Thursday, July 4, 2019

Taylor Swift and the Tragedy of the 21st Century “Ally”

By aligning with the so-called “LGBT Movement,” Tay Tay is indeed setting herself up for career suicide.

By: Jimbo X

Well, T-Swift had a good run, but I suppose it was just a matter of time before she went all SJW on us.

Last month, Swift released the music video for her latest single “You Need To Calm Down,” which is basically a three-and-a-half-minute veneration of gay kitsch culture, complete with an all-star parade of beloved television drag queens, smooching homosexuals and garish transgender-ites, which ultimatley concludes with the visual punchline of Swift and real-life adversary Katy Perry hugging while dressed as fast food items. 

Now, personally, I have no problem with Swift promoting/celebrating/profiting off gayness, ESPECIALLY if it somehow results in her and Perry having a desperate, publicity-baiting makeout sesh at the MTV Awards a’la Madonna and Brittany. But where Tay Tay for Gay Gay went woefully off course, however, was her decision to include a courageous message against teethless bigots who live in trailer parks in said video.

That’s right — in a video vaunting the LGBT ideals of inclusivity and acceptance, Swift reckoned it would be just plum peachy to visually paint the ideological other as dentally-challenged, dirt and soot-covered hicks who can’t even spell “moron” correctly on their picket signs. Naturally, no one in the mainstream media ecosphere picked up on the cruel irony of celebrating one form of identitarian pride by LITERALLY depicting one’s political rivals as retarded, gingivitis-wrecked cousin-fuckers who live in modular homes; apparently, the best way to fight homophobia is to callously mock the Appalachian poor as illiterate rubes whose soul-crushing poverty is deserved because they sometimes use the word “faggot.” 

If there ever was a pop cultural article demonstrating the Hollywood/Entertainment/Democrat industrial complex as the out-of-touch, painfully misinformed sociocultural wehrmacht it is, the video for “YNTCD” would be exhibit freakin’ A. 

Co-option of the poverty aesthetics of the downtrodden, rural Caucasian? Check.

A painfully forced political message that’s pushed as counter-cultural even though it’s not only a popular opinion shared by the MAJORITY of the country, but literally codified socially by Supreme Court edict? Check.

A one-dimensional, quasi-dehumanizing depiction of the ass backwards Christian voting bloc, which posits all of the stereotypical homo-haters as crude white trash, even though studies conclusively prove that unfettered homophobia is FAR more pronounced in the nation’s African-American and Hispanic-American religious enclaves? You better check that one off with a big, rainbow-hued Highlighter right there, boy-o.

Funny how Swift envisioned the face of homophobia as passe Westboro Baptist Church tackiness, rather than the far more lethal strain of homophobia practiced by, say, Saudia Arabia or Somalia or Yemen or Sudan or even China. Then again, actually addressing the exsitence of homophobic sentiments among non-white cultures is considered career suicide in this zeitgeist, which may explain why Swift included no people of color as the cartoony villains in her music video, although ACTUAL homosexuals in the U.S. are disproportionately more likely to be murdered by a homophobic black or Hispanic than a homophobic honky.

If Swift REALLY wanted to make a bold, daring statement against homophobia, she’d make a video condeming and criticizing the LITERAL state-encouraged oppression and persecutions of gays in the Muslim world. But lest we forget, Muslims are a higher up class on the post-post-post-liberal HIERARCHY OF VICTIMIZATION™, which means they are all COMPLETELY free from rebuke, especially when it’s coming from a woefully white woman like Tay Tay.

Of course, the gay backlash is already happening, with websites like Vox and The San Francisco Chronicle refusing to celebrate Tay Tay for celebrating gayness and instead criticizing HER for “profiteering” off the LGBT experience.

If I’ve learned anything over the last 10 years, it’s that you can never truly satisfy raging identitarians. It doesn’t matter how much you beg for forgiveness or how much money you give them, none of it will EVER be enough to placate their lust for vengeance. Be it an alt-right skinhead or an extremist black nationalist or a trans-exclusionary radical feminist or the gay mafia itself, none of these hardline identitarian tribalists are “in it” for equality or justice. No sir, what they really want is a pseudo-philosophical excuse to beat the living shit out of the ideological other over “muh oppression,” and nothing ensures a more savage beating than trying to appoint one’s self as “an ally” for one of these aggrieved special interest groups. 

