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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (February 03, 2019 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: JimboX

Disney producer publicly calls for Trump-supporting children to be murdered

You know, the media had what the progressives so often call “a teachable moment” when the awful truth about the infamous Covington High “injun harassing”  incident came to light. After days and days of lambasting an underage juvenile as a remorseless racist for … well, just standing there in front of a man claiming to be a Native American while he banged a gong in Washington … the narrative, regrettably, began to unspool as a full, nearly two-hour-long video recording of the whole encounter  surfaced on the YouTubes.

Long story short, it was indeed MAGA-hat sportin’ youngster Nick Sandmann who was confronted by peace-loving Native American elder Don Shipley — who, as a mere aside, lied about experiencing combat in Vietnam and only went AWOL a niggling three times during his military tenure — as a gaggle of Black Hebrew Israelites mercilessly taunted the students from Covington High with a rich menagerie of racial and homophobic slurs. Of course, the mainstream media completely overlooked the mob of virulently anti-Semitic African-Americans berating and threatening children as their point of moral hysteria, because the notion of some 17-year-old quietly SMIRKING at someone of a different ethnicity is a million times more concerning, apparently.

Eventually, the physical evidence refuting the official anti-Trump, anti-male, anti-Caucasoid party line become so glaringly obvious that, in a rare public mea culpa, the stewards of the “free press” came out in droves to essentially say “OK, our bad” ad nauseam.

Granted, the truth is apparent to anybody with a working set of peepers. The media got a hold of this isolated, contextless clip of some dingleberry in a MAGA cap in front of an Indian and just fucking ran with it as some sort of example of Trump Youth racism writ large. It’s a clear cut example of the mass media complex pushing its ideological idealism as “fact” while completely eschewing any pretenses of objectivity; indeed, this moral war against the alleged “alt-right” has gotten so intense, that maybe we ought to stop using the word “witchcraft” to describe the left’s idealistic rancor and start using the term “pogrom” — and if you think that’s premature hyperbole, try taking a gander at the Twitter account for one Jack Morrissey.

Never heard of him? Well, he’s a longtime acolyte of big shot Hollywood director Bill Condon, who served as co-producer of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie from a few years back (y’know, the one that took place in an alternative universe where half the population of France circa 1500 was black.) Alas, despite working for a company whose very name is synonymous with “kid-friendly hyper-consumerism,” his seething, uncriticial rage directed towards the lads at Covington High was so intense, he took to Twitter to post a very gruesome cartoon of human bodies being bloodily torn asunder by industrial equipment, complete with the tagline “MAGA kids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.

As it turns out, middle America was a tad flummoxed by this Hollywood insider’s oh-so noble endorsement of killing kids for their political views, and the inevitable backlash forced Morrissey to issue a weak-kneed, mealy-mouthed mea culpa where he tried to explain away all of his murderous rancor against the political other under the guise of — what else? — satire, which apparently is something that only works when Kathy Griffin holds up a gory decapitated head of the president but not when Andrew Anglin cracks jokes about Heather Heyer’s morbid obesity.

Speaking of Kathy Griffin — just one of a litany of washed-up, C-level “comedians” aging about as gracefully as tartar sauce these days — she too went on a social media jihad, offering a literal bounty on the heads of the aforementioned Covington High children for anyone who gave out real-life, physical addresses identifying their whereabouts. Granted, you’d think issuing a public fatwa to promote physical harm and public intimidation of minors would be the kind of thing that gets one bounced off of Twitter, but come on … all she wanted was for those wayward youths to be, ahem, “held accountable” for their actions, and clearly, there’s nothing wrong about that in the eyes of the Silicon Valley uber-liberal braintrust.

You don’t need to be an Emile Durkheim or Talcott Parsons to figure out the sociological matter here. The left is so drunk on its own self-righteous, pathological hatred of Trump and everything the “right” stands for that they automatically equate any and all indica and emblems of the dreaded “other” as synonymous with “pure evil,” “hate crime” and virtually every variation of “-ism” and “-phobia” you can think of. Rather than paint a portrait of reality as is, the media (and their leftist idols in the political arena) start off with their ideological tao first and then seek to contour the truth to meet their agenda and idealism. If they want to see a story of racist white kids belittling a noble savage, then by golly, that’s exactly how they’ll report it, regardless of the actual facts of the incident. And even if that politically-motivated smear job is undone by the unfortunate taint of unquestionable truth, who cares? That just means the media bigwigs can keep digging some more until they find SOMETHING that backs up their desperate, desperate narrative that [X] are a bunch of remorseless, irredeemable racists/misogynists/homophobes/Jew-haters/etc.

