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This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Jan. 06, 2019 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: JimboX

CNN’s reporter of the year found to have fabricated scathing (s)hit piece on rural, Trump-loving community

One of my absolute biggest pet peeves is when big name publications send some snobby, hoity-toity reporter from up-north or Commiefornia to Red State America to crank out some half-hearted political diatribe in which small-town America is relentlessly mocked and chided for its cultural backwardness. You’ve read one of these things, you’ve read them all, and ever since one Donald J. Trump got elected it seems like a week doesn’t go by in which you don’t encounter at least one despondent dispatch from some self-enlightened features writing describing the rural United States as some sort of dystopian cesspool of evangelical, white supremacist madness.

And in the case of the meandering, anti-rural America screed “In A Small Town” — penned by CNN’s “journalist of the year” for 2014 Class Relotius for Germany’s largest newspaper Der Spiegel about two years back— such fervent urban elitist vitriol just so happened to be, well, a bunch of hooey. Indeed, information recently leaked revealing that large portions of Relotius’ scathing sociocultural dissection of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, was fabricated, falsified and just plan made-up … and even better, the superstar German reporter was brought down by two lowly bloggers writing for Medium, which last time I checked, don’t pay nobody shit for anything they publish.

Making a checklist of everything Relotius invented for the story would take up too much bandwidth, so let’s just hit the highlights, why don’t we?

— Claiming to have seen a sign in town saying “Mexicans Keep Out” that there is no photographic evidence to confirm exists (which no one in Fergus Falls claims to have seen, for good measure)

— Lying about the phrasing on the “welcome to Fergus Falls” sign at the city limits

— Describing the city administrator as a gun-toting incel, even though he said he doesn’t own the Beretta mentioned in the story and he has a girlfriend

— Claiming the local theater played American Sniper for two years straight (when it actually only ran a few weeks, two years prior to the story’s publication)

— Inventing numerous townsfolk for the story and flat out making up interview quotes from the real ones he actually spoke to

— Talking about the great, scenic view from a local restaurant, which in fact does not have any windows facilitating said view

— Lying about events held at the local library, saying that random villagers were at events they never attended and, on more than one occasion, simply making up events that (didn’t) happen in the town

Aye, the list, it doth roll onward and onward. Of course, the authors of the Medium dissection are dyed-blue liberals who bemoan their co-villagers “voting against their interests” (you know, because there’s nothing high and mighty about telling others what’s good for them and what not,) but they nonetheless have a couple of choice quotes in there. I reckon the two portions below are my favorite takeaways from the rebuttal of Der Spiegel’s spiel:

“I know I’m not the only rural advocate and citizen that is wary about the anthropological gaze on rural America in the wake of the 2016 elections, and has struggled with how or whether to respond to the sudden attention and questions, when before we really didn’t matter to mass media at all. Suddenly we do matter, but only because everyone wants to be the hero pundit that cracks the code of the current rural psyche. There are only two things those writers seem to have concluded or are able to pitch to their editors — we are either backwards, living in the past and have our heads up our asses, or we’re like dumb, endearing animals that just need a little attention in order to keep us from eating the rest of the world alive.

This is just a hunch, but it seems to me that Relotius’ overseas readers might appreciate knowing that small American towns are more complex than they imagine — that die-hard liberals like me can still magically live alongside conservative Republicans — that sometimes we even find some common ground and share a meal together, and take the time to try to understand each other’s viewpoints. You see, we’re definitely not perfect here in Fergus Falls, and many of us feel a lot of responsibility right now, considering that our friends, family and neighbors voted against their own interests in 2016. But we also know how it feels to be ignored in policy and media for decades only to be lectured by ignorant articles such as this after so much silence about our challenges.”

Indeed, one has to wonder how such an error-riddled article ever got green lit by one of the most prestigious journalism platforms on the planet — that is, until you realize that progressivists, especially those with the power of the press, will vouch for the authenticity of pretty much anything as long as it contours to their idealism. Reality doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to these people, and the brazen lack of fact-checking on the publication’s behalf is all the proof you need that the media, as a collective, will state anything as factual just as long as it affirms their entrenched political prejudices.

But there is a happy ending of sorts. Not only did the author of the rural-dweller hatin’ (s)hitpiece get a pink slip from Der Spiegel, the organization is now in the process of filing criminal charges against him for — wait for it — embezzling funds intended for Syrian orphans … whom he apparently made up in yet another fabricated story.

So … what was Trump saying about the press being an enemy of the people again?

