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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Dec. 24, 2018 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X
The Internet Is In America on Voat

For some reason, New York gay bar isn’t getting criticized for showcasing 10-year-old drag queen

Although the “slippery slope” argument is oft-criticized as a logical fallacy, the truth — an unscientifically deduced eight or nine times out of 10, I’m guessing — is that such a supposition is usually right in the long haul. It’s that whole “If you give a mouse a cookie” scenario, really: if you capitulate to one demand, it’s only a matter of time until you capitulate to ALL of an in-groups’ demands, even the ones that, at one point, seemed socially abhorrent.

In the 1950s’ stuffy cultural climate, for example, the idea of gay marriage not only being a thing but a god-given right in all 50 states was less likely than a Martian invasion. Alas, after decades of concentrated efforts to reshape the cultural consciousness by special interests groups and their allies in media, politics and academia, the previously unthinkable indeed became reality. In fact, such was the seeming endpoint of a civil rights crusade that began with a fight for the right to march in public, which later became a fight for the right to adopt children, which later became a fight for civil union recognition, which later became a fight for legalized gay marriage. So yes, the fact that gay marriage exists is in and of itself living proof that, yeah, sometimes the slippery slope is indeed a very real, very palpable and very observable thing.

Which brings us to the 3 Dollar Bill gay club in New York, which drew a few raised eyebrows — yet virtually zero mainstream media coverage, for some reason — when on Dec. 1, they brought out an 11-year-old autistic child dressed as Gwen Stefani to dance for themcomplete with onlookers purportedly throwing dollar bills at the child like a common stripper.

Eventually, video and photographic evidence of the incident did surface online, although … not really surprisingly … the proprietors of the gay club itself have gone to great distances to scrub any and all indications the “performance” ever happened from the internet. But hey — why should anybody be concerned about an ADULT gay bar imposing a “no phones allowed” policy while allowing elementary schoolers, surrounded by half-naked men, to dance for their clientele?

Of course, it’s not like advocacy research dating back to 1986 has shown an irrefutable intersection between the gay rights and the “pedo” rights movement. Nor can one find journal articles from 1990 describing pedo acceptance as a critical element of “gay liberation,” or academic writings describing “intergenerational intimacy” — or, as it’s currently known, “child rape” — as an intrinsic “gay rights issue.” Nor are we seeing actual Tedx talks with speakers arguing for the normalization (read: legalization) of pedophilia, or films promoting gay pedo relationships getting Oscar nods, nor are there electronic screeds circulating on the gay-o-sphere laying out an immaculately detailed plan to make “pedophobia” the next big cultural thought crime in U.S. society.

And, of course, the fact that such things remain completely ignored/discounted by our gallant, gilded press is all the proof we need that that slope is getting slipperier and slipperier everyday, folks.

Volunteer EMT worker declared Public Enemy No. 1 for doing an “Alt-Right” podcast

Alex McNabb, until recently, was an EMT volunteer in Patrick County, Virginia. Then some intrepid reporter at The Huffington Post — who, as an aside, definitely looks like he’s put at least one living creature up his own anus for sexual jollies at some point in his life — found out he was one of the hosts on The Daily Shoah, so of course, the media did what it’s supposed to do as the last vanguard of a free society: they all bitched and moaned and complained and did everything in their power to destroy McNabb’s life and make sure he’ll never make an honest paycheck to feed him or his family ever again.

Of course, it doesn’t mean anything to the self-appointed  stewards of the free press that the comments they took McNabb to task for were made during a segment of his show where he portrayed a fictitious character, nor did they ever acknowledge the fact that McNabb himself said his oath to serve the public, regardless of race, took precedence over whatever controversial political opinions he may have. Indeed, the author of the damning Huff Po article never even ASKED McNabb for an interview, completely negating his ability to defend himself in the court of public opinion … which, to me at least, sounds suspiciously like special interests activism cloaked under journalistic malfeasance.

Strangely enough, the same mass media war machine that embarked on a digital lynching of McNabb — complete with all of the expected “stories” about local minorities being worried about being treated by a “white supremacist” — didn’t say a goddamn word about officials in Patrick County threatening to defund its emergency medical service because they wouldn’t fire McNabb immediately — which, uh, would seem to constitute a MUCH larger public health threat than some EMT saying “dindu nuffin” on a podcast.

