Sunday, August 21, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

America desperately tries to distance legalization of gay marriage from any connections to ongoing efforts to legalize incest, polygamy and child-marriage

Hey, remember last year, when the Supreme Court of the United States overturned all of the federal laws against gay marriage, thus making it legal for homosexuals coast to coast to go out and get hitched that evening? Oh, what a joyous occasion that was. The White House was lit rainbow-colored, the soothing sounds of Tegan and Sara filled the city streets and at least two or three of us engaged in totally platonic man-on-man handjobs simply to slight the ghost of anti-homo hatemonger (and NAACP-award winner) Fred Phelps. It seriously was like our generation's V-Day, our symbolic triumph over the forces of pure evil, which I believe we can all agree is a million, billion times worse than this. Of course, simply allowing gays and lesbians to wed overnight didn't eliminate that aforementioned, primitive darkness - indeed, as soon as the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges came down, there were some downright sick, bigoted and totally wrongheaded Christian Conservative nutters out there who were already ranting and a' raving that once gay marriage was codified, it was only a matter of time until other forms of non-mainstream sexual activities were granted the same civil protections. Of course, we laughed and scoffed and ridiculed their assertions that somehow, someway, the gay marriage ruling could ever set a precedent for changing the definition of what constitutes marriage and who it is that can be married ... this, despite the fact that precedent is an ingrained concept in Constitutional law and people like Peter Roff over at U.S. News & World Report were penning articles ominously titled "This is only the Beginning" just hours after the 5-4 decision came rolling out of D.C. Indeed, I believe it may be worth our collective whiles to revisit what Mr. Roff said after gay marriage became an inalienable right in 2015: 
"There are other practical questions to consider, all of which are raised by the way in which the court's majority reached its decision. What about marriages between close blood relations? Does the state still have a compelling interest in prohibiting them that does not conflict our rights under the 14th Amendment? Must states now also recognize or be unable to limit marriages between multiple parties at the same time because of the 14th Amendment protections? What about an existing marriage in which one spouse wishes to become married to another individual while remaining married to the person to whom they are already pledged? Is that too protected under the terms of the 14th Amendment?
These are not extraneous ramblings: they are the kind of questions that will have to be answered as the states work to comply with the court's decision. What the nine justices have done does not just bring us all to the end of a very long journey - it starts us off on another one that may be even more difficult to comprehend."  

Well, flash forward about a year, and look at what we're having to deal with now: in New Mexico, 36-year-old Monica Mares and her 19-year-old son Caleb Peterson are looking at 18 months in prison for engaging in incestuous behavior - a fourth degree felony. Keep in mind, this isn't technically a case of the typical child-abuse incest we're used to hearing about - indeed, both participants are willing, consenting partners, who had recently reconnected for the first time since Mares gave Peterson up for adoption as an infant. It was love at first sight, the two told The Daily Mail; in fact, the forbidden love is so strong that Mares said she is willing to give up her other eight children so she can continue to get balled by her 19-year-old offspring. 

As it turns out, there actually is a movement out there to legalize incest, complete with an all new, market-tested, in-group approved euphemism for people who fuck their own family members - consanguinamorous couples. "It needs to be brought to the attention of everybody in the country and people need to start thinking differently," said LilysGardener.Com founder Cristina Shy, who is very, very keen on letting everyone know her brother pounds her genitals on a regular basis. "We are all adults. We are not pedophiles, there's no domestic issues, we are in love, we want to be together but we are related. That shouldn't be a deciding factor." 

Oh, and for the kicker? 

"It was the same way with gay people just a few years ago and now they can get married," Shy said. "They are accepted. Well, why not consanguinamorous people like us?

