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This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Nov. 26, 2018 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X
The Internet Is In America on Voat

FBI Hate Crime Stats Incidentally (Accidentally?) Reveal Anti-White Hate Crimes Are Every Bit as Deadly as Anti-Black Ones

Thanks to the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act — which, to my knowledge, is the only act of federal legislation in American history to ever feature the namesake of an HIV-infected meth dealer with at least one child molestation conviction to his rap sheet — law enforcement agencies across the United States are politely asked to keep a running total of all the hate crimes that transpire in their jurisdictions. Well, at long last, the 2017 data is in, and, as expected, the media is having a field day with the federal findings, with headlines like “Hate Crimes in U.S., California surge in First Year of Trump’s Presidency” and “In Every Tally of Hate Crimes, Blacks Are The Most Frequent Victims”  (which, is you will soon see, is a mythology dispelled by the FBI hate crime data itself.) Aye, the NAACP — who, as we all know by now, NEVER tries to inflate, embellish or flatout fabricate outrages to get their names in the paper — were so aghast at the number of reported “hate crimes” transpiring in the United States last year that they took to Twitter to declare such a matter should go before a full Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

But what does the FBI data actually state? Well, per their data, there were 8,437 crimes committed last year that met the federal criteria for a hate crime, with 8,828 reported victims and 6,370 known offenders. According to the FBI, 2,458 of the incidents were “anti-black” in nature, 1,017 were “anti-Semitic” in nature and 758 were anti-gay men in nature. For those curious, the total count of “anti-white” incidents totaled 864, which is a higher sum than all of the anti-Muslim, anti-trans, anti-lesbian and anti-Asian hate crimes reported that year combined. Strangely enough, few members of our illustrious mainstream media noted such, and I’m just as surprised as you are by the revelation.

Of course, the accuracy of the report is debatable, considering the list of hate crimes is no doubt an incomplete one, plus there’s that whole FBI caveat about classifying Hispanics as Caucasians in offender data … a statistically disingenuous move that mathematically produces an artificial overcount of white wrong-doers and an an artificial undercount of Hispanic wrong-doers. Still, what data can be gleaned from the report is interesting, to say the least.

For starters, when it comes to hate crimes in these United States, the overwhelming majority of them are non-violent, with 4,608 of the reported hate crimes being either non-arson vandalism/destruction of property and/or “intimidation,” a suspiciously vague term that the FBI doesn’t feel the need to formally define. But when it comes to the REALLY major hate crimes, stuff like homicide and rape, there doesn’t seem to be as much of a racial divide as one would assume.

For example, the FBI counted about 15 hate crime homicides in 2017. Six of the offenders were listed as white, while seven were listed as black. One offender’s race was listed as “unidentified,” which still leaves us one unspecified hate crime perpetrator unaccounted for. When it comes to hate rapes, the FBI says 23 such incidents happened; per the FBI, there were exactly TWO anti-white rape hate crimes committed and just ONE anti-black rape hate crime committed. Indeed, the group seemingly most likely to he hate raped are American Indians and Eskimos, which really makes you wonder just how many people are getting their hands on Custer’s Revenge these days. Meanwhile, there were three anti-lesbian hate rapes chalked up and, rather intriguingly, three anti-gay hate rapes, as well. Which raises the question: is it really an “anti-gay” crime when the person committing the crime is LITERALLY engaged in a homosexual act? Interestingly, the FBI counted up no anti-trans hate rapes, just two anti-women hate rapes and one anti-male hate rape. And while Jews remain the most commonly targeted religious (or is it ethnic?) group for hate crimes, the only religion to have members hate-killed and hate-raped  in ‘17 were, of all denominations, Sikhs.

Of course, since statistics can be twisted and contorted to fit just about any agenda, it’s probably a safe bet to take any highfalutin moral outrage about the findings with a grain of salt (and preferably, the kosher kind.) Still, if you’re a data junkie such as myself, I’d highly advise you spent at least a few minutes perusing the data for yourself instead of letting some biased “reporter” tell you what’s actually in the documents.

Which got me thinking: since the FBI is investing all this time, capital and energy in making a yearly list of hate crimes, why don’t they go on ahead and make a similar annual report detailing the multitudes of hate crime hoaxes committed each year in these United States? I mean, surely, the number of fake hate crimes can’t be anywhere close to the number of actual hate crimes committed in America, right?