McNabb himself picked up on the inherent hypocrisy of the situation, calling out all of the reporters who dogpiled on his public crucifixion but didn’t give one fuck about the fact that Patrick County’s hospital was shut down, and that medical services throughout rural America — which, yeah, has a lot more “people of color” in it that you might think — are being shuttered left and right.

Furthermore, McNabb raises the VERY interesting question of why there’s been so much widespread coverage of his “doxxing,” while reporting on rampant Medicaid fraud — which only deprives would’ve been healthcare-recipients of $140 billion a year in lost funding — doesn’t draw a peep from the peanut (Peabody?) gallery.

Aye … it almost sounds like Mathias and his ilk are more concerned about publicly shaming their political rivals out of existence than they are reporting on an ACTUAL public health crisis, doesn’t it?

Federal judge FINALLY kills Obamacare

It only took eight years and some change, but a federal judge officially put the kibosh on the Affordable Care Act Dec. 14, as The Honorable Reed O’Connor of Texas formally declared Barack Obama’s signature legislation (even though the Constitution is pretty clear about the president not being able to create legislation) unconstitutional as a motherfucker.

Now, you could go to NPR or CNN and read about how horrible the ruling is, or you can actually read the goddamn holding for yourself right here and see why the ACA actually got judicially served. "The ACA allocates billions of dollars in subsidies to help individuals purchase a government-designed health-insurance product on exchanges established by the States (or the federal government)," O'Connor wrote in Texas v. United States. "But if the pre-existing condition provisions fall, upholding the subsidies and exchanges would transform the ACA into a law that subsidizes the kinds of discriminatory products Congress sought to abolish at, presumably, the re-inflated prices it sought to suppress."

Then again, the mainstream media been suspiciously mum on all of the backdoor deals and deliberate distortions of Medicaid law to get the ACA off the ground to begin with, instead hitting us with a steady torrent of emotionally-appealing stories about poor ass people out in the sticks that can’t afford to spend $65,000 a month on their experimental hemoglobin medicine no more.

And we’ll no doubt be seeing a whole lot more of those sad sack stories from the gilded press, as the case inevitably snakes its way back to the Supreme Court where the ultimate fate of Obamacare will be decided once and for all — and if we’re lucky, just in time for tax season, for an added flair of melodrama.

But to steal a line from the left? It does indeed feel nice to know we were on the right side of history on this one, all along ...

Columbia University student refuses to apologize for being white, immediately deemed responsible for hate crime

For all intents and purposes, Columbia University undergrad Julian von Abele is a genius — at an age when most teenagers are eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms, he was publishing manifestoes about quantum physics. Of course, von Abele is also a young man who absolutely refuses to kowtow to the seemingly ubiquitous academic demand that all white students feel guilty about having the same skin tone as people who enslaved the colored folks 300 years ago, which is why the mainstream media wants his career shattered and his ability to earn a livelihood demolished before he even gets a diploma.

Apparently, a fellow Columbia student recorded von Abele going on a long-winded diatribe about all of the great things Europeans have contributed to civilization, which — as we all know by now — is secretly a “dog whistle” for “bring back slavery, 1488 forever.” But let’s allow von Abele to describe his thoughts in his own words, why don’t we?

“Europeans built the modern world. We built the modern world. We invented science and industry, and you want to tell us to stop because oh my God, we’re so bad….We saved billions of people from starvation….White people are the best thing that ever happened to the world. We are so amazing. I love myself and I love white people. Fuck yeah, white people. Fuck yeah, white men. We’re white men, we did everything. I don’t hate other people, I just love white men, I love white men.”

Note how the word “hate” or “superior” never came up in von Abele’s (presumably inebriated) spiel. Of course, that didn’t stop the university's Student Organization of Latinxs from describing his oratory as “white supremacist rhetoric.” Nor did that stop The New York Times from describing von Abele’s speech as “a racist rant,” even though nothing he said in his roughly two-minute rant promoted intolerance or marginalization of others. NBC News was also quick to apply the dreaded “R-word” to von Abele, although they never specified exactly what it is that the individual in question said that can be construed as advocating for the disempowerment or the causing of harm to other people.

