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This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists outraged ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

By: Jimbo X

Director of acclaimed Nat Turner biopic may be done in by alleged 1999 rape

In the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite brouhaha, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences restructured its membership in such a way that it's practically guaranteed that a disproportionate number of African-American actors, directors, producers, writers, costume designers and make-up artists are going to get Academy Award nods next year. Of course, some may call this a wild overreaction, seeing as how the president of - and therefore, the most powerful person within - AMPAS is a black woman and that since 2000, not only have black actors been receiving Oscar nominations at a rate that synchs up perfectly with their ratio within the Screen Actors Guild, they've actually been winning them at a rate that far outweighs their overall share of both the SAG membership body and U.S. society as a whole. But then again, to dare question the motives or logic of people declaring something to be racist and prejudicial by default makes you racist and prejudicial yourself, so it's probably for the best if none of us ever mull on such unfortunate statistics. 

Anyhoo, the big beneficiary of the AMPAS overhaul, many predicted, would be a guy named Nate Parker, whose film The Birth of a Nation was sold for a record-breaking $17.5 million at Sundance. The biopic, which appears to be a VERY selective and VERY loose adaptation of The Confessions of Nat Turner, was pretty much pigeonholed as next year's Best Picture recipient. A hot, young, black up-and-coming filmmaker? A movie with contentious racial overtones (but the kind of contentious racial overtones Hollywood likes?) Lots and lots of black actors getting whipped and raped and slaughtered by caricatures of plantation owners? Oh, you know the big wigs in La-La-Land can't get enough of that. Barring some sort of absolute astronomical fluke, there seemed to be no way that The Birth of a Nation (yes, it does, ironically, appropriate the title of the infamous, unabashedly racist 1915 D.W. Griffith movie) wasn't going to pick up a backhoe's worth of statuettes in Feb. 2017. 

Well, just one teeny, tiny, teensy little problem reared its head in late August - as it turns out, Nate Parker and one of his The Birth of a Nation co-writers may or may not have raped a woman at Penn State in 1999. 

According to accounts of the supposed victim - who killed herself in 2012 - Parker and pal Jean Celestin took turns raping her after she blacked out from too much alcohol consumption. Furthermore, the victim claimed that both Parker and Celestin continued to harass her, up until she went to the police with her story. While Parker was acquitted of the crime, Celestin (who, I believe it is worth mentioning again, shares co-writing credits on The Birth of A Nation), was found guilty, only to have his conviction overturned on a later appeal. 

Making things worse? In an Ebony interview, rather than talk his way out of the rape discussion, Parker only made things worse when he said that, as a 19-year-old, he didn't really know what "consent" meant and viewed sex, as many a college frosh doth, as nothing more than a game of ejaculatory Command and Conquer. Eventually, Gabrielle Union, who co-stars in The Birth of a Nation alongside Parker (but not as Nat Turner's historically-disputed wife), went to the Los Angeles Times with an op-ed of her own, in which she aired how uneasy the whole rape flap makes her feel as an actual sexual assault victim (while continuing to keep her bridge only halfway burnt by plugging the "important and ground-breaking" movie as "an opportunity to inform and educate so that these situations cease to occur on college campuses.")

Oh, and the big old ironic cherry atop the sundae of get-the-fuck-outta-here, will 'ya? The alleged victim of the men - whose movie is a hyper-violent celluloid attack on white privilege - was, well ... kind of white

And now, we find ourselves struggling what the hell to do with a movie, set for national release this November, that was not only predetermined to be next year's Best Picture winner but indeed forever be remembered as THE definitive film of the Black Lives Matter era, a triumph of the cinematic form that would be remembered as a crucial turning point for People of Color in cinema (that the hero of said film is a man who boasted of murdering ten children, surely, is nothing but the idle chatter of racists.) But now? With Parker's past coming back to haunt him, The Birth of a Nation is a film surrounded by an entirely different discussion - this one, centered around societal constructs like "toxic masculinity," "rape culture" and "male privilege" instead of the anticipated and desired "whites against blacks" historical narrative

