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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

And for those of you wondering why Hillary lost 
Middle America...
Understandably, a lot of people are all hot and bothered about the outcome of the election, but for just one teensy, tiny second, step outside of the circle and think about just how incredible the election of Donald Trump actually is. For decades, Americans have been clamoring, if not praying, for some third-party messiah to come from the heavens and totally destroy "business as usual" in the two-party political miasma in Washington. Well, the great federal wrecking ball came in the form of the ultimate D.C. outsider, a rich-as-fuck New York real estate kingpin who didn't even need outside funding to butt-fuck an entire 16-person field of elitist, establishment Republican candidates. This, of course, after the media-industrial complex totally laughed off his presidential aspirations and gave him less than a 1 percent chance of winning the G.O.P. nomination. Let me repeat that - the experts said he had LESS THAN A ONE PERCENT CHANCE OF WINNING THE REPUBLICAN TICKET. Yes, Trump may have nominally ran as a Republican, but really, what he did was create his own economic nationalist platform and LITERALLY use the G.O.P. vessel as a launching pad for what was fundamentally a third-party ideology. And of course, instead of viewing Trump's anti-globalist, anti-taxation, pro-military and pro-working class initiatives as a populist plea to the proletariat, the mass media monolith simply kept slamming him with pejoratives like "racist," "sexist" and "xenophobe," all the while completely betraying every cardinal virtue of journalism - to the point of actually COLLUDING WITH THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN TEAM - en route to getting their self-appointed "open-border and open-trade" advocate Hillary Clinton elected. And in that, the pro-Clinton camp made a dire, dire miscalculation. You see, they built an entire campaign around identity politics and virtue signalling, while completely ignoring the universal economic and foreign policy issues that affect all Americans, no matter what color they are or what their genitals look like. While Donald Trump was producing ads highlighting the importance of domestic industrial production and fighting the slow creep of globalization, Hillary ran commercials expressing concern about Trump's comments making teenage girls feel insecure about their weight. Hell, even their respective campaign mottos demonstrated the grave error of Clinton's campaign - while Trump's "Make America Great Again" pitch was anchored around working class populism and a sense of trans-identity nationalism, Hillary's campaign LITERALLY revolved around hardline, feminist, cult-of-personality identitarianism. The Clinton campaign more or less bet the farm on the Lena Dunham demographic, oh-so-naively believing that the self-absorbed, self-victimizing, Tumblrinas of America (in tandem with your usual grab bag of special interests cannon fodder, like the LGBTQI community and the subset of the Muslim-American demographic that doesn't consider women as forms of property) was a strong enough bloc to sweep the general election by at least 300-something points. But in the Clinton campaign's half-hearted pandering to the Black Lives Matter and undocumented immigrant contingent, she totally forgot about the backbone of America: working class and lower middle class FAMILIES. Yes, FAMILIES. You know, the same people who have seen their living wages decrease by nearly 10 percent since NAFTA was enacted while their health care costs increased doubled and even tripled since the Affordable Care Act came online. The same people who wound up getting their hours cut - or even laid off - because of Obama's needless overtime pay regulations that screwed over any salaried worker making less than $50,000 a year. The same people who have seen their manufacturing jobs continue to migrate to Mexico and the same IT workers who had their jobs insourced to H1-B visa workers from India. The same people who live in fear, day in and day out, of losing their jobs due to both the company expense burden of Obama administration diktats and foreign trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a plan Hillary gleefully supported (even after "publicly" denouncing it) which if implemented, would have sent not just thousands, but MILLIONS of American jobs to third world sweatboxes in Vietnam and Brunei. And how did the Hillary camp respond? By demanding you consider Trump saying he tried to fuck a woman after taking her furniture shopping ten years ago to be more outrageous than a job-destroying globalist economic framework and a tax-slurping, debt-generating federal behemoth that threatens their very livelihoods as fathers and mothers and ensures their children will live in a far worse country than the one they grew up in. And of course, rather than accept these totally ridiculous concerns as valid, how did the Hillary campaign respond whenever Middle America voiced their worries? What else - they just called them a bunch of racists, xenophobes and misogynists, as if being arbitrarily labeled a bigot by people you've never met was a fate somehow worse than being penniless and unable to financially support your own flesh and blood. The fact of the matter is that all of the divergent subsets Hillary targeted - the aggrieved BLM sorts, the Maoist social justice warrior college thought police, the old ass white liberal ex-hippies, etc. - are the truly privileged in America. Despite their perpetual cries of victimization, they are all attending or have attended college - sometimes at world-class institutes and almost always on the public dime - they grew up in well-to-do families and they've never actually experienced what you would call true manual labor. The incessant, elitist, mindblind, proletariat-shaming disseminated by ultra-privileged tools like Bill Maher and Trevor Noah and literally the entire staff of The Huffington Post is the very reason Hillary, and the Democrats as a whole, lost the election. They were convinced Americans cared more about "grabbed pussies" than a presidential candidate getting away with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of national security violations. They thought yelling and screaming "Nazi" and "Klan member" was an appropriate response to people justifiably scared shitless about losing their careers to government mandates and open border trading. Instead of empathizing with the plight of millions of non-college educated laborers - who, by the way, represent a majority of the nation - Hillary and her aggrieved "fuck the patriarchy" platoons instead mocked and ridiculed their miseries, adding insult to injury by declaring them the beneficiaries of a non-existent "white privilege." So after spending the better part of the year callously belittling and degrading half the country as a bunch of backwards ass white trash too stupid to know what's best for themselves and their families, why is anyone surprised the working and middle class majority told Camp Hillary to go fuck themselves at the polls? 

