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This Week in The Downfall of Civilization (Oct. 14, 2019 Edition)

A biweekly round-up of all the news items, big and small, portending the inevitable, unavoidable breakdown of humanity as we know it...

By: Jimbo X

European Union, New York Times forms a tag team to eliminate the scourge of “free speech” worldwide

Nobody ever really talks about the Machivalean, psychosocial genius undergirding the First Amendment. At heart, it’s such a brilliant form of maintaining social control, and perhaps the most inventive means of doing so since the advent of the Democratic process itself. Say what you will about America’s Founding Fathers being a bunch of syphilitic, wooden-toothed slave fuckers, you can’t deny that they were WAY ahead of the curve when it comes to free expression as a civil right. Really, the United States is the first nation in history that WANTED its citizens to talk mad shit about elected officials. Even today, governmental leaders the world over STILL like to keep a tight lid on what citizens can and can’t say about the powers-that-are, whether that be in the form of dystopian information-bottleneck societies like China and the Middle East or those in Europe and Canada, where federal laws have been passed to shut down dissident opinions under the guise of “hate speech” regulations, these unabashedly Orwellian mechanisms designed to control and manipulate the collective consciousness in the name of civility.

But here’s the oft-overlooked brilliance of the First Amendment. You see, as long as the government KNOWS its citizenry has the ability to criticize and condemn them symbolically, that means the citizenry has no psychosocial impulse to react violently. For a piece of public policy penned in the 1700s, you genuinely have to admire their foresight; even then, they KNEW if you gave people the right to gather en masse and hold signs reading “Fuck the President” without fear of getting arrested or executed, that would work as a universal safeguard against the public banding together and using FORCE to address their displeasure with government activities.

The weird thing here is that, even though you think this would be the most obvious thing in the world for sociologists to look into, I couldn’t find a single major study attempting to outline a clear-cut link between society’s ability to freely criticize the government and government stability. In its place, all I can do is drudge up two evidence-backed examples of my own: first, there’s this Wikipedia page detailing attempted coups throughout the history of world affairs. Notice anything peculiar? Seemingly, the countries with the most free expression afforded to its citizens … just coincidentally … seem to post the fewest number of attempted government overthrows, while the nations with strict limitations on what citizens can and cannot say, write or publish seem to have them every two weeks.

Along those same lines, I turn your attention to the United States’ violent crime rate, which, to the surprise of many, has actually seen a drastic decline over the last 30 years. In fact, the nation’s violent crime rate is lower now than it was back in 1980, which is especially staggering considering we added close to 100 million more people over the same timeframe. As it turns out, ever since the mid-1990s, the U.S. has seen a downright incredible decrease in murder, robbery, burglary and aggravated assault ever since the Internet become a staple of every home in America. My hypothesis — which I would LOVE to see some of you academic-types get on someday — is that the freedom to express one’s self through the Web actually served as a DETERRENT to violent crime, since instead of people setting shit on fire or straight up stabbing a motherfucker like we did in 1991, now we can just go on Twitter and post a couple of memes and get our inner rage out that way.

The unscientifically-backed thesis here is pretty straightforward; if you allow people the freedom to say, write or publish whatever they want — without fear of reprimand, physically or financially — in general terms they’re going to be LESS likely to get their points across using more explosive means. I.E., if people are allowed to say “the government sucks and I hope everybody in Congress gets AIDS” without going to prison or being shot for it, the aggrieved aren’t as likely to vent those same frustrations through direct violence. But if you take away people’s ability to air sociopolitical grievances through symbolic language, pretty much the only way they can make an impactful statement against the powers that are is through smashing windows, torching cars and beating the living dog shit out of one another in the city streets. Hong Kong right now is the absolute perfect example of this; in fact, it might just be the living embodiment of the principle.

But you see, we’ve entered a brave new world(™) in which identitarians of a certain flavor have convinced themselves that, no, symbolic language can indeed be just as dangerous as ACTUAL violence, with some publications coming out and directly stating that the First Amendment needs to be repealed. 

Just two years ago, the idea of The New York TImes publishing an article with a title like “Free Speech is Killing Us” would be too absurd to warrant a consideration. Yet here we are, in the year 2019, and that’s EXACTLY the kind of anti-free expression agitprop The Times is paying stereotypical hipster Jews like Andrew Marantz to churn out en masse.

