "Donald Trump's Confrontation with Muslim Soldier's Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point," while the brass-balled, juvenile Times op-Ed "How the 'Stupid Party' Created Donald Trump" pretty much comes out and says everything the "real reporters" at the Mexican telecommunications kingpin-owned publication WISHED they could just come out and say; and because tact has never been Ted Turner and pals' strongest suit, CNN responded to the flap by awkwardly declaring "Did Trump Go Too Far?" in a piece (of shit) penned by Eric Bradner that actually includes the nut graph "Just 100 days from the election, Trump has responded in his standard fashion - dig in, claim he's being treated unfairly and track back." And then, there was Politco, who in one of the greatest displays of media mindblindedness in recent memory, published a smear piece evoking the McCarthy era witch hunts titled, oh so humorously, "Have You No Sense of Decency, Mr. Trump?"

Of course, the same media that's absolutely vivisecting Trump has strangely overlooked his other comments, in which he declared Capt. Humayun Khan "a hero" and made the downright absurd claim that perhaps the media was exploiting the dust-up to gloss over the fact that a whole lot of Islamic radicals are killing a shit ton of innocent people all over the world and that as Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton did precious little to prevent the spread of the lethal Salafist ideology throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe ... let alone the fact that Khan himself was KILLED by a radical Islamofascist. Along those same lines, few if any shits were given when the mother of a soldier killed in Benghazi spoke at the DNC and criticized Hilary ... in fact Steven Benen at MSNBC called Patricia Smith's anti-Hill spiel an example of the Republican Party manipulating "the pain of a grieving mother for partisan gain," while GQ columnist Bethlehem Shoals replied to her impassioned speech by stating "I don't care how many children Pat Smith lost, I would like to beat her to death." 

Still, the newspapers and the click bait sites and the late night talk show hosts continue to slam Trump, who they have already hysterically elevated to the level of Nazi menace, claiming he would imprison journalists and mass deport Hispanics, regardless of their immigration status, and even start World War 3 - all while doing as much as they can to downplay the fact that the DNC was caught red-handed trying to sabotage the electoral process to favor their preferred candidate and ESPECIALLY the fact that good old Hill may or may not have exposed super-sensitive, homeland security-comprising intel to parties that very much want to do egregious harm to American citizensThe mass media - that includes the alleged "journalistic" resources and the Hollywood entertainment complex - has more or less turned into an arm of the Democratic Party this year, with talking dildos like Bill Maher and John Oliver giving Hillary free advertising space under the guise of "comedy" and even established "news" providers like CNN and NBC more or less playing Clinton Defense Force as November approaches. Any opportunity to to make Trump look like a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist or crypto-fascist, they're going to take it - regardless, of course, whether what Trump says or (allegedly) did really can be construed as any of the above character-slaying insults. The horrifying irony, of course, is that the barons of big media are in fact everything they claim Trump represents; all insulated, egotistical, attention-demanding, power-hungry white (unless you consider Jewish an ethnicity instead of a religion) men who, by and large, were born into wealth they themselves never created. To liberal billionaires like Ted Turner and Arthur Sulzberger and Michael Bloomberg  and George Soros and Jeff Bezos (don't tell me he's a Libertarian, neither), Donald Trump is indeed that warped reflection that resembles them a bit too much for their liking. He's every bit the megalomaniac they are, but because he's using his wealth and prestige to influence public policy the other direction, all of a sudden they snap out of the fog of glib self-unawareness and recognize the horrible unjustness of the rich using their financial clout to dictate culture and national affairs. 

If you think The Atlantics and CBS Evening Newses of the world are so dead-set on using their pervasive cultural influence and vast amount of financial resources to destroy Trump’s campaign because he poses some sort of threat to their political or even economic agendas, think again. The media powers that are loathe Trump because, deep down, they know they are more like him – ruthless and narcissistic and willing to use their riches as weapons against government influence – than they are dislike him. Despite all of their incessant anti-1 percent, pro-democratic socialism, mega-multiculturalism rhetoric, they are still cold, calculating and conniving businessmen who put themselves and their own personal interests ahead of everybody else. They are the living embodiment of ideological hypocrisy – anti-capitalist billionaires and pro-globalization elitists who vaunt diversity as a social necessity despite living, working and thriving in enclaves so heterogeneous, they might as well be inbred. But as long as they can find some other convenient emblem of the excess and immorality of big business – and by golly, Donald Trump is just about the best golden calf you could pray for – they can tilt the populist resentment away from them and towards whatever cultural symbol they want the masses to hate with a burning, unthinking Orwellian fury. In the run-up to November, expect to see plenty more photographs of Hillary looking like an unblemished baroque painting while side-by-side with a suspiciously darkened screen grab of Trump practically foaming at the mouth in mid-sentence. Expect more scrutiny from the mass media, who’ll take things as innocuous as eating KFC with a fork and try to exaggerate it into some sort of story about cultural appropriation and disconnection from the common man. Every teeny-tiny thing Trump will say, I assure you Big Media will attempt to spin into some sort of narrative about racial, gender or ethnocentric bigotry, while every leaked email, document and furtive DOJ meeting involving the Democratic candidate will be swept under the rug.

