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LIVE Round-By-Round Coverage of UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor!

Too poor to order the PPV and your local sports bar too cheap to order the show? No worries - our LIVE, round-by-round coverage of UFC 205: McGregor vs. Alvarez will keep you in the loop all-night-long.

By: Jimbo X

It's been a long time coming, folks. The last time the UFC held an event in the Empire State, Ken Shamrock and Oleg Taktarov were the main eventers. Thanks in no small part to a state legislature that routinely criticized MMA as "gay porn with a different ending," New York has been the lone holdout among the 50 United States to formally "legalize" the sport of mixed martial arts. Thankfully, level heads finally prevailed earlier this spring, and Gov. Cuomo officially lifted the nearly 20-year pro MMA ban, thus facilitating Dana White and pals' plans to bring the UFC to MSG in NYC. 

While there have been some downright stellar looking cards this year, I think it's pretty safe to say this one makes all of them - yes, even the star-studded UFC 200 - look like utter and complete dog shit. We've got not just one, but three championship bouts on the card, with frequent main eventers Frankie Edgar and Khabib Nurmagomedov not even appearing on the PPV portion of the evening. It's clear as day that D.W. didn't just set out to make UFC 205 the biggest card of the year, he truly did everything in his power to make it the single biggest card in the history of MMA in North America.

Are you one of those unfortunate saps too broke to order the latest PPV spectacular, or is your computer is too shitty to handle any live streams worth a toot? Is your local sports bar or breastaraunt too cheap to order the show, or does your third D.U.I. legally prevent you from moving your car out of the driveway? Well, worry no longer, amigos y amigas, because our live round-by-round coverage of UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor will keep you keyed into what's happening in Vegas in virtual real-time. Go on ahead and do yourself a favor and bookmark this page for Saturday night. At approximately 8 p.m. Eastern, we'll start doing our patented round-by-round analysis, so you are never more than five minutes away from some kind of update (be prepared to hit the refresh button ... a lot.) And do tell your friends about our free services this evening - we'd certainly appreciate the kind word of mouth publicity. 

And with all of that out of the way, who's ready for the biggest MMA spectacle of the year, UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor?

Following an intro from Michael Strahan (he's Brett Favre's old boyfriend, you know), we're thrown to Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. And we waste no time getting to the action ... in fact, the second dude in the first bout of the undercard is already en route to the Octagon. 

Fox Sports 1 Bouts

Welterweight Bout
Vicente Luque (10-5-1-0) vs. Belal Muhammad (10-1-0-0)

Luque is a dude from New Jersey who's been fighting professionally since 2009 that's probably best known for his stint on the American Top Team vs. Blackzilians season of The Ultimate Fighter. Muhmmad is a Chicagoan that had a few appearances in Bellator but mostly he's been decisioning the fuck out of people in something called Titan FC. He's 1-1 in UFC competition, but his last bout did entail a stellar KO victory over Augusto Montano, so at least there's that.

Muhammad's nickname is "Remember the Name." That ... has to be the worst nickname for anything ever. Nobody's cheering for either fighter. 

High kick from Luque nets nothing. More Luque leg kicks. Muhammad's backpedaling something fierce. Luque drops his ass with a left hook and this shit is over and done with.

That was just a nasty hit, folks. And he rattled off a good half dozen more shots on the ground before the ref stepped in. The official time is 1:19 of the very first round. 

Luque thanks God for giving him the ability to cut 30 pounds on two weeks' notice. He says some stuff in Portuguese and Rogan asks him to repeat himself. 

Goldberg wins our early "Weird Ass Transition of the Night Award" by talking about all of the Tonys Hamilton won and saying something to the effect of "and hey, speaking of talented people who have had a great 2016, here's some stuff about Conor McGregor!"

Rogan said he thinks McGregor looks "healthier" at 155. He calls Alvarez "a savage" who has had some crazy comebacks in organizations we're not allowed to talk about ... but you can see the videos online, wink-wink (#FuckBellator.)

Middleweight Bout
Rafael Natal (21-7-1-0) vs. Tim Boetsch (19-10-0-0)

Well, this was going to be a match-up between Rashad Evans and Tim Kennedy, but apparently, the MMA gods decided Trump's America ... more than ever ... really needed it some fucking Tim Boetsch fighting on cable television. There's not a whole lot of prep time needed for this one; both fighters are long-time 185-stalwarts, neither one of them can really be considered top 10 in the division and there's at least a 50-50 chance both of them will be off the roster this time next year. Which, of course, means these two dude really need to go out there and put on some quality bang-bang to keep food on their respective tables.