But let’s let Marantz’s produly pro-censorship, anti-Constitution spiel speak for itself, why don’t we? 

Funny how Marantz’s types are suddenly in favor of private free expression when it’s Twitter censoring pro-right wing accounts, but start screaming “SAVE US, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, SAVE US!” when, say, a private business like a bakery tells a bunch of homosexuals to get the fuck out of their store. By now, we all know the ruse here; they only want the First Amendment to apply to the kind of speech they like, and anything that doesn’t gel with their ideologial principles is, as Marantz literally describes in the passage above, a social transgression on the same level as pedophilia.

But hey, since the First Amendment DOESN’T apply to private businesses and I guess my site kind of acts like a private business, I guess that gives me free reign to tell Marantz this: get fucked, you bearded, bespectacled, Hanukkah-celebratin’, liberty-hating sack of Semite shit. Unless that counts as “hate speech,” which apparently, applies to private entities by default even though the Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled that, under the First Amendment, no such thing as “hate speech” can ever be codified by any form of government.

Which must be news to the City of New York, which recently passed an actual municipal law making it illegal for residents to “threaten” calling ICE on illegal immigrants or using the term “illegal immigrant” itself. Just let the following paragraph from the official New York City Hall Commission on Human Rights explain its social significance, and why it’s TOTALLY worth erasing the First Amendment in its totality for:

Well shit, by that same logic the City ought to be making it illegal for citizens to describe other as “rednecks” and “white trash,” since both terms are intrinsically designed to dehumanize and label certain people as undesirable “others.” Yet you don’t see the big wigs in NYC threatening to fine people $250,000 for calling somebody a “cracker,” presumably because the feelings of people who snuck into the country are more valuable than the constitutional bedrock of the country itself.

And, of course, any discussion about the demise of free expression isn’t complete without an appearance by Facebook and the European Union, and lucky us, we get to kill two proverbial birds with one hypothetical stone when the European Court of Justice ruled earlier this month that if any E.U. member government demands that insensitive or inflammatory posts on the service be removed from the Web, not only does Facebook have to blindly comply with their wishes, but they also have to remove said content WORLDWIDE.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why this wasn’t a bigger story, if not the single biggest news item of the entire year. I mean, holy fuck, we have an actual SUPREME COURT not only codifying the suppression of freedom of expression on a private enterprise, but literally DEMANDING that such an edict be applicable to EVERY GOVERNMENT of EVERY COUNTRY on the planet. This isn’t just Orwellian, this is like super-duper, mega-hyper Orwellian-on-PCP shit right here, but nobody’s freaking out, nobody’s rioting in the streets and nobody’s protesting the announcement as the global human rights violation issue it is.

Which, ultimately means but one thing; not only is the long-dreaded death of free speech upon us … we’re already attending its funeral

The ADL officially declares the “OK symbol,” the bowl-cut hairdo to be emblems of insidious white supremacist sentiment

To the best of my knowledge, the Anti-Defamation League is basically a bunch of rich Jewish folks who give themselves $2.5 million a year to find anti-Semitism in literally everything, no matter how innocuous. It’s also an organization that was literally founded to ward off the bad P.R. when a Jewish factory owner in Georgia was CONVICTED of raping and murdering a 13-year-old white girl. To this day, the organization continues to work tirelessly to clear Leo Frank’s name, hilariously attempting to pin the blame on the sexual homicide on —who else? — the one retarded black guy who worked for him. But they’re also hard at work on other direly needed social services, such as self-dictating to society at large what things are secretly white supremacist. Late last month, the ADL updated its database of “hate symbols” to include a treasure trove of meme-tastic new entries, running the gamut from 4Chan favorites like The Happy Merchant and Moonman — the latter of whom is technically a racist reworking of the old McDonald’s mascot Mac Tonight, for all you Johnny and Joanie-Come-Latelies — to insignia that seems a little, well, abstract. That includes the “OK gesture,” which the ADL describes as “a common hand gesture that a 4chan trolling campaign claimed in 2017 had been appropriated as a symbol meaning ‘white power,’” complete with a handy-dandy diagram showing how the hand spells out both a “W” and a “P” when properly saluted.The ADL has also taken it upon themselves to OFFICIALLY declare the “bowl cut” hairdo, similar to the one sported by Dylan Roof, to be furtive, symbolic admissions that the wearer “admires Roof and calls for others to emulate his racist murders.” Which, apparently, means everybody involved in the K-Pop movement is secretly calling for the mass genocide of all non-white ethnic groups now.