Instead of being hailed as hero of the African-American cause, it looks like Nate Parker has now been demoted to black persona non grata. This puts the hyper-liberal AMPAS voting constituency in a tough bind - do they give The Birth of a Nation a Hamilton-sized bag of trophies in the name of black solidarity, or do they shy away from the movie out of fear of promoting violence against women and the color-neutral institution of sexism? Even with the younger, hipper, less-honky AMPAS commission, something tells me that - the irony, how it burns - the politics surrounding Nate Parker will more than likely sink his big movie, which, honestly, was only puffed up because of the sociocultural circumstances of its time, therefore making its celebration a symbolic political statement rather than an endorsement of sheer artistry.

Which, in a roundabout way, could indeed lead to the single most ironic thing in the history of ironic things happening. With The Birth of a Nation knocked out of the running for Best Picture, the presumptive frontrunner now is a World War II drama about a pacifist soldier called Hacksaw Ridge

Which means - put on your best shittin' britches, boys - the Academy may indeed make the conscious choice to reward Mel Gibson over Nate Parker, because somehow, someway, he's the least toxic of the two heading into awards season.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette book reviewer publishes incredibly prejudiced, offensive article demeaning and belittling the woes of an entire ethnic group ... but nobody gives a shit

Imagine, if you will, someone - working for any publication anywhere in America - did a book review of, oh say, Between the World and Me, and in his or her review, the critic chastized Ta-Nehisi Coates' writing because, as bad as blacks in America may have had it historically, the Native Americans have had it way worse. Oh, and in that same review, the reviewer harps on African-Americans in general for always complaining and feeling sorry about their lot in lives instead of doing anything about it. Well, odds are, that review probably would have been vivisected by the great online social justice hordes, and whoever wrote it almost certainly would have been fired - and subsequently, typified as a hideous racist - due to the public backlash. Well, that's pretty much what Pittsburgh Post-Gazette book reviewer Dan Simpson expressed in his overview of Hillbilly Elegy, a memoir written by San Fran investment J.D. Vance about his childhood growing up in rural Kentucky. From the very first paragraph, we know that Simpson's agenda isn't to firmly assess and analyze Vance's work, but get the point across that, by golly, that dad-blamed Donald Trump might just exploit them and their miseries en route to getting elected. Which, naturally, segues into this neutron bomb of a blurb:
"There are two problems here, nestling among what seem to me to be the truths about hillbillies. The first is that there are other groups in American society, in different parts of the country, whose situations are just as troubling, if not more so, than the problems of the hillbillies. They were outdoors for the most part, not jammed into crowded urban neighborhoods like many African-Americans and Hispanics and undocumented immigrants. 
The other problem is that we all know from country songs that there is a definite predisposition for feeling sorry for oneself that is a major characteristic of so-called hillbillies. The story was that if one played a country song backward, one found a job, the car started running again and one’s wife came back."
Oh, I see ... all of the pain and misery and abject poverty and wide-scale mockery and public scorn and social alienation and stereotyping is OK because some people of different colors have it worse. So yeah, fuck the fact that nine out of the ten poorest zip codes in the nation are predominantly white, with about a third of them consisting of 90 percent plus Caucasian inhabitants. And as we all know, poor rural whites are the only group in America that wallows in defeatism, self-victimization and total nihilism, with absolutely no aspirations to improve their own lots in life. And guys, totally fuck the fact that the very people Vance wrote about - largely non-college educated, middle-aged, white rural laborers - are dying off at a rate rivaling that of gay men at the height of the AIDS crisis. The black folks and Hispanics, Simpson formally declares, have traditionally had it rougher in their urban enclaves, so no need to pay any attention to what all those toothless, redneck sister-fuckers in Appalachia are saying about living on top of toxic waste sites and not receiving any of the same public entitlements that city-dwellers receive from the government like candy corn on Halloween. Alas, in the interest of fairness, perhaps I can take Simpson's logic and apply it equally to African and Latino-Americans - who, since they generally are in better financial shape than Native Americans and certainly much better off than the residents back in the third world economic disaster zones in Africa and South and Central America - really have no right or rationale to complain about anything that happens to them. I mean, that's only fair, per the editorial standards of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, anyway.