Boetsch looks way bigger, but then again, fat does show up better on camera than muscle. Lotsa' circling early. Natal bleeding a little under his eye. Natal goes for a takedown and gets popped right in the mouth. Leg kick from Natal. Another shitty leg kick from Natal. Now Boetsch is rattling off some leg kicks. Natal whiffs on a spinning back fist. Boetsch tags Natal - he doesn't go down, but it definitely stunned him a bit. Kick to the midsection by Natal. Boetsch tags his ass against the cage, he goes down and the ref jumps in as Boetsch rattles off a few follow-up fist burgers on the ground.

That was a nasty ass right to the chin. I mean, on the button - and those three punches on the mat had to hurt like a sumbitch, too. The official time was 3:22 in the first.

That was Boetsch's 20th fight in the UFC, by the way. Luke Rockhold and Demi Lovato are in the house. I wonder if that means they're, you know - doin' it.

Jay Glazer said this is not just the biggest gate in UFC history, it's also the biggest gate in the history of Madison Square Garden. Cue a video montage featuring Shane Mosley and Gerry Cooney - but not Andre the Giant, for some reason.

Wow, I am literally shocked Bob Arum agreed to participate in even a UFC documentary sucking the dick of professional boxing at MSG. 

"Juicy" plays in the arena. I always loved how Biggie's standard of "making it" in life meant owning both a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis.

Lightweight Bout
Khabib Nurmagomedov (23-0-0-0) vs. Michael Johnson (18-10-0-0)

As his record would suggest, Nurmagomedov is a pretty bad motherfucker. And when I say "pretty bad motherfucker," I mean he literally grew up wrestling bears as a child in Russia. Now, Johnson himself is no slouch, either, having bested top lightweights like Dustin Poirier, Edson Barboza and Tony Ferguson during his six year stint with the UFC. All that taken into consideration, this has all the makings of one hell of a fight - indeed, even on a card this stacked, this thing has "fight of the night" scribbled all over it.

Johnson keeping his distance early. Nice leg kick from Johnson. Johnson lands a solid shot on Khabib's chin. Khabib gets Johnson up against the cage, and there is the takedown. He's got Johnson in the mounted crucifix position, and he is fucked. Heavy elbows coming down on Johnson. Johnson eating  a ton of shots now. Minute left in the round. Johnson turtling up. Khabib firing at will now, and Johnson can't do shit to protect himself. Khabib has his arm tied up, so he can't do anything but eat punches. But to his credit, he survives. That's 10-8 for Khabib, for sure.

Round two. Johnson clearly controlling the tempo early. He clips Khabib. Oh, and Khabib gets another takedown. Back in the crucifix mount. Khabib is just punching Johnson silly now. He's punching Johnson through his own legs now. Just brutal ground and pound on display. Shit, I am shocked the ref is letting this go on. Minute left - Khabib has landed about thirty shots in a row, and I am not being hyperbolic. 20-16 for Khabib.

Round three. Khabib with some hard shots early. And Khabib gets the takedown. Johnson is pretty much helpless. Khabib has outstruck Johnson 143-41 so far. Khabib in the full mount. Give Johnson all the credit in the world, he is not going down without a fight here. Looks like Khabib is trying to get a submission. He locks in the kimura, and that is all she wrote, folks. 

That was one of the most brutal ass-beatings I've seen in a long time. The final time was 2:31.

In the post-fight, Khabib goes full Nikolai Volkoff and cuts a heel promo against Conor McGregor that sounded like something out of a 1985 WWF show. He calls Conor a chicken and says he deserves more respect because Russia has a higher population than Ireland. 

Well, looks like Donald Cerrone - who was supposed to fight on the main card up until his opponent Kelvin Gastelum dropped out because he couldn't cut weight - will be fighting Matt Brown at UFC 206.

Featherweight Bout
Frankie Edgar (19-5-1-0) vs. Jeremy Stephens (25-12-0-0)

With Conor McGregor's extracurricular activities outside the weight class holding the 145-pound strap hostage, there's no telling when the Featherweight Championship will be defended again. While Jose Aldo is still the presumptive numero uno contender-o, it's also safe to assume that whoever wins this clash of perennial Featherweight title challengers has to be pretty dadgum close to earning himself another crack at the belt. Both these dudes can flat out brawl and they've both got plenty of things to be fighting for - expect lots of fists, blood and perhaps even teeth to fly around during this one, folks.