The NBA apologizes for democracy, free expression to Chinese overlords

Just a few years back, the NBA banned L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, simply because he told his Asian girlfriend that while he was OK with her taking the BBC in private, he wasn’t too keen on her showing up at his team’s games wrapped around Magic Johnson like a garter belt. Alas, for that one social transgression committed in the privacy of his own residence, not only did the Jewish, multi-NAACP award winner get kicked out of the league, he also got fined $2.5 million and had his franchise probably illegally divested from him by the NBA and given to another Jewish billionaire by the NBA’s own Jewish millionaire commissioner. Which kinda makes you think; for a pop cultural construct so heavily anchored around African-Americans, there sure are a disproportionate number of super rich Jews running the show, ain’t it? 

But, uh, yeah, digressions and stuff. The latest free speech kerfuffle for the National Basketball Association involves Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey, who apparently rankled a lot of Chinapeople when he tweeted his support for the protestors in Hong Kong on social media. Of course, the Chinese government didn’t take too kindly to Morey’s empathization with people who are getting their skulls cracked open by a totalitarian regime that wants to whisk them away to the mainland for extrajudicial executions, so they threatened to BAN the NBA from the whole guldarn country, which, presumably, would cost the Association billions in revenue

Which, naturally, put Commish Adam Silver in a tough spot; would he allow the NBA to lose a shit ton of money from communists who really enjoy watching black people try to shoot three-pointers or would he cave in to the Chinese demands and admonish Morey for having the audacity to denounce the mass oppression of an entire group of people by autocratic forces with presumably tiny penises? 

Well, for the time being, Silver is seemingly sticking up for the First Amendment — albeit, worded in a manner that seems to suspiciously leave the door open for some finagling. “Daryl Morey, as general manager of the Houston Rockets, enjoys that right as one of our employees,” Silver told media. “What I also tried to suggest is that I understand there are consequences from his freedom of speech and we will have to live with those consequences.”

Shit, who do these guys think they are — the Demoratic candidates for President or something?

Liberals introduced to term “cognitive dissonance” as signs declaring “Islam is right about woman” beginning cropping up in Massachusetts

We here at TIIIA have long promoted this thing we like to call the “Intersectionalist Marginalization Pyramid,” which literally gives identitarian constituents of the great Democratic Cause bonus points based on perceived (if not wholly inherited) social prejudices. Naturally, the infrastructural problem with the approach is that — on a fundamental level — not every identitarian label under the tentpole are compatible with each other. And that’s especially true when you look at two heavily courted Democratic voting blocs — feminists and Muslims. 

Now, I don’t know if you knew this, but apparently, predominantly Muslim countries don’t have the best track records in women’s rights. Or gay rights. Or human rights, in general. Which, of course, gave some pranksters in New England a perfect opportunity to blow some liberal minds recently when a whole buncha’ signs reading “Islam was right about women” started cropping up in and around Winchester, Mass.

For anybody with two brain cells to rub together, the intent is obvious; to force progressivists to admit that one of their desired in-groups has a really, really bad history of mistreating another desired in-group … you know, that whole divide-and-conquer shtick. Alas, as this Boston area newscast indicates, the liberal-types in the community are completely missing the point with one obvious retard named Stacey Irizarry telling the station “I think somebody just wanted this to happen, right?” and “The sign itself is confusing, it is subject to interpretation.”

Yes … yes it is, indeed. The kind of interpretation that we’re quite assured the likes of Stacey Iziarry will never, EVER consider, for a multitude of reasons. And if you think that hot take was cringe-inducing, just wait ‘til you hear what token Muslim Shakeelur Rahman had to say on the subject.