But hey, why limit the state-recognized boning to just two people? Indeed, the idea of "throuples" - that is, relationships involving at least three people - has become quite popular over the years and homosexual and heterosexual swingers alike, and who better to make a stand in front of the Supreme Court than the nation's most visible proponents of polygamy, the stars of the TLC reality program Sister Wives? Indeed, the patriarch of the made-for-TV brood recently filed an appeal to the nation's high court challenging Utah's anti-bigamy laws, which - if accepted by SCOTUS - very well could pave the way to legalized polygamy from coast-to-coast.  

OK, so there are now mass movements to legalize consensual incest and consensual polygamy (interestingly enough, the bread and butter of many radical religious sects, including the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.) Which, naturally, segues into a discussion about the ultimate icky marriage-related issue: the idea that children should have the ability to consent to marriage, with grown-ass adults. If you think this is something completely beyond the pale in the Western world, you might want to hold on to your horses. Take Switzerland, for example, which has seen its number of child marriages increase from just five in 2005 to 119 so far this year. And believe it or not, the numbers in New England are even worse: thanks to a state loophole that allows minors to wed as long as the receive judicial approval ... which, means, effectively, they just get their parents approval. Per The Boston Globe, about 200 children (nearly 90 percent of them female) have been legally wed in Massachusetts since 2010. Oh, and its even worse elsewhere in the country: in New York, almost 4,000 underage kids were legally allowed to marry between 2000 to 2010 and in Virginia - where individuals as young as 12 can legally become brides and grooms - 4,500 minors were legally married between 2000 and 2013

And of course, there's the totally not at all expected suspect Germany, whose "official" tally of 1,000 child marriages nationwide over the last 18 months is now believed to be a vast undercount according to state authorities. Go on, take a wild guess as to what demographical trends might explain the sudden uptick

Which brings us to the sage words below, penned by Peter Herman and Eric Tazelaar a few years back. 
"One of your correspondents, you have noted, regrets society's exemplification of the gay community in purely sexual terms, thus ignoring those aspects of LGBT culture which nurture loving relationships and families and which build communities ... it was not that long ago, for example, that gays were considered mentally ill and that homosexual relationships were criminally prosecuted. We will spare you a recounting of injustices taken against other minorities and scapegoats over the history of the Americas." 
Oh, one last thing: Herman and Tazelaar are representatives of N.A.M.B.L.A., the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which - in case the name of the organization didn't give it away - are the world's largest special interests group looking out for pederasts. Let's let 'em wrap up their spiel about the residual effects of legalized gay marriage, why don't we? 
"We insist that men who love boys be so similarly regarded: as fellow human beings for whom relationships built upon mutual trust, respect and nurturance are paramount and who have contributed immeasurably to the benefit of their communities ... one of a number of researchers you did not mention and who has also swum against the overwhelming tide of irrational thought is Susan Clancy, author of 'The Trauma Myth,' who at the risk of her career, also reached that conclusion that, absent force, early sexual experiences do not cause trauma or even fleeting emotional upset. Only when the individual, as an adult, learns of society's current views does he reinterpret the experience negatively."
The great sociologist Robert K. Merton is oft celebrated for coining the term "unintended consequences" (not to be confused with the novel of the same name about gun nuts overthrowing the government, naturally.) What not a lot of people are aware of, however, is that Merton actually went on to break down unintended consequences into three different categories: benefits (your positive unanticipated outcomes), drawbacks (in which your solution inadvertently causes an entirely different problem) and the most interesting for our sake, something he called perverse results, which is when a solution actually makes the original problem even more severe. Constitutional law, then, is the ultimate embodiment of the so-called butterfly effect, with one SCOTUS ruling from 70 years ago having completely unanticipated auxiliary effects on the modern world (for example, the entire U.S. health insurance arena - Obamacare included - probably wouldn't exist had the National War Labor Board deemed employer-provided health care a violation of Hitler-era wage control legislation.) 

Which, if history is any indication, means that the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling - as sweeping as it is in regards to how "marriage" as an institution is defined - will undoubtedly create plenty of unanticipated changes to the U.S. legal framework, particularly regarding civil protections for those who engage in sexual behavior that - at the moment, at least - is still considered socially abnormal and in many cases, flat out illegal. And if the gay marriage ruling at least opens the door for potential legalization of plural marriages, consensual adult incest and consensual adult-on-minor relations, one can only fathom where the fallout of Obergefell will steer us throughout the century. 