Edgar stuffs an early takedown attempt from Stephens. Nice leg kick from Edgar. Edgar stuffs another takedown attempt. Stephens whiffs on a huge overhand. Edgar with a nice shot. Leg kick from Edgar. "Let's go Frankie" chants flare up. Edgar has Stephens in a headlock. Now he's working for a single-leg takedown. Nice suplex from Edgar, but Stephens is right back up. He lands another slam, but again, Stephens is undeterred. Both me clinching against the cage. Hard kick from Stephens - looks like Edgar may have caught a thumb to the eye. The doctor checks him out and this fight, it doth continue. Both men swinging for the fences now. Now they are circling. Stephens with a nice jab to end the round. I'd give it 10-9 to Edgar.

Round two. And we've got a ball kick early. Back to it. Both men trading lobs. Front kick whiffed by Stephens. Huge takedown for Edgar. Stephens right back up. Big flurry from Edgar, but it doesn't stagger Stephens. A huge blow sends Edgar reeling, and Stephens follows it up with a nasty knee to the midsection. Edgar eats some hard elbows, but he is right back up. We've got ourselves a slugfest now. Big takedown from Edgar. And Edgar has a guillotine locked in. Stephens escapes. Edgar with hard punches from the side mount. "Frankie!" chants as he locks in another guillotine, but shit, Stephens is out again. He lands one more big hit as the round concludes. 19-19 all heading into the third and final round.

Round three. Edgar with a takedown. He's flattening Stephens out. Stephens eating a ton of punches on the ground. Edgar looking for what may be an armbar. Now he's elbowing the fuck out of Stephens' side. Edgar trying to secure a rear naked choke. He slams Stephens again. Both competitors up. Stephens looks gassed, he's just throwing nothing but directionless windmill punches. Ninety seconds left. Stephens clearly down in the scorecards, he needs a finish. Thirty seconds left. A ton of punches exchanged in the last 20 seconds, but nothing lands. Should be Edgar's fight 29-28.

Didn't catch the official decision, but yeah, Edgar won. All right, Wikipedia says it was a decision call - two 30-27's and one 29-28. He said he wants to do a show in Brooklyn. Yeah, I can pretty much guarantee you that will happen in at least six months.

Our cold opening is narrated by Anthony Bourdain. I feel like I should know how that is, but ... yeah, I have no idea who the fuck he is supposed to be.

We throw it back to Mike and Joe. This night should be "cherished," Goldberg said. Rogan says it feels nice to finally get past all the "corruption" that kept MMA out of New York for so long. 

A bar in Philadelphia (where Eddie Alvarez cut his teeth) is filled to the brim with anti-McGregor-ites while Rogan yammers on and on about Stephen Thompson's "karate-style" kicks.

Pay-Per-View Bouts

Bantamweight Bout
Miesha Tate (18-6-0-0) vs. Raquel Pennington (8-6-0-0)

The last time we saw Miesha Tate in action, she was getting her face rocked off by Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. The former UFC Women's Bantamweight title holder begins her long road to contender-hood with a bout against journey(wo)man scrapper Raquel Pennington, who - as fate would have it - is currently riding a three-fight winning streak.

Pennington comes out to that "ceiling can't hold us" song. Tate comes out to Katy Perry's "Eye of the Tiger" song and screaming like a retard - as usual.

Well, I missed the first two rounds. But then again, it's just women we're talking about there, am I right?

Round three. I have no idea who's winning or losing, and quite frankly, I don't care. Tate with some jabs and she tries to pull guard. Pennington gets a takedown. Tate trying to get an armbar, maybe even a triangle. Pennington with a lot of hammer fists from the top. Looks like she's trying to powerbomb her or something. Pennington on top in the north-south position. Pennington looking for, of all things, a bulldog choke. The two stand up, and Pennington has a nasty choke locked in. Tate escapes. Tate looking for a desperation leglock. Pennington is out. Pennington sprawls and is looking for another guillotine choke. Both fighters clinched against the cage. Pennington is just spraying her with shots. Pennington gets another takedown. She wails on Tate as the round expires. Well, that's a 10-9 for Pennington, for sure. Maybe even a 10-8.