Strangely enough, those mainstream media accounts leave out — by mistake, I’m sure — that it was actually von Abele who was confronted by the incensed mob and not the other way around. Nor did The Times or NBC News acknowledge the fact that members of said mob are clearly seen in the video flipping off von Abele and screaming other obscenities in his face — constituting a form of assault — while one student actually went as far as to grab von Abele’s face, which itself is a form of simple battery.

But who cares about people being violently attacked for their skin color when university spokespeople are demonstrating words against the status quo are the real problem? “You can have arguments all you want about free speech and people being entitled to say what they want,” Alfredo Dominguez stated, “but when that bubbles (into) assaulting black or brown people with that and then stalking them … you’re getting into levels of hate crime and your speech being directly related to violence.”

You know … said in reference to the guy who was stalked and assaulted by black and brown people ON CAMERA for refusing to accept the Unquestionable Tao of Contemporary Multiculturalism(™).

Meanwhile, von Abele himself launched a Twitter account as something of a P.R. bulwark. And while we here at The Internet Is In America hates Twitter with a burning passion, we wholeheartedly recommend you check out his feed, which easily has to be one of the most enlightening and thought-provoking on the social media service.

Which means, yeah, he’s probably gonna’ get suspended in 3, 2, 1 ...

Elementary student bullied for befriending white boy, commits suicide after harassment

Naturally, we here at The Internet Is In America aren’t big fans of levying criminal charges against people accused of causing other people to commit suicide, such as the case of a Missouri Dairy Queen manager who was charged with involuntary manslaughter ‘cause her (alleged) bullying “caused” a teenager to kill himself. In fact, we tend to go off on long rants about how incredibly stupid (and dangerous) such rulings are, so we’ll try to stay off that tangent for the time being. That said, if you just HAVE to apply the standard in a court of law, I reckon you’d have to put a whole hell of a buncha' grade schoolers in Alabama on trial following the recent suicide of 9-year-old McKenzie Adams. According to local media, the Linden, Alabama, student hung herself after being mercilessly taunted by her peers at U.S. Jones Elementary School in nearby Demopolis. Oh, and according to the deceased’s mother, the thing that possibly pushed her daughter over the edge was bullying over her close relationship with a Caucasian schoolmate.

“Part of it could have been because she rode to school with a white family,” Jasmine Adams is quoted by CBS. “And a lot of it was race. Some of the students bullies would say to her ‘Why you riding with white people?’ You’re black, you’re ugly. You should just die.’”

Of course, rather than reflect on the fact that second graders at the school are filled with so much hatred of white people that they consider merely associating with them to be a social transgression worthy of death, the national news media has instead framed the story as precautionary yarn about “undiagnosed anxiety and depression” and the effects of familial infighting on young children.

Which, almost certainly, would’ve been the exact same angle the press would’ve run with had the child’s tormentors been white youths with a pronounced resentment of all black people, and we all know it.

In a critical moment for human rights, the Miss Universe pageant celebrates its first ding-dong-lugging contestant

One of the most amazing moments of my collegiate career was when I was in a developmental psychology class with this 40-year-old immigrant from Nigeria, who — for the life of him — couldn’t figure out why Americans thought “black face” was horrifically offensive but considered drag queen acts perfectly acceptable. Ever since then, I’ve had a hard term thinking of stuff like RuPaul’s Drag Race as nothing more than the gender equivalent of a minstrel show, a crass form of performance art where the most stereotypical aspects of the feminine form are exaggerated for cheap comedy. But since we’re living in an age where the cultural diktat is that transwomen must be celebrated, adulated and flatout revered as “actual” women, even if they look more like Chris Chan than Chrissy Hindes, it’s not at all surprising that, sooner or later, a MTFer would eventually get showcased on one of those increasingly irrelevant “beauty pageant” programs. Well, the big moment finally occurred at the 2018 Miss Universe competition, where Miss Spain broke the vulva barrier and became the first person entered into the contest who was born with a set of gonads.  Much to the media’s chagrin, however, candidate Angela Ponce — who became the person she truly is on the inside only after having her male genitals amputated and literally torn a fake vagina near her butthole, in addition to a few minor cosmetic procedures involving breast implants and god knows how much plastic surgery elsewhere — didn’t win the contest, perhaps because despite looking like some telenovela starlet, she still sounds like one of them Mexican lucha libre announcers on TV. Regardless, that didn’t stop the mass media hivemind at large from celebrating Ponce’s ascension as some major milestone for human rights. Indeed, we here at The Internet Is In America actually hope Ponce participates and WINS next year’s competition — thus proving once and for all that men truly are better at women at everything, including being women themselves.