Mainstream media has no idea what to do after gay black man raised by ultra-liberal white couple commits hate crime against Jews

Speaking of hate crimes, there was an absolute gollywhopper of one going down in New York recently. On Nov. 1, the Union Temple of Brooklyn was vandalized with a menagerie of Anti-Semitic slurs and slogans, including such vicious scrawlings and scribblings as “Jew Better Be Ready” and “Die Jew Rats.” Naturally, Mayor Bill de Blasio was quick to condemn the hateful rhetoric, stating on Twitter “This is the vilest kind of hate. We will fight anti-Semitism with every fiber of our being. The NYPD will find the perpetrators of this hate crime and hold them accountable.”

Welp, imagine the New York Times surprise when the culprit of the horrid hate crime was revealed to not only be a black male, but a GAY black male … and one the publication just so happened to do a flowery feature profile on less than a year ago.

Oh, it’s definitely something to peel back the pages and hear New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn describe James Polite, then 25, as “the adopted child” of the entire city council staff. And it’s DEFINITELY all shades of cringe hearing adoptive parents Josh Waletzky and Jenny Levison (who were LITERALLY members of an organization called Jews for Racial and Economic Justice) talk about sending Polite to Hawaii for “marijuana rehabilitation” before he could return to Brandeis University … where his tutelage, of course, was being paid for by New York’s taxpayers.

Of course, rather than fess up and admit that a gay, black man can just as easily be as hateful and anti-Semitic as any heterosexual, white man, The Times quickly went into damage control mode, blaming Polite’s not-so-polite actions on everything from drug addiction to mental illness to his tough childhood upbringing — essentially, pinning EVERYTHING on the hate crime except for, you know, the perpetrator being filled with HATE for a group he didn’t identify with.

Anybody want to venture a guess as to why the New York Times didn’t pen a similar mea culpa for the guy who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh, by any chance? Come on … anybody, anybody at all?

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims courtroom victory over The Daily Stormer, free expression

Andrew Anglin is the publisher of a website called The Daily Stormer, which gained infamy shortly after the Charlottesville protests in 2017 when it became the first non-porn, non-terrorist, non-financial crime site in the history of the “free”  Internet to get completely de-platformed, as server after server refused to take Anglin’s money to host the site. Eventually, Anglin had to take his site to the Dark Web, although it appears to have found a permanent home on the normal web via the .name domain. In a way, Anglin’s “banning” from the Web was almost like a precursor to the great social media purge that’s been going on for the better part of the year, as right-leaners running the gamut from Alex Jones to Roseanne have all been silenced on the ‘net for promoting their most egregious thought crimes against humanity. Well Anglin — whose social satire site is widely condemned as neo-Nazi rhetoric, even though its content is almost indistinguishable from what was printed in The National Lampoon 40 years ago — now finds himself in yet another courtroom battle, this one involving a Montana realtor who said Anglin is responsible for sending a horde of trolls after her. According to CNN — and honestly, why shouldn’t we believe everything they tell us? — Tanya Gersh has been tormented by hundreds of phone calls and emails from remorseless, indefendible anti-Semites, and is now seeking to take Anglin to trial for “invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violations of Montana’s Anti-Intimidation Act” (which, as an aside, is having its constitutionality challenged as part of the ongoing Stormer case.) Anyway, on Nov. 14, a U.S. District Court Chief Judge in Montana threw out a request from Anglin to dismiss the case — and the order is worth reading in full, only to see Anglin cite NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware as his primary defense against torts — which means, yep, the legal challenge initially filed in 2017 can proceed to a full trial. Naturally, the Southern Poverty Law Center — who wouldn’t you know it, just so happens to have supplied Gersh with one of their lawyers — is plumb ecstatic over the order, with SPLC attorney David Dinielli  stating “Today’s ruling underscores what both we and our client have said from the beginning of this case … that online campaigns of hate, threats and intimidation have no place in a civil society and enjoy no protection under our Constitution.”

Of course, one has to wonder if, under their own definition of “hate,” “threat,” and “intimidation” — not to mention Dinielli’s own warhorse about Gersh being a non-public figure with considerable expectations of privacy — that practically everything the SPLC is saying about online harassment could be equally applied to their own witch hunts against alleged “hate groups” of all sorts, whom — seemingly — would have the same expectations of privacy they claim Gersh has.

