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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Oct. 9, 2017 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X

The media would prefer you dwell on NFL protests rather than a black immigrant from Sudan shooting up a church full of white people

Remember back in 2015, when Dylann Roof walked into a church in South Carolina and killed nine black people? In case you forgot, it led to a national purge of all things "Confederate," with the media desperately, direly trying to equate all things Dixie with unabashed white supremacist ideology. Walmart pulled tee shirts with rebel flag designs, TV Land took Dukes of Hazzard reruns off the air and before long, statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were getting yanked down all over the country. Indeed, so wretched that "confederate" stench that in Memphis, city officials voted to exhume the corpses of dead Klansmen from their cemeteries. 

Hey, remember just a couple of weeks ago, when all those white guys marched in Charlottesville, Va. carrying Tiki Torches, and James Fields plowed into a bunch of protesters, and the media tried to get everybody worried about a white supremacist uprising, even though Fields didn't kill a single non-white person, and the only person who did die in the incident succumbed to an obesity-related heart attack and apparently wasn't even touched by Fields' car? Well, that led to MTV turning its annual awards show into an ode to white guilt, with Congress forcing POTUS to sign a totally pointless document denouncing "neo-Nazism" and "white supremacy" as domestic and existential threats to American civility. At that point, the media Wehrmacht had made up its mind as cultural dictators: it was time to eradicate "white prejudice" in all its incarnations and forms by any means necessary. And in a perfect display of glibly unaware totalitarianism in action, the gullible masses decided hate was such a distasteful and disdainful thing that the only reasonable thing to do was promulgate widespread hatred against those they accuse of fostering hate. In short, it became fashionable - if not socially condoned - to publicly air prejudice against "white people" in much the same fashion the Jews and gypsies were "acceptable targets" in post-Wiemar, pre-Hitler Germany.

Of course, it's a bit unusual how the media runs with the whole "racism MUST be eradicated" shtick whenever the aberrant "white supremacist" crime goes down, but the very same news-and-entertainment-industrial-complex goes out of its way to play apologists whenever Muslim radicals embark upon anti-white mass murder (which is certainly FAR more common than instances of "neo-Nazi" mass murder or "white supremacist" mass murder, without question.) And it's especially interesting how the media approaches the issue of racist black violence against whites, which occurs a whole lot more often than CNN or MSNBC would like its viewers to think

Naturally, MTV didn't host a four hour long screed against black supremacist violence when militant honky-hater Micah Xavier Johnson shot and killed five police officers in Dallas last year. Nor did the media embark on a sweeping jihad against black supremacist violence when disgruntled, homosexual of color Vester Lee Flanagan shot and killed two white co-workers on live television. And, of course, while the media had a field day covering the noble St. Louis protests in the wake of Jason Stockley's acquital, they didn't say a peep about the arrest of Fredrick Demond Scott, a black spree killer in Kansas City who only murdered middle-aged white men and left such cryptic comments on social media as "kill all white people." Nor does the national media even trudge up the alarming disparity in interracial rapes, homicides and violent assaults in the U.S., which all tilt heavily towards black-on-white victimization as opposed to the much more popular misconception of white-on-black hatred

The latest FBI Uniform Crime Report findings make it clear as day. In 2016, there were 533 incidents of black people murdering white individuals. Conversely, there were 243 incidents of white people murdering black individuals, but that number can be scaled down to just 148 if you factor out the murderers who identify as Hispanic. So despite the massive discrepancy in the number of white people in the U.S. (about 65 percent of the total populace) versus the number of black people in the U.S.  (about 13 percent of the total populace), white people in the U.S. remain almost five times likelier to by killed be a black person than a black person is to be killed by a white person. That ... sounds like something that's statistically significant, yet I guarantee you will NEVER hear any talking heads on The View or Nightline trudge up that little nugget of knowledge before a live studio audience. 