Ironically, the most resounding impact of all may very well be the complete and utter elimination of marriage as a genetically-human construct by the time 2100 rolls around. But no worries: I'm sure we'll have plenty of Constitutionally protected animal-human hybrid sex and people legally wedding abstract concepts before then

A tale of two shootings

Something very, very peculiar happened last weekend in these United States.  In Milwaukee, a black man - who was carrying a loaded semiautomatic handgun police have identified as stolen in a March 2016 burglary yet was nonetheless described as "a nice, good person" by community members, despite having been arrested multiple times for illegally carrying a weapon, intimidating a witness, first degree recklessly endangering safety, THC possession and retail theft - attempted to flee from police during a traffic stop. After failing to put down his weapon, he was shot and killed by an officer (who, as fate would have it, also happened to be African-American.) The night of Aug. 13, Milwaukee's north side deteriorated into absolute bedlam. After a tense standoff with police, "demonstrators" turned violent, setting banks, auto parts stores and gas stations on fire - with emergency responders unable to put out the blazes because "protesters" kept shooting at them. Earlier in the day, "the socially conscious crowds" set a police car on fire, smashed a policeman's skull with a brick and a beat the living dog shit out of a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter covering the event. "Civil unrest" continued the next night as well, with one 18-year-old "demonstrator" shot by another "protester"and another police officer reportedly injured by an irate mob ... I mean, "a completely justified collection of individuals responding in a perfectly rational way to years of systemic injustices.

That same night, in Eastman, Ga., 31-year-old cop Tim Smith was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious person call. Smith's apparent murderer, 24-year-old Royhem Delshawn Deeds - who was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and two counts of felony cruelty to children in the first degree as recently as Feb. 2016, in addition to being arrested for a series of armed robberies in 2014 - was arrested two days later. 

Yet there was no rioting in Eastman. Gaggles of aggrieved cop sympathizers didn't march into the "hood" and start firebombing wig shops and pool halls. Nobody came out in droves, carrying "Blue Lives Matter" signs and firing handguns into the midnight sky. No totally innocent black people were unjustly beaten, assaulted, pummeled or killed in "retaliation" for Smith's homicide. In fact, riots never seem to happen when white people are killed by the police, regardless of the ethnoracial specifics of the officer believed to have fired the fatal bullet. Moreover, riots never seem to happen when black people kill white people EVER, despite the fact that African Americans tend to commit violent crimes against white people at five times the rate white people commit violent acts against black folks. Yet every single time a black person is killed by police - and especially every time a black person is gunned down by a white person, civilian or in uniform - protests, demonstrations and the occasional, vehemence-driven riot is inevitable

So please tell me - exactly who are the ones guilty of subscribing to an ethos of fervant racial tribalism again? 

Potato chips are now racist, everybody

In the great crusade for social equality, many of us focus on ingrained cultural constructs - i.e., discrepancies in judicial sentencing, disparate arrest rates and the quality of education opportunities based on geographical socioeconomic data, etc. - as starting points for a discussion on the best means and methods to bring about ethnoracial parity. The fine, upstanding folks over at The Chicago Reader, however, argue that the best place to address systemic racial equality in the American experience is at the snack section of your local grocer. While reviewing Lays latest array of international flavored chips - which runs the gamut from artificially-flavored tikka masala chips to baked goods meant to imitate the texture and tincture of Greek Tzatzki - the staff of the clickbaity virtual shit rag were downright disgusted by the Szechuan chicken flavored chips ... not so much because the chips themselves didn't taste all that great as it was the packaging of said product. "A dragon, a paper lantern, a pagoda, bamboo and a Chinese take-out container," one staffer declared. "Racism doesn't taste very good. These are upsetting on an emotional level." For once, I actually have to concur with our aspiring junior Red Guards ... I think images like these would do a much better job of representing the best China has to offer, personally. 

