Saturday, October 1, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them just a week later.

By: Jimbo X

Racism is absolutely NOT TOLERATED (except...)

One of the great truths of reality/adulthood you have to accept - sooner or later - is the idea that "freedom" and "equality" are totally incompatible ideals. Granted, you can have absolute, unfettered freedom (i.e., the ability to do whatever the hell you want and make money off of it, just as long as you aren't committing crimes in the process) but it comes at the expense of egalitarianism - meaning, the haves are pretty much given free rein to run roughshod over the have-nots, who, in the absence of some overarching governmental superstructure, are left to their own devices to thrive and survive (of course, whether or not that's a long overdue policy shift or a genocidal act, naturally, depends on your own personal perspective.) The flip side to that, however, is that in a state of true equality, no such thing as "liberty" - i.e., the personal right to pursue whatever one desires, profit off one's sojourns and be left the hell alone - can ever possibly exist. To guarantee "equal opportunities," you would have to erect the most massive, oppressive totalitarian regime in the history of humanity, an Orwellian nightmare that intrudes into virtually every aspect of social life. We're talking massive wealth redistribution, affirmative action on steroids, a deluge of new taxes and some sort of towering governmental agency that makes sure the socioeconomic playing field remains level at all times. Logically, this means the best course of action is to strive for some sort of compromise - in essence, a social system that incorporates some equality-insuring measures, but not so many that it allows governments to literally pick and choose who succeeds or fails financially and deprives citizens of their basic human rights to think whatever the fuck they want to think without fear of being exiled to the gulags. 

And that's where America's favorite hot button social issue comes into play - good old fashioned, insanely-hard-to-technically-define racism

Now, we here at The Internet Is In America have talked about racism (and especially the media's infatuation with perpetuating it as an issue that, indeed, may not be as omnipresent as they suggest) until we are collectively blue in the face. What continues to fascinate me, however, is just how selective the media is when it comes to publicizing "racist incidents" to the masses. In short? For whatever reason, the stewards of media seem suspiciously hell-bent on showcasing stories about white individuals saying and doing racist things, but at the same time, they also seem hell-bent on steering clear of any and all episodes and incidents of black people saying undeniably racist things about white folks

Case in point? The unabashed "agenda-setting" mechanism sometimes called Twitter put a story about a Belmont University freshman declaring several members of the Philadelphia Eagles to be - and I quote - "piece of shit niggers" who "deserve "a damn bullet in the head"  - front and center on their website. As in, of all the major global events going on in the world - the war in Syria, the presidential election, the fact that some guy tried to blow up people in New York over the weekend and Wells Fargo being embroiled in the biggest financial institution scam since the Great Recession - played second fiddle to this extremely isolated, niche-interest non-story that, quite frankly, personally impacts no one BESIDES the person who got ousted from his university for posting the comments online. Keep in mind, this wasn't some organically driven topic main-paged because of the company's hashtag algorithms - somebody at Twitter literally decided that this story should take utmost primacy over ALL OTHER WORLDLY doings, with no other clear-cut motivation other than to turn the incredibly insignificant trifle (and yes, compared to millions of people living in slavery in India, Venezuela on the cusp of revolution and Zimbabwe citizens slowly starving to death because of Robert Mugabe's insanity, it IS an incredibly insignificant, trifling issue) into something that would have people across the globe yammering on and on about - what else? - that darned old specter of racism that continues to loom large in the United States

Of course, never mind the fact that international polls reveal United States people to be the least racist peoples on the planet. Never mind the fact that there hasn't been a single recorded lynching in the United States since 1981. And definitely never mind the fact that, in these United States, black people are 500 percent likelier to violently attack, rape or kill white people than the other way around. What I want to know is, how come a story about some dickhead at a Christian university getting expelled because he said the dreaded "n" word and made a vague - yet technically First Amendment protected - threat against people because he didn't like their personal actions became a mass-media-promoted, international news item while none of the incidents or episodes below remained local and regional level stories?

Why wasn't it international news when a Sandra Bland protester said "you mother-fuckers thought we should be killed when ya'll came and stole us from Africa and put us in chains and murdered us for over 400 years, so yeah, you do need to die?"