Meanwhile, Anglin’s attorney Marc Randazza put it thusly: “The rule we lay down for the Nazi applies equally to the civil rights activist and, in fact, to all of us,” he is quoted by CNN. “And that ruling, if it stands, is not going to be good for anyone who engages in common outrage culture. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I think not.”

Georgia denies white nationalists right to peaceably assemble during Super Bowl

Back in 2016, a consortium of barely a dozen “white nationalists” held a protest at Stone Mountain Park in the exurbs of Atlanta. While the official figures remain murky, by most accounts they were greeted by several thousand counter protesters, who — unlike the original demonstration petitioners — clearly had no intentions of keeping the protest non-violent. Alas, despite ample examples of elderly white men unaffiliated with the actual protest getting jumped by gaggles of irked African-Americans during said demonstration and every single person arrested at the event being a counter-protester, the official organizing body responsible for permitting at Stone Mountain Park recently denied permitting for a similar event in February because, in their words, “Stone Mountain Park Department of Public Safety does not have the available resources to protect not only the members of your organization, but the Park employees and general public.”

In a statement sent to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Rock Stone Mountain representative said the denial was an unconstitutional abridgment of the group's First Amendment rights. “We are not going to keep seeking permission to exercise rights that veterans fought and die for,” he told the paper. “If a permit can be denied to us — and let’s say that we are unpopular at this time — it can be denied to you tomorrow.”

Rather than acknowledge the undeniable veracity of an alleged white supremacist’s free expression concerns, the AJC instead theorized the group was just pissy about a black woman almost winning the state governorship and made nothing of the fact that counter-protesters have announced they STILL plan on attending the Feb. 2 non-protest, demanding that “all anti-racists and community allies [be] ready to respond,” either at Stone Mountain or elsewhere in the hinterlands.

And really, why should anyone in Atlanta be concerned by a frenzied mob of masked vigilantes literally looking for trouble?

Proving blacks are just as talented as whites at anything they aspire to, African-American man in Texas confesses to almost 100 murders

There’s an old canard that serial killing is a predominantly “Caucasian” pastime — this, despite data demonstrating that African-Americans have made up 40.3 percent of all serial killers in the United States since 1900 and the outright majority of American serial killers since the year 2000. Indeed, the very fact that half of all serial killings in the country are committed by a demographic that barely makes up 5 percent of the total national populace might lead one to make hasty racial generalizations the other way, but to this day the mainstream media continues to tout serial killing as a uniquely white male phenomenon. Well, hats off to 78-year-old Samuel Little, a California prisoner already serving a life sentence for the strangulation deaths of three women, who decided to score one for Team Melanin by recently confessing to officials to committing a whopping NINETY homicides over a 40-year-span before being finally being brought to justice in 2014. And unlike fellas like Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas — who basically confessed to killing EVERYBODY in history — officials say that Little is leaking out solid details, with investigators confirming at least 30 unsolved murders to his name so far.

According to prosecutors, Little’s shtick was “sexually-motivated strangulations,” in which the perpetrator knocked women out and spanked his monkey while simultaneously squeezing the life out of his victims. And proving our national justice system no doubt works, Little was somehow able to murder to his heart’s content despite being arrested almost 100 times for assault, burglary, armed robbery, shoplifting and a multitude of drug offenses in 24 states for more than 50 years. Indeed, Little stood trial for murder in 1984, with jurors acquitting him of killing a mentally retarded woman in Florida only to be tried again for the attempted murder of two hookers in San Diego just months later. Naturally, he got off with reduced charges, spent barely two years in the pokey and went right back to slaying in 1987. Only time will tell if the charges become official, but looking at the casework so far, it seems like Little has a half-decent shot at breaking Gary Ridgway’s high score; aye, perhaps it’s only a matter of time until we start referring to Little as the Hank Aaron of pyschosexual murder, ain’t it?

California legislator threatens to nuke state’s gun owners

Up until recently, Eric Michael Swalwell was a fairly obscure U.S. congressman representing parts of the East Bay that are predominantly white and Asian. Indeed, Swalwell’s district is one of the wealthiest in the entire country, with his aggregate constituent residing in a household bringing in a cool $97,000 a year. The California Democrat, however, made some headlines recently when he got into an online spat after penning a U.S. Today screed titled, rather bluntly, “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resistors,” in which he urged federal appellate court judges to de facto repeal the Second Amendment and force gun owners to accept $200 in restitution for the feds “buying back” their AR-15s that actually cost upwards of $1,200 and file criminal charges against those who refuse to give the government their private possessions at gunpoint. Despite the headline, however, Swalwell never explicitly stated that he wanted the federal government to threaten to kill American citizens who don’t want to give up their Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms … that is, until online gun guru Joe Biggs took Swalwell to task on Twitter, culminating with Swalwell stating “You claiming you need a gun to protect yourself against the government is ludicrous … And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit.