“What is in intent behind it and what are we trying to prove by putting it on this pole so ambiguously?” he said. “There is not a lot of clarity in it. I hope the person was trying to encourage people to look it up, maybe, or research it.” 

Proud, noble Antifa members in Canada fight hate by harassing senior citizens

Antifa, that great unwashed collective of people who hate things like Trump, laws, soap and especially racism are a total and complete ideological contradiction. The very namesake anti-fascist is a glorious mistruth in advertising, since the bulk of them are hyper-liberal socialists who are indeed demanding more government fascism, in the truest sense of the term. Indeed, they never seem to pick up on the irony of using masked, vigilante mass-violence to silence others as being a kinda’ fascistic thing to do, and as someone who has had the misfortune of being near a couple of their demonstrations, lemme tell you — they indeed stink something wicked, with the kinda of post-post-postmodern body odor that could be classified as light biological warfare

Of course, Canada being quite possibly the largest per capita collection of lily-white, self-hating social democrats on the planet, there seems to be an especially rank incarnation of Antifa north of the border. That’s evident by a late September protest outside Ontario’s Mohawk College, where irked and outraged youngsters coked out of their gourd on equal amounts self-righteousness and self-loathing were caught on camera blocking, harassing and threatening an elderly couple simply trying to cross a city street. Among other cherry messages, Antifa protestors could be heard shouting “Nazi scum, off our street” at the senior citizens, which is really, really ironic, because you know who else had an intrinsic hatred of the feeble and elderly? 

That’s right — A.H. his damn self.

Kanye West announces he’s leaving the rap world behind to pursue a career in gospel music

Depending on which day of the week it is, Kanye West is either the most based black man on the planet or the most cucked. Still, we here at TIIIA really can’t say anything too bad about a man who loves the TurboGrafx-16 and literally says they’re too many gay people in the fashion industry on live television, so in abstract terms, consider us fans of the Ye just out of sheer principle. That’s especially true when he comes out says such spectacular, brass-balled bullshit to the media like his late September announcement that, from here on out, he’s only going to make “gospel music.” Incidentally, I’m sure, Kanye’s next album is tentatively titled “Jesus is King,” and purportedly contains at least one track seeking the repeal of the 13th Amendment and one song that was originally about plastic surgery that was ultimately retooled to be about baptisms.

Oh, and for no reason whatsoever, here’s Kanye talking about what it’s like to have bipolar disorder with David Letterman, which he describes as being comparable to having “a sprained brain.” You know, as if learning  any of that shit about Kanye is surprising in the slightest.

Black sixth-grader says she lied about white classmates purportedly scissoring off her dreadlocks

In September, the sad saga of 12-year-old Amari Allen made national headlines. According to the African-American Immanuel Christian School student, several of her male cohorts corners her and called her Predator-like dreadlocks both “ugly” and “nappy” before shearing them off on the playground. 

In a CBS article that felt the burning, compelling desire to note that Mike Pence’s sister works at the school when it literally has nothing to do with the rest of the story, Amari said one of the boys covered her mouth and said she “shouldn’t have been born,” adding that she was nothing but “an attention-seeker.”

Well, as it turns out, Allen actually was nothing but an attention-seeker, when a probe revealed that she made the whole junior high hate crime shenanigans up. In a statement sent to The Washington Post, Allen’s grandparents — who, as an aside, are spending $11,500 a year to send their granddaughter to what is oft-described as a virulently homophobic private school — apologized to the three boys wrongly accused of hate crimin’ the young ‘un-of-color, adding that they were oh-so sorry for “the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn is has brought to the school.” 

Of course, even if this wasn’t an actual hate crime, the Fairfax chapter of the NAACP nonetheless felt obligated to remind the masses that it’s demonstrably wrong to write off such incidents as just mere hoaxes.

“Too often in these rare instances of fabricated hate crimes, critics use a broad brush to claim racially-motivated crimes are virtually non-existent,” the organization is quoted by The Washington Post

Which, to their credit is certainly true. Indeed, a recent scientific study finds that nearly one-third of all reported hate crimes in the United States are legit … meaning that just 66 percent of all reported hate crimes in the country, naturally, are fabrications.