Welcome to Trump's America, folks. Or as we used to call it before the liberal-produced scourge of cultural Marxism and self-segregating identity politics infected the nation - simply the good old U.S. of A.

The hate that hate of hate produced?

Back in the 1960s, Mike Wallace produced a news program called The Hate That Hate Produced, a pioneering work of leftist-progressivist apologia that deflected the anti-white rancor of the Nation of Islam back on those damn, damn, damn-prejudiced white folks. Well, if such was all fine and well a half a century ago, perhaps it's time for today's media elites to produce a follow-up ... how's about we call it The Hate That Hate of Hate Produced? Yes, it's a bit wordy, but it's nonetheless fitting. The concept? The same way the leftist journalists of the Hippie era found a way to blame whitey for the hardcore honky hatred of militant black nationalists, perhaps the major cable and network news barons can find a way to pin several recent instances of anti-multiculturalist white hatred as the direct consequence of the media's own jihad against anti-globalist white folks? Surely, ya'll heard about the church in Mississippi that got firebombed by obviously aggrieved white supremacists, as evident by the "vote Trump" graffiti spray-painted on the side of the building, right? Indeed, it's a terribly regrettable incident no matter how you shake it, but has it come to anyone's attention that maybe - just maybe - the arson was committed in retaliation for the much, much less-publicized North Carolina G.O.P. building that got fire bombed a few weeks ago by obvious anti-Trumpers? Additionally, none of the stories about the Mississippi church arson dared blamed the incident on the incendiary vitriol of the Clinton campaign - a sharp contrast to coverage of the G.O.P. arson, in which Donald Trump himself was almost always trudged up as a catalyst for the attack (What? Us? Victim-blame? Never!) And surely, the Mississippi arson could never, EVER be a false flag incident perpetrated by an irate black person him or herself. I mean, stuff like that has never happened in American history, especially not last year or anything like that. Along those same lines, maybe we shouldn't look at the curious case of the small Italian hamlet of Albettone, where mayor Joe Formaggio recently declared "Immigrants? If they send them to us, we will protect our houses, we are proud to be racists," as something that happens in a total vacuum. Yes, he indeed stated "here we do not want immigrants, niggers or gypsies, they have a lower I.Q., history proves it," but it's not like the comments were made devoid of some kind of reactionary context. I mean, with the streets of Paris turning into battlegrounds for immigrant turf wars, benefits for unemployed immigrants in Germany skyrocketing and Britons being arrested for "verbal abuse" against Muslims in the U.K., you really can't say the city's brazen intolerance is without some degree of level-headedness. As hateful as Formaggio's comments may be, they clearly have antecedents in the hatred hoisted upon them by anti-Western radicals ... aye, the list there is indeed a lengthy one. Of course, that isn't to say the vitriol and especially the reactionary violence is justifiable (because it isn't), but by that same token, it's also not 100 percent unprovoked, either. Funny how the hate that incites counter-hatred is so routinely disregarded considering who the initial haters are, ain't it?

