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This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

Domestic political terrorism arrives in America, but nobody gives a shit

With the third and final Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump presidential debate shit show over and done with, all we can do now is just kick back and wait and see which candidate implodes first. Alas, while seemingly the entire multimedia-industrial complex has spent massive wads of money to insure The Trumpster goes belly up at the polls Nov. 8 (complete with their concentrated Svengalian effort to turn Donny's opaqueness on whether or not he would gingerly concede defeat in the face of verified, widespread voting fraud into some sort of fantastical admission that he would try to overthrow the government), it seems a little ... I don't know, intriguing ... that what SHOULD be one of the biggest political stories of this or any other year has been curiously brushed aside. While all of the talking heads on cable TV and the Hollywood/Silicon Valley elites were busy telling us how aghast we ought to be at Trump saying he was so popular he could grab women by the pussy back in 2005, news slowly leaked out that, yes, democratic campaigners were indeed PAYING people - including the homeless and the mentally ill - to go into Trump rallies and try and fuck shit up. Of course, the very same pro-globalization mass media Wehrmacht that covered its mouth in horror at hearing The Donald's "locker room" banter with Billy Bush never acted as outraged when women, children and the elderly had the living shit beat out of them by anti-Trump dissidents over the summer - in fact, despite the fact that people were being pummeled into bloody piles before their cameras LIVE on television, they downright refused to make it out as a campaign-worthy issue, with some publications even endorsing the anti-Trump violence as "the right thing to do." Which brings us to an occurrence that was all but overlooked by our esteemed "journalistic" titans heading into the third and final debate, which in all honesty, should've inspired a national discussion about just how dangerous polemics have gotten in today's America. In the early morning hours of Oct. 16, the head quarters of the Orange County Republican Party in Hillsborough, N.C. was attacked, obviously by perturbed Trump-haters. So, did the merry prankster or pranksters - whom police still have not apprehended - merely break a window or two or spray paint a neon-colored dick on their signage? No, the assailant instead elected to toss a fuckin' Molotov cocktail through their window, ironically enough, shattering a display that read "Freedom Speaks" in the process. And because attempting to incinerate the political other TOTALLY isn't something Hitler ever attempted, some delightful individual clearly lacking any modicum of self awareness scrawled "Nazi Republicans, leave town or else," which - of course - was accompanied by a big old swastika. Alas, publications like The Washington Post absolutely REFUSE to pin the act of domestic terror activity on an incredibly toxic, bloodthirsty, liberal-progressive contingent whose entire M.O. revolves around harassment, intimidation and direct acts of physical violence. Oh, heavens no, they simply blame the incident on a "nasty" political campaign, blaming Trump's rhetoric for the fire-bombing just as much as the rabble rousing out of the Clinton and Sanders camps. Considering the incessant fear-mongering over the handful of incidents of black protesters getting pushed and called mean names at Trump rallies (although, to be fair, there was also quite a bit of black people knocking the shit out of white people, too), it simply cannot be "coincidence" that our most trusted "information" sources continually overlook the tidal wave of anti-conservative violence sweeping the nation. In that, the New York Times and CNN and The Huffington Post and their unabashedly prejudiced propaganda aren't just complicit in promoting and excusing this new wave identity politics terrorism, indeed, they might as well be bankrolling it.

So what's worse: the fact that's she victim-shaming the people who suffered arson at the hands of her ideological brethren, or the fact that she tries to "Demsplain" the incident away by accusing Trump of using the very same violent instigation tactics Clinton campaigners have admitted to using on camera?

