Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Watching Washington Burn: Musings on the End of American Democracy As We Know It

Call it “the demise of civility” if you want, I’m just gonna’ call it can't-miss made-for-television entertainment

By: Jimbo X



One of the really intriguing/tragic things about Donald Trump’s presidency is that after hearing from the leftoids how much his mere existence was inciting hate coast-to-coast, obviously the group being showered with the most bombardments of hatred day-in, day-out for four solid years were Trump supporters themselves.

Every single day on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Good Morning America and Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel and The View and Meet the Press and The Daily Show and literally every cable news outlet in existence — plus the New York Times, the Washington Post, Showtime, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, hell, really, the ENTIRE mass media monolith as a collective — perpetually railed against Trump loyalists as the goddamn, unsalvageable scum of the earth.

They called them inbred white trash emblematic of everything wrong with America.

They called them neo-Nazi, neo-Klansmen whose mere breathing was a threat to civility. 

They said they were backwards rubes and the undeserving beneficiaries of “white privilege,” an abstraction they were too stupid to understand. 

They said they were unabashed negro-haters who were basically responsible for keeping Hispanic children locked in cages at the Texas border. 

They said they were misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic genetic backwash who would be better off sticking guns in their mouths and pulling the trigger, repeatedly if need be. 

They said they shouldn’t even have the right to live, that they should be ashamed for even existing and that as soon as everybody who thinks like them dies and goes to hell, maybe we’ll finally start seeing some progress as a species.

Yet after four years of perpetually being mocked, ridiculed and demonized as boot-licking retards, those same mass media monoliths can’t grasp why even a microscopic contingent of the 70 million-plus Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 could even fathom of doing something like … uh, walking around the House of Representatives, stealing podiums their tax dollars technically paid for.

But no, the media powers that are didn’t describe the break-in as what it clearly was — a buncha’ goofball ruffians making the best of an incredible fuck-up by Capitol Hill police — they instead said that it was LITERALLY an attack on Democracy itself.

The same media machinery that delicately goose-stepped around calling the Black Lives Matter sympathizers that set pharmacies on fire, looted a hospital for severely ill children while they were still inside it and fucking took over an entire section of Portland and declared it an Antifa fiefdom anything other than “demonstrators” showed no such linguistic restraint when it came to label the Capitol Hill invaders, though. 

In no time at all they were calling the culprits “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists.” It was just looting or rioting, oh heavens now, what they were doing LITERALLY represented an overthrow attempt, a bona fide coup d’etat right before our very eyes.

They told us this was an event so shameful, we IMMEDIATELY needed to kick Donald Trump off Twitter, because it’s so incredibly obvious that he incited “violence.” Never mind the fact that nobody in the media can actually show any tweets in which Trump ordered his supporters to actually engage in physical violence, we all know what that horrible slob of a human being was THINKING. He may not have technically incited mayhem, but we know a dog whistle when we hear it. Therefore, Trump is so guilty of causing the Capitol Hill carnage that he LITERALLY needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

The horror, the horor.

Of course, the media also has to kinda’ overlook that the much derided event also featured one of the most clear-cut examples of police brutality in recent memory, as a police officer who just so happened to be black shot an unarmed woman who just so happened to be white right in the jugular. Gruesome footage of blood pumping out of the victims’ throat hole quickly made the social media rounds, then disappeared forever from the internet ether — no, it’s not an attempt to “memory hole” a component of the story that makes Trump loyalists look sympathetic, it’s a terms of service violation that big tech monopolies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube NEVER, ever selectively enforce depending on whether or not all of the gore and guts and mayhem benefits their particular political ideals.

What’s that you say about the media sweeping the 25-plus Black Lives Matter protest-related homicides under the rug? Clearly, the only person who would dare bring up such a thing is an unabashed, unrepentant racist. 

In a true Bizarro-World moment if there ever was one, the mainstream media machinery finally decided to pen pro-police propaganda in the wake of the fracas, focusing on the one police officer who was killed allegedly doing battle with the Capitol Hill dissidents (I mean, literal Nazi Democracy-Hater Traitors Who Need To Be Punished To The Full Extent of Federal Law.)

By the way, I guess now isn’t the best time to remind the NPRs and CNNs of the world who are suddenly fawning over law enforcement officials instead of berating them as totalitarian negro-killers that well over 300 police officers were killed in the line of duty in the U.S. last year, including quite a few that — you guessed it — met their demises at the hands of BLM loyalists and looters.

I’ve seen a deluge of articles similar to this one penned by the professional Democratic Party masturbators at Poynter, in which anti-Trump pundits argue that had a buncha’ black people tried to storm the Capitol, there would’ve been a massacre. Of course, this overlooks the fact that the black folks were rioting nearly every night for the better part of six months across the entire country and no such massacres took place, but the point, it … well, actually, it doesn’t stand at all, logically.