Halloween is RACIST, declares privileged black man

Imagine, if you will, living in a world in which deep-seated, institutional oppression was so firmly embedded in the society around you that even holidays were secretly a form of persecution for you and your-like skinned in-group. Cue the following tirade from The Root's Michael Harriot, in which the author outlines his reasons for why "Everyday is Halloween for Black People." After arbitrarily designating Labor Day and Fourth of July as specifically black holidays sans any sort of rationale, Harriot then goes on to explain why Halloween is the most "overprivileged," unabashedly white holiday of them all. Per the hyper-paranoid scribe, spooky, moonlit hayrides are no match for the absolute terror black people feel being pulled over by the police at noon on a bright sunny evening, and that the remnants of slavery on display in museums are far more terrifying than anything you'd encounter in a haunted house. Indeed, Harriot contests that even trick-or-treating is somewhat anti-black, seeing as how - folks, I am not making this up - black families tend to borrow ingredients from each other so often that going door-to-door asking for things isn't even remotely atypical. But let's let Harriot put it in his own words why Halloween is so distressingly white:
"Perhaps the biggest reason Halloween is not really a thing in black America is that we wear disguises every day. We have perfected our mask-wearing ever since we were first kidnapped and dragged across the Atlantic. We learned how to muffle moans and stand stone-faced when tied to whipping posts. We were poker-faced when Bull Connor turned on hoses and let German shepherds chew chunks of skin."
Of course, Harriot being a man who received a master's degree from Florida State and covers international economics for a living (not to mention someone who has never actually experienced any of the historical white on black atrocities he constantly laments) I think it's pretty safe to say that - if anything - Harriot is indeed a bit, well, privileged himself. Indeed, considering the guy runs miscellaneous side sites with titles like Very Smart Brothas and Negus Who Read, it seems to me he has quite a bit of a self-superiority complex over his black brethren, positing himself as the African-American community's self-appointed intellectual better. But seeing just how entrenched the anti-Halloween sentiment is in the American black community, methinks Harriot might be onto something - even if that "something" is nothing more than frustration over a lost opportunity to celebrate self-victimization in the public sphere.

African-Canadian who sued police for racism arrested for owning slaves

While the textbook definition of what "racism" entails, precisely, fluctuates wildly, I think it's safe to assume that anyone who dehumanizes a peoples to the point of enslaving them is probably pretty guilty of being at least a teeny-weensy bit prejudiced. And just when you thought a legitimate Black Lives Matter leader getting popped for sex slave trafficking was about as ironic as the intersectionality of neo racial victimization and neo human bondage could possibly get, along comes the story of Jordan Noel, a 28-year-old Canuck who - after successfully suing Ottawa police for racial profiling stemming from a 2011 drug arrest - was recently re-arrested, this time for both beating and forcing his 18-year-old girlfriend to have sex with paying customers. After making bail, Noel as released to his mother, where, among other probation terms, he is forbidden from accessing escort services or visiting strip clubs. Oh, and in case you are wondering how this Noel kid is going to get back on his feet following his latest slavery charges? Well, as it turns out, he's one of the shittiest rappers you've ever heard, assaulting ear drums under the moniker Reggie Slums and dropping such enchanted rhymes as "if you fuck with my money, I'll lay you down," and "when I found some Robert Borden, I made a fortune, I was either selling drugs or doing extortion."