Triple amputee raises millions for privately-funded border wall — Democrats respond by sending him emails telling him to commit suicide

Donald Trump has been POTUS for about two years now, and it’s true — despite his campaign promises, there is still no state of the art border wall to be found along the Mexican border. Well, rather than wait for Congress to build it, a former U.S. military-man who only lost three appendages in combat took to GoFundMe to start raising private contributions for the border security initiative. As of press time, Brian Kolfage’s fundraiser has amassed a suprising $19 million over the course of 20 days — indeed, if such funding were to remain consistent, he may actually raise that lofty goal of $1 billion over the next three years. Naturally, the mainstream media has sought to disaffirm the popular support for Kolfage’s mission, including the rampant promotion of a competing GoFundMe seeking to purchase ladders for invading migrant hordes South of the border — alas, despite the free publicity, that crowdfunded mission has only managed to amass a paltry $160,000 to date.

The next step, of course, was for a wave of liberal NPCs to flood Kolfage’s inbox with a deluge of hateful, harassment including emails from people calling his wife a “cunt,” himself “a crippled bitch with no arms or legs” and at least one comment from an individual by the name of Abelitro Cruz stating “hope you and you and your family dies a slow and painful death.” As an aside, a staggeringly high percentage of said commentators appear to be Hispanic, and I haven’t seen the mass media shame-machine come out of the woodworks to “dox” them out of their jobs and livelihoods for threatening the lives of a military veteran and his children.

While it’s disheartening to see random liberal trolls on the ‘net give Kolfage the old-what-fer for daring to believe his nation should have well-defined and protected borders, it’s nothing compared to the sort of vile rhetoric that came out of the mouth of acclaimed black-face actor Jimmy Kimmel, who stated the following about the GoFundMe project on his nationally broadcast television program:

You know, it amazes me how it’s so often conservatives painted as the mouth-foaming, rage-obsessed maniacs by the press when — as apparent by Kimmel’s tirade — it is indeed the liberals that appear to be even more fueled by one-dimensional rancor and socially discriminatory ideology. Can you imagine ANY talking head out there referring to Obama supporters as “crackheads” that are too stupid to go to college and his or her career surviving? Of course not, but when the derision is directed towards largely Caucasian, rural populists, all of a sudden the morally impermissible becomes standard operating procedure.
There’s so much propaganda out there about the “menace” of right-wing-leaning websites like The Donald and /Pol/ as havens as dangerous political doggerel, but those some media stewards never seem to note that equally hateful, equally prejudiced and equally racist ranting and raving is not only being allowed on network television, but bankrolled by multi-billion conglomerates with a clear intent to influence public (if not geopolitical) policy.
Shit, it might be a better idea to build a wall separating Hollywood and New York City from the rest of America, the more I think about it ...
Hollywood’s latest neo-Nazi scaremongering screed is a colossal box office dud

Welcome to Marwen is a highly-touted, super-publicized awards-bait offering from Universal that cost somewhere between $39-$50 million to produce. Well, as of press time, the Steve Carell drama has grossed a paltry $7.8 million to date at American box offices, with some analysts expecting the film to cost the suits at Universal a cool $60 million in wasted capital. While tepid reviews from critics — not to mention the iffy task of selling the moviegoing masses on a story about a hate crime victim who lives out his trauma through CGI-animated G.I. Joe dolls — no doubt kept the hoi polloi from hitting the cineplexes, perhaps others were turned off by the film’s overly-rosy dramatization of the film’s real-life inspiration Mark Hogancamp … who, as demonstrated in the 2010 documentary Marwencol … was in actuality a rather unsavory character with a penchant for too much alcohol consumption, complete with multiple DUI convictions and at least one arrest for threatening a girlfriend with a firearm. Alas, that’s not the only creative liberty the producers of the box office dud took with Hogancamp's “real life” story — while the movie declares that he was nearly beaten to death by fervent neo-Nazi skinheads, in reality he was actually pummeled into a coma by a gang of teenagers … including one of whom who just so happened to be, well, kind of black.

Of course, Hollywood remains dumbfounded by the big budget offering’s dismal failure — I mean, why wouldn’t Middle America want to spend their Christmas at the cineplexes, shucking out $40 for a glorified Two Minutes Hate against make-belief white supremacist terrorists?

In suburban Atlanta, vape store employee gets booted for tirade against Trump-supporting customer

Personally, we here at TIIIA aren’t too keen on any type of legislation or artificial public outrage that categorically limits a business-owner’s ability to serve who and what the hell ever he or she wants to, but after oh so many instances of belly-aching liberals doing their darnedest to get conservative-minded entrepreneurs and employees fired, it’s at least a refreshing change of pace to see a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat be the one who receives some economic comeuppance. Sometime after Christmas, a man clad head-to-toe in pro-Trump paraphernalia sauntered into Xhale City, a vape shop in the exurbs of Atlanta, and as soon as he tried to purchase his strawberry-flavored douche juice or whatever it is these people buy, the employee behind the cash register immediately went into frenzied “Ree” mode, telling the customer that he wasn’t going to take no money from some stinkin’, Trump-supportin’ low-life.