But, as the absolutely improbable rise of Trump as presidential candidate has demonstrated time and time again, seemingly nothing the media lobs at him – every low blow, every personal insult, every flat out fabricated incident intentionally designed to ruin his reputation – manages to stick. That’s because, try as they may, a whole lot more Americans than they’d ever care to assume know the media is full of shit, that they are a bunch of smug, out-of-touch money grubbers mendaciously doing or saying whatever it takes to cajole the masses into believing, embracing and supporting whatever it is that behooves their interests

The media big wigs can keep on slandering Trump for his comments about Gold Star moms remaining mum during speeches. They can keep positing his supporters as neo-Nazi hate criminals (while completely overlooking the insane amount of ideological carnage wrought by anti-Trump protesters), they can keep calling him a draft dodger and asking him what greater “sacrifices” he ever made for his country (which, incidentally, could also be asked of Hillary with equal merit.) They can overlook all the military vets who love him and support him and give them their Purple Hearts and they can keep calling him a loony tune and “unfit” for the Oval Office and an existential threat to humanity itself and it still doesn’t matter.

The Donald may not be the most trustworthy man in America, but he’s certainly no worse than the great cultural taste makers telling us what to think and feel everyday on television, online and in our newspapers. And perhaps portending a very 2004-like November, there’s a very strong chance the American public will show their dissatisfaction with the Trump-loathing leftist Hollywood/Media/Big Government industrial complex a little later this year in the most hilariously delicious way possible – by forcing those same print and broadcasting titans to utter the three words they fear more than the Grim Reaper hisself

Look at Allah mayhem going on!

I've got to say, I feel bad for the Muslim folks. There's at least 1.6 billion of them out there - representing a paltry quarter of humanity - and of them, maybe a good 100,000 or so are actively out and about, plotting and scheming and planning to kill a whole bunch of innocent people to prove some sort of weird-ass theocratic point. It's undoubtedly unfair to lump in the overwhelming majority of peaceful, non-homicidal Muslims in with the ISIS and Al Qaeda set, but at the same time, it's pretty hard to not observe all of the insane carnage being perpetrated on a near daily-basis by those aforementioned "hostile Islamists." Indeed, it would be brass-balled ignorance to simply turn one's eyes away from the matter, and we here at The Internet Is In America have a deep, deep reverence for the factual over the notional. Although minuscule in rank compared to their non-violent and non-persecutory ideological brethren, there are nonetheless a whole lot of people in the world who profess a strong belief in the tenants of Islam who also have been killing, attacking, raping, abusing and degrading people for a long, long, long time - and the recent occurrences below, as much as we want to write them off as aberrational, are merely the latest bloody drops in their bucket of philosophically-spawned death and destruction:

But you know, it just ain't right of us to talk about all of this Muslim-instigated madness and mayhem and sick sex crimes without also shining a light on some of the terrible things that are being perpetrated against Islamic people themselves. Case in point? Over in India, two Muslim women were recently attacked by a mob at a rail station for carrying what their assailants thought was beef. As it turns out, though, the meat in question actually belonged to a buffalo - but in a classic "from bad to worse" knee-slapper, buffalo meat is super-duper-illegal in Madhya Pradesh for some abstruse reason, so in addition to getting the living shit beat out of them by irked Hindu people, they're now looking at substantial jail time for the ghastly, ghastly crime of "smuggling and trying to sell" verboten protein. 