Kanye West experiences backlash for casting call seeking "only multi-racial women"

We here at The Internet Is In America feel very conflicted about Kanye West. On one hand, it's pretty hard to dislike anybody who randomly tweets about his love of Blazing Lasers on the TurboGrafx-16 and who, in the past, has made surprisingly thoughtful statements about heterophobia in the fashion industry and the nature of classism as a dividing line in U.S. culture. Then again, he also says he doesn't think white people should be allowed to write about "black music," so yeah ... looks like the official IIIA stance on the polarizing rapper will have to remain locked at "neutral" for the time being. Well, Mr. West's latest multimedia boondoggle involves his recent all-call for "multi-racial" only fashion models, which - surprise, surprise - a lot of people on the Twitter-sphere took offense to. Naturally, this lead to one Nigerian journalist (yes, you would) attempting to infiltrate the shoot to find out what nefarious intentions Kanye really had in mind ... only to find out that, well, no one on the set really knew what "multi-racial" meant visually. Still, other miffed black feminists decided to display their anger in a more innovative way. I mean, if standing on a street corner holding a sign reading "you ain't slick, Ye" with the phrase "they want black features, not black women" scrawled over your exposed breasts isn't the best way to bring about sociocultural change, I honestly don't know what is.

Time magazine dedicates entire issue to Internet trolls and online "hate speech"

The Aug. 29 edition of Time - a magazine that, for all intents and purposes, has not been culturally relevant since they turned O.J. Simpson the same color as a charcoal briquette for "dramatic effect" in the mid-90s - was anchored around a piece penned by Joel Stein titled "How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet." As you'd expect, the author of such journalistic triumphs as "I Now Have Scientific Proof of How Awesome I Really Am" and "Why Older People Shouldn't Vote - And Other Ideas Unpopular With My Parents" pretty much spent the entirety of the screed going after the much-maligned alt-right, whose modus operandi he describes thus:

"Republicans who don’t like Trump are 'cuckservatives.' Men who don’t see how feminists are secretly controlling them haven’t 'taken the red pill,' a reference to the truth-revealing drug in The Matrix. They derisively call their adversaries 'social-justice warriors' and believe that liberal interest groups purposely exploit their weakness to gain pity, which allows them to control the levers of power. Trolling is the alt-right’s version of political activism, and its ranks view any attempt to take it away as a denial of democracy."

For a moment, lets overlook Stein conveniently leaving out the fact that the term "troll," as an online pejorative, dates back to the 1980s and has, until the proliferation of 4Chan, largely been a term tied to anti-government liberals who used their computer know-how to wreak havoc on large companies, utilities and other targets of scorn. Let's overlook Stein picking the absolute lowest-hanging fruit - a self-identified neo-Nazi - as "exhibit A" in his wannabe expose (interestingly, the author never acknowledges the fact that antisemitism is every bit as virulently entrenched in online, black supremacist circles ... indeed, one has to wonder if Stein himself is even aware that a high-ranking member of the Department of Homeland Security somehow managed to keep his job despite posting online videos discussing the necessity to kill the white man.) In fact, let's overlook that there are entire websites out there dedicated to doxing people who post non-P.C. things online with the intent of harming them financially (a fact that Stein never gets anywhere close to declaring in his unabashedly one-sided spiel.) Indeed, let's even forget about the article's laborious non-ending in which Klein has dinner with a Vice columnist who brags about being on food stamps and once threatened to kick his ass (she kinda' gets the last laugh, though, because Time had to release a correction because Klein, irony of ironies, got her sexual orientation wrong.) Rather, let's take a look at the inherent hypocrisy of a wealthy, white man of the Jewish persuasion (historically, the absolute richest ethnic/religious group in America) deeming himself a "white knight" for all of the Intraweb's downtrodden blacks, gays and women - and in the process, using a national publication with a circulation of 3 million weekly to stereotype, mock and ridicule an entire arbitrarily-defined class of political rivals. And for those looking for a little poetic justice? In a piece dedicated to slamming individuals who make fun of people based on broad generalizations, Klein himself caught some flak from his own publisher for, and I quote, using "a reference to Asperger's Syndrome in an inappropriate context."