In fact, rather than issue a public apology to the children whose lives they sought to ruin simply to get points on the scoreboard for their own political slave drivers, the vanguard of the left press continues to stir the shit pot, now accusing the students of the Catholic school of — egads — showing up in blackface at basketball games and trivializing the genocide of an entire peoples via utilization of the malicious tomahawk chop hand gesture.

Still, there might be a happy ending in the wake of this brouhaha after all; apparently, lawyers are lining up around the block to represent the Covington High students in a veritable tsunami of upcoming libel and defamation suits against the grand lions of the mass media, including The New York Times, Esquire and USA Today.

Huh — anybody know any good Native American terms for irony?

Leslie Jones blames Trump, racism, sexism for Ghostbusters sequel not starring her

By all objective critical measurements, the “all-female” 2016 Ghostbusters reboot was, in the words of the great film historian Kari Peter Conrad von Bagh, “a bunch of stupid fuckin’ bullshit that sucked and didn’t stop suckin’ until two weeks afterwards.” Considering the film failed to recoup its budget in American theaters and its worldwide gross wasn’t even enough to break even on marketing costs — indeed, the director of the film himself said the “gender-inclusive” misfire may have lost Columbia Pictures a good $300 million with all costs and expenses tallied up — it’s not too surprising that risk-averse Hollywood isn’t pressing its luck on a direct sequel to Paul Feig’s highly-scrutinized remake. But since the Ghostbusters I.P. is so lucrative and movie companies nowadays don’t know how to come up with new ideas, I guess it’s also not surprising that Sony is pulling the trigger on direct sequel to the original Ghostbusters mythos, with 2020 targeted as a theatrical release date.

Unsurprisingly, at least one “star” of the 2016 Gyno-Busters reboot ain’t too happy about not being asked to reprise her role for the upcoming sequel/reboot/remake/whatever the hell you want to call it.

Well, considering that’s the kind of foamy-mouthed hysterics the producers of the last movie thought was going to put butts in the seats, perhaps it’s no surprise that Sony decided to cut their losses and go with the more economically intelligent choice instead of the “muh empowerment” option. Which, once more, proves that the greatest neutralizer of hardcore social justice warrioring and identity politicking isn’t equally aggressive campaigning from the opposite side of the ideological aisle … rather, if you really want to slay the beasts of modernity, what you gotta’ do is make more money than they do. And with that little aphorism in mind,  here’s to hoping the “real” Ghostbusters sequel breaks the goddamn bank, just outta’ sheer spite to lumbering, identitarian doo-doo heads like Leslie Jones.

Gladys Knight declared an Aunt Tam for singing National Anthem at Super Bowl

Gladys Knight — despite her shady background as a waffle and chicken restaurant manager — is rightly considered one of the greatest soul singers of all-time (even though Patti Labelle could lay claim to being the greatest living female soul singer, based simply on the strength of her sweet potato pies.) Alas, denizens of what we sometimes like to call “the black Twitter-sphere” took offense to her accepting a gig to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in Atlanta, because … I don’t know, racism or police violence or the patriarchy are some other stupid bullshit excuse.

As the proud enablers and stewards of the acceptable truth at CNN documented, social media users of colors (or SMUCS, for short) weren’t too happy with Knight’s decision to perform at the big game. One Twitterer under the handle @bajankarma asked why Knight was so eager to perform for the NFL when Colin Kaepernick purportedly “lost his NFL career fighting for black social justice?”, further asking Knight where her sense of “solidarity” was.

Of course, a much more realistic explanation for why Colin K. doesn’t have an NFL career anymore isn’t because the NFL hates black identitarians — hell, they let Isaiah Crowell stick around, and the motherfucker was literally posting images of cops getting their throats slit on Facebook — but more the fact that he was playing like absolute kaka, to the point that in one of his final stints as a starter, he was only able to rack up five yards on four passes all game long … while getting sacked a mere FIVE times in the process. But no use trotting out Occam’s Razor on such occasions, especially when the other side is a smorgasbord of people who don’t shave … or seem to bathe very regularly, for that matter.