29-28, 30-27 (times two) for Pennington. It's a funny situation, seeing as how Tate was Pennington's coach on TUF. And after getting her ass kicked again, Tate announced her retirement. Yeah, that's probably the smartest thing she could do at this point.

Madonna, Zac Efron, Gordon Ramsey and Amanda Nunes are in the house. I thought Madonna was going to Canada after the election, though?

Is Chris Weidman really the "most dangerous fighter" to ever come out of New York? Ever hear of this guy named, I don't know, Jon Jones?

Middleweight Bout
Chris Weidman (13-1-0-0) vs. Yoel Romero (11-1-0-0)

It's been about a year since we've seen Weidman in his action - the last time he was in the cage, he was experiencing the first lost of his career, dropping the Middleweight Championship to Luke Rockhold at UFC 194. Interestingly enough, that was also the last time we saw Yoel Romero in action - that evening, he won a split decision of Ronaldo Souza. Alas, while Weidman has been sidelined by injury, Romero has been sidelined by a growth hormone suspension, with a win for either competitor likely to thrust the victor into at least a title eliminator bout. And although we here at The Internet Is In America try our best to remain impartial, neutral observers, we are secretly hoping Romero comes out on top, if only to hear him cut another post-fight promo about "no for gay Jesus" afterwards.

Romero comes out to the soundtrack from Samba de Amigo. His nickname is "The Soldier of God," which is probably the second worst nickname in MMA. Hey, Belal Muhammad is still the best in the world at something.

"I'm Coming Home"/ "Empire State of Mind" / "Won't Back Down" mash-up for Chris Weidman. Oh shit, Matt Serra is in his corner. Michael Bisping is in the crowd, basically doing the James "Clubber" Lang shtick to Weidman's Rocky Balboa. 

Romero, unsurprisingly, is heavily booed and Weidman gets a huge ovation. Shit, Romero looks jacked. Hard midsection kick from Weidman. Holy shit, Romero has a comically large bulge. Weidman looking for a single leg, but Romero defends it quite well. Weidman gets a takedown, but Romero is right back up. Huge welt forming on Weidman's stomach from a HARD Romero kick. Weidman with a single leg takedown, now he has Romero's back. He squishes him against the cage as the round ends. I'll give it 10-9 to Weidman.

Round two. Romero dumps water all over himself before the action continues. Hard body kick from Weidman. Another good leg kick from Weidman. Romero with a good inside leg kick. Big left from Romero. Weidman whiffing on some jabs. Romero is complaining about an eye poke, so we get a timeout. Weidman gets Romero's leg, but he can't secure the takedown. Romero with a BEAUTIFUL leg sweep. Now Romero has Weidman's back. Weidman just cannot shake Romero loose. Romero gets the takedown. Weidman is back up, but Romero still has his back. Another takedown, and Romero is raining fists. 19-19, definitely Romero's round.

Folks ... that's from another dude's knee.

Round three. Both fighters throwing a ton of leg kicks. AND ROMERO KILLS WEIDMAN WITH A FLYING KNEE. Weidman is a bloody mess. The official time is 0:24.

In the post fight Michael Bisping flips off Romero and pantomimes shoving his finger up his ass. Romero says something about Germany, and holy shit, am I looking forward to that fight already.

Jacare and Stipe Miocic are both in the house. And so is Nick Jonas. Well, if Romero is looking for somebody else to knee in the head really hard...

"Who gets their hand wrapped while wearing an expensive suit?" Rogan remarks while Conor McGregor gets fitted. 

"The entire nation of Poland will be laser-focused" on the upcoming bout, according to Goldberg. Oh, I hope you folks are ready for some A-plus Pollock jokes, and a lot of them.

UFC Strawweight Championship Bout
Joanna JÄ™drzejczyk (12-0-0-0) vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-0-0-0)

Now here's a fight I can't say I'm looking forward to. Not because it isn't a quality match-up between two top-tier fighters (because it is), but because ... shit, just look at those last names. For the sake of simplicity (and also, the fact that Spellchecker explodes whenever it encounter Polish proper nouns), we're just going to call them "Joanna Champion" and "Karolina Challenger," and if that doesn't gel well with you - well, quite frankly, I just don't give a damn, to be perfectly honest. 

I know it kind of goes without saying, but damn, these are some skinny broads. "That is a scary woman," Rogan says as the champ comes out. Joanna prays before she enters the Octagon.