Sex-crime-a-palooza '16 is in full swing

Here at The Internet Is In America, we've talked many, many times before about the peculiar discrepancies in public reaction to sex crimes depending on the individual qualifiers of the people doing the raping. For example, when a really, really rich college frat boy fingers a drunk girl behind a dumpster, it's a national disgrace criticized on every nook and cranny of the Internet. But when the rapist just so happens to be an HIV positive gay porn star convicted of sodomizing a child - or an AIDS-infected Malawian who is paid by village elders to deflower 12-year-olds - or a female teacher who receives no jailtime at all despite engaging in intercourse with two minors - meh, I guess bad things just kinda' happen sometimes for no real reason. Below, you'll find a few more strangely under-reported accounts of people doing horrible, horrible sexual things to unwilling victims ... and I'll leave it up to you to figure out why the CNNs and New York Timeses of the world are steering clear of 'em like Dracula shying away from a sunrise over a garlic patch:

But of course, not everyone accused of rape actually, you know, raped somebody. Such were the unfortunate circumstance for 17-year-old Jay Cheshire, who committed suicide last year after being fraudulently accused of sexual assault. On the one-year anniversary of her son's death, 55-year-old Karin Cheshire has elected to take her own life, as well, having hung herself in the same manner as her deceased child. Consider the Cheshires but the latest in a long line of unpublicized "rape culture" victims ... the estimated 40 percent of alleged sexual assault perpetrators wrongly accused, yet forever forced to wear the albatross of indignity and shame while the people who remorselessly lied about being the victims of nonexistent crimes walk away scot-free from any consequences stemming from their concentrated efforts to destroy someone else's life

If you're not outraged, you're not trying hard enough

In many ways, America has become a society utterly infatuated with indignation. Forget baseball, the new national pastime is clearly the post-post-post-modern sport of self-victimization, in which we scour the planet for any and all things we can claim "slights us" so we can go online and get affirmation from others about how wrong other people are and how goddamn great we are as attention-craved individuals. Unfortunately, not everyday do people spray paint swastikas on our houses or try to gang rape us, so most of the time, we have to really grasp for straws to find something to be incensed about. And, as the kerfuffles below indicate, it really doesn't take  much at all these days to get us sounding the moral outrage alarm

And setting a new gold standard for people really pushing the limits of what constitutes civil rights violations, a woman in Tennessee has accused a Chinese restaurant server of sexually assaulting her ... via a figurine that squirted water on her. Alas, police investigating the incident noticed more than a few things about the alleged victim's story that don't quite add up. "I observed the toy to have no penis and just a hole for the water to shoot out," one official told local media

Apple to drop pistol emoji in favor of new water gun pictograph

In what has to be one of the most yellow-bellied examples of a major corporation kowtowing to leftist manufactured dissent, Apple announced that it will be removing its handgun emoji from its products and replace it with an all new neon-green squirt gun. Interestingly, the Aug. 1 "upgrade" also included the addition of an all new rainbow flag. "Apple is working closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere," the world's first trillion-dollar company announced in a mealy-mouthed press release. Of course, seeing as how the number of gun owners in the U.S. is a good 18 times larger than those who self identify as LGBT, one has to wonder what sort of diversity the House of Jobs is talkin' 'bout here. Furthermore, one has to wonder why - in the wake of the Normandy priest slaying, the Nice truck massacre and the virtually daily suicide bombings throughout the Middle East - Apple is keeping its knife, big rig and old-timey time bomb emojis. But on the bright side? At least they nixed that damned rifle emoji from the 2017 lineup - a move that, unquestionably, will do wonders to lower the nation's staggeringly high rate of gun homicides

Joe Biden to guest star on a very special episode of Law & Order

Fresh off presiding over a homosexual marriage at the White House (one can only wonder how George Washington would feel about such), VPOTUS Joe Biden announced he will guest star on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit slated to air later this fall to "start a dialogue" about the sexual abuse of women. Much the same way Nancy Reagan just showed up for no reason on Diff'rent Strokes to push the "Just Say No" campaign to a bunch of third grade dope dealers, Variety says old "Butt Buddy" himself will take advantage of the primetime platform opposite a man who once recorded a song espousing the murder of police officers to talk about the nation's epidemic of "rape kit" backlogs and why good golly, domestic abuse ain't cool no matter who's doing it. Whether or not the veep's performance will outdo Donald Trump's one-and-done appearance on Nightman, however, has yet to be determined. 

And we're off to the races!