Decrepit pop icon jokingly(?) says she'll prostitute herself for Hillary votes

In a week in which hundreds - no joke, hundreds - of paying customers walked on out of an Amy Schumer concert in Tampa when she stopped stealing other people's jokes long enough to go on a long, laborious tirade against Trump voters, yet another female entertainer who bemoans the sexualization of women (despite having an act that is comprised of about 80 percent vagina references) made yet another impassioned plea to get audience-goers to participate in the electoral process. Opening a Madison Square Garden show for Schumer (are you seeing a recurring theme here?), Madonna - a nearly 60-year-old has-been whose last major media appearance was making Drake gag on her Polident breathe - stated "if you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blow job. OK? I'm really good. I'm not a douche and I'm not a tool." Of course, one simply assumes Madonna is joking about the offer for oral sex, but by golly, where was the mass media so outraged about Trump's "pussy" comments here? Oh, that's right, explicit sexual talk is only "depraved" and "disgusting" when it is uttered by someone who shares different political viewpoints than us, so a woman on our side talking about literally whoring herself for votes is A-OK while a man on the other side of the political spectrum describing his efforts to bed a woman by taking her furniture shopping is literally sexual assault. Alas, ever the technically-minded sort, I wonder just how legal Madonna's hypothetical(?) proposition is: I mean, isn't necrophilia considered a crime in most voting precincts?

South African students declare "science" racist, propose adopting standards set by witch doctors instead

For years, I've been saying to - or is it warning? - people about the ultimate threat of today's hyper-liberal, P.C.-uber-alles, social justice warrior, multiculturalism-is-so-great-we're-going-to-force-it-upon-you ideology: centrally, the fact that it eliminates empirical, objective and 100 percent tried-and-true ACTUAL science in favor of a cultural dogma that forces adherents and non-adherents alike to accept their social constructs as things that take preeminence over BIOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL reality. If you're wondering just how far the proverbial rabbit hole goes down here, look no further than the University of Cape Town in rape powerhouse South Africa, where students have begun an honest-to-goodness campaign to do away with what they perceive as inherently racist scientific standards. Under the hashtag "#ScienceMustFall," students argue that our contemporary understanding of science - you know, all of that prejudicial stuff about physics and gravity and whatnot - is discriminatory by default because, goddamnit, it was probably discovered by some European person. "Decolonizing the science would mean doing away with it entirely and starting all over again to deal with how we respond to the environment and how we understand it," states one vehemently anti-science student in this utterly horrifying video. Oh, but it gets worse - much, much worse. Later, the same student drops this little humdinger of a question:

"I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab'uyalingana. They believe that through the magic, you call it 'black magic,' they call it 'witchcraft,' you are able to send lightning to strike someone. Can you explain that scientifically because it's something that happens?"

Why, yes I can, ma'am. It's called "a fucking coincidence," which is something you've probably never heard of because odds are, you think studying the English language is also something "too racist" for your sweet, sensitive little ears to ever experience. But hey, who wouldn't want to give up our miraculous modern technology, health care and Internet infrastructure and revert back to shamanism if it means finally doing away with white privilege? That's right ... absolutely all of us.

And this year's Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting goes to...

I'm not even going to second guess it anymore - folks, journalism - as an objective, factual social institution - is officially deader than Elvis. Not only have the "new media" shit holes like The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed gone full-activist, even industrial torchbearers like The New York Times and The Washington Post have done away with traditional reporting in favor of highly-biased, click-baity, self-serving editorial-propaganda masquerading as "news." For a perfect example of just how bad the alleged "fourth estate" has gotten these days, I would like to turn your attention to The Daily Beast and a recent "exposé" penned by Tom Sykes. The object of the shameless hatchet job? Of all people, Ken Bone, a.k.a., that guy in the red sweater who got his 15 minutes of fame via asking Donald and Hillary to say one good thing about one another at the end of the second televised presidential debate. In "Ken Bone's Disturbing Reddit History Shows He's Not Nearly as Adorable as We Thought," Sykes did upwards of five whole minutes of combing Bone's social media postings, condemning the rotund celebre for subscribing to forums dedicated to pregnant women in bikinis and admitting he enjoyed looking at those leaked photographs of Jennifer Lawrence - you know, the ones where her face was covered in splooge and whatnot. Alas, despite Bone admitting that he used MS Paint to forge fake auto insurance credentials, the thing that concerned Sykes most was the fact that Bone had the AUDACITY to claim that George Zimmerman was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin - you know, just like the same jury that acquitted him a few years back. So ultimately, what was the point of this halfhearted muckraking, bordering on needless, Chris-Chan-esque targeted online harassment? Simply put, it utterly fails every journalistic metric of news worthiness one can dare fathom, which means the ONLY reason the thing ever got green-lit was to cash-in on a short-lived meme. And for those of you wondering why clickbait revenue keeps on a dropping, well ... I'd argue that it's the handiwork of cons, cretins and creeps like Tom Sykes that continue to push mass interest in shit journalism perpetually downward.

