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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Nov. 12, 2018 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X

The night the lights came on in Georgia

Practically all year round, the media’s been hyping up a so-called “blue wave,” in which Democratic candidates were expected — if not outright encouraged — by the media to give the Orange Man in the Oval Office the old what-fer by not only taking back the House and Senate, but replacing dyed-red conservative governors in states like Florida and Texas with their own Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

Well, the cerulean tsunami was more of a five-minute sprinkle than an electoral squall. The Democrats did indeed become the House majority, but with Republicans maintaining a majority of the Senate, good fucking luck seeing Congress accomplish ANYTHING between now and 2020. Even worse for our liberal-leaning friends, their noble, plodding attempts to win the governor’s seat in high-population red states didn’t exactly turn out the way they planned. While the races were indeed close, it looks like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot will indeed be re-elected as the governors of Florida, and Texas, respectively. But while those gubernatorial losses may no doubt sting, NOTHING burns more for the liberals than what happened in Georgia, where Brian Kemp — a man who literally based his primary campaign on pointing shotguns at teenagers and bragging about rounding up illegal immigrants in his own pick-up truck — managed to best democratic rival Stacey Abrams, this, despite receiving $5.5 million in campaign contribution from San Francisco-based Power PAC, an additional $4.5 from the Democratic Governors Association and a $1 million gift from none other than George freaking Soros himself.

The Democratic powers-that-be no doubt saw Georgia as their marquee race this midterm cycle. Indeed, so exhilarated by the prospects of installing the nation’s first black female governor in a state home to the world’s largest Confederate-themed sculpture, they rolled out a who’s who of stump speakers to rile up the masses in Atlanta, Albany, Augusta and everywhere in between, including but not limited to Will Ferrell, Barack Obama and perhaps most notably, Oprah Winfrey, who at this point, represents the only truly viable name thrown out by the DNC thus far who stands a chance of dethroning Trump come 2020.

Nonetheless, not only did Kemp win a race the Democratic elite wholeheartedly expected to run away with, Abrams — who some have noted looks suspiciously like NFL great Michael Strahan in drag — couldn’t even muster enough votes to force a runoff. Naturally, rather than blame this loss on the party’s failure to mobilize its own base, stimulate apathetic inner city dwellers or convince conservative-minded ideologues to reconsider their own economic and social policy worldviews, the endless refrain from the left has been — what else? — “muh racism,” ad nauseam.

Of course, amidst all the (largely) baseless claims of voter suppression and manipulation, the Democrats never turned the mirror on themselves and reflected on what they themselves did — and didn’t do — to lose the election (which, naturally, they still haven’t conceded to.) In a state of roughly 11 million people (and about 6.5 million registered voters), the Dems simply hoped that an iron-tight focus on huge, urban agglomerations of people like Atlanta, Macon and Savannah would be enough to put them over the 50 percent threshold. And as urban sprawl slowly seeps throughout the counties adjacent to Atlanta, in a good 10-20 years that may indeed be just the winning strategy they’d like it to be. Alas, the way the demographics shake out today, the number of people who DON’T reside in Georgia’s illustrious, crime-ridden, densely-populated hellholes still outpaces the number who do. As I’ve said before, lost amid all of this perpetual “red vs. blue” rhetoric is the oft-overlooked reality that America is truly divided along the lines of “green vs. grey” — those who live in cities, proper, vs. those who live in rural, exurban and most suburban strongholds.

Of course people in cities tend to prefer progressive politics bordering on socialism. It’s because they live in densely populated agglomerations where resources are clearly finite, mobility is greatly limited and a larger, more powerful government is needed to keep shit from devolving into The Purge the next time some white cop pops a cap in a black kid. Conversely, it’s no surprise why people who live outside of the stifling, oppressive, brick-and-concrete jungles in Georgia tend to opt for conservative candidates. With more space, more economic opportunities and more mobility, they want LESS government around to enforce their bullshit on them because, quite frankly, they don’t need them around to micromanage resources and keep the means of transportation running.

Basically, it all boils down to this: liberal city-dwellers are collectivists who need someone to control the environment around them and certain variables of their lives to ensure their basic economic and civic survival, and conservative county-dwellers are individualists who don’t want anyone or anything telling them how, when, why or where they should live their lives.