Every week ... well, no, more like every twenty minutes ... in America, the media bombards us with some new story about white intolerance and the cultural maltreatment of individuals of color. Many times, these stories are 100 percent legitimate and worthy of discussion. Other times, however, it is pretty clear that the only point of publicizing said incidents is to stir up a commotion - and, as you will soon see, put the kibosh on some unfortunate incidents that threaten to overwrite the grand narrative we are all supposed to believe about race relations in these United States...

And helping us put all of this in perspective, octogenarian actor and director Clint Eastwood recently drew the ire of leftists everywhere when he said he planned on supporting Donald Trump in this year's election. "He's onto something because secretly everybody's getting tired of political correctness, kissing up," Eastwood said. "That's the kiss-ass generation we're in right now. We're really a pussy generation. Everybody's walking on eggshells." Continuing, the star of such illustrious works as Any Which Way You Can and The Eiger Sanction bemoaned how quick people are nowadays to toss out the r-word. "We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff," he said. "When I grew up, those things weren't called racist." 

Which, as we all know, must mean one thing, and one thing only - Clint Eastwood has to be one racist motherfucker. 

A few post-DNC musings...

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia ... despite widespread threats of fart attacks ... went off sans any major incidents late last month. Still, there were quite a few moments from the DNC that are probably worth revisiting - and to be frank, a lot of them are way more hilarious than people floating up air biscuits during Hillary's acceptance speech, anyway...

And while it is the definition of "an aside," one day I hope each and everyone of you finds the same unabashed love that Bill Clinton - perhaps ravaged by early onset dementia, as evidenced by his rambling Hillary endorsement at the DNC -  apparently fosters for balloons these days

Georgia is literally heaven on earth

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - as a lifelong resident of the Peach State, Georgia is infinitely more fucked up than Florida. Yeah, we all know about "Florida Man," but what's missing from the equation is the fact that Florida, to some capacity, has something of a culture to speak of. Miami is a huge economic engine, Tampa and Orlando are both projected to be among the fastest growing job markets in the nation and lest we forget, there's a strong military presence in places like Jacksonville and Pensacola. Of course, crazy stuff happens in FLA all the time, but if you're a state with three NFL teams, that nonetheless means you've MOSTLY got some semblance of civilization. Georgia, on the other hand, is basically Coca-Cola, Home Depot, an airport and gentrified urban housing encircled by hundreds and hundreds of miles of violent, drugged-up, nihilistic no-gooders of all conceivable racial and ethnic categories, whose primary escape from the unbearable ennui of living in the non-Atlanta nothingness of Georgia is to wreak as much pointless carnage as (in)humanly possible. Sound like hyperbole? Well, just take a look at this recent transgressions in my neck of the woods and dare argue to the contrary:

And if you were under the impression that only Georgia's inhabitants and taxpayer-subsidized institutes are batshit goofy, as it turns out the state code itself is every bit as wacky as the people it governs. Case in point? Georgia's Court of Appeals recently tossed out the conviction of grocery store employee Brandon Lee Gary, who walked around filming "up skirt" videos of customers, because the state's vaguely defined "invasion of privacy" law explicitly says filming is only illicit when it occurs "in any private place and out of public view." In the half-hilarious, half-tragic words of Judge Elizabeth Branch: "it is regrettable that no law currently exists which criminalizes Gary's reprehensible conduct." 

Another reminder that in America, you need a government license to fish, but absolutely no credentials to make and then care for another human life

The children, it is often said, are our future. And unfortunately, that future is often entrusted to the hands of parents who are so gloriously unprepared and inept at the task of raising children that you have to wonder if eugenics laws are really that bad of an alternative. Should we begin with the mother in Oklahoma who "accidentally" put vodka in her baby's formula? Or how about the South Carolina mom who murdered her 17-month-old daughter by feeding her a lethal amount of salt to "get her husband back?" How about the Austin, Texas, woman who threw boiling water on her boyfriend and her two-year-old son because she thought her boo was being unfaithful? Then, there's the Milwaukee man who drowned his three-month-old son while screaming "Jesus will save me" ... which, as fate would have it, occurred just weeks after a South Carolina mom drowned her six-week-old son in a strip mall pond. So, like I was saying earlier ... are breeding laws really THAT much of an ethical dilemma