Why wasn't it international news when a 21-year-old student upset over the Laquan McDonald shooting threatened to waltz into the University of Chicago and kill 16 white males "to do my part to rid the world of white devils?"

Why wasn't it international news when an Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command senior official in South Africa said "Fuck white people. Just get me a bazooka or AK-47 so I can do the right thing and kill these demon possessed humans?"

Why wasn't it international news when Black Lives Matter activists proudly declared "we should never affirm white life" during a Harvard debate?

Why wasn't it international news when a black student assaulted a white student at San Francisco State University because she thought his dreadlocks were racist?

Why wasn't it international news when Corey Batey raped a 21-year-old woman, explaining his actions as "that's for 400 years of slavery, you bitch?"

Honestly, I have nary a clue, other than the fact that the mainstream news outlets - and yes, let's face it, Facebook and Twitter have just as much culture-framing power as CNN and The New York Times, if not substantially more so - desperately, direly want to keep the great U.S. race debate extraordinarily one-sided, with whites always the clear-cut oppressors and blacks always the clear-cut victims. Whether that's for the sake of sensationalism or to achieve some underhanded political goal, I'm not sure, but regardless of the reasoning, there's no denying that the media powers-that-be are irrationally, suspiciously averse to any sort of coverage that dare insinuates that, golly gee, honkies can be the victims of racist oppression, just as much as the black folks, and sweet sufferin' succotash, black folks can be just as dogmatically and illogically prejudiced as their mayonnaise-hued brethren.  

And really, where's the equality in that, guys

Time to reset the "Great Racial War of 2016" clock...

It's been a couple of weeks since the U.S. of A has had itself a good-old fashioned racial riot, so thank goodness the fine, upstanding citizens of North Carolina decided to break up all of that "domestic tranquility" monotony in the wake of the police-involved shooting of Keith Scott - certainly not the monstrous type of brute to have a restraining order taken out against him because he threatened to kill his entire household in 2015who was just reading a book when some damned old racist police man waltzed on over to him and filled him with hot lead, because white supremacy, that's why. Of course, it means precious little that Scott did indeed have a stolen firearm on him at the time of his death, nor does it matter one iota that the police officer who fired the lethal shot was himself an African-American ... once you've got a good narrative a spoolin', why let pesky, troublesome things like "facts" and "reality" ruin the fiction you've convinced yourself is god-given truth? As anticipated, in the wake of the shooting the streets of Charlotte became a sort of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome urban warzone, with predominantly black protesters proudly engaging in their constitutionally protected right to peaceably assemble ... which lasted all of about, I don't know, five minutes before demonstrators started shooting each other, reporters started getting punched live on air, white people were being dragged into parking lots and mercilessly pummeled in six on one maulings, dozens of people started tossing rocks and explosives at police cruisers and transfer trucks were being set on fire and looted on the Interstate. Of course, rather than acknowledge the absurd and undeniably racist notion that some of these "demonstrators" don't give a shit about public policy reform and are just there to royally fuck shit up under the false pretense of moral righteousness, the mainstream media/social media masses continue to cook up the same old halfhearted excuses and deflections - usually, by means of the ironically super racist reasoning that after being deprived for so long, what options does the black community have other than unfettered, unrestrained mass mob violence? Meanwhile, the CNNs and Huffington Posts of the world have done an outstanding job shying away from an altogether different story - this one, involving the brutal slaying of Caucasian cop Kenneth Steil at the hands of African-American murderer Marquise Cromer. Funny how when the shoe is slipped on the proverbial other foot, you don't get any of the same collateral unpleasantness - the broken windows, the public beat-downs, the burning cop cars, and that marvelous scent of tear gas and freshly spilled plasma filling the evening air - isn't it? Hell, maybe the police ought to start rioting whenever one of their arbitrarily defined select in-group members get gunned down - naturally, using the "well, they victimized us first!" rationale for setting an entire metropolitan statistical area on fire. 