The term "narrative" gets thrown around a lot these days, but it's absolutely unmistakable that the mainstream media is actively trying to push a numerically false "black victimization" agenda down our throats. Even the tiniest, teeniest "microagression" perpetrated by white folks gets national coverage, but when three black people storm into a house in Alabama and MURDER a grandfather and his grandson JUST because they had the audacity to wave a rebel flag on their porch, you better believe Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post or ABC News ain't going anywhere near it. Long story short, it's suitable news to *them* if it furthers their "white people ought to be ashamed" storyline, and anything that contradicts the great fable of our time MUST be ignored, if not flatout suppressed from reaching the public consciousness. 

And nothing demonstrates that more than the media coverage we got on Sept. 25. Just hours earlier, 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson - a black immigrant from Sudan, whose social media posts appear to suggest an affinity towards certain black power politics and off-kilter Islamic ideologies - walked into the Burnett Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tenn. and opened fire, killing 39-year-old Melanie Crow Smith and wounding six other worshipers at the almost 100 percent white church. Of course, the mainstream media totally ignored the matter so they could yammer on and on about the anti-Trump NFL protests instead, with many top publications and programs glossing over the mass shooting altogether. Case in point: that morning's edition of the New York Times didn't even get to the incident until page 14

Alas, the mainstream media - unlike in the aftermath of the 2015 Charleston shooting - didn't go on a memetic pogrom to rid the culture of black power iconography. And unlike in the aftermath of the Charlottesville crowd plowing incident, you didn't see MTV run a four-hour special bemoaning the horrors of black identity politics violence, nor did a single member of Congress draw up a resolution demanding Donald Trump denounce acts of radical, anti-white terror. And even after seven white people got shot during a church service by a psychotic, rage-fueled black identitarian, the fucking mayor of Nashville's big concern isn't in containing and stamping out such acts of racial violence, but convincing her constituents to not jump to conclusions about the shooter's motives.

You don't need me to tell you that if the script was reversed - with a white man shooting up a black church during Sunday service - that it would be the nation's biggest story and make international headlines. The media would puff it up as a dire warning about racist white sentiments in American society, and the entertainment-industrial complex would go on a jihad to condemn, discourage and destroy any semblances, real or imagined, of pro-white ideology like they were trying to eradicate the sociopolitical version of smallpox.

But they never do that after racist, hate-filled black people kill, injure, maim or mutilate white people for ideological purposes - indeed, most times, it feels like the media is actually playing defense force for them, doing everything they can to either sweep the incidents under the rug or make it seem like there was some other mitigating factor in the violence besides seething resentment of the victims based solely on their skin color

This is not an opinion - the empirical evidence is both ample and obvious. The big question now is why the media/entertainment Cerberus is so goddamn hypocritical when it comes to how they cover, analyze and interpret racial violence depending on who's doing the killing and who's the ones getting killed.

In fact, that might just be the greatest question of our generation, the more that I think about.

Oklahoma lesbians get 20 years in prison for beating five-year-old child with hammers, kicking his groin until blood started pouring out of his genitals

One of the great mythologies of our time is that women are non-violent creatures - this, despite the fact mothers are responsible for 70 percent of all filicides and that countries with female heads of state are bout 27 percent likelier to go to war than ones with male leadersAnother great mythology of our time is that homosexuals are almost exclusively victims of violent crimes as opposed to perpetrators - this, despite the well-documented, non-hetero sexual orientations of serial killers like Eileen Wournos, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. Well, the Sooner State just gifted us a story that dispels both popular narratives in one feel swoop. On Sept. 20, Rachel Stevens, 29, and Kayla Jones, 26, were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the torture of one of their five-year-old children. According to police documents, the lesbian couple not only kept the child locked up like an animal and underfed him, they beat him with hammers and whips so mercilessly that he wound up having two abuse-stimulated strokes. Additional documents say the couple also took turns kicking the child in the groin until he started bleeding from his genitals. Amazingly, the couple tried to start a GoFundMe page to pay for the child's injuries they themselves caused, claiming his seizures and facial injuries were the result of an accidental fall. Of course, we here at The Internet Is In America would NEVER want our readers to get the idea that all fish taco eaters display similar behavior - but then again, that doesn't really cancel out the fact there's a whole hell of a bunch of dykes out there who are really, REALLY fond of beating the hell out of their kids, despite UCLA's assertions that child abuse in lesbian households is virtually non-existent.