Long story short, the results of Georgia’s governor’s race ought to tell the Dems one thing: that, for the time being, the state’s got more of the latter in it than the former. Call it an upset loss, if you want — I just prefer to call Tuesday’s election outcome the night the lights came on in Georgia.

Al Jazeera documentary painstakingly details extent of Israel lobbyists’  influence on American life; American media, for some reason, refuses to acknowledge its existence

The Al-Jazeera network is basically the Qatari version of NPR and PBS; a state-funded television station that was stupid enough to buy Al Gore’s TV channel and think American viewers were ever going to watch it. While the network’s attempt to make inroads in the U.S. market has been a dismal failure, the network still has a pretty strong following in Europe, and their documentary series division is oft-considered to be one of the last remaining beacons of hope for actual broadcast journalism.

Indeed, Al-Jazeera’s latest investigative reporting series — a four-part, four-hour-long program called The Lobby U.S. — would almost certainly be a lock for a Pulitzer or a Peabody had an American network produced it. But then again, considering the documentary series is rather critical of Israel — and a certain ethnic group that may or may not be known for having a disproportionately high level of representation in the country’s entertainment, media, academic, banking and judicial sectors — it’s also a fairly safe bet that NO network in the United States would have had the chutzpah to green light the project to begin with.

Two episodes into the series, the program has probed into the practices of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in particular how the organization has sought to squash opposition from pro-Palestinian groups, particularly anyone and anybody involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, by labeling them as hard line radical Muslims and unrepentant white trash racist for even mulling the idea that modern day Israel is kinda-sorta an apartheid state. But where things get really interesting is in the latter two installments, where it’s revealed just how deeply embedded pro-Israeli operatives are in congressional functions, to the point the U.S. government has voluntarily given them intel on private American citizens … which, uh, I think is probably illegal or treasonous or something. The series concludes with a presentation of hidden camera footage demonstrating the lengths the pro-Israeli lobby will go to make manufactured outrage look legitimate, from astro-turf protests to literally wooing the media into believing their state-propaganda constitutes impartial coverage of ethnic conflict in the West Bank, complete with insiders themselves explaining how their prime objective is to smear anyone who disagrees with their agenda as racist anti-Semites.

All four installments of the documentary — which Al-Jazeera never had the huevos to formally broadcast on the telly — have since been leaked online. Catch 'em while you can, kiddos — something tells me it's only a matter of time before this stuff gets mysteriously shut down by the powers that are.

FDA approves opioid 10 times more powerful than Fentanyl … what could go wrong?

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 30,000 Americans died from synthetic opioid overdoses last year. Factoring in overdose deaths attributable to heroin, other forms of opioids and methadone, the death toll rises to well over 60,000 fatal O.D.s in 2017 alone. Now, considering that death toll is almost higher than the total number of deaths attributed to vehicle accidents and firearms (including suicides) combined last year in the United States, one might come to the conclusion that, no, it’s probably not the best idea to introduce a newer opioid — one that’s 10 times more potent than fentanyl — to the market.

Well, leave it to the Food and Drug Administration to go against commoner’s wisdom when they approved Nov. 2 Dsuvia, an opioid tablet that’s being touted as 1,000 times stronger than morphine. Of course, the FDA being the stewards of public health and safety they are, super-duper-promised us that the drug would ONLY be available in hospital settings. “It can’t be dispensed to patients for home use and should not be used for more than 72 hours,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in a press release. “That means it won’t be available at retail pharmacies for patients to take home.”

Interestingly enough, Gottlieb goes on to describe how the sufentanil-derived product was developed in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense, who were curious about the opioids’ efficiency as a battlefield treatment during military operations.

Strangely enough, that same press release doesn’t mention the name of the company is actually responsible for Dsuvia existing in the first place — Redwood, California-based AcelRx, whose board chair just so happens to be the CEO of Aralez Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian-based company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August.

A brilliant move on the part of the Canucks, if I may say so myself — while everybody’s waiting for all those narcotics shipments to snake through Mexico, here they are are sneaking in the really deadly, next-gen stuff through the northern border … and getting military contract money for it, to boot.

