Sunday, August 4, 2019

Why Democrats REALLY Want Open Borders

Libs’ pro-immigration politics has nothing to do with altruism and EVERYTHING to do with the Almighty Dollar

By: Jimbo X

Let’s cut the baloney and get right down to it — Democrats don’t give a shit about Mexicans. 

Oh, they may like to shed crocodile tears on TV and post images of four-year-old beige corpses floating up and down the Rio Grande on social media, but they couldn’t care less about the ACTUAL plight of Hispanic immigrants. They don’t care that 16% of brown people in the United States — whether they live here legally or not — live in crushing poverty, or that Hispanics account for nearly one-fifth of all fatal work accident victims in America, or that at least 17 percent of all Hispanic woman in the United States will experience sexual abuse at some point in their lives.

Nor do they give much of a fuck that in many predominantly Hispanic communities north of the border, entire communities have effectively become fifedoms ruled by vicious drug runners, including the sorts whose idea of getting the point across is beheading people like 5-foot-tall members of ISIS. Nor do they care that 94,000-plus Hispanics were the victims of violent crimes, property crimes or automobile thefts in this very country in 2017 alone — with the bulk of the perpetrators of said crimes, well, also kinda’ being Hispanic.

No, none of that matters to Democrats. All they care about is getting more of ‘em inside the country — legally or otherwise.

Now there’s been a lot of conjecture about why exactly Democrats seem so hellbent on increasing the number of Hispanics entering the country, with most conservative critics citing such as a brazen demographics power grab, if not a brass-balled example of state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing, using the UN’s own definition of the term. But there’s two big problems with that hypothesis, if you’d kindly allow me the opportunity to explain.

First and foremost, if Democrats merely wanted to skew the electoral numbers, they wouldn’t really have to import more Hispanics, since the organic Hispanic birth rate in the United States continues to outpace the rate of Caucasian births by a considerable margin. With current birth rate trends as-is simply holding steady for the remainder of the century, there’s a strong chance Hispanics might actually make up as much as 40 percent of the national populace by 2050, with all empirical evidence pointing to the U.S. becoming a majority Hispanic nation by 2100. So barring some major reversal of the demographic trendline — which, at this point, would require something as cataclysmic as a super pandemic or nuclear war — all Democrats would really have to do is just kick back and wait for the brown majority to rise to political prominence. 

But in that there’s a couple of facets that don’t make any damn sense. For starters, what’s the point of importing illegal immigrants into the country to boost your political power if the Constitutional basis of the country forbids them from being members of the electorate in the first place? Even if the whole point would be to breed more anchor babies as part of some long, drawn-out social engineering scheme, the thing would take at least a generation to bear any electoral fruits. It would make more sense — and require WAY less effort — to just let the natural demographic trendline shift on its own accord. Unless the endgame is to simply grant citizenship to 12 million-plus illegal immigrants overnight — which would be tantamount to declaring a civil cold war — then the idea just doesn’t gel with any obvious kind of common sense whatsoever.

Which raises another self-defeating element of the whole “let’s bring more Mexicans in to artificially inflate our voter base argument” — chiefly, the fact that most LEGAL Hispanics in the U.S. don’t vote. And among those who do, nearly one-third vote Republican. Factor in the “traditional” Hispanic adulation for Catholic masculinity, and you can kinda’ see where maybe the Dems’ “gays and abortions and Islam and feminism, hoo-ray!” chorus line may not appeal to that particular demographic as much as they think it does. Indeed, even after all the anti-Anglo fearmongering the liberals cooked up in 2016, Donald Trump STILL managed to win almost a third of the total national Hispanic vote.

So, all of that to say, simply increasing the percentage of Hispanics in the U.S. to gain an electoral edge doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, considering the total percentage of said ethnic identitarians that a.) vote and b.) are likely to vote for their candidates CAN’T be greater than 33 percent of the total U.S. Hispanic population. Sure, mega-mass-immigration would surely add MORE voters to the Democrat rolls, but not enough to completely tip the balance of electoral power for at least two or three generations. 

Which brings my own thesis on why Democrats are so pro-open border to an impasse. Either the liberals are really bad at shaking out the math when it comes to their Hispanic vote strategy, or — maybe — they have an altogether different reason for wanting more Hispanics in the country.

Democrats may act to the contrary, but at heart, they’re every bit as capitalistic as Republicans — if not substantially more consumeristic. I mean, how many Democrats do you know who don’t have massive credit card debts, after all? The very fact that Funko Pops are a thing is enough to justify the argument, really. 