Meanwhile, a Twitterer under the handle @majorly__ said she “never thought i’d see the day where we had to cancel gladys knight lmao, smh,” which for those of you unfamiliar with the black youth Internet patois, is shorthand for “I’m literally retarded, do not listen to me.”

Of course, there are a lot of logical fallacies with the rancor of “Black Twitter” concerning Knight’s performance — surely, if Knight is an Aunt Tam for just singing the National Anthem, what does that make black players like Todd Gurley and Sony Michel, who stand to make even more reams of moolah from their Super Bowl payday? Alas, such as an argument not worth exploring. All you need to know, I suppose, is that in this day and age, there’s a sizeable minority of individuals out there who think “The Star-Spangled Banner” is inherently offensive — and when merely showing appreciation and admiration for one’s country is considered “controversial,” you just know there’s one hell of a countercultural futures market in reactionary-patriotism right around the corner.

Christian rapper accused of raping, impregnating comatose Arizona woman

Every so often, you hear about a crime so weirdly perverse that your mind starts to run wild imagining just what kind of sociopath could be responsible for it. Well, in the bizarre case of a 29-year old Phoenix nursing home patient in a vegetative state for 26 years all of a sudden giving birth, the identity of the rapist turned out to be … of all things … a former Christian rap group member.

36-year-old Nathan Sutherland was charged late last month for, allegedly, having his filthy way with the comatose woman, whom despite being in a persistent vegetative state, nonetheless had rather well-functioning uteri components. About 10 years ago, Sutherland was a member of the group SLEEPLESSSOULJAHZ, whose website (not at all ironically) described itself as “unique soldiers for Christ” who “understand we are living in a dark perverted world.

The disgraced nurse was also, for a time, a youth leader at a church in Mesa, Arizona, and per his band bio and miscellaneous YouTube videos, an immigrant from Haiti who came to America when he was 7. Which, of course, means the mainstream media has the choice of vilifying all Christians for Sutherland’s behavior, or vilifying all black immigrants … not that you need me to tell which one they’ll opt-for, naturally.

Japanese high court upholds mandatory sterilization of transgenders

Japan is a country with unparalleled low crime numbers, among the highest GDPs of any nation on the planet and filled with residents who maintain among the highest household incomes — and quality of life metrics — of any peoples on Earth. Of course, one of the reasons that may be the case is because the Japanese are also an incredibly nationalistic and xenophobic culture, who are actively choosing to embrace their own demographical suicide due to dwindling birth rates rather than allow any kind of foreign influence to taint either their rich shared traditions or hymens.

But that’s not to say the Japaheenos aren’t embracing some tenets of post-post-post-modernity, though. For example, the Japanese equivalent of the Supreme Court recently handed down an edict that transgender folks in the country can indeed have their genders changed on official government documents … just as long as they agreed to be sterilized first.

I’ll spare you the boring details, but basically, the Japs decided their 2004 law forcing people who want to legally change their gender to also have their original reproductive organs — and that includes testes and ovaries — removed was just peachy as is. But what’s really surprising, I’d say, is just how common such a practice is throughout the world; indeed, according to 2017 documents, the European Court of Human Rights said compulsory sterilization is still the norm in nearly two dozen nations just within its own narrow sphere of influence.

Of course, if Japan’s official policy sounds draconian, you could always ask about the treatment of transgenders in parts of the world where Islam is predominantly practiced. Needless to say … if the worst thing that happens to them is compelled sterilization, somebody got off light.

ISIS fighter captured in Syria turns out to be former Texas high school teacher

In late January, 34-year-old Warren Christopher Clark appeared before a federal judge in Houston. OK, so it’s a black dude, in Texas, in a predominantly white Republican-controlled jurisdiction, being arraigned — hardly a newsworthy event, right? Well, not quite, considering the charges Clark are facing is aiding and abetting the Islamic State.

Tis true. Syrian Democratic Front forces gleefully handed Clark over to U.S. custody after being captured by Kurdish rebels on Jan. 6. According to prosecutors, Clark joined ISIS after sending his resume to the terrorist outfit, asking them if they had a position available for — and I shit ya’ not — an English teacher.