64-year-old black man beats up 14-year-old child and the Internet gives him $180,000 (and counting) for it

On Nov. 2, Marston Riley — a 64-year-old black music teacher at Maywood Academy High School, an alternative school in Los Angeles County — got tired of a 14-year-old male student (who is described as white in most media accounts, although considering it's inner-city LA, the odds of the student being one of those "white" Hispanics seems statistically more reasonable) calling him a "nigger" so he did the only thing a senior citizen educator would — he punched the student in the face, grabbed him by his head and appeared to bash the juvenile's face in with a blunt object (possibly a cell phone?) a good two to three dozen times. As the video evidence clearly shows, Riley was only a good two feet-taller than the student and appeared to only had a good 100-or-so-pound weight advantage; but then again, considering the fact the child had to be hospitalized for the injuries he sustained in the attack — where Riley appears to be the aggressor who lobbed the first punch — such probably goes without saying. Unsurprisingly, Riley was arrested for the attack and is almost certainly going to be prosecuted for a litany of felony crimes. Still, that hasn't stopped some of Riley's colleagues from reaching out to the Internet to gain sympathy points and cold hard cash. A GoFundMe page set up to pay for Riley's "hardships" went live just hours after the arrest; just one week later, the Internet hoi polli has since donated a staggering $180,000-plus to his coffers, which presumably will be used to pay off his mounting legal fees.

No word on whether or not the actual victim of the crime, however, has received a dime from those same virtue signalling crowdfunders, though.

Reporter fired after leaving profanity-laced tirade against black Michigan politician

Late last month, we were privy to a downright bizarre situation where former POTUS Barack Obama — routinely regarded as the first black president in American history, even though half his DNA is supplied via a Caucasian woman — took to the podium to tell Michiganders to NOT vote for a young black man seeking federal office. Indeed, leftists of all colors of the rainbow were plumb vicious when it came to attacking U.S. Senate hopeful John James, an African-American Republican whose campaign included a one-minute TV spot in which he explained — oh so eloquently — why he believes the Democratic Party only cares about black votes and not black people themselves. Alas, despite besting 68-year-old Democratic candidate Debbie Stabenow — who may or may not be a clone of Estelle Getty — 69 counties to 15, Stabenow nonetheless soaked up enough inner city and college campus votes to prevent the nightmare situation of a self-made, pro-Trump black man representing the state’s common public interests in D.C. Alas, even in defeat, there’s at least one silver lining to James’ election defeat — that being, the fact it cost at least one pseudo-journalist her livelihood. On Nov. 5, The Daily Huron News announced they had shitcanned reporter Brenda Battel after she mistakenly left a voice message to the James’ campaign describing in florid language how much she thought it would “suck” if he won the election. And in case you’re wondering, yes … the now unemployed “journalist” looks EXACTLY what the way she sounds.

CNN, NBC, Fox declare Donald Trump ad to be ‘racist,’ don’t bother providing legal, scientific definition of what ‘racism’ is

During Nov. 4’s broadcast of Sunday Night Football, a pro-Trump ad was aired nationally that featured Luis Bracamontes — a convicted cop killer who not only confessed to murdering two California sheriff’s deputies in 2014, but openly bragged about it in front of a judge during his own trial. Of course, rather than focus on the fact that Bracamontes was an illegal immigrant who was deported multiple times before mercilessly slaying two public safety officials, a menagerie of media outlets — CNN, NBC, Fox and Facebook, among them — quickly announced they were pulling the spot from the airwaves, due to the content being — yep, you guessed it — racist.

Indeed, in CNN’s write-up, the writers — yes, apparently it took two CNN staffers to churn this sucker out — use the term “racist” no less than six times (including in the article’s own headline) and only once is the term … which, to this day, has neither a United Nations-sanctioned international human rights definition, nor a federally-defined legal one as explicitly laid out in United States code … printed in context of a quote.

Of course, while authors Brian Stetler and Oliver Darcy are quick to break out the dreaded “R-word” to describe the television spot, at no point in the article do they ever seek to establish … or direct the reader to ... an actual legally-binding definition of what the term “racism” is. If one were to hold CNN to actual journalistic standards — and let’s face it, that’s something that hasn’t been a common practice for Atlanta’s cable news juggernaut for a LONG time now — they might consider CNN’s wholesale usage of the inherently subjective term to constitute a form of reportorial malfeasance, epistemologically no different than if they used patently emotional terms like “bad,” “wrong” or “unholy” to describe said ads.