Black students at Cornell demand fewer black students at Cornell

The Egyptians were quite fond of this thing called an "ouroboros." Basically, it was a drawing of a snake or some other creature digesting its own tail; in that, it's a symbol that represents not only self-cannibalization, but an endless cycle of self-destructive behavior. Well, you might as well add Cornell University's Black Students Union to the Wikipedia article under the "really, really hilarious examples" section. Recently, the Ivy League student group mailed a ransom letter - or a list of demands, whatever you want to call it - to the school's president, demanding, among other things, that the university suspends an entire fraternity from campus for allegedly having a member who said the word "nigger" and then reallocate their frat house to them as a student of color safe space. But that's not all, folks: in that same letter, the BSU also implored the university to do something about the disproportionate number of black students on campus who hail from the Caribbeans and actual Africa, claiming "there is a lack of investment in Black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America. Cornell must work to actively support students whose families have been impacted for generations by white supremacy and American fascism." And if you think this deliciously ironic in-fighting among black identitarians is reason enough to smile ear from ear, just wait until you get a load of Damon Young's self-emasculating screed "Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People" over at The Root, in which the author suggests the unified women and queers of color gang up on men of color for their relatively privileged status in these United States. "We are the ones who get the biggest seat at the table," Young bemoans in the awe-inspiring column, "and the biggest piece of chicken at the table despite making the smallest contribution to the meal."

A round-up of the most recent moral hysterics involving ray-ray-RACISM

To say "racism" is an extremely trite and overused term these days is kinda' like saying water is wet, the sky is blue and Bill Maher is an ugly, unfunny piece of shit - it's self-evident to anyone possessing even the most basic faculties of their senses. Still, I reckon it would behoove each and every one of us to take a gander at the following recent events in which the dreaded "R" word reared its hideous, malformed head, so that we can truly grasp the severity of the issue in our contemporary cultural climate:

And if you thought hardened racial animus was just for adults, researchers at the University of Toronto would like to twist your ear for a minute. In a recent Child Development article, "researcher" Kang Lee declared that children as young as six months old can display signs of racial in-group superiority, and the only known cure is ample exposure to other races. Of course, Lee's study doesn't exactly prove that six-month-olds foster a strong disdain and distrust of differently colored people, just a certain affinity towards the same ethnic group - which, of course, is pretty much the same thing as racism, just as long as that ethnic group is mayonnaise-hued.

Colleges continue proud tradition of turning young adults into mush-headed, liberty-hating ideologues

Of course, it's a bit of a disservice to host a feature called "This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom" without touching upon the proverbial breeding ground for tomorrow's next generation of oikophobic Democrats, so how about we take a quick glance at some of the more amusing/depressing stories to emerge from our vaunted universities as of late? Buckle your seatbelt, Sweet Susie - this stuff is going to make your head hurt a plenty:

And for those of you wondering what the absolute most deliciously ironic campus item of the last couple of weeks - hell, maybe in the history of American academia, the more I dwell upon it? At William & Mary College, a gaggle of Black Lives Matters protesters invaded a guest lecture, unfurled a giant sign reading "blood on your hands" and proceeded to scream "the oppressed are not impressed," "liberalism is white supremacy," and "the revolution will not uphold the Constitution" for 20 minutes. By the way, the lecturer who drew the ire of the student group was none other than Claire Gastanaga, a representative of that nefarious, diabolical, radical hate-group more commonly known as the American Civil Liberties Union.