A round-up of recent black-on-white violent crime

The media sure do love them stories about white people killing black folks. Indeed, that very narrative has more or less carried national news coverage since 2012, when the great Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman snafu served as the opening course for a deluge of outrage and bitterness surrounding the police-involved deaths of scores of (mostly) young black men, whose criminal backgrounds range from the nominal to "convicted child rapist" and "literally just robbed a convenience store before being shot." Indeed, the record seems to be replaying itself with the recent "stand your ground" slaying of 20-year-old Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas at the hands of 39-year-old Chad Cameron Copley in Raleigh, N.C., which is sure to stir a great big ruckus as the case almost assuredly migrates towards criminal homicide proceedings. Alas, while stories about the mayonnaise-hued doing in their more melanated brethren grabs all the headlines, the frank reality is that black-on-white violence is a MUCH bigger social blight. Per U.S. Department of Justice data, approximately 99,000 violent crimes are perpetrated by white people against black individuals each year in the United States; meanwhile, approximately 560,000 violent crimes are perpetrated by black people against white individuals ... this, despite the fact that there are five times as many white people in the U.S. than there are black folks. Whilst it is nonetheless an important cultural imperative to examine, scrutinize and assess the 187 incidents per year of white citizens (well, presumably citizens) killing black people, it's just as important to take a close look at the 446 incidents of black people killing white people annually in these United States. Below, you'll find just a few of the more recent examples of the African-American populace victimizing the Caucasoid, melanin-deprived majority - and yeah, you probably won't be hearing CNN or MSNBC talking about any of them, for some inscrutable reason...

And representing the absolute nadir of black on white violence over the last half-month? Five individuals of color - four of whom are 18 or younger - have been charged with the merciless attempted murder of 83-year-old Dorothy Dow in rural Georgia. In the armed robbery, the octogenarian had both of her arms broken, suffered severe lacerations to her face and has third degree burns over a majority of her body after the assailants beat her and set her on fire.

Traditionally liberal leaning special interests groups COLLIDE as Twitter's black community accuses lesbian icon of racism 

More so than just about any mainstream celebrity, no one has done as much to push homosexuals into mainstream acceptance than Ellen DeGeneres. Alas, her status as pioneering lesbian entertainer meant precious little to the aggrieved social media hordes, who took deep, deep offense to the meme the television star/animated fish voice supplier posted online featuring her riding on the back of Olympian runner Usain Bolt. Now, whereas most of us would see this is hardly anything more than a lame sight gag - he's really, really fast, you see, and by using him as a mode of transportation, Ellen implies she can get to her destinations quicker - the tweet-heads out there see, what else, unabashed, unrepentant, and unforgiving ray-ray-racism. "If I ignored US history & current climate of police lynching us, this 'joke' would be hilarious," writes somebody using the cryptic nomme de plume "777-9311."Another tweeter, Mike Allen, said "You thought it'd be funny to post a pic of yourself riding on the back of a Black man? Nope. Delete this racist garbage." And not at all taking the Twitter kerfuffle to dizzying, apoplectic levels of hyperbole, user Michael Knight declared "This is how slavery started." Alas, all of this social media outrage seems like a most apropos time for a history lesson. For the record? Slavery, as a codified institution in the United States, began with a 1655 lawsuit between indentured servant John Casor against his "owner," Anthony Johnson ... whom, it may or may not be worth noting, was himself black.