BBC seeks to 'educate' 6-year-olds about the joys of transgender-hood

It's sort of the great paradox of the whole transgender debate: if gender is indeed a socially constructed condition, then doesn't that mean transgenderism itself is also a state of being influenced more culturally than biologically? Of course, to dare aver that "transgenderism" is a learned behavior is not only ridiculous, it is indeed an unmistakable hate crime, with absolutely no scientific backing whatsoever. Which makes all of the hubbub surrounding the new online BBC program Just A Girl all the more befuddling and problematic. I mean, who cares that the head of BBC children's programming herself said the show is an attempt to make the concept of transgenderism more palpable to young audiences too immature to understand multiplication tables or uppercase letters yet? As a matter of fact, not only is it prejudicial for parents to be upset that a program on public-subsidized state television is telling children it's OK to beg your parents to give you hormone therapies and sexual reassignment surgery, porting about such a mentality is itself wholly unnatural. In fact, the parents of children who are so delusional as to believe in the faulty gender binary should lose custody of their offspring and be adopted as property ... I mean, wards, of the state and given all of the necessary medical and surgical "improvements" they desire. And if you're concerned about the safety of giving children procedures that appear to correlate with a lifetime suicide attempt rate of damn near 50 percent ... well, you just keep your hateful opinions to yourself, you horrible, horrible homophobe.

LGBT task force demands Canadian teachers drop gendered pronouns and just call their students 'comrades' instead

For years and years, a lot of critical folks on the right (including a few homosexuals themselves) have criticized the gay political identity movement for incorporating, well, some fairly commie-esque tactics. Indeed, the bible of the contemporary gay rights movement, After the Ball, is little more than a slight finessing and readjustment of Red China's social engineering Mao Tao, right down to the whole "struggle session" tomfoolery. That in mind, perhaps you can see why quite a few parents are might miffed about the Alberta Teachers' Association issuing educators a 150-page "manual" on suggestions (read: non-negotiable demands) for teaching school children about LGBTQI issues. The "Prism Toolkit for Safety and Caring Discussions" throws out all sorts of fabulous ideas for teachers, but believe it or not, its suggestion to invite drag performers to class isn't the most eyebrow raising. And no, neither is its suggestion to replace the terms "mom" and "dad" with the much more authoritative sounding "caregiver" and "guardian." Rather, it's the manual's suggestion that to skirt around the skein of "gender pronouns" kids are so keen on nowadays, educators ought to do away with terms like "he" or "she" and simply refer to everyone in class as comrade. And in case you were wondering - it only took $191,000 in public funding to produce the training materials, which, according to Alberta's Education Ministry Chief of Staff, is but just one of many School Act-branded propaganda tools educators across the province are free to use to extol the virtues of confusing the ever-loving shit out of middle schoolers

Citing declining sales, Bud Light yanks Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen ads from airwaves

The same way the aggressively politicized NFL has experienced a sharp decline in viewership this season, Budweiser (yes, the same folks that literally rechristened their socially-corrosive, family-destroying product as "America" over the summer), noted that sales of its Bud Light brand have been on a steep downward trajectory all year long. With just about every metric accounted for, the only major explanation the company has been able to posit about their declining sales has been an ill-received, super-expensive marketing campaign starring hyper-liberal, smug-as-shit, overrated Hollywood "comedians" Amy "Yes, I am related to Chuck" Schumer and Seth "LOL I'm fat but in all my movies I'm boinking super hot actresses" Rogen. The nine month campaign - which has sought to sell beer while not-so-furtively touting pro-progressivist messages about gay marriage, gender identity and equal pay - came to an abrupt end after the brand's third quarter sales proved to be the worst of the year from "a volume and share perspective," per a Bud Light spokesperson. Still, despite the financial failure of the "Bud Light Party" campaign, the company remains optimistic that similarly-political-in-nature advertising will carry well with millennial drinkers. Indeed, as soon as she's done tweeting cartoons about how much better the world will be without white men in it, I'm sure serial child molester Lena Dunham would make a most excellent brand ambassador.

Social media hordes want YouTuber banned from Internet for being too thin

Seeing as how we're a culture so hell-bent on defending minorities of seemingly all varieties from the *totally-not-at-all-exaggerated* tyranny of the masses, I find it oh-so-curious that at least one sizeable (cue rimshot) majority  in the U.S. constantly posits themselves as the victims of a deeply prejudiced "anti-fat" mentality ... you know, the same country where seven out of 10 people are considered medically overweight, with a bona fide medically obese rate quickly closing in on two-fifths of the total national populace. In that, people who are actually at a quasi-normal body weight constitute a considerable minority in the country, but what do you know, the not-so-pleasantly-plump plurality now maintains that the major public health menace today isn't the skyrocketing rate of lumbering lard-asses coast-to-coast, but people being too fucking skinny for their own good. Enter one Eugenia Cooney, a downright skeletal YouTube fashion-vlogger (oh, how it burns to type that) who recently became the subject of a Change.Org petition that sought to bar her from the Intrawebs because her "unobtainable" and "unhealthy" body type may convince young girls to barf and starve themselves skinny. More than 18,000 electronic signatures were collected before the original petitioner pulled the virtual plug on the project, which - surprise, surprise - wasn't effective in either convincing YouTube to shit can her because of the heavy set's heavy pressure OR convincing the gaunt emo girl to eat herself into a 200-pound-plus blob of redundant adipose tissue. Naturally, this raises the most obvious question in the history of things being obvious: if it's OK to shame a thin person for health reasons, then why is it considered a crime against humanity to shame an overweight person for similar health reasons? Looks to me like we're dealing with a classic example of wide privilege here, aren't we?