I’ve always found it ironically hilarious that Democratic politicians espouse the merits of “socialism” when they themselves are some of the greatest beneficiaries of unrestrained capitalism on the planet. That runs the gamut from scarlet-lipped commie-poseur Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (whose $174,000 a year, taxpayer-provided congressional salary is nearly triple the average American household’s annual income) to Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who continues to posit himself as a “marginalized” homosexual despite having a net worth eclipsing $300 million. And of course, that’s to say nothing of the Dems’ multi-billionaire backers — be they Mark Zuckerberg, Jeffrey Epstein or George Soros — who perpetually bemoan free enterprise as a tool of elitist subjugation, despite them being, you know, the elitists who actually use free enterprise as a tool of subjugation.

Indeed, longitudinal research has proven that the much-maligned “1 percent” actually do much better economically under the reign of democrats, as evidenced by how much the year-over-year wealth share of the Forbes 400 shot up during the Clinton and Obama years compared to the Reagan and Bush regimes.

Despite how they might try to present themselves as a part of the downtrodden, the modern Democratic Party is indeed nothing more than the political cudgel of the likes of Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and practically the entire Silicon Valley brain trust.

As that old axiom goes, all you have to do is follow the money. For all the bullshit we hear about the pervasive political pull of Republican-backing coots like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, how quickly the mainstream media overlooks the $95 million a year contributed to liberal politicians by Bloomberg LP, or the $73 million a year contributed to Democratic candidates by Fahr LLC, or the $41 million a year contributed to the liberal Wehrmacht by the Carpenters & Joiners Union and SEIU each.

And as for corporate America’s donations to the Dems? A mere $14 million a year from Microsoft, $13 million a year from Amazon, $4.2 million a year from AT&T and just $7 million a year from Google — and that’s just halfway through 2019, folks.

Oh, you better believe the Democrats are beholden to lobbyists just as much as the Republicans, if not even more so. And when you look at top liberal donors like General Electric, Verizon, Comcast, Facebook and Pfizer, what sort of things do they want more of? Well, like any business, they want more money … and more customers … and cheaper labor. These multi-billion dollar conglomerates are the real driving force for “globalization,” and the agencies that are truly pushing for “open borders” — that is, at least to the extent it benefits them both ways, with the ability to ship American jobs south of the border to reduce their manufacturing costs and the ability to ship Mexican workers north of the border to reduce their service costs.

The Democrats’ corporate overlords want illegal immigrants to build their shitty office buildings for half-price and to grill burritos at their shitty fast food restaurants without having to pay them competitive wages and to go into their manufacturing plants and break their backs without decent retirement plans or health care packages because all of the white and black laborers who used to do those kinds of jobs got squeezed out by offshoring, union takeovers and the pain pill epidemic. To them, Mexicans have the ultimate value as a completely expendable workforce, serving as an easily replaceable armada of low-wage and low-skill grunt labor. And once they’re all used up, time to send in the next wave of Guatemalans and El Salvadorians, who surely would be grateful to make $18.98 an hour at the neighborhood chicken plant instead of catching typhus and avoiding gunfire from street militias in their homelands.

Oh, the Diane Feinsteins and Kamala Harrises of the liberal wing might yammer on and on about America being the “land of opportunity” and break into hysterical tears whenever they hear about cop-murdering rapists being deported by ICE for the tenth time this year, but it’s all for show. They know that “immigrants” are only good for kindling in their economic engines, the vast, globalized commerce chains and networks that their financiers have made billions and billions off of. And the more guys named Jose and Javier at their disposal to dig through shit pipes and work at Burger King and bottle their favorite LGBT-flavored alcohol products, the better — because, invariably, they know the end result of the economic migration is more moolah in their own pocket books.

Of course the liberal braintrust is going to accuse Trump’s “detention centers” of being the 21st century Jew ovens — this, despite the fact that such detention centers were built by Obama, and that the MSM completely overlooked federal lawsuits alleging horrendous detainment conditions under Barry O’s regime from 2015. Alas, an entire deluxe coffee book containing all of The Donald’s gloriously Mexi-phobic comments doesn’t hold a candle to the ACTUAL physical exploitation the Democrats want to and HAVE subjected Hispanic laborers to since the arrival of NAFTA. Deep down, Democrats don’t want Mexicans dying in the southwestern desert because they’re big-hearted humanists, but because they’d prefer they lived long enough to have their arms yanked out of their sockets operating poultry equipment for three dollars less than the Anglos and the Africans.

It’s rather hypocritical that, over the last few years, the Democratic Party has co-opted the crypto-revolutionary slogan “Si, se puede” as one of their own bumper-sticker worthy mantras. Of course, it appears that our left-leaning amigos de la amigos conveniently left out the rest of their reappropriated battlecry — “Si, se puede … make an easy buck off these caramel-skinned chumps.”


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