"Progressively feminist" website rescinds positive review of Sausage Party after readers complain

You've probably never heard of the website Autostraddle before. That's more than likely because you tend to stay away from pretentious, arrogant, self-victimizing, special interests pandering, nigh-unreadable horse shit, online or off. Well, the site recently found itself in some deep (self-made) dookie as of late, when its readers - and keep in mind, this is an online publication that describes itself as, and I quote, "an intelligent, hilarious & provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for a new generation of kickass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined laders (and their friends)" - objected not only to a positive review of the new, ribald CGI Food Fight! imitator Sausage Fest, but demanded the site yank the article because it wasn't written by a Hispanic lesbian. Indeed, the editor of the site spent nearly 3,000 words explaining the error of their ways. Let's let Autostraddle head honcho Heather Hogan 'splain it her way, why don't we?
"After we published the review, we heard from Latinx readers who believe the portrayal of Salma Hayek's taco was racist and that it reinforced harmful stereotypes. We heard from readers who were upset that we labeled the taco a lesbian when it seems more likely that she was bisexual. We heard from readers who questioned the consent of the sexual encounter between the taco and the hot dog bun. We heard from readers who found the taco to be a damaging portrayal of a predatory queer woman. 
"There are several reasons I should have listened to the alarm bells of unease I felt about the 'Sausage Party' review. First and most damning: we allowed a non-Latino writer to cover a story about a caricature of Latina, and while the review didn't specifically mention the film's stereotyping, by praising the film as a positive portrayal of a queer Latina, we allowed a white writer to, in effect, condone that stereotyping."

Of course, one shan't ever mull the ironic racism of Hogan's perspectives, in which she insinuates that only Latinos can or should write about Latinos and the only queer folks can or should write about queer folks ... which, by their own tautology, would mean the writers at Autostraddle themselves have absolutely no business writing anything about males, heterosexuals or white people in general. Which, ultimately, is the second most troubling thing I found about the Sausage Party review recantation. The first? THE FACT THAT SO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE ARE TAKING OFFENSE TO A MOVIE ABOUT COMPUTER GENERATED TACOS.

Country music singer condemned for Twitter comments ... that he made five years ago 

Considering how easily offended today's ultra-aggrieved masses are, one has to wonder whether or not some social justice crusaders are simply looking for anything to criticize and castigate instead of, you know, actually improving real societal problems. Case in point? Country music singer and current Gwen Stefani humper Blake Shelton was taken to task recently when a bunch of Internet nerds uncovered two tweets from 2011 that they didn't like. One was The Voice star mocking a "douchebag" who didn't speak English because he couldn't tell "what he's planning to bomb" and the other was a cringey joke in which he rationalized a "sick fantasy" about Dakota Fanning by convincing himself she's actually Amanda Seyfried. Of course, the defenders of the faith showed up in droves to air their displeasure over Shelton's half-decade old comments, with one super-tolerant, non-judgmental social media user declaring "absolutely zero people should be surprised that Blake Shelton, a country singer from Oklahoma, is possibly racist and homophobic." Granted, said social media user never explained how one can mathematically or even logically quantify Shelton as a white supremacist or gay-hater, nor does said irate tweeter acknowledge the inherent prejudice of implying that country musicians, their fans and indeed any and all inhabitants of the state of Oklahoma all exhibit the same stereotypical characteristics, but, hey, this is a good old fashioned cyber with hunt, not no pointless self-evaluation. Well, anyway, that's the kind of stuff today's self-ordained societal system guardians deem unforgivable transgressions - not murdering your own children, not stabbing teenagers to death in the streets, not 15-year-old Blood gang members shooting police officers for shits and giggles - in today's brave new P.C. world.

Trump supporters continue to be victims of politically-driven violence, but nobody gives a shit