Iowa professor concerned "angry" mascot may trigger university's students

In today's world, college freshman have a lot of things to worry about. Student loans, whether or not their degree in Middle Eastern Puppetry will get them a $250,000 a year management position, just how much beer and flakka they can safely enjoy as a recreational activity and, of course, wondering if the girl they slept with really, really meant it after asking her if the over the bra nipple tickle was consensual for the 18th time. Alas, rather than consider the absurd notion that today's frosh are naively thin-skinned, grossly over-medicated on pharmaceuticals (be they legal or ill-gotten) and that the university itself is more concerned with indoctrinating them with a cheerily globalist mentality instead of teaching them technical or soft skills that result in them being employable, professor Resmiye Oral at the University of Iowa - a child abuse specialist that, in the past, has been condemned by judges for "rushing to judgement" about parental maltreatment incidents - has pinpointed a different locus for the woes of Generation Y: college football mascots that, by golly, are just too dang angry-looking. "Herky’s angry, to say the least, faces conveying an invitation to aggressivity and even violence are not compatible with the verbal messages that we try to convey to and instill in our students and campus community," she wrote in a letter to Iowa's athletics department decrying the disposition of the Hawkeyes' spokes-cartoon"As we strive to tackle depression, suicide, violence, and behavioral challenges and help our students succeed, I plead with you to allow Herky to be like one of us, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, sometimes concentrated." Although one has to wonder, if Oral was truly concerned with the well-being of the student body, why isn't she pushing for the university to expand job-preparedness and technical skills development as a priority over worrying that a fictitious, roided-up Tweety Bird might be the core reason why kids are attempting to end their own lives? Hell ... she might even be able to reinvest the $167,000 a year she receives in public subsidies to better the youths she is so concerned about, wouldn't she?

Texas mattress store closes after airing commercial mocking 9/11 victims

Eagle-eyed viewers in San Antonio may have caught a glimpse of a Miracle Mattress commercial featuring three employees - just for the record, all of them well under the age of 30 and all of whom could be adequately described as "people of color" - gleefully hawking an upcoming twin mattress sale to commemorate, what else, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. That, in and of itself, would be in rather poor taste, but it's the commercial's finale - in which two of the employees find themselves tumbling into a stack of mattresses a'la the WTC, with the morbidly obese pitchwoman shrieking in feigned horror as the makeshift tower collapse before sarcastically declaring "we'll never forget" - that really irked more than a few viewers. Indeed, the backlash was so strong that the company's owner, Mike Bonanno, decided to simply close his business rather than put up with the fervent public backlash. If you want, here's a video of one of the employees trying to make amends for the ill-conceived promo. Alas, since she had no problem mocking the suffering and death of thousands of innocent people, obviously, she would have no problem with me mocking her sorry fat ass and her shitty mea culpa, right? 

Remember kids ... shit comes in every color of the rainbow. And some chunks, clearly, are much larger than others.

This week's top ten white-on-black violent crimes

Odds are, you've heard of the "racial achievement gap." Basically, it references the generalized failure of black students to achieve standardized testing scores or graduate from high school at rates competitive with their white counterparts. Of course, there are plenty of hypotheses as to why this is the case (Wikipedia's go you covered, if you are interested), but today, I would like to turn our attention to an area where African-Americans are clearly outdoing their mayonnaise-hued brethren - that being, the domain of interracial violence. Yes, true believers, black people are indeed committing violent crimes like armed robbery, battery, rape and murder against whites at a rate five times higher than whites commit the same violent offenses against black people - a rather astounding feat, seeing as how there are easily five times as many white people in the U.S. as there are black people. The Casey Kaseem of ethnocentrically-driven, honky-slaying, cracker-beating and peckerwood-raping I am, it's time once again to recount the most notable, nauseating and nonsensical incidents of black folks showing those white devils what for...