The authors of the CNN “report” also said the news network rejected the ads because it “contained factual inaccuracies, and it is not uncommon for networks to reject advertisements on such grounds.”

Too bad the powers that be at CNN don’t apply that same dedication to facticity to their own on-air product, huh?

High school marching band under fire for allegedly spelling out racial slur during football game — but there’s a hilarious unexpected twist

Parents, students, staff, faculty, bus drivers, mail carriers and seemingly everybody else with a common shred of human decency in Gwinnett County, Georgia, were AGHAST when four students at Brookwood High used their sousaphone covers to spell out a derogatory term typically used to refer to members of the African-American community at a Nov. 2 football game. Indeed, the local media was more than enthusiastic to give the incident prominent coverage, to the point the Atlanta Journal Constitution and ABC affiliate WSB-TV promoted it as a top story above Georgia’s Secretary of State office announcing the Democratic Party of Georgia was under investigation for allegedly trying to hack the statewide voting system.

“To know the atmosphere is polluted with racism, it hurts my heart," WSB-TV quoted Shawn Myers. “It’s derogatory. It’s nothing. It means you’re nothing.”

Her son, a freshman who is also part of the school marching band, was just as incensed and troubled by the insidious display of racist acrimony, stating “I don’t like being a part of Brookwood because of this” and “I want these guys expelled.”

Well, come Monday afternoon, Brookwood High Principal William Bo Ford, Jr. — who, as an aside, is a very pasty looking white man — released the findings of a full school investigation. And as it turns, out the lamentable, hate-filled ethno-supremacists who rearranged the word “broncos” to spell out “coon” were, well, not exactly the lily-white nationalists the local media was expecting.

“In our interviews, the students — two of whom are African-American, one of whom is Asian and one of whom is Hispanic — indicated that this was intended as a joke, one that they thought would be funny,” Ford’s official statement reads. “We have identified two other students who do not appear to be involved in the planning and execution but did provide false information to school officials. All six of these students will receive discipline consequences commensurate with their involvement in this incident.”

But then again, considering one out of five black students and three out of 10 Hispanic students within the Gwinnett County Public Schools system drops out of high school, maybe all these outraged administrators and mamas ought to be happy at least four of their own even know how to spell an insensitive racial pejorative — let alone display the group coordination skills to form a multiracial alliance to troll an entire high school audience with it.

Vice wants you to know that violence against feminists will not be tolerant … even when those feminists are lines of code in a video game

The Brooklyn-based Vice Media monolith had pretty lofty financial goals for 2017. Unfortunately, their ambitious revenue target of $805 million fell short by a mere $705 million, with rumors swirling that HBO is likely to cancel their contract with Vice as early as next year. Of course, one wonders why Vice continues to circle the drain, despite such outstanding contributions to the journalistic medium as “I Made One of My Guy Friends Wear Fake Foreskins for a Week” being published on a nigh-daily basis, and especially when you realize they’re actually paying people to pen stuff like this recent screed against the Rockstar video game Red Dead Redemption 2, which has the totally objective and not-at-all-overbroad headline “Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Are Excited to Attack and Kill the Feminists in the Game.” In Emanuel Maiberg’s apoplectic rant — and of course, it is to be noted that the surname “Maiberg” is clearly Gaelic in origin — the author takes the developers of the game to task for allowing players to beat the living dookie out of a suffragette NPC, specifically railing against one YouTube user who uploaded a video of his in-game character pummeling a late 1800s feminist and trying to feed her battered corpse to an alligator. Of course, Maiber doesn’t take any offense at all to the fact the very same video game allows players to mass murder Klan members, evangelical preachers and impoverished, inbred hillbillies, but asides, ya’ll, asides. Interestingly enough, one of Maiberg’s biggest criticisms is that the game allows players to beat this one specific NPC up, but makes it impossible to virtually murder any of the children in the game or virtually shag any of the game’s NPC prostitutes. Meanwhile, the YouTube streamer in question has since turned the whole shtick into quite the cottage industry, with some feminist-bashing (literally) videos garnering upward of 1 million views and counting. But what’s truly disheartening for the author, however, is the YouTuber’s lamentable laissez-faire take on viewer comments. “I mean, obviously, I don’t agree with the sexist comments, but there is not much I can do about them,” the creator of the “offending” videos told Maiberg. “I don’t like censoring people’s opinions, regardless if I like them or not.”