Pending you have a Facebook profile, you no doubt encountered The New York Times gripping, shocking and totally pointless video featuring "uncensored" voices from Donald Trump's crowds. The multimedia hit job was an expert example of selective framing, cherry picking and context exclusion, but since it got the point across that most, if not ALL Trump supporters are a bunch of hate filled crypto-racists, the Times gave them a big old pat on the back for "exposing" the hideousness of the pro-Trump throng. Of course, one could easily flip the camera around and recoil in disgust at the sociopathic violence displayed by anti-Trump protesters as they punch people in the face, pelt women with eggs, goad children into yelling obscenities and try to tip over police cars, but uh, that direct form of physical assault is somehow different from - and less concerning - than a bunch of fat dudes yelling "beaner" while wearing a sandwich board that says "fuck Islam." Indeed, there's been more than one instance of Trump supporters as of late getting brutally attacked by those who presumably plan on voting for Hillary this November, which - for reasons that no one can ever, ever explain - are completely blacked out of mainstream press. Should we begin with the story of the 60-year-old man who was shot by 45-year-old Darnell Hunt at Winston's Bar in Cleveland after the victim declared he thought Trump would make a great president? Or howzabaout the story out of Pittsburgh involving Trump-hater Joshua Sturman, who decided to light an American flag on fire in front of people protesting a Hilary Clinton speech, who then decided to attack an elderly protester when he attempted to put said fire out? Or how about the 62-year-old man in New Jersey who was attacked by a crowbar-wielding man simply because the assailant didn't like the victim's pro-Trump tee shirt? Indeed, such instances are a dime a dozen, despite hardly ever being brought up by the tastemakers in the big media. Hell, we've gotten to a point now that all attacks on Muslim individuals are being blamed on Trump. On August 13, imam Maulama Akonjee and Thar Uddin were gunned down in Queens - although police have said there is absolutely no hate crime links whatsoever, local Muslim residents are nonetheless convinced that old poofy head hisself is somehow, someway responsible for the bloodletting. "Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia," stated a guy whose last name was literally "Islam" to the New York Daily News. "For those in leadership like Mr. Trump and Mr. Giuliani and other members of institutions that project Islam and Muslims as the enemy, this is the end result of their wickedness," said imam Johari Adbul-Malik, whose ability to detect hypocrisy and/or irony seems keenly deficient. Oh, and for the great celestial punchline? The person believed to have committed the homicides looks ... well, I'll let you come to your own conclusion regarding this one.

Black Lives Matter protest Graceland because ... well, uh ...

For a moment, put aside your personal biases in support of (or in fierce opposition to) the Black Lives Matter movement, and think about things in terms of organizational strategy. First off, you need to have a justification for your own existence - i.e., a clear cut problem you seek to address, with a concrete methodology in place to solve said problem. Unfortunately, when your vaguely worded, highly nondescript Magna Carta is glutted with both financially impossible (and totally contradictory) demands like ending the privatization of all criminal justice related services and ending "public jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons as we know them," well ... yeah, don't expect to get too much accomplished, ever. But moving beyond that, think about the public relations component of the movement. Pray tell, what would you consider the best way to evangelize people and make them sympathetic to your cause? Strangely, instead of doing things that all of society would find mutually beneficial and morally forthright - like, oh say, running homeless shelters, operating soup kitchens or running after school programs - some BLM contingents have decided the golden path to widespread societal acceptance is standing in the middle of intersections at the peak of rush hour, periodically dropping bricks on cops' skulls to liven up the shenanigans. While the Memphis Coalition of Concerned Citizens' "Shut Down Graceland" operation on Aug. 15 wasn't quite as counterproductive, its mere existence nonetheless remains a complete and utter enigma. While Elvis has long been suspected of harboring racist sentiments , that wasn't the reason why the coalition of BLM activists gathered at the King's residence (or, at least, as close as they could get without crossing a police barricade.) According to a representative of MCCC, the protest was meant to demonstrate "one of Memphis' most common forms of financial inequality and because the site has ties to ... the death of unarmed teen Darrius Stewart." As it turns out, that Monday also kicked off peak season for Elvis tourists, so the "show of force" was more than likely arranged to piss off as many scared Presley worshipers as possible. In case you were wondering, several "demonstrators" were arrested for outstanding warrants and trying to trespass on private property at the event. And - shockingly, I know - the two or three hours of marching, screaming, shouting and slogan spouting did very, very little to address or correct any of the ingrained social problems the coalition said they sought to remedy. So in other words? Yeah, it was just another humdrum old Black Lives Matter protest, I'm afraid.