SPLC blames racist massacres on a lack of Internet Censorship

Over in Europe - where the powers-that-be have not only accepted cultural suicide as their new manifest destiny, but openly embraced and lauded their own demographical demise - there's already quite a bit of hate speech suppression on the Webs, with several people being arrested and imprisoned for such horrible crimes as recording their pugs giving "heil Hitler" salutes and uploading it to Facebook. Well, the SPLC looks to take a page out of the lefty Limeys' playbook via their Teaching Tolerance publication, which gives out tips on how public school educators can sneak cultural Marxist propaganda into their 6th grade algebra curriculum. In a piece penned by Cory Collins - who, ironically enough, looks like he's the kind of guy that would gleefully let Milo Yianappolous fuck him in the ass - the author blames Dylann Roof's 2015 shooting rampage on Google's algorithms being "deaf to 'dog whistles,' or the coded language of white nationalist messaging and pseudoscientific racism." As such, Collins draws the only reasonable conclusion anyone would, which is to chide Google and Facebook for providing "gateways to hate" instead of instantly and immediately removing all non-SPLC approved materials from the Interweb (which was the actual fate of The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi satire site whose literal banning from the Web portends, perhaps, a grave future of Silicon Valley arbitrated free expression.) "In short, search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook take a user's information and web history [and] with that information, online agency becomes a facade," Collins continues. "Behind the curtain, a formula controls what users see and steers them toward content that confirms their likes, dislikes and biases; practically, this helps advertisers. Consequentially, it replaces the open internet of diverse perspectives with an open door to polarization and radicalization." Of course, Collins never notes that inherent contradiction of his spiel (if people already have likes, dislikes and biases, where did they acquire them before Google and Facebook rewired their brains?), nor the irony of suggesting suppression of controversial ideas is a natural segue to "diverse perspectives" and not cyber-authoritarianism. Alas, maybe Collins and his progressivist ilk will be a lot happier when the U.S. adopts a more U.K.-esque perspective on the scourge of "hate speech" - where people can now be sentenced to 15 YEARS IN PRISON for merely watching or reading "radical" online materials.

Humongous-breasted model spends more than $60,000 to turn herself artificially black

I don't think people truly realize just how close we are to metahumanism becoming a legitimate social issue. I assure you, transgenderism is just the tip of the iceberg; we've already got people getting plastic surgery to look like fuckin' Dungeons & Dragons characters, and God help us when the people who identify as "trans-dogs" finally get an opportunity to alter their DNA (with generous subsidies from the federal government, no doubt.) But why wait for the future, when the ability to cosmetically change races is already here? Enter 28-year-old fetish model Martina Big, who, as her name implies, has an absolutely enormous set of breasts. Alas, she wasn't just content with having artificially augmented titties, she wanted to literally transform herself into a black woman, which - via the aid and assistance of tanning injections and and a 50-tube sunbed - deep fried her skin the same color as an extra-thick batch of Yoo-Hoo. Naturally, Miss Big made her grand public debut as an artificial African-American on that exemplar of American journalistic excellence, The Maury Povich Show, complete with three gold chains displaying the word "Black" in cursive  around her neck and a new, kinkified 'do Rachel Dolezal would be plum envious of. Despite the predominantly black audience being mighty miffed by the joyous disposition of what is perhaps the world's first trans-nigga', Big didn't attempt to hide her recently race-switched exuberance. "It's better to be black, the feeling inside is just better," she said. "That is my race. I can't wait to go to Africa, because I hear the food is tasty."

China forces Muslims to assimilate at gunpoint; American liberals terrified of Donald Trump's alleged "Islamaphobia" say, do absolutely fucking nothing