10. In St. Petersburg, Fla., 37-year-old Harold Stewart has been arrested for the armed robbery of 66-year-old Jeffrey Hardeman on Sept. 2. The disabled war veteran describes the attack, which occurred outside ... surprise, surprise ... the local Wal-Mart. "He grabbed me around the neck and started choking me, punching me in the side and the head grabbing for my stuff. Then, he threw me to the ground. Then, he took my walker and started hitting me with the walker, then ran with the walker and took off.

09. In Jacksonville, Fla., 15-year-old Patrick Christopher Mack was charged with aggravated battery and grand theft after he attacked a female bike store employee and attempted to flee the business with an expensive bicycle. According to police reports, Mack asked for help with a flat tire on his bicycle before blasting the woman with pepper spray and bashing her in the skull with a chair, WWE-style

08. Yes, we have not one but two incidents this week involving black men beating elderly people to a pulp with their own walkers during robbery incidents. This one occurred in Indianapolis on Aug. 24, when three black young men invaded the home of 79-year-old Nancy Quest, beat her with her own medical apparatus until she was concussed and took off with several of her belongings. A trio of young men - who have yet to be apprehended - were caught on convenience store surveillance using Quest's credit card to buy sodas and potato chips just 20 minutes after the break-in. 

07. On Sept. 1, 41-year-old Jason Mikulak was shot and killed during a robbery in St. Paul, Minn. Police have charged 29-year-old Brandon Lee Harris, who at the time was already wanted for parole violations stemming from a 2010 armed robbery, with the murder. Harris was arrested for yet another armed robbery a few years earlier - according to the criminal complaint, he told  a victim robbed at gunpoint "he would have no remorse shooting him because he hates white people."

06. In North Carolina, 77-year-old Barbara Bigelow Wyatt has been charged with the vehicular homicide of 23-year-old Christopher Scott Askey. Wyatt, who fled the scene of the fatal collision, is starring down a litany of charges, including felony hit and run, misdemeanor death by motor vehicle (yes, in North Carolina, you can kill someone and only get charged with a misdemeanor) and "operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility" - which, in layman's terms, means she didn't have automobile insurance. 

05In Houston, 34-year-old Eric Pleasant has been charged with murder after several eyewitnesses spotted him dumping a large container inside a garbage bin outside a scummy looking motel. The contents of that bin? According to police, it's the head and at least one leg of an unknown white male, believed to be in his 40s

04. On Sept, 9, 26-year-old Lah'tijera Howard (pronounced "unemployable") was arrested by Las Vegas police for allegedly running over her 34-year-old live-in boyfriend, who - irony of ironies - was named Daryl White. Oh, and Howard was already arrested earlier for stabbing White in the thigh and threatening to suffocate her own child with a pillow.

03. And hey, don't think black dudes in relationships can't get pretty murdery with their mayonnaise-hued gal pals, too. Just take a gander at 52-year-old David Williams, who was arrested for allegedly murdering his 23-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Hackett, on Sept. 7. Per Houston police, Williams stabbed her multiple times before deciding to finish her off for good by running her over with his car

02. In Belleville, Mo, 50-year-old Samuel J. Johnson has been indicted by a grand jury for the triple murder of two elderly women - Dorothy Bone, 82, and Doris Fischer, 79 - and their 62-year old hairdresser, 62-year-old Michael Cooney, during an apparent 2005 robbery. According to police, the three victims, combined, were stabbed more than 50 times. As a plus, though? He's already in jail, currently serving a seven-year-sentence for a litany of narcotics and firearms offenses. 

...and this week's selection for the absolute worst instance of black on white crime goes to...

01. Marcas McGowan, 32, of Kansas City, Kansas! On Sept. 6 he worked out a plea deal to escape the death penalty for the 2014 murder of Cady Harris, his girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter. After threatening her mother's life with a handgun, McGowan kidnapped Cady and embarked upon a high-speed chase with the police, culminating with a shootout in Leavenworth. Although McGowan initially claimed Cady was struck by a policeman's bullet, forensic testing reveals the child was mortally injured by a point-blank range shot from McGowans's firearm. At this point, the best case scenario for McGowan is that he will spend the remainder of his life in prison. However, when sentencing resumes in November, the judge very well could toss out the plea bargain in exchange for the death penalty ... which, I believe it is safe to say, is the best case scenario we are all rooting for.