Of course, Swalwell tried to walk back the comments by saying it was Biggs who was the real drama queen and meanie, declaring “no one is nuking anyone or threatening that, “ even though that’s EXACTLY what Mr. Swalwell said in a proceeding tweet. “Im telling you this is not the 19th Century. The argument that you would go to war with your government is an assault weapons ban was in place is ludicrous and inflames the gun debate. Which is what you want.

Interestingly, Swalwell never acknowledged the fact that Biggs never said he wanted to go to war over an assault weapons ban, but rather the idea that the federal government would use violent force against its own citizens to deprive them of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The United Kingdom: Dispatches From a Multicultural, Orwellian Wonderland

At one point in time, The United Kingdom … or at least, the English part of it … led the single greatest empire in the history of humanity, possessing virtually a quarter of the entire planet. Alas, as of late, jolly old England seems more interested in committing ethnoracial and geopolitical suicide, as the U.K. slowly but surely becomes a predominantly Muslim country with an ever-expanding welfare state so bloated that over half of the nation’s budget now goes toward social entitlement spending. However despite being a super-progressive, multiculturally diverse utopia where police departments are spending taxpayers’ money to turn their squad cars gay, a veritable P.C. Gestapo is arresting people for saying mean things on Twitter and a general public virtually incapable of arming itself is now being asked to surrender its kitchen knives to the government, for some peculiar reason, there seems to be a startlingly high number of inhumane, violent crimes that take place there despite their brazen rebuke of nationalism and ethnocentrism.

On Nov. 10 in Newport Pagnell, a 21-year-old “sandwich artist” at Subway was attacked by two customers, who ultimately ended up slashing his face and stomping on his head until he lost consciousness. According to the victim — who partially lost his vision in the brutal attack — he was beaten after telling a gaggle of teenagers, who referred to him as “an autistic prick,” the store bathroom was broken. As of publication time, the assailants remain at large; for whatever reason, the best description of the attackers The Sun can muster is that the attackers had on Puma track suits and Timberland boots … clearly prejudiced descriptors like weight, height, race and hair color left completely unstated.

On Nov. 12 in Birmingham, at least seven “yobs” — which is basically the U.K. analogue to the American term “thug — attacked a seemingly random victim (who, as a mere aside, appears to have been white), with at least two men pounding the innocent with hammers and a 42-inch machete. According to The Sun, the perpetrators were between the ages of 20-28. Also, the fact that seemingly everyone involved in the gang looked kinda’ brown-ish is apparently something undeserving of mention.

On Nov. 8, a security guard at a mall in Wembley attempted to prevent four youths — again, the fact they were all the same color as Yoo-Hoo need not be noted — from entering a store. One of the teenagers (who, as another one of those mere asides, appeared to be half a foot taller and about 80 pounds heavier than the security guard) then proceeded to sucker punch the 30-something victim, who apparently cracked his skull on the wall as he plummeted to the pavement. It remains unknown whether or not the perp has since been apprehended, but what is known for sure is that video footage of the crime has DEFINITELY garnered a lot of views on WhatsApp, though.

Meanwhile, in Kent, a rather small troupe of just 14 home invaders were sentenced earlier this month to a combined 202 years for a raid on a small village in 2016. “Occupants were threatened with shotguns, handguns, crowbars and baseball bats during a prolonged attack, and four victims had their wrists bound together with cable ties,” The Daily Mail recounts the crime. The Sun was even more lyrical in their depiction of the incident: “A dad of seven was struck with a truncheon and a handgun, before falling to the ground where he was kicked, beaten with a crowbar and baseball bat and stabbed to his arm and thigh.” For the record, five of those arrested and sentenced were quite clearly Caucasians; the remaining nine were … well, quite clearly not Caucasian.

And lest you think those crazy crackers in the U.K. can’t do senseless violence all by themselves, a huge melee apparently transpired on a Manchester MetroLink bus on Nov. 11, in which at least one woman got KTFO during a fracas between Manchesterians and Liverpudians.

