Sunday, September 17, 2017

LIVE(ish) Play-By-Play from Week 2's Raiders vs. Jets Game!

This Week's Episode:
"S-H-I-T, Shit, Shit, Shit!"

By: Jimbo X
It's that time of year again, folks! As is the tradition here at The Internet Is In America, we're going to do our damnedest to give you LIVE play-by-play coverage of every single Oakland Raiders game of the season, including today's home stand against New York. Join us LIVE on Sunday, Sept. 17 for our patented possession-by-possession coverage of week 2's Raiders vs. Jets game, with the festivities beginning at 4 p.m. eastern time. There'll be updates every commercial break, so be sure to bookmark this shit prior to kickoff. And, as always, do us and yourselves a kindness and let all your fellow Raiders fans know what we're up to by posting links to our coverage on your social media pages. Hey, we're all in this together, remember (#SilverAndBlackLivesMatter) ... 

1:35 PM - The kickoff will be at 4:05 PM Eastern. The Raiders are 1-0 heading into the home stand, while the Jets are looking for their first win of the season.

1:36 PM - The Raiders are 13.5 point favorites heading into the game. The last time the Raiders were favored that much was in 2001, in a game against Dallas - which the Raiders only won by a touchdown

1:37 PM - The over/under for the game is 43.5. ESPN's Pro Football Index gives the Raiders a 91 percent chance to win the game. 

1:38 PM - For the Raiders, fullback Jamize Olawale is questionable, as is cornerback Sean Smith and safety Keith McGill.

3:59 PM - And for the Jets? Safety Rontez Mills, TE Eric Tomlinson, LB Bruce Carter, and TE Jordan Leggett are all listed as scratches, while back-up QB Christian Hackenburg is listed as inactive.

4:04 PM - First round draft pick Gareon Conley will be making his pro start as a cornerback for the Raiders this evening, in case you were wondering.

4:06 PM - Oakland will receive first. Patterson takes it a little past the OAK 15.

4:06 PM - Marshawn hit behind the line on the first down run. There's a late flag.

4:07 PM - It's an unnecessary roughness call against the Raiders.

4:07 PM - Second and 18. Walford takes it to the OAK 15.

4:08 PM - Third and 11. Patterson gets six yards, which isn't enough to move the chains.

4:09 PM - Raiders punt. There's a flag in the backfield.

4:09 PM - It's a five yard penalty against the Raiders.

4:10 PM - Josh McCown is the starting QB for the Jets. Karl Joseph drops the running back for a two-yard loss.

4:11 PM - Second and 12. Matt Forte gets a three yard gain.

4:11 PM - Third and nine. McCown scrambles for maybe one yard. Time for the Jets to punt.

4:12 PM - The kick sails out of bounds around the OAK 19.

4:15 PM - Lynch rumbles for about four yards.

4:16 PM - Second and six. A 26 yard pick-up for Michael Crabtree on a Lynch to Carr flea-flicker.

4:17 PM - Patterson with a seven or so-yard run.

4:17 PM - Second and two. Cooper with a quick pick-up on the slant to move the chains.

4:18 PM - Lynch slips and rolls on a first down pitch.

4:19 PM - Second and 10. Marshawn with a four yard gain.

4:19 PM - Third and six. Flags down. Looks like the Jets jumped. Yep, it's five free yards for the Raiders.

4:20 PM - Third and one. Lynch takes it down to the OAK 20. That's a 13-yard rip.

4:21 PM - Incomplete to Seth Roberts in the end zone.

4:22 PM - Second and 10. Jared Cook with a six yard reception.

4:22 PM - Third and fourth. Washington takes it down to nearly the Jets' 1.

Michael Crabtree gets the Raiders on the board first via a one-yard TD reception.

4:23 PM - First and goal. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!

4:24 PM - Michael Crabtree reels in the two-step screener.

4:24 PM - And the PAT is good. Raiders take the lead, 7-0.

4:27 PM - The Jets return man takes it to the NYJ 37.

4:28 PM - Robbie Anderson hauls in the 19-yard pass.

4:29 PM - The deep pass gets slapped away by Gareon Conley.

4:29 PM - Second and 10. Forte hit right at the line.

4:30 PM - Third and nine. MARIO EDWARDS JR WITH THE SACK!

4:35 PM - Donald Penn hit with a clipping penalty.

4:35 PM - Cook with about ten on the first and 17 play.

4:36 PM - Second and 7. Richard hit at the line.

4:36 PM - Third and seven. Amari Cooper with a 13-yard reception.

4:37 PM - And the Jets call a timeout, because they're still the Jets.

4:40 PM - Cooper hit right at the line on the first down pass.

4:40 PM - Second and 11. Crabtree is putting his shoe back on as the quarter ends.

4:43 PM - Still second and 11. And Richard gets a HUGE gain on the scoop and run. That's 39 yards.

4:44 PM - Lynch hit behind the line on the first yard run. 

