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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra-P.C. jihadists outraged ... before they forget all about them in just a few days. 

By: Jimbo X

Liberals, ever the gracious losers, continue to act incredibly decorous in wake of Trump's presidential election

In many ways, Democrats and Democrat sympathizers really shouldn't feel all that surprised by the outcome of the Nov. 8 general election. Indeed, Trump's election almost eerily mirrors the "upset" re-election of George W. Bush in 2004 - the liberal politicos declared their morally superior candidate the victor three months out, they completely forgot about half of the electorate (namely, working class families in flyover country) and they simply attacked the character of the other candidate instead of adequately explaining why their own candidate's policies were better for the aggregate American - and what do you know, looks like history decided to up and repeat itself. Of course, modern SJW-libs don't have memories of anything that happened before Obama was elected, so this whole "not getting your way thing" remains a fairly new sensation for them - and as the lengthy list of incidents and episodes below demonstrate, they most certainly aren't taking this novel thing called "losing" very well, whatsoever:

Of course, despite all of these nauseatingly immature behaviors - some of which crossed over into the domain of legitimate violent crime - the mainstream media taste-makers remain intent on showcasing Trump supporters as the ones who are really wacked-out. Oh, how much fun the pissy liberal elites had with Trump's tweet storm against Hamilton - you know, the synthetic Broadway sensation that won't even let white people audition and whose stars have made social media "jokes" about taking advantage of drunk Caucasian women on St. Patrick's Day - as if such was proof positive Trumpites are mentally retarded. And by oh golly, The Huffington Post and its P.C. propaganda spoutin' ilk had a field day with that whole "Trump Cup" protest, when the guy who started it said the movement was actually meant to be a parody of leftists' over-reactionary demonstrations against everything

But there are a few other stories that you haven't heard the Huff-Pos and The Daily Beasts and the Buzzfeeds of the world disseminating like social justice Johnny and Joanna Appleseeds. 

Well, shit. Considering the amount of coast-to-coast violence being perpetrated by Trump-haters, maybe the wrong political contingent are wearing the symbolic safety pins, aren't they?

Lena Dunham continues to be horrible, horrible human being

For the most part, I really don't care about most celebrity social justice warriors. If Bobby DeNiro says he wants to fistfight Donald Trump or Madonna tries to incentivize the liberal base by offering oral sexual favors, it just kinda' floats past me and sticks to the walls like invisible bacteria. Now, Lena Dunham, however, is one of the few Hollywood starlets/media creations whose incessant political ranting and raving genuinely makes me want to puke (and no, it's not just because everytime I hear her name, I can't help but imagine her topless - FOR FUCK'S SAKE, NEVER, EVER CLICK THIS LINK.) The grating comedian - whose entire shtick is about bemoaning "white privilege" and "the patriarchy," despite the fact that she herself grew up in affluence in New York City - hasn't exactly taken Trump's election very well. In a desperate attempt to grab attention - I mean, highlight the injustices of the conservative base - she recently filmed herself hysterically railing against Paul Ryan's answering machine. This, after visiting reserve in Arizona to ask "the Canyon for some guidance" on how to deal with Hillary's loss and doing an about face on her "promise" to leave America upon Trump's election. In that, I suppose it's not too surprising that Dunham is hailed by the entertainment-media complex as some sort of post-post-postmodern feminist heroine. You know, the kind of heroine who laughs about sexually abusing her younger sister and lies about being raped.