LOL, the referee is shorter than both of the fighters. Oh god, they both have corn-rows, so it's next to impossible to tell which fighter is which. Joanna with some good jabs early. Another good one-two combo from Joanna. Some good leg kicks, too. Clinch, and Joanna is feeding Karolina some knee burgers. Karolina retaliates with a big elbow. Karolina whiffs on a spin kick. Another clinch against the cage. A whole bunch of knees exchanged, but nothing too substantial. 10-9 for Joanna, for sure.

Round two. Karolina looking for a takedown. She doesn't get it. Good elbow and midsection kick combo from Joanna. More clinching. Joanna has a nosebleed. Karolina desperately trying to land a takedown. Joanna isn't going down. Karolina catches a leg kick. That sets up yet another clinch. Joanna with elbows and she almost lands  front face kick. 20-18, Joanna.

Round three. Hey what do you know, it's another clinch. Karolina trying to get a takedown. All Goldberg and Rogan can talk about is how just how outclassed Karolina is in this fight. Karolina whiffs on a spinning elbow. Mike Brown - yes, the former WEC champ - is in Joanna's corner. Joanna smothering Karolina against the cage and smashing her with short-range elbows. Joanna is out-striking Karolina 130-something to about 50. Joanna has Karolina's back. And we're back to another clinch against the cage. 30-27 Joanna.

Round four. This is not the kind of fight you want showcasing the division, for sure. Karolina finally gets some good shots off. This fight has totally deflated the audience. AND KAROLINA STAGGERS JOANNA! She lands a ton of huge shots. And like that, now we've got ourselves a fight, folks. Karolina with another good job to the nose. And ... we clinch. Joanna has to fix her bra. Solid jab from Karolina. Joanna with a good leg kick. Joanna with a ton of knees as the bell sounds. 39-37, Joanna, but it was definitely Karolina's round.

Round five. The two hug before the punches start flying. Karolina HAS to finish Joanna to win this bout. Joanna with a big elbow on a break from the clinch. A bunch of high kicks from Joanna. Front kick to the midsection from Joanna. "What a night for the country of Poland," Goldberg declares. Karolina misses on a spinning elbow. Joanna with a good counterpunch on a spinning backfist attempt. Joanna has Karolina's back as the round expires. She pops Karolina with some hard elbows as the bell sounds. 49-46 for Joanna in my book.

Joanna wins it, 50-45 across the board. She says the UFC should come to Poland, but nobody cheers because fuck Poland.

Hugh Jackman, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Tom Holland are all in the house. And time for a hard sell for UFC 206.

UFC Welterweight Championship Bout
Tyron Woodley (16-3-0-0) vs. Stephen Thompson (13-1-0-0)

Now this is a very intriguing stylistic matchup. The defending champ is fresh off a resounding knockout victory over former Welterweight title holder Robbie Lawler, while the challenger is riding a seven fight win streak dating back to 2012, with wins over Johny Hendricks, Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger. Both of these guys have solid wrestling, but it's the striking dynamic that makes this one such a tantalizing morsel; what MMA fan worth his salt isn't foaming at the mouth to see what happens when Woodley's stellar boxing and dynamite ground and pound collides with Thompson's surgical jabs and head-shattering high kicks? 

Oh shit, Thompson actually comes out to "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D. And the defending champ comes out to some hippity-hoppity music I don't know nothing about.

The ref looks just like Sid Haig from all those Rob Zombie movies. Thompson chasing Woodley down. Thompson with the first kick of the fight. It misses. Woodley definitely keeping his distance. Woodley catches Thompson's leg on a kick and gets a takedown. Woodley in the half guard. He has Thompson wrapped up. Woodley dropping some elbows. Big liver shots from the top from Woodley. He's trying to get an arm triangle. Woodley extends Thompson's arm. More liver shots. Woodley has outstruck Thompson 35 to one in the first round. Thompson is bloodied as Woodley concludes the round with some nasty shots to the stomach. 10-9 for Woodley.

Round two. High kick from Thompson. Woodley with his back to the cage. Woodley smothering Thompson against the cage. Big knees from Woodley. Clinch against the cage. Woodley getting the better of the brief exchange. Thompson lands his first big spin kick of the fight. Good combo from Thompson. Woodley misses on a big jab. Punch to the midsection from Thompson. Woodley get some good shots in as the bell sounds. A tough one to call, but I'm leaning 20-18 for Woodley.