4:45 PM - Second and 10. Lynch runs for about four yards.

4:45 PM - TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Michael Crabtree with his second end zone pilgrimage of the day!

4:46 PM - And the PAT is good. The Raiders lead it, 14-0.

4:49 PM - The Jets take the touchback, so they'll start at their own 25.

4:50 PM - McGuire with a six yard run.

4:51 PM - Second and four. Sterling hauls in enough yardage to move the sticks.

4:51 PM - Tye with about three yards on a pick-up.

4:52 PM - Second and six. Bruce Irvin hits the ball carrier behind the line for a loss. And just like last week, he gets hit with an unnecessary roughness call.

4:54 PM - Jets get 15 free yards and they're now at the midfield point. McGuire gets maybe three yards on the run.

4:54 PM - Second and seven. The back gets about four yards.

4:55 PM - Third and two. And Kearse actually HAULS in the 34 yard pass for a touchdown. The PAT is good. It's 14-7, Oakland.

4:59 PM - Patterson takes the kick all the way up to the OAK 30. Flags are down.

5:00 PM - Jon Feliciano hit with a personal foul penalty. That backs them up to their own 15.

5:00 PM - Crabtree with a 21 yard reception.

5:01 PM - Lynch runs for about eight.

5:01 PM - The pass is just short of Cook.

5:02 PM - Third and two. And the Raiders call a timeout.

5:03 PM - And the pass is short of Cook again. King out to punt.

5:04 PM - The Jets fair catch it at their own 9.

5:07 PM - Forte with a six yard run.

5:07 PM - Second and four. Forte with a seven yard pick up to move the chains.

5:08 PM - McGuire with a catch and run for seven yards.

5:09 PM - Second and three. Powell with maybe a yard on the catch.

5:09 PM - Third and three. Looks like the Jets receiver was hit just shy of the line.

5:10 PM - Well, they converted by a couple of inches.

5:11 PM - And Del Rio is challenging the spot of the ball.

5:12 PM - The ruling on the field stands.

5:13 PM - The running back is hit behind the line. There's a flag on the play.

5:14 PM - That's a 15-yard taunting penalty against Marquel Lee. 

5:14 PM - Forte runs across the OAK 40.

5:15 PM - That was a 16-yard run. Forte with a seven yard run.

5:15 PM - Second and three. Forte dropped about a yard shy of the first down marker.

5:16 PM - Third and one. The Jets call a timeout.

5:17 PM - And Tye can't haul in the catch.

5:18 PM - Jets trying for a field goal. It's good. Raiders still lead, 14-10.

5:19 PM - It'll be a touchback, so the Raiders will start the next drive at their own 25.

5:20 PM - Lynch with a two yard gain.

5:20 PM - Second and eight. Cooper can't hold on to it.

5:21 PM - Third and eight. And nope, it's not enough to move the chains.

5:22 PM - There's the two minute warning.


5:25 PM - Holton with the pivotal recovery. Lynch hit at the line.

5:27 PM - Second and goal. Lynch with about two yards on the run.

5:28 PM - Third and goal. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Beast Mode with his first score as an Oakland Raider!

5:28 PM - The PAT is good. Raiders lead it 21-10 with 21 seconds left in the half.

5:29 PM - Touchback, so the Jets will begin at their own 25.

5:30 PM - And the Jets just take a knee and run out the clock.

5:31 PM - Our halftime stats? Derek Carr is 13 for 18 for 167 yards and two touchdowns, while Josh McCown is 8 for 11 for 82 yards and one touchdown strike.

5:32 PM - As far as the run game is concerned, it's a lot closer than it would seem. The Raiders have 52 yards on the ground, while the Jets aren't far behind with 47.

5:33 PM - Michael Crabtree is the game's top receiver at the half. He's got 75 yards and two touchdowns on four receptions. Marshawn Lynch is the top rusher with 38 yards and a score on 11 carries.

5:33 PM - The Jets will get the ball first when we return from halftime.

5:45 PM - Offside call against the Raiders on the kickoff.

5:46 PM - Jets start around their own 30. About five yards on Powell's run.

5:46 PM - Second and five. The back might have enough to move the chains.

5:47 PM - Third and short. Looks like Powell has enough for a new set of downs.

5:47 PM - McCown scrambles for nine yards.

5:47 PM - Second and one. McGuire with a seven yard run.

5:48 PM - The back is dropped right at the line.

5:49 PM - Second and 10. Flag is down. 

5:49 PM - It's an illegal motion call against the Jets.

5:50 PM - Second and 15. Forte hit for a loss.

5:50 PM - Third and 18. And McCown RUNS to move the sticks.

5:51 PM - That was a 22 yard run. Carrie breaks up the long shot to the end zone.

5:52 PM - Second and 10. And the receiver is hit behind the line.

5:53 PM - Third and 10. And Anderson is pushed out of bounds about two yards short.