Remember kids: it's not really racism
unless the person you beat half to death
actually dies
New study reveals majority of Americans - of all races - do not believe being "prejudiced" makes you a "bad person"

Remember a couple years back, when I made the downright insane suggestion that, while "racism" may be bad, it's certainly not as bad as other things, like rape, murder and abandoning your children? Well, as it turns out, my downright unconscionable hypothesis appears to have been validated by, of all things, The Huffington Post. In a YouGov poll conducted Sept. 10 - 12, 1,000 U.S. adults were asked, point blank, if they believed that people who held the incredibly ill-defined "negative views" of Muslims, black people, gays (but strangely enough, not lesbians or transgenders), women or immigrants were, and I quote, "a bad person." Now, one can - and most certainly should - have some reservations about the usage of such incredibly subjective, abstract and non-scientific terms like "bad person" and "negative views" in said study, but the results were nonetheless interesting. In all, the range of respondents who thought someone who fostered "negative views" of the aforementioned special interests group ran only 10 to 16 percent, while the total number of respondents who said fostering such views may be prejudiced, but don't necessarily makes someone a "bad person" ran the gamut from 51 to 59 percent. And perhaps most intriguingly, the total number of respondents who said that fostering a personal disliking of any of the "protected classes" listed above didn't make someone a bad person nor prejudicial, definitionally, ran from 23 to 32 percent of all respondents. Drilling down into the meat of the data, however, reveals some truly unexpected results. As it turns out, just 19 percent of Hispanic poll takers thought individuals who fostered unfavorable thoughts about immigrants were unquestionably bad people, while 21 percent of Hispanic respondents thought that didn't make people "bad" or prejudicial (and by the way, 37 percent of black respondents agreed with that assertion, compared to 28 percent of white respondents.) And hey, speaking of the arbitrarily-defined African American contingent, hold on to your hats, folks, 'cause barely a quarter of black respondents said they thought disliking black people automatically made someone a bad person, compared to 21 percent who said it didn't make them bad or prejudiced and a whopping 46 percent who said it may make someone prejudicial, but being prejudicial still doesn't necessarily mean a person is "bad."

So what's the big takeaway from all of this? Maybe - just maybe - a plurality of Americans, no matter their age, race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, region, socioeconomic status or political identification - just don't give that much of a fuck if people are bigots are not. Which, of course, means it's the media's job to continue to stir the proverbial shit pot over and over and over again until all of us dim, unenlightened folks realize the error of our ways. 

Cracked finally goes into full-SJW mode and publishes questionable "satire" condemning the alt-right

Two of the saddest "cuckenings," if you will, that I've witnessed over the last couple of  years have been the slow, painful deterioration of the formerly outstanding websites Snopes and Cracked into unabashed, pro-P.C., hyper-liberal sounding boards. The same way what was once our favorite go-to-source for debunking outlandish chain e-mail claims was absolutely ruined by avowed liberal feminist Kim Lacapria, Cracked has surely but slowly devolved from a perspective-neutral comedy site highlighted by the keen, apolitical observations of bona-fide humorists like Sean Baby and John Cheese into a ranting, raving, anti-anti-SJW skein of fuming liberal resentment masquerading as culturally conscious parody. Perhaps an effort to out-victimize Time columnist Joel Stein, Cracked scribe Robert Evans - who, in the past has published glaringly brazen character assassination jobs disguised as humor, to the point of putting absurdly sensationalist, ridiculously untrue assertions in the freakin' HEADLINES of his articles (hate to break it to you, kiddo, but there hasn't been an actual Nazi walking around God's green earth since 1945) - took a big fat shit on the Internet with his reverse magnum opus "5 Things You Learn Being Attacked By The Alt-Right," published/shat out Sept. 20. Among the highlights of Evans' utterly humorless cry-for-help?

So what's the point of Evans' meandering, hypocritical, fantastically fallacious screed? Well, considering the incredible amount of unprovable conjecture and flat out lies contained therein, it's most certainly not to inform, and with its grave, alarmist tone, it most definitely isn't intended to entertain, either. Indeed, Evans little tirade is nothing more than brass-balled SJW propaganda, through and through, with the only palpable takeaway being the fact that this kid is mighty miffed that - have mercy - other people are now doing the same thing his ideological kin have being doing for decades. And you know what makes him the maddest about that? The fact that, quite frankly, the dastardly, dangerous "alt right" miasma is doing a much better job applying the merciless, opposition-squelching tactics pioneered by the vaunted, venerable forefathers of the political correctness movement half a century ago than his liberal contemporaries could ever possibly fathom

