Thursday, August 31, 2017

The 2017 IIIA State Of The Site Address

Reflecting on six years of ... well, whatever the hell we've been doing for the last six years, I guess. 

By: Jimbo X

Well, here we are, kids. Six years of The Internet Is In America, the website I never meant to create, never meant to maintain and certainly never thought I would be publishing in this, the year of our Lord 2017.

I've already told the story about how IIIA came to be (the really, really abridged version: in one of my senior college classes, one of the assignments was to create a blog about "multimedia trends," and since I was writing for about a dozen different websites, I found it to be an easy way to consolidate all of the shit I was regularly writing about) so I reckon there's no point in restating what's already been restated. Philosophically, I guess I don't have too much to say about the site, neither. I never set out to promote any particular ideology or cover one specific beat, if you will, I just figured it was a platform that gave me 100 percent freedom to write about anything I fuckin' felt like, and by golly, that's good enough for me.

I hate to use the term, but this site really is sort of my safe space. No matter what else goes wrong or shitty in my life, I can always come back to my virtual kingdom and play Internet Jesus, and that's such a relaxing, reassuring thing to keep in the back of my head. I might get bossed around everywhere else, but here, I'm free to just be myself and write about what the hell ever I want to, and can't nobody tell me to tone it down or stop using italics (note: fuck you, I'm going to keep using italics as much as I goddamn want.)

I really don't have any big or breaking news to relay to you, so instead, I'll just give you a few heads-up on the content coming down the pipe over the next couple of months and then ask YOU, dear reader, a couple of questions about the direction you'd like this site to go in the future. You ready kids? Alright, let's get the meta-ball rolling, why don't we?

Since Autumn is our big boom period (what, with football season and Halloween running headlong into each other and whatnot) I've resolved to publish one article per day from Sept. 1 to Dec. 1. For those of you that ain't too good with the math squiggles, that means I'm plannin' on producin' 91 consecutive days of content, which, yeah, ain't exactly easy. I've mapped out most of the content, but there are still a couple of open slots on the schedule, so who knows what'll be coming up on the off-days.

A couple of things are locks, though. I plan on doing the weekly NCAA Football Top 25 Rankings and the NFL Power Rankings again, and unless some absolutely crazy shit happens beyond my control, I'll also be doing LIVE(ish) recaps of every single Oakland Raiders game this fall. There are some pretty big MMA and boxing events on the sked, too, so I'll almost certainly be covering those live as well. All in all, I'd surmise sports content will make up about 40 percent of the rest of the year's content, so if that irks you, well, too bad

Of course, I'll be doing a ton of Halloween-related articles, too. With so many horror flicks coming out, I'm aspiring to do a patented "Double Review" every week in October, and maybe even a few weeks in November. I've already got several old school (and obscure as fuck) horror movies and video games on the docket for solo articles, and without giving away too much, let's just say I've got some really big stuff planned for the last two weeks leading into Oct. 31. 

Hey, remember that old biweekly column This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom? Well, considering today's oh-so-fortuitous hyper-hysterical cultural climate (and despite the fact that writing about that one Vice story on gay ghosts broke my brain) I'm bringing it back next month. It probably won't be as long or as in-depth as the old column, but it'll more or less be the same type of material. And as always, if anybody out there on the opposite side of the political spectrum would like to volunteer to do a complimentary This Week in Alt-Right Bullshit, I'd be more than happy to publish your works.

Debuting next month is a new feature here at IIIA, a little recurring column I like to call ... well, actually, it doesn't really have a name yet. Taking a cue from Opie and Anthony's "Jocktober" shenanigans from back in the day, I'll be running a handful of "Blogtober" columns throughout fall going after some of the more annoying social media personalities out there. It's unlike anything we've published at the site before, and I think it has the potential for some HIGH-LARIOUS results. 

As for the rest of the upcoming IIIA churn? Eh, it's your usual goulash of fast food reviews, outlandish seasonal recipes, odd-ass propaganda video critiques, 20-year-old pro 'rasslin PPV recaps and random listicles about controversial social phenomena. But I think you'll like it a whole lot more if I keep it a surprise, so thus, my lips remained sealed.

But, yeah, do expect plenty of goofy shit like this, though.

And now, IIIA faithful, I've got some questions for you. I need your advice on a few blog-related decisions and ideas, and I'll (probably) take your input into consideration. Maybe.