Few things demonstrate this harsh reality quite like the results of The Root’s 2017 Wypipo Tournament, which allowed readers to narrow down a bracket of the 64 “worst” Caucasians on the planet to a championship contest that pitted The Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin against the amorphous collective known as “White Allies.”

The Allies won the readership poll by a roughly 30 percent margin, with columnist Michael Harriot summing up the “victory” thus:

Let us be clear: White allies are not good, but they think they are. They find it impossible to recognize that their perceived benevolence is rooted in as much white supremacy as Anglin’s. Their “love” is just as toxic as his hate.

I guess Tay Tay didn’t get the memo — in today’s cultural climate, being a white supremacist is indeed less irritating and annoying than being a white savior, and remember, those are words coming out of the mouths of our more melanated brethern themselves.

The same holds true for the Gay Industrial Complex — i.e., the tribalist consortium that’s somehow managed to turn their sociopolitical interests into the bedrock of the contemporary culture war. Despite making up less than 5 percent of the total national populace, the LGBT contingent is severely overrepresented in media, fashion, advertising and television. Virtually every TV show today has at least one token homosexual or transgender character, while virtually no mainstream television programs feature church-going evangelical Christians or responsible gun owners … this, despite the fact their numbers exceed those of the nation’s LGBT spectrumites five or six fold.

Not that I need to tell you this, but if there’s one thing the gay folks don’t like, it’s taking away their spotlight. Tay Tay may have thought that her video celebrating crossdressing and positing Baptists as inbred white trash would’ve made the Hollywood Homosexuals happy, but nope. Only THEY and THEIR INTERESTS should be placed front and center, and having Taylor prancing around in rainbow sequins takes the locus off their political initiatives. Really, the last thing they want is some 30-year-old ultra-white woman running around claiming to represent their sociocultural ideals.

Alas, Tay Tay’s fate is the fate of many an unmarried and unbred woman in this, the 21st century. Sensing their chances of starting a family and reproducing are becoming slimmer and slimmer, they instead try to culturally reproduce by attaching themselves to some sort of “greater” social cause … which, as a bonus, also offers them plenty of opportunity to receive fawning attention from an in-group of some kind.

But the jig, so to speak, appears to be up. Today’s Gay Mafia doesn’t want or need “fag hags” anymore, those useful idiots who 20 years ago served as their sociocultural Trojan horses. They’ve already established themselves firmly enough in the American psyche and have collected enough political and cultural power that they can usually get shit done without requiring some outside hetero to serve as a proxy. They don’t want Tay Tay’s support, they don’t need her support, and quite frankly, she represents everything they tend to loathe about American society. She’s the virtual embodiment of straight, white female entitlement — the only thing she’s good for, in earnest, is use as kindling in some sort of Wicker Man like sacrifice to the  gods of gayness. There’s NOTHING the gay lobbyists would love more than to destroy Taylor’s career — remember, these people aren’t in the game for egilaitarianism, they’re in it for vengeance. One day, Taylor’s going to say the wrong thing, or not say the right thing fast enough, and when she does? You better bet your bottom dollar those people are going to be MERCILESS in their quest to destroy her public reputation.

Tis a pity to see Taylor go down such a tired, trite and already passe political-ideological route. Ultimately, it’s one that’s going to cost her in the long haul, since the bedrock of Taylor’s fanbase — white, heterosexual, non-sexually promiscuous females under the age of 25 — simply can’t relate to her new, SJW-enthused lyricalism. They were initially drawn to Tay Tay because she wasn’t singing about deep, nuanced political issues or heavy handed feminist rhetoric, but things they could relate to, like people gossiping mad shit about them or not being able to find a decent boyfriend or getting bullied or having to deal with sundry man-stealing skanks. The same people who loved her Red and 1989 phase are completely befuddled by this sudden tonal shift in her music, and if they can’t relate to her prose anymore, they’ll do what young women are seemingly naturally prone to — drop her ass like a bad habit and immediately gravitate to the next closest pop cultural construct that they feel represents them.

Taylor’s gay identitarianism came at the cost of sacrificing the one form of identiaraianism that made her rich and famous beyond measure. Taylor, up until recently, was practically the voice of straight, white America; and now, she’s reduced herself to just another Tumblrina fighting mad over the oppression of disproportionately powerful minoritarians who literally despise everything she is and represents.

Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you, Tay-Tay; after all, we tried to tell you commingling with such identitarian groups was trouble when you walked in years ago ...


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