The Color Purple author admits she’s a fan of David Icke, Alex Jones

Alice Walker, now in her 70s, won a Pulitzer Prize back in 1983 for her novel The Color Purple, which of course, is considered one of the the greatest works of black fiction ever written and has since become an ineffable pillar of the “honkeys be evil” literary canon. Although you probably can’t tell the difference between her and Toni Morrison, there’s at least one peculiar thing about old Alice that makes her stand out from her African-American feminist kindred — namely, the fact that she’s a proponent of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and she has nary a problem telling it to the media, either. In an interview with The New York Times published Dec. 13, Walker told the publication about her fondness for David Icke — yes, the primary propagator of the “Reptilian” mythology — and in particular his tome ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free, which she described as “a curious person’s dream come true.”

Of course, since that 1995 book also accuses a clannish cabal of Jewish supremacists of starting World War II and had the audacity to question the authenticity of the Holocaust victim final tally, the media-academic-entertainment-industrial complex has not only torn Walker a proverbial new ‘un, but also taken the Times herself to task for — as The Washington Post put it — relaying “her recommendation to readers without qualification.”

“Normally, this is where I’d say that it was good that the Times published Walker’s Icke recommendation because it lets us know who she is,” Yair Rosenberg of Tablet magazine fame is quoted. “But we have known who she is for many years. It is rather the Times and other cultural elites who have opted to ignore this inconvenient fact. Thus, the only thing that is accomplished by uncritically disseminating Walker’s bigoted book bon mots is ensuring that the racism is disseminated to more people.”

Yeah — nothing says “we don’t run everything” like threatening people for not telling them what you want them to think and accusing anyone who disagrees with you worldview of literally committing a crime against humanity … and then getting an apology immediately thereafter.

Still, Based AF Walker is no stranger to irking the Chosen. Indeed, in previous media interviews she’s gone as far to compare Icke to Malcolm freaking X, and in 2015 recommended a video interview featuring the former soccer star and the since universally de-platformed Alex Jones, stating “I like both these two because they’re real.”

Indeed, while the rest of the literati are busy finding new ways to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, you can find Walker cranking out new poems such as this one condemning the Talmud, complete with the catchy chorus “Are goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews, and not only that, but to enjoy it?” Hell, if the media really does blacklist Walker, at least we know she’s got a career ahead of her penning Fashwave lyrics ...

Teacher tells students they’re guilty of promoting genocide, could face financial penalties for sharing PewDiePie videos

With 77 million YouTube subscribers and counting, Swedish vlogging sensation PewDiePie has a higher Q score than any celebrity — new media or legacy media — among the coveted 6-14 demographic. And since he has such a pronounced influence on the consumers of tomorrow — this, despite spending practically nothing to be a new media influencer — naturally, the barons of old media hate his guts. Hence, why websites that’ll probably be out of business in five years like Vox are constantly criticizing PewDiePie as being both subconsciously and overtly racist, as demonstrated by authoress Aja Romano, who, as a mere aside, looks like she eats Swedish meatballs like Tic Tacs.

So right then and there you can read between the lines (lies?) — wannabe cultural influencers like Vox despise PewDiePie not because he sometimes says the “n-word” during live streams and shows people of color holding up signs reading “death to all Jews,” but because he’s making an impact on young consumers to a degree they never could. Of course, this has led to the aggrieved accusing PewDiePie of promoting all kinds of bigotry by simply mentioning the names of other YouTubers, which micro-planets like Romano believe is a slippery slope to radicalizing today’s youth.