5:53 PM - Fourth and one. And the Jets are going for it.

5:54 PM - And McGuire is STOPPED at the line. 

5:54 PM - It's a delay of game penalty against the Jets, so they get to go again.

5:54 PM - Here comes the field goal unit. The field goal is good. It's 21-13, Raiders.

5:58 PM - Patterson is downed at the OAK 15.

5:59 PM - Washington with a six yard run.

5:59 PM - Second and four. Washington with more than enough to move the sticks.

6:00 PM - Washington with maybe a yard on the play.

6:00 PM - Second and 10. Washington ultimately dropped behind the line. A flag is down.

6:01 PM - 15-yard penalty against the Jets. 

6:01 PM - Crabtree turns the corner for about five.

6:02 PM - Second and six. Cook just shy of moving the sticks.

6:03 PM - Third and one. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Patterson cuts right down the middle for a 40-yard-plus run!

6:04 PM - That was a 43-yard run. And the PAT is good. It's 28-13, Raiders.

And don't you ever damn forget it, neither.

6:07 PM -  The Jets take the touchback. They'll start at their own 25.


6:10 PM - Second and 19. Mack gets called offsides. The Jets get five free yards.

6:11 PM - Second and 14. Kearse pushed out about three yards short.

6:12 PM - Third and three. Kerley converts via a ten-yard gain.

6:13 PM - McGuire with maybe two yards. 

6:13 PM - Second and 8. McGuire can't reel it in.

6:14 PM - Third and 8. JOSEPH SACKS MCCOWN.

6:15 PM - And that's the end of the third quarter. 

6:17 PM - Richard goes down at the OAK 20.

6:18 PM - Cooper with more than enough for a first down. A 16 yard pick up.

6:19 PM - A Jet is injured. Time for a commercial break.

6:22 PM - Lynch with a five yard reception.

6:22 PM - Steve McClendon was the hurt Jet. Second and 6. And Lynch appears to have enough to move the chains.

6:23 PM - TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Richard rips a 52-yard run! Of course the PAT is good. It's 35-13, Raiders.

6:27 PM - The ball fell off the stand, so the Raiders get to kick the ball again.

6:28 PM - AND JOSEPH WITH THE STRIP SACK! Raiders take over within the Jets' own 20.

6:30 PM - It's incomplete to Cooper in the end zone, but flags are everywhere.

6:30 PM - That puts the ball at the one yard line. AND CRABTREE WITH HIS THIRD TOUCHDOWN OF THE DAY!

6:31 PM - The XP is good. It's now 42-13, Oakland.

6:36 PM - The Jets take the touchback.

6:36 PM - Forte with about seven on the run.

6:37 PM - Second and 2. Keerley has enough for a new set of downs.

6:37 PM - Kearse with nine on the catch.

6:38 PM - Second and 2. Forte with enough to move the chains.

6:38 PM - Forte runs for maybe four, possibly five.

6:39 PM - Second and five at midfield. The receiver can't hold on to the ball.

6:39 PM - Third and five. The Raiders call a timeout.

6:41 PM - Forte takes it to the OAK 15.

6:41 PM - Amerson breaks it up in the end zone.

6:42 PM - Autry bats down the pass.

6:43 PM - Third and 10. The Jets call a timeout. Kearse reels in the catch in the end zone.

6:45 PM - Oh shit, Joseph looks hurt. OK, he's back on his feet. Good.

6:46 PM - The XP is good. It's 42-20, Raiders.

6:48 PM - Looks like the Jets are going for an onside kick.

6:49 PM - And the Raiders recover at midfield.

6:50 PM - Washington with a five yard run.

6:51 PM - Second and 5. And Lee Smith with enough to move the chains.

6:52 PM - Washington stopped behind the line.

6:52 PM - Second and 11. Washington stopped at the line.

Time to party like it's 2002, ya'll!

6:53 PM - Third and 11. And Richard gets enough to garner a new set of downs.

6:54 PM - Minimal gain on first down.

6:55 PM - Second and nine. Richard takes it to the NYJ 18.

6:55 PM - Third and four. Patterson picks it up at the 11. 

6:56 PM - Richard hit for a loss.

6:57 PM - Second and 11. And that'll take us to the two-minute warning.

7:00 PM - Richard with maybe a yard on the play.

7:01 PM - Third and 10. Washington hit about five yards short of the first down marker.

7:01 PM - Raiders going for it on fourth down, because why not when you are up by 22?

7:02 PM - And the Raiders jump offsides. Here comes the field goal unit. 

7:02 PM - It's good. Raiders lead it 45-20 with half a minute left in the game.

7:03 PM - It's a touchback.

7:04 PM - McGuire runs it up the middle for a first down.

7:05 PM - And that's the ball game, folks. Our final score in Oakland? Raiders 45, Jets 20.

7:06 PM - The Raiders are 2-0 for the first time since 2002. And all I can say is, man ... do I love football, with a passion.


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