“Fuck your capitalism, fuck your president,” the clerk can be heard on a video recording of the contentious encounter. “He’s a racist, stupid piece of shit. You’re a racist, stupid piece of shit.” His employer, however, took to social media hours after the incident, letting the denizens of the Internet know that said employee had been shit-canned real good for his rather unorthodox display of customer service. “Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees,” the shop expressed in an online post. “When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately.”

As stated earlier, we’d much prefer that no business owner nor employee be prevented from refusing service to whoever for whatever reason, but in this case? Man, is it ever satisfying to see the other side be forced to play by their own rule set, for once ...

Michigan triumphs over free speech, officially makes cyberbullying a jailable offense

As this fine website has illustrated time and time ago, this whole “teen suicide” moral panic represents the single greatest threat to the First Amendment in the United States since the heyday of McCarthyism. Rather than attribute these acts of self-erasure as the end-dividends of people with biologically-determined underdeveloped brains running headlong into a “grief culture” that more or less worships self-pity as virtue, politicians like Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder have indeed bought into the “big lie” that — contrary to what that old nursery rhyme told us — words can indeed cause individuals physical harm, thus facilitating the need for overreaching state legislation that now makes cyberbullying, as vaguely defined a term that may be, a criminal offense.

The rather ominously vague-sounding “Public Act 457 of 2018” takes effect in March, in turn making “a pattern of repeated harassment” online a crime punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. But wait, there’s more — under the law, if “cyberbullying” is deemed a catalyst for someone’s suicide, people suspected of “harassing” the individual online who made the conscious, deliberate, independent decision to off themselves could be given a 10-year prison sentence.

Per the bill, cyberbullying is defined as “posting a message or statement in a public media forum about any other person” if “the message or statement is intended to place a person in fear of bodily harm or death and expresses and intent to commit violence against the person” and “the message or statement is posted with the intent to communicate a threat or with knowledge that it will be viewed as a threat.” Which, yeah, is basically Michigan legislators saying "cyberbullying is whatever we want it to be, when it befits us."

This is how the slow descent into European-style, anti-free expression totalitarianism begins, folks; don’t say old Jimbo didn’t try to warn you way back when.

Louis C.K.  publicly shamed for daring to make fun of teenage gun control activists

Louis C.K. is a vastly overrated comedian whose routines largely consist of paeans to his own self-loathing, complete with “jokes” about necro-pedophilia and watching his own daughter take a shit. Of course, it wasn’t until he was outed as an unrepentant sexual deviant during the whole #MeToo brouhaha that the mass media complex, as a whole, decided it was time to unperson Mr. C.K. Still, that hasn’t stopped Louis from at least attempting a comeback, which appears to have hit another dead end when audio emerged of a set last year in which he asked, rather pointedly, why he (or anybody else) should give a damn what the kids at Parkland High have to say about gun control.

“Testify in front of Congress, these kids, what the fuck? What are you doing?” C.K. can be heard on an audio recording of the alleged incident. “Because you went to a high school where kids got shot, why does that mean I have to listen to you? Why does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I’ve got to listen to you talking?”

Of course, CNN and it’s gun-loathing acolytes were quick to tear C.K. a new one, as a menagerie of Parkland High students took Louis to task on social media for having the audacity to make light of their totally insurmountable trauma that’s given them an extraordinary amount of political clout and social media influence capabilities. March For Our Lives co-founder Cameron Kasky, for example, berated C.K. on Twitter for becoming a “Milo-style provocateur,” while Parkland student and self-professed “gun violence prevention advocate” Kyra Parrow sternly responded “Although taking jello shots and eating mushrooms might have been ideal for you when you were 18, that is not the luxury that we have after having to see our friends and classmates in caskets because of preventable gun violence.

Meanwhile, those same politically-engaged young-uns aren’t saying too much in the wake of the official Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Public Safety Commission report on last year’s lethal shooting released in early January, which details the myriad ways in which the very same government godhead those kids want to curtail the First and Second Amendments for their own “safety” fucked up on preventing Nikolas Cruz’s killing spree not just once, but literally hundreds of times.

Then again, perhaps we ought to expect those tykes to focus on soft targets like C.K. instead of the massive, bureaucratic, system-wide clusterfuck that literally did nothing to prevent 17 people from getting massacred … primarily, because the former is going to get them way more likes and retweets.