White teacher loses cool and "n-bombs" class full of middle schoolers

Did you ever see that movie Freedom Writers, where Hilary Swank played an iron-willed teacher who was determined to teach inner city ruffians to appreciate art and stop shooting each other because she took them to a Holocaust museum? Well, that's a movie that promotes something I like to call "The Strong White Woman Messiah Myth." Dangerous Minds is another example of Hollywood disseminating the phony ideal, and so is Music of the Heart. Basically, it's this weird white liberal fantasy in which a strong, domineering female somehow manages to win the hearts and minds of "historically oppressed minorities" through emotional appeals and diversity-promoting "character building" exercises - i.e., shit that has been proven time and time again to not even remotely work in real inner city school systems. In that, I can take just a wee bit of Schadenfreude delight in a recent episode in a West Baltimore middle school in which one of those white woman messiah educators apparently had a mental breakdown in class and began calling her unruly students "idiots" and a bunch of "punk ass niggers" too stupid to accomplish anything. Even better, the incident comes on the heels of a new state report finding that male teachers are grossly underrepresented in the state's school systems. And with seven out of eight educators in the state female, isn't it about time we started seriously floating around the idea that a PROFOUND lack of male leadership might just be playing a role in the disastrous educational outcomes of Baltimore's predominantly black school children?

Amid astounding rape epidemic, Swedish officials fight for women's rights with counterproductive snow shoveling policies, hotline to report "mansplaining"

I don't know if you kids knew this, but apparently, Sweden has itself a pretty dadgum big problem with its female residents getting sexually assaulted. Of course just flatout saying "you know, a lot of them there Muslim refugee folks sure do like to stick their wee-wees inside our women without permission" is an inconceivable hate crime regardless of its facticity, so all those Swedish meatballs have instead tried to deflect the blame back to the Scandinavian country's native male population. Indeed, one of the Swedish government's attempts to close the gender gap was a policy that precluded "discriminatory" snow shoveling. Naturally, the Swedes realized the error of their ways when a massive snow storm hit, and the state's failures to clean up around construction sites and major roadways in favor of dusting off bicycle paths resulted in horrendous traffic jams. But don't you worry your pretty albeit just as capable heads, gals - the country's largest union is now attempting to make it up to you by offering a hotline to report instances of that most horrific of crimes - mansplaining

London police say hundreds of children are being abused, tortured and murdered  in African witchdoctor ceremonies

"Not all cultures are morally equal," Oxford University Professor Nigel Biggar wrote in his 2013 book In Defence of War. "And some are intolerably unjust, deserving to be invaded, not defended." Biggar's blunt declaration throws a big fat monkey wrench into the multiculturalism wehrmacht, because it hits upon a palpable truth we all recognize, but lack the moralistic backbone to ever acknowledge: quite frankly, there are some people out there who believe in shit so stupid and dangerous that giving it any sort of legitimacy in the form of post-globalization "tolerance" is pretty much the sociopolitical equivalent of piping honey bees into your anus and being shocked to high heavens when your asshole gets stung. The nonprofit Africans United Against Child Abuse recently demonstrated this point when they released a report finding at least 60 children in London were "strangled, burned, cut or starved" during ritualistic child abuse ceremonies in 2015 - with an additional 350 such cases misidentified or uninvestigated by U.K. police. As it turns out, these kids - virtually all of them the children of immigrants from Sub-Saharan nations - are being "exorcised" to cast out maladies like behavioral disorders and physical disabilities ... sometimes via such subtle homeopathic remedies as burning them with cigarettes, chaining them for 24 hours at a time and pummeling their teeny-tiny skulls with claw hammers. "Inevitably there will be further deaths of children relating to these safeguarding concerns because these deep-rooted belief systems result in tragic incidents," said Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Allen Davis. "The people doing the exorcism - self-appointed faith figures in a position of authority - they are exploiting vulnerable people, not just physically and emotionally but financially as well. People are paying quite a lot of money in order to rid of the 'demons.'"

Facebook blamed for Donald Trump's election

But opinion being presented as the God-given truth is still A-OK, though.