President of students' union says college is "psychologically destructive" because it forces students to learn about white people ... and somehow, that's still not the craziest thing she believes

Malia Bouattia, 28, is the first National Union of Students president to be female, black and Muslim at the same time. That last part is an important distinction, because as we all know, mouth-foaming identity politics is the best - nay, THE ONLY way - to bring about post-racial harmony, from sea to shining sea. In a recent interview with The Guardian, she recently took the U.K. higher education system to task, stating "when we look at the incredibly Eurocentric curriculum, where people don't see themselves in what they're studying, and can't relate to it, and feel that their European counterparts hit the ground running, they can't see themselves advancing in the subjects ... and have they had a positive experience, being forced to engage with content that doesn't relate to them, and perhaps is psychologically destructive?"

Now, never mind the logical shortcomings of Bouattia's argument (for one thing, no one is "forced to engage with content," seeing as how you have the option to choose which classes you participate in and can always drop out of them - and I'm pretty sure the courses are "Eurocentric" because, get this, THE U.K. IS IN FUCKING EUROPE.) And never mind that, using Bouattia's logic, white students shouldn't have to undergo any diversity workshops or multiculturalism-espousing courses because, in her own words "being forced to engage with content that doesn't relate to them" is "psychologically destructive." Instead, let's take a look at Bouattia's own remarks during her tenure in the NUS. The highlights?

So, yeah, seems to me this Bouattia broad is the perfect person to speak out about the "psychological destruction" of academia. After all, she does appear to be the one leading the charge, don't she? 

California prepares the next generation of engineers, doctors, lawyers and politicians by telling them the word "edgy" is a hate crime ... and then they give them ball pits to play in

It's no surprise that colleges in the U.S. nowadays have been pretty much held hostage at gunpoint by the barons of political correctness. Indeed, this state-funded, taxpayer-subsidized Tao of inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism has more or less become a bona fide government-mandated religion, with university "diversity officers" effectively serving as the hybrid high priest/SS commanders of our one truly perfect ideology. Naturally, the point of this new-wave (anti)liberalism isn't to free the minds of our gilded youth and inspire them to be high achievers, but indeed turn them into staunch Red Guards constantly on the prowl for excuses to explain away their own failures and shortcomings as individuals. Examples of the mass infantilization and cognitive sterilization of America's college-aged youths abound (the University of Houston's diversity officer vying for a non-existent "emotional safety kit" for students, Florida State advisers suggesting the American flag be replaced by the #BlackLivesMatter banner, the University of Minnesota instructing its librarians to report any "microaggressions" they overhear, etc.) but it's going to be difficult finding one as on the nose as a recent episode at California State University-Northridge, which dedicated an entire week to campus events revolving around their ongoing "inclusive language" campaign. During the festivities (which cost state taxpayers a good $1,000), students were invited to spin a wheel and "discuss their feelings" about a litany of terms and phrases, with the endgame, apparently, being to teach students to consider fairly innocuous words and sayings like "man up," "crazy," "ditzy," "edgy" and even 100 percent factual descriptions like "bi-polar" and "illegal immigrant" as unutterables on the same level as "bitch," "whore, "slut" and "fag." But that - believe it or not - isn't the most lamentable thing about the squandering of public monies. No, that would be the fact that CSU-N actually went out and rented a ball pit - charmingly rechristened as a "vent tent" - for its adult students to play in during the week-long series. Because nothing, I suppose, says "we truly value you as the next great leaders of America" quite like treating them like literal special-ed children

An update on a police-involved homicide the media - for some reason - didn't want to discuss

