Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Dark Knight (And GOP Propaganda?) Rises

 The Hidden Politics Behind The Biggest Movie of 2012

In case you haven’t heard, the next Batman movie is being filmed in New York this month, and there happens to be a little shooting conflict involving a couple of people obstructing the view of Wall Street.

It’s sort of an ironic predicament, really, with a fictitious representative of the elitist class staring down a real-life mob of irked college students and unemployed liberals. Even more kick the cat and set fire to your own home ironic is that the movie ITSELF is about that fictitious representative of the elitist class doing battle with a guerrilla terrorist socialist revolutionary that riles all of the irked college students and unemployed liberals to go on a rampage in a cityscape that looks an awful lot like NYC. And also, there’s something about Anne Hathaway dressing up like a cat, which, I guess could be a parable for just about anything.

The Christopher Nolan Bat-movies have been pretty darned biased towards the Republican Party, with many, many analysts saying that the first two films (and especially the monumentally successful The Dark Knight) are nothing more than thinly veiled celebrations of the W. Administration. With the third (and supposedly last) Bat-movie scheduled for release next summer, one can only imagine what The Dark Knight Rises is going to furtively comment upon.  Judging from what we know about the film so far, here’s my unfounded conjecture.

Batman, as he was in the last movie, is a stand in for George W. Bush. And if you don’t think that the story of a self-righteous, wire-tapping, Constitution-avoiding, urban terrorist-obsessed mega billionaire ISN’T a parallel for Dubya, rest assured that the character of Batman could just as easily be a metaphor for Dick Cheney.

In the last movie, Batman did battle with an Osama bin Laden-ish villain that blew up civilian infrastructure and regularly used suicide bombers as henchmen. And oh yeah, he sort of had a proclivity for filming executions on camera, too. In the third film, however, the primary villain is a character named Bane - who, in the comics, was a super intelligent, island born,  quasi-socialist revolutionary that turned Gotham City against Batman by declaring him emblematic of economic totalitarianism.

In other words? He’s a caricature of Barack Obama, only on steroids and wearing a respirator mask.

The plot line for The Dark Knight Rises, I suppose, is that Bane decides to turn Gotham City into an anarchist hellhole by promising its citizens’ liberation from economic corruption and political malfeasance. Here’s a brief clip that recently made the YouTube rounds, displaying Bane interrupting a Pittsburgh Steelers game:

If that rhetoric sounds remotely familiar, it should, because it’s almost identical to ANY number of speeches you would have heard from Hugo Chavez or Vicente Fox over the last decade. Just, uh, ignore the fact that he sounds like Kermit the Frog, though.

And the rest, as they say, writes itself. As Bane-a-mania sweeps throughout Gotham, an underground and universally despised Batman must fight for the greater good of society, even if that same society has no idea what’s good for it. In other words, the mission for Bats AND the Republican Party in 2012 seems to be selling people on the idea that they need an elitist protector to save them from the madness of populism, to get people to decline change and just go along with the course.

And with that in mind, I think I have a good idea as to who that new cat-suit-bedecked fellow crime fighter may supposedly symbolize

…anybody else thinking they might try to trot out Batman-themed tea bags for the next installment?

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  1. Hi,
    just read your post and laughed out loud. At last someone else can see the ultra right wing propaganda being fed to the hungry hordes.
    I have myself started a campaign of disinformation, which is sadly backfiring, which in itself is very interesting to watch.
    Thought you might like these images. Sadly the jokes are not very far from the truth.


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