Clearly, such a radical take on free expression on the Internet is such cause for grave concern that the powers that be at YouTube did the only sensible thing there is to do in these oh-so sensitive times ... they shut down the offending broadcaster’s channel altogether.

Dutch man attempts to legally prove age ain’t nothing but a number

When it comes to nutzoid “progressive” politics, the Netherlands — perhaps owing to its geographic proximity wedged in-between the liberal hellscapes that are modern day France and Germany — is about as far to the left as you can get without artificial famines and marauding death squads entering the equation. Thus, it’s no surprise that the same nation that is now subsidizing the suicides of non-terminally ill people for feeling sad might become the first country on the planet to legally define “age” not as an objectively measurable, unchangeable fact, but something that — alike some consider sex, gender and even race — is fluid and up to the individual in question, not the time-space continuum, to determine. Sixty-nine-year-old Emile Ratelband is asking a real Dutch court if he can legally lower his age to 49, citing his inability to get a mortgage and being shown too many old skanks on his Tinder feed as the undurable hardships on his being. Indeed, Ratelband — surprise, but apparently he's some sort of new-age guru guy on Dutch TV — is so gung-ho about being 49 again that he told officials in Arnhem that he would be willing to sacrifice his roughly $1,370 a month pension from the government if it meant subtracting those extra two-decades from his official life-clock. Of course, Ratelband's argument is obvious; if people can just up and change their sexual and ethnic identity whenever they want, why shouldn't he be able to change his age in the exact same manner? We'll have to wait about a month before the court issues its final edict — regardless, we can only assume pedophiles across the planet are awaiting the verdict with breath most bated.

This week’s sign of the impending apocalypse: 10-year-old Wisconsin girl to be tried as adult for stomping 6-month-old infant to death

Ive never been one to use emotionally-charged, wholly unscientific anti-descriptors like “evil,” but every now and then you hear about a crime so ghastly that it almost makes you want to break out the big fat, metaphysical “e” word. Well, let’s all put on our dandiest winter coats and trek to that icy, arctic tundra known as Wisconsin, the same frigid economic and geographical wasteland that birthed such classic American lunatics as Ed “a bowl of lips by the fridge” Gein and Jeffrey “hold on a sec, let me fill this black kid’s brain with hydrochloric acid while watching The Exorcist III on VHS again” Dahmer, for this week’s journey into the deepest, darkest and most depraved part of the human experience. On Nov. 5, Chippewa County prosecutors formally charged a 10-year-old girl with the brutal murder of a six-month-old child. According to the D.A., the child — unnamed by the local media, so make of that what you will — “accidentally” dropped the barely half-a-year-old victim headfirst on a footstool. When the baby started crying, she responded by stomping it multiple times, to the point the girl’s shoe print was embedded on the victim’s skull; after being taken to a children’s hospital, the victim was declared dead less than two days later. Of course, the parents of the accused murderer say their kiddo should be held blameless, since she has had “a history of severe emotional problems” and they couldn’t get her into a mental health facility because she was “too young.

Of course — as many surprisingly astute YouTube commentators have noted — the want of causing deadly harm to a six-month-old child isn’t so much a matter of emotional wellbeing as it is a question of moral turpitude.

Leave it to a nameless, faceless user by the handle of AmbiiJay20 to sum it up in a nutshell:

“Emotional problems or not. A 10 year child knows that stomping on a person's head is not ok!! Let alone thinking stepping on a baby's head will stop him from crying. She knew exactly what she was doing and was hoping to get away with it. If she wasn't caught I bet she would have done it again and again until stopped.”

Kudos to the long string of anonymous commentators on that random Inside Edition YouTube clip: thankfully, there’s still some level-headed people out there who recognize that malicious intent isn’t a mental disorder, but merely the conscious individual choice to do bad things.

… and a few headlines that speak for themselves ...


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