Amy Schumer cites Internet trolls as reason why new book sales are so lackluster

Even without getting into the whole feminists/anti-feminists dichotomy, I think it's pretty safe to just come out and say that Amy Schumer isn't a good comedian. Indeed, not unlike Dane Cook and Carrot Top, she's but the most recent in a long line of factory assembled, fit-for-mass-consumption pop comedians, only with the added annoyance of imbuing her whole schtick with a steady undercurrent of irritating, self-victimizing, "I make millions of dollars per movie but sexism is still holding me back" bickering, bellyaching and complaining. Oh, and she is a known plagiarist, but apparently, dismantling the invisible patriarchy is too important a social imperative to worry about trifling things like someone making tons of money by stealing the intellectual work of others. Anyhoo, Schumer's latest book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, is being called one of the biggest literary fiascoes in years, having sold a paltry 36,000 hardcover copies in its first-week of sales (keep in mind, no-name YouTube star bios are routinely generating twice that in their debut weeks.) Well, the book publisher claims to have sold 170,000 copies of Schumer's latest manifesto across digital and print platforms in the two weeks since it was released (not that publishers would ever dream of inflating their numbers through suspicious means or anything like that), but even then, since they doled out an astronomical $9 for the rights to the screed, it's pretty much a given that Simon & Schuster will experience a massive loss. Of course, rather than admit that fact that nobody in their right mind gives a shit about reading full chapters about Schumer's stuffed animal collection and how she lost her virginity, the comedian instead pegged the lackluster book sales on ... what else? ... Internet trolls downvoting her tome on Amazon with a deluge of one-star reviews - which, in a rather self-defeating manner - pissed her off so much she refused to do publicity work for her own book.

Filipino president reportedly refers to Barack Obama as "a son of a whore"

For all the incessant talk we hear from the media and liberal ideologues about Donald Trump posing a "far right threat," no one ever really brings up the existence of truly far-right political leaders elsewhere in the world. We're not talking about guys opposed to TPP and want tougher immigration enforcement (which, according to the SJWs of the World Wide Web, is literally a hate crime on par with sending Japanese citizens to concentration camps), we're talking about hardline, hyper-militaristic conservative strongmen, the kinds of dudes who, depending on your perspectives, were either the real bad guys in cheesy 1980s action movies or the strongly implied antiheroes. Perfectly fitting into the vigilante-politician mold more befitting Sylvester Stallone's character in Cobra than Jimmy Carter is Rodrigo Duterte, the current president of the Philippines, who, by all accounts, is the baddest motherfucker to hold a head of state title anywhere in the worldPorting about an anti-drug platform so hardcore it makes the central plot of the old NES game NARC sound subdued, Duterte has been linked to the Davao Death Squad, who are believed to have "disappeared" more than 1,000 people alleged to be murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers and career criminals the normal judicial system just couldn't handle. Indeed, in public speeches Duterte has openly called for his constituents to take the law into their own hands and execute drug dealers and addicts, earlier this summer declaring "these sons of whores are destroying our children. I warn you, don't go into that, even if you're a policeman, because I will really kill you." Hell, he even promised to give citizens $43,000 for every "ninja cops" protecting crime kingpins last month (his comments when asked if his bounty was a violation of human rights? "Crime against humanity? In the first place, I’d like to be frank with you: are they humans?"