  • I've been banging this war drum for awhile now, but we desperately, direly (well, no, not really) need guest writers. There's no way one man (even me) can push out 365 articles that don't suck a year, and if you're a fledgling writer trying to get your name out there before an audience of 100,000 or so monthly viewers, I'd be more than willing to showcase your musings on IIIA. I'll let you write about pretty much whatever you want, pending what you write about is entertaining, interesting and not blinded by the scourge of self-important, ultra-collectivist politics. The more original - and the funnier, naturally - the better. Ideally, I'd like some of you kids to cover some beats I don't know nothing about (i.e., modern video gaming), or submit your own musings whenever some cool hyper-local event (a retro gaming convention or a fast food test market product, for example) comes to your neck of the woods. And I'll help you edit it and show you how Associated Press style works - that way, you can add it to your resume and make it sound official as fucking fuck. Anyhoo, if you've got an idea for an article, feel free to drop me a line at and I'll give you a fair hearing. 
  • On the subject of social media: right now the only platform I'm on is Gab (you can find me at, and - obviously - I DON'T want to have to go back to using Twitter for any reason whatsoever. That said, I am interested in perhaps using Instagram for an official IIIA social media account, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Ever the contrarian, can any of you give me a reason why we shouldn't use Instagram as an auxiliary channel feeder?
  • I'm contemplating some sort of crowdfunding mechanism to monetize the site, and maybe - MAYBE - considering hosting ads. I don't want to use Patreon because that's stupid as hell, but I am curious to see what sort of funding this little site of ours could generate via something like Hatreon. The question is, would any of you motherfuckers donate to the cause or just pass it over like a hobo's empty ass change jug?
  • I'd really like to do a blog within a blog, a la' Dino Drac After Dark. Alas, the Blogger platform doesn't allow for such, so I might create an entirely different website on WordPress that links back to the main site (I've even thought about creating a "dark web" page for the "secret" blog posts, but, eh.) So should I just use the Instagram widget for my stream of conscious musings and save everybody the time and hassle?
  • By the way, there are no plans to move to a different domain or start a YouTube channel, so would you assholes stop spreading such rumors?
  • I'll be adding more tabs to the archive shortly. I've been collecting weird search engine referral terms for a long time and I've been wanting to showcase them to the general public forever. There are a couple of other categories I'm considering adding, or perhaps consolidating with some pre-existing archive tabs. Of course, the catch with the Goog is that you can't rename any of your page URLS, so that could get a little tricky - if not bamboozling - a little bit down the road.
  • If I sent out a special, weekly email blast to subscribers - with special content that doesn't go live on the site - would you sign up for it?
  • And lastly, what kind of content do YOU want to see more of here at IIIA? We'd love to know what sort of topics or issues you'd like to see us got our hands on as well as the types of articles you would like to see less of, or perhaps not at all. Hey, we value your opinion ... no, for real. Kinda'. 

Well, that's all I've got, really. There's so much stuff I've got to get crackin' on that I really don't have the time nor the patience to reflect on the year that was, but in a way, that's always been our perspective at IIIA. It's not about what we've done, it's about what we're going to do, and I assure you we've got some GREAT stuff ahead of us. 

And hey, our 1,000th post is coming up pretty soon. We have to do something big for that celebration, don't we?


  1. Love when you hit culture, both old and new. Food, movies, books, etc... how about reviewing a few TV Shows? Nothing could ever match a review of the greatest TV show ever, the Wire, episode by episode done by Jimbo! I'd certainly donate to the site, but I think I'm a rare bird. I don't care if you put up Ads, someone has to pay for the rodeo. Lots of people doing video games, etc...keep your site doing classics and old video games, you do them justice. Would love to see some reviews on old upright video game consoles.

    I'd love to see you migrate to a better platform like Wordpress and theme something out that fits your whole irreverent vibe.

    Great site, I always get a smile when I see you've posted something new. Your great writing makes up for the fact that you are a Raiders fan. I'm a lifelong Broncos fan...

    1. Appreciate the input.

      The problem with reviewing TV shows is that it's just so much of a front-end investment. Even if a movie sucks, it's over and done with in an hour and a half, while covering just one season of a TV show takes anywhere from 12 hours to a full day. I might consider doing standalone episode reviews, though - any episodes you'd recommend?

  2. Love the fact you're bringing back "This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom". It's hilariously depressing to see what our fellow human beings are up to these days. I also have a few ideas for articles I'd like to write and ultimately get published:

    --My take on the #WomensWrestling movement
    --A 20th anniversary retrospective on a local wrestling show for a company I've been affiliated with for over a decade
    --I'd also like to recap the Mae Young Classic

    Whaddya think?

    1. Sounds groovy. Shoot me what you've got at and I'd be glad to give your stuff a look-over.


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