New U.S. Army recruitment campaign explicitly targets “snowflakes”

In this day and age, it seems like the United States military — the worldwide, omnipresent hegemonic force that makes sure America maintains de facto control of the world through threat of technologically superior mass death capabilities — would be the last place where you’d see artifices of SJW-dom crop up. Well, not even the friggin’ Army is safe from the taint of political correctness, as the military recently launched a new recruitment campaign noting how much it desires “snowflakes” for their — and I’m not making this up — “compassion,” which seems like it would come in real handy when you’re being asked to blow up a Middle Eastern orphanage to make sure crude oil remains under $100 a barrel. The same campaign is also going after “selfie addicts” and “phone zombies” for their, and I quote, “confidence” and “focus,” which is kinda’ like praising heroin addicts for their abilities to hold onto a really hot spoon. Of course, methinks these marketers have no idea what the hell they’re trying to say to the masses with these advertisements … indeed, if this thing chugs along long enough, it’s really only a matter of time until you start seeing Navy recruitment posters with the terms “cuck” and “BBC” on them, for Chrissakes.

In Mali, there’s a bloody gang war going on … between hunters and gatherers

As much as the smash-hit, furtive ethno-supremacist box office spectacle Black Panther tried to convince the modern moviegoing masses, no, contemporary Africa is about as far removed from the technological, black-Zionist utopia of Wakanda as a continent can get without literally re-entering the Stone Age. Case in point? On New Year's Day, the BBC reported that in Mali — where half of its 18 million inhabitants live on less than $1.25 a day — at least 37 villagers were slaughtered when a roving band of Dogon hunters attacked an encampment of Fula nomads. Nor is it the first example of such over-the-top (and decisively prehistoric) violence going on in the country, as apparently a gaggle of Dogons brutally massacred at least 32 herders and gatherers in the Mopti region last summer.

And if nomadic tribesmen violence in the year 2018 doesn’t sound horrifying enough, chew on, this dear readers — Mali’s population is expected to quadruple from 20 million to 80 million by century’s end. And with that in mind, one can only fathom the impending bloodshed that awaits once these people figure out how animal husbandry works.

Congresswomen do their darnedest to show us why the Nineteenth Amendment was a bad idea

It’s oft said that a misogynist is nothing more than a man who hates women as much as women hate themselves. Well, few things exemplify that old axiom like the behavior of some of America’s most promising congresswomen, who as fate would have it, pretty much show the folly of 21st century female empowerment in all its horrid glory. On Jan. 3, Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib — a 47-year-old whose entire campaign was basically the refrain “vote for me, a Muslim woman, or else you’re a sexist Islamophobe, you bigot you” — caused a ruckus when, at a rally event, she vowed to “impeach the motherfucker” in the Oval Office. Unsurprisingly, Tlaib also describes herself as a “Democratic Socialist” who supports a “Medicare-For-All” initiative, a $15 minimum wage and the abolishment of I.C.E., because as we all now by know, women just aren’t that good at math. Such economically impossible public policy points are also shared by 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who in addition to being the youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress, is also quite possibly the stupidest person ever allowed to be a federal legislator. Of course, the mass media as a whole collectively cried “yass queen, slay” when Ocasio-Cortez responded to a resurfaced video of her dancing like a hoochie in college by uploading a newer video of her dancing like a hoochie. Receiving less play from the media, for some peculiar reason? Ocasio-Cortez catching flak for proposing the United States completely defund the Department of Defense to fund her $32 trillion universal health care program — a move that, as elementary-level arithmetic explains, would still fall short of funding said program by a mere $25 trillion.

I hate to sound chauvinistic, but let’s get real here — if we don’t trust women with the grocery budget, why in the hell should we expect them to handle the responsibilities of the federal budget any better?

New Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic forgets the First Amendment exists

Hitting theaters Jan. 11 is On The Basis of Sex, a new biopic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg which will undoubtedly be seen by literally hundreds of people, almost all of them highly unfuckable women in the 24-54 viewer demographic. The latest in a long line of fawning odes to the woman whose actual SCOTUS accomplishments include such feats as allowing the government to force homeowners to give up their legal property to private developers and trying to make it legal for criminals to flee from police, the trailer for the upcoming feature turned a few heads for featuring a scene in which the actress portraying Ginsburg — who, as a mere aside, once wrote a Civil Rights Commission report arguing that the national age of consent be lowered to 12 and that the nation’s prisons be sexually integrated — replied to a judge’s observation that the word “woman” doesn’t appear once in the Constitution with the reply “nor does the word ‘freedom,’ your honor.

Indeed, it would be a damning slight against the patriarchal founding fathers and decisive blow for feminists everywhere … if only such a claim was true. Unfortunately for the makers of the film, the word “freedom” does indeed appear in the Constitution, and it appears so in the very first amendment — you know, the one that says the government can’t restrict citizen’s “freedom of speech or of the press.”

Deep down, I want to consider it to be a befuddling example of author research failure, but honestly, I’m not surprised; I mean, does anybody out there genuinely think all of these Ginsburg-worshiping feminist-cult warriors give a fuck about government-guaranteed free expression, anyway?

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves…


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