Alas, despite Duterte's really not at all symbolic at this point "War on Drugs" - believed to have produced at least 2,000 extrajudicial corpses since he was inaugurated earlier this year - nobody in the States really paid that much attention to him until he recently made some, well, rather blunt remarks about President Barack Obama. At a press conference, Duterte said he wouldn't put up with no jibber-jabber from Mr. O about his aggressive anti-drug policies at an upcoming world leader summit, declaring "you must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum." That statement irked Obama enough that he wound up cancelling a meeting with Duterte - this, despite evidence emerging that the "son of a whore" statement was directed not towards the sitting U.S. president, but rather, towards a pesky journalist who asked the "wrong" question in Duterte's presence. Regardless, considering Duterte's track record, it's probably safe to assume he's going to be saying plenty more outrageous, neo-con fascist fantasy dialogue in the years ahead. Indeed, seeing as how Duterte once called the Pope "a son of a bitch" for holding up traffic, by the time his presidency is up he might just have more quotables than Winston freakin' Churchill.

New study says Wal-Marts in richer, whiter communities are less shitty than stores in blacker, poorer neighborhoods

You know, as intelligent as sociologists like to think they are, one has to wonder just how mindlblind they are to their own researcher biases. Case in point? The latest study by Columbia professor Andy Reich accuses the nation's largest retailer and employer of "redlining" communities of color. How so? Well, he studied evaluated about 35,000 Yelp reviews for about 2,800 Walmart stores across the nation, and found that users in predominantly black zip codes were more likely to describe their customer experiences as negative than those who lived in predominantly white zip codes - even when other factors, like socioeconomics, were controlled. "The higher the percentage of black or Latino residents in a zip code," Reich bluntly declares, "the worse Walmart service becomes, regardless of whether this zip code is poor or wealthy." And then, he concludes his heavily flawed research with this puzzling call to action:
"For Walmart and other retailers, providing a pleasant customer service experience seems likely to be increasingly important to corporate profitability. For its own sake. then, Walmart should hire more employees, particularly at stores in low-income communities of color, and give all Walmart employees more reasons to smile through better wages and working conditions."
Say what? Didn't Reich himself say that socioeconomic well-being meant absolute Jack Dookie in determining whether customers like their local Walmart, and that no matter how rich or how poor a community was, consumers in predominantly black areas were much likelier to voice displeasure with big box mart service in general? There are a lot of potential takeaways from Reich's questionable findings, but the one glaring one - that, maybe, for whatever reason, minority employees may not give as much a shit about their job performance as white Walmart workers - is completely off-limits, off-topic, off-the-table and too dad-gum off-ensive to even mull as result finding. You know, maybe - just maybe - institutional racism isn't the underlying evil to all inequalities that exist throughout the universe; of course, getting guys like Reich to even consider the fact that some people falter and fail throughout life simply because they're just too shiftless, apathetic, entitled and stupid to succeed in a complex socioeconomic system sounds about as likely as ... well, the service at a predominantly black Walmart being better than the service at a predominantly white Walmart.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

California State University Los Angeles introduces "blacks-only" student housing

UMass now considers Harambe jokes a form of sexual assault

Libertarian presidential candidate doesn't know what "Aleppo" is

U.K. woman jailed in Oklahoma for marrying own daughter ... after getting divorce from own son in 2010

"Mary Magdalene" accused of assaulting two Muslim women in New York

Ohio police department posts photos of parents overdosed on heroin with four-year-old left to fend for himself in backseat of van

Artificial intelligence program accused of racism for picking nearly all white beauty pageant winners

Three Utah Native Americans charged with raping 9-year-old

37-year-old illegal alien who tried to kill two police officers in Fresno wasn't deported, even after serving 16 years in prison for raping three underage girls

Georgia man tries to rape underage employee in Dairy Queen bathroom

Air China publication advises visitors to avoid areas in London populated by Indians, Pakistanis and blacks

Connecticut commutes sentence of woman who drowned newborn daughter in toilet in 2006

Twitterer of color wants white people to "get over" 9/11

Saddleback College history chair tears down university's 9/11 memorial posters, demands students go to "free speech areas" to complain

Three teenagers charged with vicious murder of 71-year-old St. Louis man

Black Lives Matter activist robbed in Texas, now demands more police on city streets

South Carolina Man arrested for impregnating 11-year-old

Brown University to start providing men with free tampons

Hilary Clinton campaign wants you to know that Trump is in league with a cartoon frog they think is racist


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