Oregon State set to implement mandatory "social justice" curriculum for freshmen

Remember back in the good old days, when colleges taught kids shit they could actually use in the professional world, like "math" and "English" and "critical thinking?" Well, those days - as obvious by the never-ending barrel of guffaws that is Oberlin College - are long gone, with our finest state-subsidized institutes of higher indoctrination opting to prepare students to be cannon fodder in a great cultural war against traditional conservatism ... or, as the kids nowadays call it, "racist, homophobic, misogynistic, trans-phobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic hyper-nationalism" (which, ostensibly, is the great catch-all for any kind of thinking that don't terra form 100 percent in lock-step agreement with their uber-liberal "everybody owes me something" Tao.) Recently, Oregon State University announced that they were rolling out an online "social justice" course this fall, which will eventually be spread out into a mandatory course for all incoming frosh next year. Per OSU, the program will expose to impressionable 18-year-olds "systemic and local inequities and that we all play a role in creating an OSU community that resists and corrects injustice" and "how to identify bias incidents and learn how to interrupt bias in our daily lives." Oh, and to maintain the new order, the university plans on expanding its "bias response team," whose goal is to infiltrate campus, identify and then systematically root out any and all signs of contrarian ... I mean, prejudicial ... thought. Per the university's interim diversity officer Angela Batista - clearly, the least Communist sounding surname anyone could ever have for such a position - "it's not about avoiding hard conversations or difficult ideas, but promoting and creating a safe and inclusive community where everyone has the ability to fully participate in these conversations."

Now I know what you're thinking. "Jimbo, old buddy, all that sounds nice and despotic and all, but pray tell, what exactly do those fine crypto-fascists up there in Oregon actually mean when they say the term 'social justice?'" Well - despite forcing its students to actively partake of it and accept it blindly as a cultural imperative and practically worship its tenants as a new religion - Batista said the university's precise definition of "social justice" is still, and I quote, "a work in progress.

Russian woman claims she was raped by a Pokemon 

Just when I thought a recent Urban Institute "research paper" blaming Pokemon for virtually redlining communities of color was the absolute most preposterous thing that could come out of the already passe mobile app sensation, leave it to the Ruskies to do us one better. According to various Russian media outlets - and since these are the old commies we are talkin' about here, we probably ought to take everything they say with a huge grain of salt - an avid Pokemon Go player in Moscow reportedly called the police to report that one of the anime monsters from the game had, through some befuddling metaphysical means, escaped from her phone, become a corporeal being, and then tried to rape her. While the po-po weren't too enthused by the allegations of Poke-sexual assault, the "victim's" friends nonetheless believes there is some crazy, Nintendo-related supernatural hokum going on at their residence. "She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them," a "friend" by the name of Ivan Makarov is quoted in one article. "She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon Go." At the behest of her husband, the alleged Pokemon abuse survivor has agreed to see a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, those accusing the game of marginalizing African-Americans and making inner city poverty worse won't be participating in the same group counseling session. 

And a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Univision reporter sacked for saying Michelle Obama looks like cast member from Planet of the Apes

Mississippi cheerleader apprehended for trying to join ISIS

NYC man smokes crack, proceeds to get naked on subway

New anime Snapchat filter, unsurprisingly, accused of racism

Australian woman charged with filming sex tape with dog

CBS formally apologizes for being "too white"

Psychothearpist blames massive uptick in Sweden's rapes on ... warmer weather?

South African pastor charged with murder after congregant crushed to death in bizarre speaker ritual

After revealing damning information about Hillary Clinton, Time now considers WikiLeaks a greater threat to privacy then the NSA

Uganda vows to suppress gay pride activities, force homosexuals to partake of "rehabilitative" services

David Ortiz bobblehead shelved for being racially insensitive

67-year-old woman beats 63-year-old woman to death in Compton street fight


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