Breaking news: millennials don't know shit about communism

If there was ever a ringing endorsement AGAINST the tenants of Marxism, I think the 20th century was just about the best P.S.A. humanity could devise. Do you begin with the 9 million killed under Lenin, the 20 million corpses created by Stalin or the 40 million deaths attributed to Chairman Mao? Not even factoring in the fun and games that went on during the reigns of Pol Pot and Ceausecsu, you'd probably assume that a global ideology that created nothing but new high water marks for mass poverty and totalitarian policing (and a 94 million fatality count, as the low-end estimate) probably isn't something you'd ever want to bring back into fashion. Alas, even though the logical outcomes of "socialism" are on full display for everyone to witness in North Korea and Venezuela right now, as it turns out, a pretty good number of college-aged kids these days think communism is a downright swell idea in dire need of a revival. According to a recent YouGov survey gauging young uns' perceptions of communism, a good 47 percent of Gen Z respondents said they had "unfavorable" views of capitalism, with one out of five Millennials stating they would vote for an honest-to-goodness self-described communist candidate. Alas, the same survey found that 42 percent of millennial respondents didn't even know who Mao Zedong was, which - believe it or not - is only the second most horrifying thing about the results. The absolute most terrifying? The fact that 18 percent of millennial respondents said they had favorable opinions about Mao, while another 12 percent said they admired the policymaking of one Joseph goddamn Stalin.

Wisconsin student-athlete bemoans "maltreatment" of a totally free college education

To some capacity, I can understand why student-athletes are a bit miffed about not being paid for their services. I mean, students who run the shitty campus school newspaper get stipends, and that stuff doesn't generate one percent of one percent of the revenue generated by NCAA football contests. But then, I realize - "wait a minute, these assholes are getting FREE college educations at some of the best universities in the WORLD simply because they're good at hitting people really, really hard" - and my commiseration, it doth dissipate. Well, enter one Nigel Hayes, a student attending the University of Wisconsin on a full-ride basketball scholarship who recently made waves when he showed up at a Badgers football game demanding payment for his extracurricular services. "The Big Ten made nearly $450 million. My scholarship is about $160,000. If only there was enough money to pay us," Hayes later lamented on social media. Jeez, if only someone out there had the backbone to tell this spoiled little turd that his "paltry" scholarship is equivalent to SIX YEARS of the average American worker's income, and that unlike Hayes' terribly unfortunate predicament, their already meager earnings were taxed. And that fundamentally "free" college education - pending Hayes has the smarts to actually graduate before being offered a bajillion dollar NBA contract - would surely set his ungrateful ass up for a much better life than his working class kindred, seeing as how the aggregate earnings for college students has increased 23 percent over the last decade ... while earnings for non-college educated laborers has decreased a full 9 percentage points.

Goddamn racist whites get what's coming to them, those no-good, hate-filled honky motherfuckers

All righty, folks, it's time for a brand new This Week in Social Justice Warrior-dom feature - a quick recap of all of the things the ultimate transglobal pariah, the white race, has perpetrated over the last fortnight. Grab your pitchforks and torches, citizens of the new, borderless, globalized utopia ... it's time for your regularly scheduled Two Minutes Honky Hate

Well, I suppose we can at least take some solace in knowing that one of German's most horrific hate criminals will be behind bars for a long time. On Oct. 11, a judge sentenced Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel to 11 months in prison without any chance of parole for committing the most unspeakable crime in the universe: "incitement of hatred for denying the Holocaust in a letter she sent to the Central Council of Jews in Germany." Finally, some long overdue cosmological justice has arrived in this world - and as we all know, the first step towards multicultural utopia is obviously locking up 87-year-old women for having opinions we don't like.