“Dear Director, I am looking to get a position teaching English to students in the Islamic State,” he purportedly wrote in a cover letter to the organization that routinely cuts peoples heads off and barbecues them in cages in internet promotional videos. “Teaching has given me the opportunity to work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and learning capabilities.”

Yeah, I’m sure the same guys that post videos of prisoners getting their brains blown out of the back of their skulls in slow-motion are real keen on promoting inclusion and multiculturalism in their ranks, guy. Regardless, if convicted — and here’s hoping he does indeed get the proverbial book tossed at him — Clark faces a maximum of 20 years in a federal prison.

Not included in the story, however? A comment from Houston’s public school system, offering any sort of assurance to parents that they won’t be hiring any more wannabe ISIS assassins to teach their children how to properly conjugate verbs.

New 4-hour documentary provides more proof that Michael Jackson was a shameless pedo

OK, so technically, Michael Jackson was never found guilty of sexually abusing children. But then again, O.J. Simpson was never found guilty of murdering his wife and her alleged lover and Casey Anthony was never found guilty of killing her own child, either. That fact remains that, a lot of times, people quite obviously do some truly horrid shit yet still get away with it in a court of law — and if even half the allegations in the new documentary Leaving Neverland are true, apparently M.J. got away with an awe-inspiring amount of sexual crimes against children.

The four-hour documentary from Dan Reed focuses on two of MJ’s childhood confidents, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, whom accuse the “King of Pop” of all sorts of insidious and disgusting things (I ain’t gonna’ repeat ‘em here, but rest assured, you’ll be hearing the word “anus” a lot in this one.) Granted, Robson and Safechuck testified to police in the early ‘90s that Wacko Jacko never diddled them, but in the movie the backtrack and say the sexual abuse  at his hands continued even during Jackson’s 1993 trial for child molestation.

I know, I know … truly surprising behavior from a man whose home was found to include a cache of C.P. and was fond of making nine-year-old boys “marry him” in these elaborate (and indisputably creepy) ceremonies. Still, the documentary is garnering strong word of mouth at Sundance, and is likely to cause a pop cultural sensation (a’la Lifetime’s R. Kelly mini-series) when it debuts on HBO later this spring. Of course, the Jackson estate ain’t too happy about the production, calling the documentary both “a tabloid character assassination” and “a public lynching” — you know, because it takes a lot of work to make a drug-addicted man-child who admitted on camera he had a predilection for bedding youngsters look like a weirdo.

Florida man obsessed with Bulgarian cam-ho murders family

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: each and every day, women are finding new ways to expedite their own obsolescence. The more and more the womenfolk bang the drumbeat of identitarian feminism, the closer we get to uber-realistic sex bots and synthetic wombs; aye, I can only fathom how many skaggs would be economically and biologically eliminated by the wide-scale legalization of prostitution. And few recent occurrences demonstrate the taint of taint quite like the lamentable life story of Grant Amato, 29-year-old suburban Orlando man killed his parents and older brother in late January because … well, blue balls, apparently. You see, Amato — who, as an aside, looks more like a six foot tall tapeworm than a human being — had it quite bad for a cam whore in Bulgaria. In fact, the self-confessed online porno addict’s thirst was so bad that he stole a whopping $200,000 from his family so he could wire it to computer skank in the Balkans just to chat with him. The details are still being shaken out, but from the looks of it Amato decided to off his entire household so he and the Bulgarian hoochie could take the deceased’s assets and live the American Dream together. Mum’s still the word on what role, if any, the Bulgarian cam whore played in the murder — although we here at IIIA is willing to bet she probably knows more about the sordid details than she’d care to admit — but we’re also willing to go on ahead and assume that in its wake nobody at Vice or Salon or The Huffington Post is going to write about the destructive toxicity of online THOTs callously manipulating and cajoling male admirers out of their moolah and (in Amato’s case, sanity) through the pretense of pussy.

And to think; if this Amato weirdo would’ve gotten just a little bit of snatch, three people might still be alive today. Kinda’ makes you wonder just how much daily death and destruction could be averted if only fellas had the venue to bust a nut in a live one every now and then, don’t it?

FBI: Nope, nothing to see here about the Las Vegas shooter … absolutely nothing. AT ALL.