With "because she didn't run a campaign that effectively explained her policy ideas in a manner palatable to working and middle class Americans, primarily in non-urban epicenters" remains an unacceptable answer, the mainstream media has looked high and low for anything to blame for Clinton's loss. Well, it looks like pissy, aggrieved Hillary voters - perhaps realizing they can't cite 60 million Americans as alt-right neo-Nazis - have found the perfect scapegoat in Facebook. In a New York Times article penned by Zeynep Tufecki, the authoress declares that the ubiquitous social media empire's news algorithms bombarded users with a deluge of "fake news stories" concerning Mr. Trump, which Tufecki believes was enough to goad some of the more gullible readers out there into voting for him. (Because as we all know, Clinton supporters immediately writing off Trump voters as a bunch of backwoods retards incapable of practicing common sense totally isn't one of the reasons she lost.In yet another New York Times screed, Jim Rutenberg chided Facebook for promoting - and please, do put on your finest "irony" helmets - "false narratives, fake news and aggressive efforts to delegitimize traditional journalism." Hell, the New York Times has become absolutely infatuated with the issue, publishing no less than five major articles - here, here, here, here and hereabout how "fake news" imperils democracy over a five day period. Of course, none of the articles ever bring up the mounds of evidence against the mainstream media outlets concerning their brass-balled bias against Trump during the campaign - you know, really little things like CNN reaching out to the DNC to come up with "gotcha" questions against Republican candidates and feeding Clinton debate inquiries ahead of her meetings with Trump. Or The Washington Post hiring 20 full-time reporters to dig up as much dirt on Trump, when they didn't hire a single person to look into Clinton's shady doings. Or the NYT - my, why would a newspaper fundamentally owned by Mexico's wealthiest businessman have a vendetta against Trump? - actually allowing a writer to keep penning anti-Donald screeds even after he called for his assassination on Twitter. Considering the long track record of falsifications, fabrications and full-fledged bullshit that mainstream media outlets have been pumping up for years, I'd venture to guess the general public has more than enough reason to be suspicious of everything the big time cable news networks and publishing monoliths crap out. Indeed, the media bigwigs ought not be afraid of fake news destroying their precious, precious monopoly on "facticity" - rather, the blatant propaganda masquerading as "information" they've shat and shat all year long is doing more than enough to make sure their stranglehold on "the truth" weakens on a daily basis.

Insecure women hail thunder-thighed Barbie as crucial blow for feminism 

The more I think about, the more I'm convinced third-wave feminism is nothing more than some sort of mass aggrievement blob scraped off the collective hateful psyches of women who grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s who were too fat, ugly or uncoordinated to be cheerleaders. After all, how else do you explain the downright juvenile ecstasy of this Glamour report about the release of a new Barbie doll modeled after Ashley Graham? According to reporter Christopher Rosa, the doll is "too perfect for words," and counts as some sort of body positive cult-of-personality victory simply because the doll doesn't have a thigh gap. "She gave millions of women (and men!) license to embrace their curves and drown out haters, which is fantastic," Rosa continues. "Little girls still idolize Barbie as the epitome of beauty; by putting Graham in that club, it helps them realize that size doesn't matter - you're perfect just the way you are." Yeah, that sounds like a hell of a message for elementary school America - don't try to improve yourself in any way and if anybody criticizes you for not giving a shit, cry and call them a bunch of misogynists. Strangely, we're not seeing much of an effort to expand that body-positivity tao towards boy-oriented toys, though - indeed, the entire action figure aisle at Target remains a multiverse of steroid addled WWE rasslers and Marvel Comics characters. And perhaps telling you everything you need to know, Mattel has made no efforts to produce a pudgy, bald or he-tittied Ken doll to complement the new jelly-rolled Barbie.

Brooklyn children bored out of their minds during drag queen indoctrination activity