Federal judge says it’s totally cool and respectable that Harvard discriminates against the RIGHT kind of races

It’s not exactly newfound knowledge that prestigious colleges like Harvard institutionally discriminate against students based on their races. Basically, to ensure “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and a whole buncha’ other terms that are really vaguely defined but seem to universally mean “less honkies, please,” such colleges have  implemented protocols requiring students of certain ethnicities to hit certain SAT scores in order to be eligible for admissions. 

For example, in 2018 it was revealed that African-American, Native American and Hispanic students with SAT scores around the 1100 range were sent recruitment letters, while Asian-Americans were only sent such letters if they scored at least 1350. (Another interesting wrinkle to the story? The fact that Harvard is also discriminating against students based on their gender, as well, making the cutoff for Asian men 1380.)

Which, according to Burroughs, means LITERALLY making the college stupider as a means of promoting cultural vibrancy. Believe it or not, she actually said the following in her ruling — “Asian American applicants’ disproportionate strength in academics comes at the expense of other skills and traits that Harvard values.” 

Of course, we’ll see if Harvard applies this to other aspects of its institution. Indeed, I bet it’s only a matter of time until African-Americans’ “disproportionate strength” in athletics gets them barred from the school’s basketball team, and Jews’ “disproportionate strength” in finances gets them restricted from economic classes, right?

Totally peaceful abortion advocates try to torch Mexican church in pro-choice protest

Now here’s an interesting side note to bring up to your more liberal friends the next time they start yammering on and on about how important Mexicans are to Democratic counter-push: outside of Mexico City and Oaxaca, the remaining 31 states in Mexico totally bar abortions, at any trimester, except for instances of rape. Indeed, it seems like so many rainbow coalitionists tend to forget that the Hispanics’ hearty, heavily Catholic values don’t really vibe with the political party’s more progressive views on women’s rights, and when the traditionalist forces of the Old Mexico run headlong into the new leftist, Latinx vanguard, well — bad things are bound to happen.

Such became evident last month, when pro-abortionists clashed with anti-abortionists at the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. Long story short? To totally demonstrate how important choice and nonviolence is to their sociopolitical cause, apparently the pro-abortionist crowd attempted to set the whole fuckin’ church on fire.

Oddly enough, despite their being AMPLE video and photographic evidence of self-described “radical feminists” setting the blaze and vandalzing the shit out of everything in sight, pretty much the ONLY publications that felt the issue garnered any coverage were pro-Catholic and anti-abortion blogs like LifeNews.

Of course, one can’t help but wonder if the same event would’ve garnered so little attention had it been the other way around. Surely, CNN and MSNBC would be just as indifferent to publicizing an instance of anti-abortion protesters torching a Planned Parenthood building to the ground, wouldn’t they?

“Supervised injection site” in Philadelphia upheld by federal judge

You know, back in the day being a worthless junkie piece of shit wasn’t something to be proud of. Indeed, even rock stars and Hollywood A-listers tried to keep their dope-doing secret, ‘cause the social stigma of being a worthless, substance-dependent cretin was that severe. Of course, over the last few years American culture has taken a hard turn on the subject, to the point we are now expected to embrace and even celebrate hopeless heroin addicts as heroes whose brave and valiant struggle against narcotics ought to inspire the rest of us to also lay around all day with needles sticking out of our veins, staring vacantly at the ceiling fan while Nirvana plays on an endless loop in the background.

Of course, the operators of the proposed site say the intent of the project is to DECREASE drug use, which is kinda’ like saying giving free ice cream to the morbidly obese is a project meant to lessen the social burden of diabetes on the rest of us. Naturally, such “socialist shoot-up spots” are already common throughout Canada and Europe, which ought to be our first clue that such public health initiatives are clearly NOT the kind of thing we ought to be trying to adopt in America.

You know, the older I get, the more I begin to wonder if liberalism, as a concept, was humanity’s gravest mistake. As a child, I used to dream about all of the wondrous societal changes that awaited me in the year 2020. Yet here we are — seemingly on the verge of a great paradigm shift into democratic socialism, whether we want it or not — and instead of flying cars and jetpacks, all we’ve got to show for it is taxpayer-subsidized crackhouses

… and a few headlines that speak for themselves …


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