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a conspiracy buff — indeed, I’ve spent many an hour lambasting and lamenting those who adamantly believe that 9/11 was an “inside job” and that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a “false flag” operation — but the astonishing lack of even rudimentary evidence presented before the public from the FBI’s “official” probe of the 2017 Las Vegas mega-massacre does some awfully, well, fishy, don’t it? Alas, per the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there’s actually nothing more to the sad saga of Stephen Craig Paddock shooting up 58 people before turning the gun on himself, as indicated in an exhaustive three page summary of roughly 16 months worth of investigation findings released by the feds in late January.

Indeed, in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit findings, investigators refused to pinpoint any sort of political, religious or ideological motive for Paddock’s murderous sniper rampage, clearly stating that there was “no single or clear motivating factor” as to why the 64-year-old just plain decided to embark upon the bloodiest killing spree in modern American history one day. Indeed, the closest thing the oh-so in-depth FBI analysis gets to anything even remotely resembling an “explanation” for his attack is that a.) he was upset about being old and b.) he wanted to die as infamously as his bank-robbing daddy, who at one point, was one of America’s 10 most wanted fugitives from the law in the late 1960s.

Oddly, the federal report is noticeably shorter than the official Las Vegas police report, which clocked in at about 187 pages. Furthemore, contrast what the FBI gave us on this incident compared to the state commission on the Parkland, Florida shooting, which was more than 400 pages long.

Of course, questions abound regarding even the simplest mechanics of the shooting, such as how Paddock was able to move 42 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition up 30 floors without anyone noticing something amiss, why video evidence seems to suggest unexplained light blasts emanating several floors below the alleged sharpshooter nest, why ISIS was so quick to take responsibility for the shooting, why hasn’t video footage of the surveillance cameras Paddock allegedly posted all over the hotel been released and why no other hotels or buildings in the surrounding area — not to mention the thousands of people with smartphones on the strip itself — were unable to conclusively garner solid visual evidence of a person unmistakably fitting the profile of Paddock being anywhere near the killing grounds that evening.

But hey, if the official federal government line is “nothing to see here, folks,” I can’t think of a single reason not to believe them. Well, except for the Gulf of Tonkin. Or all those human plutonium injections they did on unwilling hospital patients during the Manhattan Project. Or the time NASA paid to have prisoners’ ball sacks shot full of radiation for the LULZ. Or that time they literally drew up plans to kill American citizens and blame it on Castro. Or that time they tried to cover up the My Lai Massacre, and poorly. Or that time they said the totally, definitely weren’t using the NSA to spy on American citizens, even though they totally were.

Not quite Wakanda: In Tanzania, children are being abducted and murdered en masse by voodoo practitioners

In the Academy Award Best Picture nominee Black Panther, viewers across the globe were delighted by a fantastical depiction of neo-African utopia called Wakanda. In the film, Wakanda was a thinly-veiled Zionist black-nationalist state so xenophobic and isolationist that instead of settling for a mere border wall, the Wakandan powers that were just built a high-tech goddamn forcefield around the whole country. This exemplar of black excellence was depicted as the most scientifically and technologically progressed civilization in human history … and, according to many, MANY online analysts, a vision of what modern Africa may have resembled sans the setbacks of colonialism.

Alas, in real life Africa in the year 2019, the denizens of the Mother Continent aren’t setting the international economic tempo via Vibranium exports, they’re instead having to deal with the minor cultural problem of fucking witch doctors kidnapping small children and butchering them in grisly voodoo rituals.

In Tanzania — a virtually Caucasian-less East African stronghold of a mere 57 million people and counting, where three out of 10 residents are illiterate and about one in 20 have HIV — the deputy health minister finds himself gripped in battle against roving bands of shamans, who have a penchant for slaying the young ‘uns as part of their kooky supernatural rituals.

“So far, we have found ten bodies, and most of their private parts and teeth had been removed,” Faustine Ndugulile told CNN after officials stumbled upon the mutilated underage corpses late last month. “These murders are linked to witchcraft practices because that is the trend for such crimes, where herbalists ask people to get these human parts for money rituals.”

Still, perhaps one can take solace in knowing that, using current UN population projection models, Tanzania’s national populace is only expected to increase to 200 million by the century’s end. But surely, by then the superstitious sorts of Sub-Saharan Africa will be closer to Wakanda than its current AIDS-infested, crime-ridden, ass-backwards, child-murdering milieu, won’t they?

All I can say is, for Europe’s sake, let’s hope so.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves…


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