Nope. No racial tribalism on display here.
None, whatsoever.
Unless you've been living under a rock (no offense to real crustaceans who actually live under rocks ... we here at IIIA never want to be deemed "arthropodphobic"), you've probably heard quite a bit about the shooting death of Alfred Okwera Olango - who, depending on which website you are visiting, was either having an epileptic attack or, perhaps due to some developmental or behavioral disorder, decided to point his vaping instrument in "a shooting stance" - by El Cajon, Calif. police officers. As has been the case with practically every police-involved shooting involving an unarmed black person since 2014, the cable news juggernaut and social media Wehrmacht went into a tizzy over the episode, with - of course - prolonged, 100 percent peaceful protests dragging out over the better part of a week. While the facts of that particular incident are being pieced together, the media-sphere has all but ignored another police-involved shooting - this one, involving two officers in Louisiana who fatally gunned down an autistic 6-year-old child. Indeed, the two officers, Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, were recently formally charged with homicide for their part in the Nov. 2015 death of Jeremy Mardis, a kindergarten-aged passenger in father Christopher Few's vehicle. While Few managed to survive being shot several times by the policemen, his six-year-old son wasn't so lucky - according to investigators, the teeny-tiny tot was riddled with five bullets from officers who claimed they didn't know there was a second person in the car. Well, a judge in late September released footage from the incident, and it didn't take long for him to throw the book at Greenhouse and Stafford. Not only did the presiding judge say that they used excessive force (no shit), they never even had a valid reason for pulling over Few in the first place (in fact, not only did Few not attempt to sideswipe their cruiser, like the officers stated, Few didn't even have any active warrants out for his arrest.) And making things even worse? At the time of Few's shooting, he clearly, unmistakably, had his hands in the air. Naturally, one wonders why the Huffington Posts and CNNs and BuzzFeeds and especially the more adamant #BlackLivesMatter organizations haven't hopped all over the case, as it's just about the most blatant, cut-and-dry example of unquestionable police brutality any of us will likely ever see. Surely, the nation's anti-police, pro-social justice masses aren't avoiding the case because it involves two black officers killing a white child and as such lacks an easily exploitable race-baiting angle to their benefit, right

This week's top ten black-on-white violent crime countdown!

Yes, I know, it's a stat I, too, get tired of repeating, but as the great British journalist C.P. Scott famously remarked, "comment is free, but facts are sacred." And - as much as we hate it and don't want to think about it - the hard, F.B.I. data tells us, point-blank, that in the U.S. of A, black people are five times likelier to commit a violent crime against a white person than become the victim of a violent crime at the hands of white people - a rather astonishing feat, seeing as how there are approximately five times as many white people in the U.S. than there are black people. As such, The Internet Is In America feels it is both our journalistic and civic obligation to recap all of the strangely under-reported black-on-white crime that transpires in America - but because we're kind of morbid assholes, we choose to do so in a sardonic, Casey Kaseem-inspired countdown format. And with those caveats out of the way, whose ready to get on with the LITERAL honkey bashing (and raping, and torturing, and murdering?)

10. On Sept. 13, 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne drove his car through a gas station in an apparent (read: obvious) attempt to murder three police officers gathered outside the QuikTrip (who, as fate would have it, were all white.) While all three officers sustained injuries (one had a broken leg and another was hospitalized over night), amazingly, none of them died in the heinous (hate?) crime. Payne - who was arrested 20 years ago for trying to fist fight officers during a traffic stop - is now staring down three counts of attempted homicide, and hopefully, won't be seeing the light of day for a long time to come.

09. In a small city south of London, an unnamed 15-year-old girl was brutally mauled by a gang of five other teenage girls on Sept. 13. The victim, who was allegedly attacked because she refused to help the gang attack another girl, had her skull cracked open and received two black eyes. Of course, kids being kids these days, the attackers uploaded the brutal beatdown to the Internet, because man, what a great way to not get arrested for trying to stomp a minor to death. 

08. On Sept. 23, a man was attacked in a New York deli by a knife-wielding man who police say made several "anti-white" remarks before slashing an innocent, 40-year-old bystander. The suspect - is seen in the security camera footage here - remains on the lam. 

07. On Sept. 20, Jonathan Brenton, 48, was found shot to death in his Jacksonville, Fla. home. Police suspect the homicide is anything but a coincidence, as he was set to testify against Jecorian McCray, who is on trial for burglarizing Brenton's home earlier this year. McCray and his brother (the potential gunman?) are known to be good friends with Brenton's daughter, who was hospitalized at a drug recovery program at the time of the first robbery. So yeah ... you can fill in the blanks there, I suppose

06. In Lehigh, N.Y., 28-year-old Terrell Barclay turned himself into police approximately four months after he killed three people - including Ashlee Mosher, 29, and Amanda Martin, 26 - in a drunk driving "mishap." According to police, Barclay's BAC was more than double the legal limit and he was traveling upwards of 100 miles per hour at the time of the fiery accident. Barclay - who was hideously burned in the accident - spent two months in a coma, only to have fled from police the moment he awoke.