I've always thought that elementary-aged kids were a whole lot more perceptive than most people give them credit for. They haven't had their brains completely turned into ideological Slush Puppies yet, and since they haven't hit puberty, their not guided by borderline self-destructive libido impulses. In that, the only thing they are beholden to is that which can maintain their notoriously short attention spans, and much to the chagrin of the Brooklyn Public Library, it looks like "Drag Queen Story Hour" isn't exactly something that's winning over the hearts and minds of our littlest Americans. Well, this write-up in The New Yorker gives you plenty of meaty, unintentionally hilarious chunks to chew on, from the mom who forces her six-year-old t0 watch a Barbie cartoon because it only has two male characters in it to the "entertainer" in palazzo pants who said female impersonators ought to replace magicians and clowns and who was aghast that a bunch of kindergartners didn't give a shit what "feminism" was. The article also has the single greatest one-two paragraph knockout blow I've read all year, which I have to quote in full:
"The drag queen Lil Miss Hot Mess came out, wearing a white sequinned tunic dress and matching heels, bright-pink tights, and a curly auburn wig (She has performed at Bushwig, a drag festival and at SFMOMA.) She declined to give her birth name but said that she is a graduate student in media studies at N.Y.U. She put on black owlish reading glasses, sat on a folding chair, and addressed her audience: "Can everyone say, 'When I grow up, I want to be a drag queen?'"
"The children just stared."
Well I'll be damned. There might just be some hope for our future after all. Oh, and in other transvestite/transsexual news involving children, Charlotte police announced that a transwoman attacked by three hatchet wielding purveyors of patriarchal hate actually knew her attackers ... in fact, she actually engaged in a sex act with one of them shortly before being attacked. And by the way, that sexual partner was a 15-year-old child.

Politico editor forced to resign after publishing competing ideologue's address online and encouraging readers to beat him to death with baseball bats

You probably read something over the last couple of days about a whole bunch of so-called "alt-right" accounts being purged from Twitter. Aye, the cash hemorrhaging social media monolith ain't fucking around, dropping everybody from WeSeachr founder Pax Dickinson to Myspace spank fodder Tila Tequila for what they consider promotion of neo-Nazi ideologies. Strangely, the powers that be in the media aren't too keen on going after alt-right haters, as apparent by the treatment of ex Politico national editor Michael Hirsch. Following National Policy Institute founder Richard Spencer's exile from the tweet-o-sphere, Hirsch took to Facebook to not only dox the white nationalist, but encourage his followers to take physically violent acts against Spencer on account of his ideology. "I wasn't thinking of a fucking letter," Hirsch wrote on social media. "He lives part of the time next door to me in Arlington. Our grandfathers brough baseball bats to Bund meetings. Want to join me?" Of course, even though Hirsch was the one advocating beating the shit out of someone because of their beliefs, mass media turd wads like CNN actually had the audacity to pen headlines like "Politico editor resigns after publishing address of extremist leader," because as we all know, harboring passive hateful ideologies is far more radical than telling people to actively invade someone's home and attack them with weapons. But then again, perhaps this gloriously hypocritical coverage shouldn't be deemed surprising in the slightest; after all, we are all well aware by now that politically motivated racial hatred isn't considered an equivalent sin across the color spectrum ...

Clearly, there is no bias at Team Twitter...

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Barnard College offers coloring books to students upset over Hillary's loss

Old white woman films herself harassing Cedar Rapids cops to prove once and for all that black lives truly do matter

The Guardian declares the Internet "manosphere" a threat on par with ISIS

Montana Trump elector criticized for making jokes about gay people ... six years ago

According to F.A.I.R. survey, nearly two-thirds of Hispanics in America support Donald Trump's immigration policies

Hofstra law professor says electoral college is unconstitutional ... despite it being in the actual constitution

Car break-in inadvertently leads to dog being "rescued" from hot car

That bitch from Scary Movie fined after chihuahua she adopted found starving to death on city streets

Bitch from Sex and the City says she wants to move into woods, learn how to use gun to protect adopted daughter from Donald Trump

Detroit Lions player says highlight of college career was breaking Joe Paterno's leg

Atlanta area cop calls Trump supporters "dumb ass rednecks," probably won't get fired

Aghast viewers claim animal documentary promotes "rape culture"

Light skinned black woman on CNN calls darker skinned black man a "terrorist" for agreeing with Donald Trump's crime policies

Detroit newswoman resigns after telling colleague she's tired of covering "niggers killing each other"

British woman arrested in Dubai after reporting own rape

Under watchful eye of Sharia police, 15-year-old girl mercilessly beaten in Muslim mall

Man gets ass kicked by Justin Bieber

Kanye West says he would've voted for Trump, placed in psychiatric hospital just hours later


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