The New York Times publishes the worst fucking thing you've ever seen

The whole point of being a journalistic outfit is to be impartial. You tell people basic facts, and if it involves any kind of political elements, it's your duty and obligation as a reporter to present both sides of whatever contentious issue you are discussing so people can come to their own well-informed opinions on the subject. Furthermore, your story is expected to have some sort of justification for existing - it's describing the hows and whys of a very specific thing in detail, it's bringing to light newfound public information, it's addressing a timely topic, etc. And yes, even if it is literary, unbiased nonfiction, it should indeed include a narrative of some type, featuring primary information culled directly from personal interviews and/or other verified documents. Enter the NYT feature "This Is Your Life, Brought to You by Private Equity," which serves as both a reminder of why nobody gives any credence to journalism anymore and why the entire industry is on the verge of complete multimedia irrelevancy. Rather than offering paragraphical content, the entire "story" is a quasi-animated, "tablet journalism" cartoon "explaining" with the madcap zeal of a 1950s high school science film strip why private equity firms are a bunch of evil, money-grubbing capitalist-nazis whose expansive reach extends from the public water supply to road atlases to golf courses to highways (with a few hyperlinks sprinkled in to some of the stories the Times penned about said firms that were so boring, nobody bothered reading them.) Eventually, the cartoon-propaganda-masquerading-as-journalism concludes with a house catching fire (symbolism!), and the unnamed, in-gendered "every-man" protagonist nearly dying because the private-equity-controlled ambulances and fire response vehicles took so damn slow. Ultimately, I don't know what's worse - that such a shameless piece of agitprop somehow found its way inside the nation's most illustrious newspaper, or the fact that it took four fucking people to write it

South African political hopeful disqualified after calling for Caucasian holocaust

You know, here in the U.S., we're prone to hyperbole, especially when it comes to the term "political extremism." The descriptor, if you ask me, is used all too frequently to label people who, frankly, aren't "extremist" in the slightest - for example, some have called failed presidential candidate Ted Cruz a "Christian extremist" because his campaign included ... gasp ... "outreach to evangelical fundamentalist Christians!" Granted, it's not necessarily clear how pandering for the God's Not Dead vote is the same thing as taking part in militia training to fight a racial holy war or plotting to shoot up the Family Research Council building and drape chicken sandwiches over your victims' corpses to make a stand for gay rights, but you can call your ideological rivals whatever the hell you want, can't you? Lest ye ever get the wild idea that the American political arena has transmogrified into a three ring circus of insanity, perhaps it is worth all of our collective whiles to remember that elsewhere in the world, the democratic process is INFINITELY more fucked up. Case in point? Down in South Africa - where there may or may not be legitimate ethnic cleansing of white folks going on - a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters party has been ousted for declaring on Facebook "all white people must be hacked and killed." Worse still, the person who made the comments, Thabo Mabotja, was actually running for a provincial government spot in Thswane. Interestingly, it's not the first time this year a municipal figurehead in South Africa has been taken to task for saying virulently anti-white things on social media. In January, Velaphi Khumalo, a marketer for Gauteng's Department of Sport and Recreation, went on Facebook and declared that "we must act as Hitler did to the Jews ... I will today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuck heads." Interestingly, Khumalo wasn't fired for declaring an entire ethnic group worthy of mass slaughter - indeed, he was given a stern warning and then went right back to the office. 

Huh ... using the construct of "racism" to justify one's own racism and "legitimize" mass, unthinking violence against an entire ethnic group. Boy, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about any sort of idealists of the sort over here in the U.S., no? 

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Canadian public servant quits job after not being paid for five months

New report says second hand marijuana smoke is more harmful than cigarette smoke

Zoo animals starving to death in Venezuela due to economic crisis

Japanese man just released from mental hospital stabs 19 to death, wounds another 26 because he hated disabled people

Florida man points at rebel flag, shouts racial slurs at black people as he tries to ram them with van after taking parking spot

Montana cop beats girlfriend so badly she has to be hospitalized, while San Fran cop arrested for modifying "AR-15 style assault rifle"

Head of taxpayer-funded British council refers to Prince George as a "fucking dickhead," complains about three-year-old's "white privilege"

Teenage "flash mob" robs convenience store in Boston

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs spent $20 million on art over the course of 10 years

Cop shoots and kills 17-year-old accused of stealing truck rims after robber's gun malfunctions

Ed Snowden, Julian Assange now engaged in Twitter war

New Injury Prevention report finds no ethnoracial discrepancies in rates of police-related fatalities

U.K. police say IPCC is now favoring black complainants over actual police officers

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