05. Police in Oklahoma City are on the lookout for 35-year-old David Steven Blair, who last April, killed three people - including a two-year-old child - in a wrong-way I-35 collision. While hospitalized for his injuries, officials found PCP, marijuana and benzodiazepam in his system. He has been on the lam ever since he was formally charged with a three separate counts of second-degree murder. 

04. On Sept. 22, 67-year-old Charles Dukes was found dead in a secluded field in Jackson, Miss., apparently the victim of a fatal gunshot to the back of his head. Police arrested Rashaun Crowley and Kenjarell Thomas four days later for their part in the capital homicide. I'll let you determine for yourself what's worse: that it was the city's 50th murder of the year so far or that one of the murder suspect is just 16-years-old

03. It takes a really big man to stab a 71-year-old, dependent on an oxygen machine, no less, to death in a home invasion. And apparently, even a task that simplistic was too much for accused murderer Aaron Lee Pearson, a 23-year-old charged with killing Norman Hall earlier this month in the suburbs of Louisville, Ky. Per police, an unnamed juvenile female also helped Pearson carry out the task, because man, is it ever the workout butchering a defenseless septuagenarian, apparently. It's a lot sadder - and sicker - when you learn that the murderous duo wound up killing a senior citizen for what was effectively less than $500 in stolen goods

02. On Sept. 20, 54-year-old Kevin Reid was shot and killed during an armed robbery on the streets of Savannah, Ga. According to police, he and his wife were attacked by "three black males," who, as of publication time, remain on the lam. The murder is the 42nd of the year for the coastal Georgia city, which last year, posted 53 total homicides - a sum surpassing the annual state-wide homicides of Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire combined.

...and the no. 1 instance of black people committing horrific crimes against white people goes to...

01. ...18-year-old Perry James Ford of Pensacola, Fla.! He recently turned himself into police for his part in the slaying of Carolyn Barnes in her own home Sept. 10. And if that sounds, I don't know, a little vanilla, please keep in mind that the victim was 75-years-old. While specifics on how or why Ford (allegedly) offed the senior citizen remain under wraps, we do know that Ford already had a warrant out for grand theft, "uttering a forged instrument" and was considered armed and dangerous by the local P.D. No word yet from President Obama on whether or not if he had a son, he would look a lot like Perry James Ford, though. 
[NOTE: And if for some reason all of the factually indisputable incidents listed above have upset you, please do remember that The Internet Is In America is more than willing to publish any user-submitted content effectively and accurately constituting the converse of 'This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom,' i.e., a similar "This Week in Alt-Right Racist Bullshit" column. If you're willing to write it, we're willing to take a gander at it, and if it's truthful, entertaining and written in at least halfway legible English, we'll post it. Feel free to send your submissions here, kids! - THX, MGMT.]
YouTube unveils new reporting system that in no way, shape or form could ever be weaponized for political censorship

For years and years, YouTube was the proverbial Wild West of the Internet, the last, untainted frontier were people could say whatever the hell they wanted, to whoever the hell they wanted, without having to worry about any consequences whatsoever. Death threats, rape threats, racial slurs, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, cooking recipes, it was all pretty much fair game. Alas, the video service included a built-in mechanism that helped deter the especially caustic comments - rather simplistically, video account holders could flag offensive statements, ban individual users from commenting on their videos, and with one click of the button, immediately remove anything - positive, negative or neutral - that anyone left on their channel. Alas, the suits that are at YouTube - a subsidiary of the Googol-pus that is Google - decided recently that, by golly, that just wasn't enough to keep hurtful, hateful and "harmful" comments of videos. Their solution? A new program called "YouTube Heroes," which effectively allows "approved" users to become the Internet equivalent of hall monitors, with the ability to add their own captions to other users' videos (uh-oh), "report inappropriate videos accurately" (double uh-oh) and ... gulp ... mass flag videos for T.O.S. violations. Of course, the almighty Goog has said nothing of how this crowd-sourced content monitoring program will be structured so as to prevent idealistic "Heroes" from simply eliminating all of the videos/users whose ideals don't gel with their own, nor the basic requirements for who can be a "Hero," what the scope of their power is and - the big one, naturally - who and what gets to decide what's "unworthy" of public dissemination? 