You can read through the lines here. The people peddling all of this “if the rioters was black” routine don’t actually give half a fuck about drawing racial distinction in law enforcement practices. What they’re actually upset about is that hundreds of Trump supporters weren’t massacred during the House of Representatives fracas. They WANTED to watch federal agents open fire and plug morbidly obese MAGA hat weaers with thousands of rounds of ammunition. They WANTED to watch NEETS with male pattern baldness and Pepe the Frog T-shirts have their heads squished by rolling tank treads. They WANTED to witness guys waving Confederate flags get incinerated on live television with flamethrowers. They wanted this shit to be Waco times 20, an absolute purging of the Trumpian contingent bordering on the verge of being a livestreamed Molochian sacrifice. 

That’s the thing about Democrats. No matter how compassionate and altruistic they claim to be, at the end of the day, they’re every bit as bloodthirsty as the most zealous far-righters out there. It’s all peace and love until they run out of drugs and realize their egalitarian utopianism isn’t compatible with reason or human nature — and that’s when they turn into the Manson family and start stabbing pregnant women and writing “kill the piggies” on the wall in fetal plasma.

Logically, the line of reasoning is that if you’re gravely offended by the Capitol Hill brouhaha

then you should also be gravely offended by the almost uncountable number of BLM riots that transpired last summer. And that model works in reverse, too; if you’re going to be outraged over Black Lives Matter mob carnage, then you’re a goddamn lying piece of shit if you’re not also outraged by what all those Viking-cosplayer dildoes did in D.C. But that’s the problem politics has gotten us into here: both sides of the aisle are so irredeemably mind-fucked by their ideological orthodoxy that their unthinking devotion to the political cathedral of their choosing LITERALLY makes it impossible for them to even experience cognitive dissonance anymore. In the current political landscape, “hypocrisy” no longer works as a pejorative. Simply put, if YOUR side does something, no matter what it’s justified and if the OTHER side does something, it’s totally unjustified. The same actions, the same behaviors, the same outcomes, everything could be identical but it’s the ideology of the people doing it that governs whether or not those things are brave and noble displays of social protest or unfathomable acts of terrorism by traitorous pigs.

At this point, I’ve gone ahead and embraced the inevitable. When you have large contingencies of ideologically-lobotomized retards on each side of the battleline, it’s only a matter of time until the proverbial dookie hits the metaphorical fan. There was a time when I felt like it was important to condemn acts of identiarian violence by any and all political fanatics, but now? Eh, I really don’t care. If the media and the Washington political structure says it’s just peachy for liberal dissenters to set QuikTrips on fire and conk police officers over the noggin with cinder blocks, I reckon it’s equally permissible for MAGAtards to smash windows and steal Nancy Pelosi’s Papermate ink pen collection.

I keep hearing all of these outlets and critics and commentators lament “the death of democracy” and “the end of civility” in U.S. life. Well, I tend to see things a little differently. You know what all of this stuff is? Nothing more than entertainment. You couldn’t pay me to sit down and waste 22 minutes of my life watching The Big Bang Theory or Last Week Tonight, but by golly, you know what I will watch? That’s right, angry black guys named Qunezel lobbing bricks through the window fronts of downtown Chicago and fat Trump nuthuggers named Blake beat the mess out of security personnel with Gadsden flag poles. Forget Monday Night Football, if they keep this up, Everyday Political Violence might just become my favorite TV show ever.

Of course, I do worry that the eventual blowback of all of this partisan mayhem will be stronger government restrictions on all areas of civic life. It’s like the final scene in Gangs of New York; the two gangs think they have the streets to themselves, and that’s when the feds come in and start shooting the shit out of everybody with little to no discretion. We’re already seeing the emergence of a Big Tech banana republic, and it’s pretty much a given that the Biden Administration will at least try to curtail some of our most cherished First Amendment rights. But then again, saying how few alleged patriots did a goddamn thing about all of the blatantly unconstitutional lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, odds are most people will just roll over and gladly let those heavily-subsidized monopolies buttfuck them out of a job and a right to express differing opinions on the official Silicon Valley party line. 

I keep hearing all these rumors that “armed protests” are going to take place all over the country shortly. I say let ‘em at it. In fact, I sincerely hope that a whole buncha’ armed counter-protestors show up, too, and neither side shows even the faintest courtesy to the also armed police officers on hand for the demonstrations. Hell, I’m praying that a buncha’ poorly trained National Guard reserves make their way into the equation, too, so that way, we’ve got no less than four heavily-armed contingencies packed into a central location, just champing at the bit to bust a cap in sumthin’

The end of American democracy as we know it, you say? Pure poppycock — if these protests and riots get even half as insane as the media keeps hyping them up to be, we’re in store for the dawn of must-see television instead. 


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