The big gaping problem with today's SJW ideology is that - at heart - it's a deeply hypocritical ethos that, for all its vaunting and reverence of globalization, almost never applies its mandatory equality Tao to peoples and places beyond their own national borders. For example, here in the States leftists go absolutely apeshit over Christian bakers refusing to make lesbian wedding cakes, but when it comes to THEIR presidential candidate accepting campaign contributions from nations where homo sex is punishable by execution, all of that "equality" stuff suddenly doesn't seem to be as great an imperative anymore. Case in point? The mainsteam media was dead silent when China announced plans in late September to FORCE Muslims living in the Xinjiang region to hand over all of the religious accouterments - their Korans, their prayer rugs, etc. - or face a suspiciously (and terrifyingly) nondescript "harsh punishment" at the hands of China's notoriously trigger-happy police forces. Of course, there has to be some sort of logical explanation why the very same big media Leviathans that were shitting bricks over Trump's proposed travel bans aren't making a peep about the world's largest country ACTIVELY trying to genocide Muslims, right? I mean, it's not like NBC's parent company is literally OWNED by a Chinese conglomerate, or ABC's parent company has billions invested in Chinese ventures, or CNN's parent company has a strategic partnership with China's state-media, or The New York Times lets China print propaganda under the guise of advertisements in their newspaper or anything like that ... 

Women's March organization fears increasing Twitter character count may be a boon for white supremacists

Mass psychosis is nothing new. In the 1500s the Holy Roman Empire was besieged by a literal dancing mania where people thought they had some sort of demon inside them and flailed their arms about for days on end until they dropped dead from exhaustion. In the 1960s in Tanzania, a school closed down because all of the students just wouldn't stop laughing and the adults had no idea what the fuck to do. And of course, throughout the 1980s Reagan's America lived in trembling fear of the great Satanic Panic, even though all of the actual child sexual abuse they were terrified of was going on in the Catholic Church and public schools at the time. But those little trifles don't have dookie on the great social paranoia of our day, which is the great boogeyman of white supremacy. Indeed, so utterly obsessed with that dastardly phantom of Caucasian bigotry, the aggrieved and self-oppressed are seeing invisible Nazis and make-believe Klansmen everywhere they go, with even the most distant, detached and neutral news items somehow getting reconstructed and reconfigured so as to tie back to their incessant honky fear mongering. Case in point? The fine bitches, sluts, skanks and whores behind the Women's March from earlier this year immediately decried Twitter's decision to expand their maximum character length per tweet because, in their eyes, "280 characters is 280 characters too many to spread white supremacy." Despite several emails, however, the organization has yet to get back to me on the matter of whether or not a four pack of ink pens is four too many to spread white supremacy, nor have they told me if a 32 GB flash drive offers 32 gigabits too much racial bigotry than anyone should ever be allotted.

So busy grasping for straws to blame election results on Russia meddling, media forgets to report on Trump's economic accomplishments

Almost a year down the road and the media is still desperately, direly trying to drum up some sort of international collusion conspiracy theory to rationalize why their candidate didn't win. Now, while a quick one hour survey of Walmart customers in rural Michigan would tell ABC and CNN everything they need to know as to why Trump won the election, the news-entertainment-industrial complex has resolved itself to find SOME smoking gun that proves once and for all those dastardly Russians brainwashed our innocent citizens into casting their ballot for the Trumpster. Alas, while spending God knows how many millions of dollars and man hours trying to find links between Russia and Facebook and the Trump campaign team, they seem to have completely blocked out the rather remarkable economic boons that have occurred since The Donald took office - i.e., the fulfillment of the campaign promises that one might assume are the reason people in formerly blue states voted for him in the first place. Surely, there's a reason why the media has willfully ignored the news that U.S. household wealth has jumped up a full trillion dollars in Donald Trump's first eight months in office, or why the CNNs and ABCs of the world won't go anywhere near the news that barely six months into his presidency, the nation's GDP growth has increased a monumental 3.1 percent ... a feat, we might add, that the walking Democratic dildos at NPR said was flat out impossible back in June. Alas, rather than focus on these financial matters - which, as polls have indicated time and time again were the electorate's single most important election issue - the mainstream media continues to berate the Trump White House for all the usual canards, ceaselessly trying to convince middle America of the President's shameless sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and xenophobia. Which, as the astute Rob Robb of The Arizona Republic recently observed, is sure but to have one affect: a landslide reelection come 2020.
...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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