Lil' Wayne gives the GREATEST interview of all-time

Contrary to what you may have heard, we here at The Internet Is In America are great admirers of what is commonly referred to as "black popular culture." Indeed, some of our all-time favorite movies and television series can best be described as "Afro-centric," including such immortal offerings as Diff'rent Strokes, What's Happening?, Shaft, Dolemite, Cooley High, the motherfuckin' Brotherhood of Death  and really, everything Rudy Ray Moore has ever done in his life. Alas, while we are quite keen on old school rap (our mutual love of the Geto Boys discography is well publicized), we really don't listen to much contemporary hip-hop, primarily on the account it all sounds like a bunch of pussified, auto-tuned, self-victimizing, identity politics pandering bullshit. That said, considering the incredible spate of media comments from Nawlins rapper Lil' Wayne recently, perhaps we ought to give this guy's music a thorough listening. On a recent episode of Nightline, the New Orleans rhyme-slanger (who was criticized a few weeks ago for stating he's never actually experienced anyone being openly racist to him), was asked for his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter. His responses are worth quoting in full, and perhaps putting on American currency someday:
"I am a young, black rich motherfucker. If that don't let you know America understand black mother fuckers matter these days, I don't know what it is. That man white, he filming me. I'm a nigger. I don't know what you mean, man. Don't come at me with that dumb shit, ma'am. My life matter, especially to my bitches."
"I don't feel connected to a damn thing that ain't got nothing to do with me. If you do, you're crazy as shit. You. Not the camera, you. Feeling connected to something that ain't got nothing to do with you? If it ain't got nothing to do with me, I ain't connected to it." 
And in a post-election world sure to be driven to the brink of total societal madness by untempered identity politicking, we should all take heed of Lil' Wayne's incredibly astute declaration about the pros of individualism and the many, many cons of self-segregating, weaponized collectivism. Hell, he's got my vote for 2020 already.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Senior citizen in New York punched to death in city streets

13-year-olds in Utah overdose on "pink"

San Diego church declares voting Democrat a "mortal sin"

Washington state teacher shitcanned for wearing Michael Jordan mask at Halloween party

Nearly half a million Swedish women sexually assaulted in 2015; report suspiciously devoid of details about attackers

Atlanta area cop charged with sodomizing 13-year-old he met on Grindr

Baylor "blackout" game criticized as rape culture apologia

Pittsburgh man said he raped woman simply because she was white

CNN gets photographer to pose as anti-Trump protester

Woman  who lied to media about going hiking with Hillary Clinton after election loss was actually one of her campaign workers

Elementary schooler beaten to the point he needed crutches for voting for Trump in a mock election

High school sophomore viciously attacked by fellow student for saying she hoped Trump won on Instagram

Senior citizen mercilessly attacked, robbed and carjacked by teens who thought he looked like somebody who voted for Trump

African-American chased off city streets following Trump's election ... by other African-Americans

Latina protestor literally tells CNN "people have to die" in wake of Trump's election

Conan O'Brien does "comedy" bit about gassing Trump supporters

Police conclude Muslim student lied about being attacked by Trump supporters

Orange is the New Black actress expresses desire to "pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking republican and independent I see"

Mexico's richest man loses $5 billion as soon as Trump declared president-elect

Mom finds out young child voted for Trump in mock election, proceeds to record his abuse on Facebook

Democrats deathly afraid of Trump's alleged racism and misogyny find scapegoat for Hillary's loss - a black woman


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