Let's play a game: can you figure out what all of these disturbing, distressing and disgusting crime below have in common?

Put your thinking caps on, faithful IIIA readers - throughout all of the depraved and despicable crimes addressed below, there is one fairly curious commonality between all of the alleged wrongdoers. Can you determine what the shared characteristic of these downright horrific human beings is?

All right kids, time to turn in your answer sheets. So, what is the oh-so-obvious, 100 percent indisputable common characteristic shared by each and every one of the vile, violent and vulgar perpetrators above? That's right, all of them are MEN, those no-good, testosterone and penis-having pieces of shit. Sigh, if only we could round up every fucking male in America - the ubiquitous, FBI data-confirmed threats to civility they are - our nation would be the safest, most peaceful Utopian kingdom in human history. Well - a more peaceful Utopian kingdom, anyway.

Lock it on up, boys - the ULTIMATE white guilt diatribe may have finally been published

There have been a LOT of hysterical articles penned about the sociocultural blight that is "whiteness" over the years, but the absolute most maddening have always come from self-loathing white people who - for whatever reason - believe they have inherited some sort of unholy original sin in the form of simply being born melanin-deprived. At this point, the cult of white shame is practically built into our social architecture, with high school teachers in Oklahoma somehow managing to keep their jobs despite going on long in-class tirades about how being white automatically, metaphysically makes you racist by default. Alas, perhaps no one in the history of self-flagellating honky hatin' will ever eclipse the monumental screed recently penned by Martin Young, in which he describes the sociocultural construct of "whiteness" as "barrier to good relationships, just like undisclosed herpes." Indeed, per Young - an ear, nose and throat doctor by trade - nothing short of a good old fashion public "struggle session" against the abstract notion of "whiteness," in tandem with state-sponsored indoctrination beginning in elementary school, is enough to finally overcome the long, insufferable blight that is, uh, being kind of European, I guess. Let's let the man describe it in his own words, why don't we? 

I have whiteness. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t know what damage it did. But I do know now. I understand and acknowledge all the harm that I and others like me did, even without realising it. I am sorry for the way that things were and are. I accept whiteness exists in me, and am willing to talk about it, and listen as to how it affects others, so that those effects may be reduced and one day eradicated. I know this will not happen immediately, that it will take time, and that others with the same will probably resist this initiative. From time to time my whiteness may get in the way again, and I may not see it. I ask that those that do point it out to me. We need to talk about whiteness and its harm at all levels, as we do with disease, by education starting in the schools, being sure that those with it bear no stigma. We must have open and frank dialogue, overcoming our discomfort, until one day whiteness, as a clear distinction from skin colour, no longer exists.”

Oh, there's one more addendum I think I should add to this one. As it turns out, Young resides in - you guessed it - South Africa, which in absolutely NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM has any kind of problems with the black majority violently attacking (and sometimes killing) white inhabitants simply because they bear the unholy mark of light orange to medium pinkish skin. All I can say is that if Young and his ilk want to keep drumming up unthinking, unquestioning, unflinching and unwavering contempt and disdain for their own ethnic group, well ... something tells me they might just end up getting their own much-desired "eradication" a whole lot sooner rather than later.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Curt Schilling accused of racism for asking why Jews support Democrats

Facebook execs wanted to kick Trump off Facebook for "hate speech"

Democratic congresswoman blames "Wikipedia" for Clinton leaks

NAACP wants federal investigation into case of Mississippi football player who had noose placed around his neck during halftime

New York University is too pussy to let gay Republican speak there

Manhattan High School Principal asks student to remove headphones and promptly gets beaten half to death

150 juveniles swarm Temple University to beat up 20-year-old women at pizza shops and punch police horses in the face

Baltimore couple indicted after leaving 9-year-old daughter to starve to death in hotel

Protesters gather to prevent white Berkeley students from attending classes

Woman claims she was sexually assaulted ... in a video game


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