“So what happens if these young, aggressively loyal, highly mobilized PewDiePie fans being consuming extremist strains of YouTube content because they were exposed to it, either directly or indirectly, through his channel? As ethnographer Crystal Abidin has written, ‘millions’ of young YouTube users have previously been ‘seduced into joining camps and participating in global discursive debates in defense of/in opposition to influencers.’ So the idea that PewDiePie is amplifying anti-Semitic and other extremist content to millions of impressionable young viewers is alarming.”

Oh, liberals — literally accusing everything that doesn’t totally conform to their weltanschauung as a racist brainwashing hate crime. You ever notice how walking diabetes factories like Romano never turn their mirror around and question their own heavy-handed ideological tactics as totalitarian, manipulative and extreme? Indeed, such was demonstrated to a tee earlier this month when video footage surfaced of an as-yet-still unidentified high school teacher going off on a rant in class about students propagating “ignorance, racism, genocide and anti-Semitism” by retweeting PewDiePie. And if that wasn’t enough, he then went on to lecture students that they themselves could incur monetary penalties by posting his content online. “If PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit,” the instructor is heard. “If you retweet it, they could make you pay a fine as well, because you have officially published anti-Semitic things.”

Oddly enough, the instructor never mentioned who exactly “they” were — as in, the people he said were going to make his students pay (literally) for liking PewDiePie’s material; an especially baffling pronouncement, considering a 2017 SCOTUS ruling flatly states that, in these United States, no such thing as “hate speech” constitutionally exists. Thankfully, PewDiePie’s legions of fans — perhaps the most critical consumers of “news” media in history — continue to do their part to show up the most powerful players in legacy media: on Dec. 17, they scored one for their cultural leader by hacking the Wall Street Journal, complete with a satirical request that readers leave their credit card information so they can purchase more upgrades in Fortnite.

This week’s exemplar of degeneracy: Chinese man’s sock-sniffing habit leads to severe lung infection

Considering China is home to a billion-plus people, basic mathematical proxy would lead one to believe that at least one-sixth of the most messed up people on the planet reside there. And that thesis was confirmed by The Daily Mail, which recently posted a story describing a 37-year-old Zhangzhou resident who was hospitalized with chest pains; as it turns out, his health problem stemmed from a severe fungal infection in his lungs, which he apparently contracted because he had a beyond weird obsession with whiffing his sweat-soiled socks after a hard day’s work everyday. Of course, considering this is China's state-run news media we’re talking about here, there’s a strong chance the story itself could be fabricated; still, that hasn’t stopped websites like Vice from riding the story’s coattails, complete with reminders to their readers to not spend their evenings trying to snort microbes out of their footwear — which constitutes more sage life advice from a publication that, just two months ago, was warning the masses about the perils of holding in their farts.

Thirty-three-year-old woman charged with witchcraft … in Canada

A lot of liberals here in the States like to admire Canada from afar as some sort of progressivist utopia, where weed is legal, people can be sent to jail for having Mein Kampf on their iPads and inflation writ large has resulted in one gallon of milk now costing $10 Canadian dollars (or about $7.42 USD.) Still, despite all that adulation from south of the border, that doesn’t mean Canada isn’t just plain ass-backwards when it comes to their judicial system. Case in point? The harrowing saga of Ontario resident Tiffany Butch — and before you ask, yes, you must certainly would — who on Dec. 11, was formally charged by police officials for “pretending to practice witchcraft.” Interestingly enough, her arrest came just two days before the offense itself was scrubbed from Canada’s law books, leading Butch herself to suggest that she was framed by, and I do quote, “other psychics.

Ultimately, Butch’s charges do appear to have more in common with consumer fraud than conjuring and sorcery, as investigators say the defendant was trying to con a “customer” out of their moolah by demanding they pay her to do some sort of ritual to prevent unfortunate circumstances from befalling them — which, yeah, might be considered “extortion” down here in America. Alas, even with the anti-witchcraft law off the books, Canadian police still feel the need to warn residents about the perils of getting mixed up in the dark arts, with the CBC noting officials are reminding folks to be wary of “extravagant claims of impending danger” made by any individuals who boast of having “clairvoyant or mystical powers.

Yes, I know we’ve said it many, many times before, but such demonstrates the true final phase of so-called “progressivism” — apparently, the leap from Trudeau to voodoo was even smaller (and sooner) than any of us anticipated.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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