But rest assured, even with all of this senseless violence going on in the U.K., the officials are firmly focused on stopping the “crimes” that REALLY matter …  like putting people in jail for making videos of burning dioramas.

Eastern Michigan University cancels feminist propaganda for not being pro-transgender enough

For those not in the know, The Vagina Monologues is an extremely boring “play” in which women take turns telling incredibly uninteresting and unhumorous anecdotes about tampons and childbirth while blaming all of their problems on the menfolk. As perhaps the exemplary work of modern-day feminist agitprop, the play itself has become something of a college staple, with largely untalented first-year theater students putting on zero-budget productions every semester at virtually every major institute of higher learning in these United States. Well, that is, except for Eastern Michigan, where the student body actually PROTESTED that the feminist canon be banned from campus because it doesn’t have any transwomen in it. The university’s Women’s Resource Center, unsurprisingly, capitulated to the student demand, stating they would no longer be sponsoring productions of the offending play.

“We feel that making this decision is in line with the WRC mission of recognizing and celebrating the diverse representations of women on campus along with the overall mission of the Department of Diversity and Community Involvement, in which the WRC is house, of supporting and empowering minoritized students and challenging systems and structures that perpetuate inequities,” the center stated in a lily-livered press release. “We truly believe that it is important to center our minoritized students and this decision is in line with this mission-driven value.”

Interestingly enough, the same organization sponsored an event last year titled, without the slightest tinge of irony, “Not All Women Have Vaginas.” And as evident by the staggering cowardice the Center has demonstrated in the face of just minor student dissidence, apparently, not all women have backbones, either.

Drunk Trump-hater sticks it to the man by yelling “Heil Hitler” at performance of Fiddler on the Roof,  Jewish lobbyists immediately demand First Amendment be suspended

You know, at some point, pretty much all of us have gotten so drunk that we’ve tried to make an ill-conceived political statement in public. Alas, for 58-year-old Marylander Anthony M. Derlunas II, his noble attempt at performance space virtue signalling backfired horrifically when a production of Fiddler on the Roof came to a screeching halt after he blurted out “Heil Hitler! Heil Trump!” at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre. Although initial media accounts insinuated that Derlunas may have been a “real” Nazi (even though, technically, no such thing has existed since 1945), Derlunas has since begged, pleaded and cried to anyone within earshot that he was actually trying to make an anti-Trump statement. “The thing that I can’t stand is Trump spreading hatred, and what did I do?” he told The Baltimore Sun. “I spread hatred.”

Naturally, Baltimore’s Jewish community hasn’t bought Derlunas’ story. The Anti-Defamation League, for one, wants the state attorney’s office to file hate crime charges against him for his outburst. “We have seen the devastating and tragic consequences of hateful rhetoric repeatedly in recent weeks,” ADL regional director Doron F. Ezickson said in a press release. “While the perpetrator’s comments themselves may constitute protected speech under the First Amendment, his conduct disturbed the peace and stoked fear among audience members, undermining their sense of safety and security during the performance.”

That sentiment is echoed by Howard Libit, the rather rotund executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, who immediately drew parallels of an old drunk man shouting things to a Pittsburgh synagogue massacre that left 11 dead. “We’re all very sensitive and concerned in the wake of the recent shootings,” he said. “Shouting that seems to be the equivalent of shouting ‘fire’ in a theater, or shouting ‘bomb.’”

Of course, if Derlunas really wanted to instigate Anti-Semitic chaos, perhaps he should’ve taken a different approach — like, I don’t know, screaming “ATM’s broken” at an ADL conference or something.

CNN straight up denies white people are being ethnically cleansed in South Africa

In perhaps the most brazen example of a mainstream media outlet outright lying about genocide since the New York Times won a Pulitzer for denying the Holodomor happened, CNN recently published an entire spate of multimedia exposing the “myth” of white genocide in South Africa.

The same South Africa that’s seeing so many crimes perpetrated against Caucasian agriculturalists that Australia is now accepting white farmers from the country as bona fide refugees.

The same South Africa that’s slowly being usurped by a virulent black nationalist party whose leader literally said of the white folks “I have never called for their killing, at least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.

Which, funnily enough, is the exact same thing Slobodan Milosovic said about Kosovo.

We all know the Santayana platitude about what happens to people who don’t remember the past. Now just imagine how much worse it’s going to be for the people who flat out denied history ever happened.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves…

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