Round three. High kick missed by Thompson. Woodley looks like he's gassing a bit. Woodley putting his back to the cage again. Woodley with his own high kick. Good combo from Thompson. Solid leg kick from Thompson. He just barely misses on a wheel kick to the head. Woodley chasing down Thompson now. Huge kick from Woodley. Big shot from Woodley as the round expires. 29-27 Woodley.

Wonderboy, seen here doing his best Rocky Balboa impersonation. 

Round four. Big leg kick from Thompson. Big right hand counter punch by Thompson. Significant strikes are almost dead even at this point. Woodley lands a HUGE shot. And another. Thompson is in deep shit. Woodley just blasting Thompson with knees and punches. Now he has a guillotine choke. Woodley survives it, somehow. Thompson is caught in a deep guillotine. But THOMPSON IS NOT GIVING UP. THOMPSON ESCAPES! Now Thompson is on top. Oh god, Woodley looks half dead. Thompson with some heavy shots from the top as the round concludes. 39-36 for Woodley, but you HAVE to be impressed by Thompson's tenacity.

Round five. Thompson with a jumping kick. Woodley's back is against the cage again. Loud "Wonderboy" chants. High kick connects for Thompson. Thompson whiffs on another spinning kick. Big right for Thompson. Woodley not doing much at all. Leg kick from Thompson. A minute left. Woodley rushing to land some punches before the bell. Thompson lands  a big right as the horn sounds. 48-46 for Woodley in my books.

47-47, 47-47 and 48-47 to give Woodley the split decision victory. No wait, it's actually a majority draw. Yeah, there's going to be a rematch here, for sure.

Time to build up the main event. Such a great narrative - Alvarez keeps calling McGregor a media creation, and McGregor keeps saying he's the fightiest motherfucker in the company. "There is no Santa Claus," Alvarez declares.

UFC Lightweight Championship Bout
Eddie Alvarez (28-4-0-0) vs. Conor McGregor (20-3-0-0)

This is what money smells like.
Well, this one doesn't need much hyping, does it? It's the UFC Lightweight Champion taking on the UFC Featherweight Champion in what should be a pure-D, bell-to-bell, all-time classic slobberknocker. In one corner we've got veteran 155-pound ass-walloper Eddie Alvarez, who's probably best known for tearing it up in DREAM and Bellator before coming to the UFC and besting the likes of Anthony Pettis, Gilbert Melendez and, most recently, Rafael dos Anjos. And in the other? Oh, it's only the most marketable name in all of MMA, gearing up for his third consecutive out-of-weight-class donnybrook in 2016. This one - no matter the outcome - ought to be historic, folks...

McGregor out first, and he gets a HUGE reaction. Strangely, he doesn't come out to Biggie like normal. Alvarez gets the shit booed out of him, even though he has that awesome rap song that incorporates Bill Conti's score from Rocky. He prays before entering the cage.

Alvarez with a good leg kick early. MCGREGOR DROPS HIM. Alvarez is right back up. Alvarez tries to clinch, but McGregor shakes him off. Alvarez whiffs on an uppercut. McGregor with another huge punch. Head kick by McGregor. Another huge left hand drops Alvarez. McGregor with hard elbow shots on the ground. Alvarez up. McGregor shucks off an Alvarez takedown attempt. High kick from Alvarez and a decent body shot to end the round. Alvarez went down three times - that might just be a 10-8 for McGregor.

Round two. What the hell would you call that black tattoo on McGregor's upper torso? McGregor tags Alvarez again. Another Alvarez takedown attempt stuffed. McGregor mocking Alvarez by putting his hands behind his back. Eddie with a good right jab. McGregor with another big shot, Alvarez desperately, direly trying to get a takedown. Clinch against the cage, now we're circling in the middle of the cage again. McGregor unleashes a flurry of punches - we're talking about half a dozen standing shots - and the ref waves it off as soon as Alvarez hits the mat.

It was called at 3:04 of round two. In the post fight, he said he would like to take the time to "apologize ... to absolutely nobody." McGregor was mum in what his plans were, and they didn't even bother talking to Alvarez. Alas, McGregor - unlike a certain wannabe Madam President - indeed made history tonight. Not only is he just the third fighter in the UFC to hold championship belts at two different weight classes, he's the very first in the company's history to hold two belts, in two division, simultaneously.

With so many rough and tough challengers at 145 and 155, there is a lot of money matches to make moving forward. Which, of course, begs the question - will McGregor defend either one of them, or wind up making a run for the welterweight title, too?


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