To give you a good idea just how well-received the new program is by the YouTube masses, the "Getting Started with YouTube Heroes" trailer currently has only 42 times more thumbs down ratings than thumbs ups. And, considering the whole "YouTube Heroes" program is anchored around curtailing "inappropriate speech," of course YouTube itself had to close down the comments section on its own fucking video, totally not at all foreshadowing some truly ominous shit on the horizon.

It's finally happened: math has formally been declared "racist"

Well, you knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. With feminists already declaring the Scientific Method and the idea of "objective truth"to be inherently misogynistic, Cathy O'Neil, Harvard professor and founder of the incredibly mislabeled ", recently released a book stating "weapons of math destruction" are being used to deny minorities life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, primarily in the form of higher loan rates, "personality tests" on job applications and recidivism models she claims are all the resultant of inherently prejudicial computer algorithms based on that most malodorous of maladies ... numerically verified, longitudinally-proven, indisputable statistical fact. Of course, rather than take one look at the cold, hard numbers on the spreadsheet before her and say "well, that's the broad-based data we've got," O'Neil instead blames the generalized data sets based on mathematically-verified behaviors for causing the mathematically-verified behaviors to begin with ... which, uh, I'm pretty sure is a major, MAJOR logical fallacy. Now, I'm no Harvard mathematician, but I think I can help Mrs. (oh, who am I kidding ... like anybody would willingly marry this) O'Neil with those troublesome digits: 

So, in other words? The math is nothing more than rock-solid confirmation of the behavioral roots of the "wealth inequality" problem you hear Ivy League elitists alike O'Neill droning on and on about like manic street preachers. And if there was ever a crucial warning that mainstream U.S. culture needs to start recognizing the importance of "self-responsibility" and "self-determination" in individual economic outcomes, I'm pretty sure the moment you literally declare "math is racist" to be the point of no freakin' return.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Don King accidentally says the word "nigger" during stump speech for Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's tech guy apparently went on Reddit and asked for tips on deleting emails

The Supreme Court of Massachusetts rules black people can run away from police if they want to

Volunteer firefighter wrestles would-be elementary school shooter to the ground, saves untold lives in South Carolina

Norfolk rapist convicted of trying to poke victim's eyeballs out with scissors

Detroit man arrested for murdering four step-children in front of estranged wife ... after being freed from prison for killing a pregnant woman in 1991

Afters years of complaints about their films not being culturally diverse enough, Disney forced to yank Moana merchandise from shelves because people think it's racist

Grey's Anatomy star demands black people protest police shootings by refusing to go to work or school...

...while an immensely successful real-life black doctor is mercilessly ravaged by Twitter users for "selling out."

Although black NFL stars are allowed to post images of white cops having their throats slit open on social media, white MLB players are VERBOTEN from criticizing the #BlackLivesMatter movement, because equality

Florida man arrested for throwing four-year-old infant over fence

F.B.I. reports U.S. homicides increased 10.8 percent from 2014 to 2015

Houston mass shooter wears Nazi paraphernalia, nobody brings up the fact he's Hindu

Turkish man kills five people at Washington mall, media reminds us to not "jump to any conclusions"

The New York Times says affirmative action is bullshit ...  but only when it negatively impacts "overperforming" women in China

Christian rapper convicted of murdering music producer with his car

Amusement park closes attraction because activists says it demeans the mentally insane

Power Rangers tweet criticized for obliquely referencing the automobile accident death of the first Yellow Ranger

18-year-old just released from judge-ordered boot camp shoots and kills party-goer over spilled drink

East Tennessee State University student arrested after showing up at #BlackLivesMatter protest wearing gorilla mask, handing out bananas

11-year-old British child nearly blinded by juvenile bleach attack

Indian man tries to strangle mother to death on camera while wife cheers him on

34-year-old teacher gets 14 years for raping 13-year-old student

DePaul University is now making student groups pay a "free speech" tax


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