Friday, December 9, 2016

This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom

A fond look back at all the things that had ultra P.C. jihadists OUTRAGED ... before they forget all about them in just a few days.

"Fuck fake news," says the man who literally became a millionaire distributing fake news.

By: Jimbo X

CNN is so aghast at the widespread dissemination of 'fake news' that they decided to disseminate their own 'fake news' story to the masses

Since hardcore Hillary supporters can't admit the simple reality that their candidate lost (more on that in just a bit), it seems as if their scapegoat du jour has been the so-called "fake news" epidemic - that being, the deluge of half-fake or entirely fabricated "articles" that get bandied around Facebook and Twitter like the gospel. Well, because karma is a bitch who eats irony for every meal, CNN - one of the loudest and proudest opponents of the "fake news" menace (whose commentators, coincidentally, want its audience to know that even looking at WikiLeaks is a "criminal offense") - became a victim of the made-up bullshit industrial-complex themselves when, for whatever reason, they confirmed  a random tweet that a half hour loop of tranny porn accidentally played over the regularly scheduled episode of Parts Unknown in the New England TV market on Thanksgiving. "The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night," a spokes-doofus for the cable news juggernaut told Yaron Steinbuch in a New York Post article published on Black Friday. "CNN has asked for an explanation." Of course, nothing of the sort even remotely happened, but by the time CNN came forward and admitted the whole thing was a fabrication, the story had spread like ... well, insert your own favorite thing to spread here ... all over the Internets. Naturally, all of those left-leaning fly-by-night shit sites immediately chided CNN for the error, noting that the proliferation of made-up hooey of the sort is THE ONLY POSSIBLE explanation for why Donald Trump won the election. Interestingly ... very interestingly, actually ... few people seemed as outraged at an earlier "faux news" broadcast from CNN - one in which the network got one of their cameramen to pretend to be a protester and deliver an impassioned anti-Trump spiel on live television. Alas, such was an incredibly newsworthy morsel all of the big time media players, even CNN's top competitors, shied away from - which means if you even heard about it, it probably came from one of those awful "fake news" sites journalists keep telling us is what's really killing people's faith in the news business.

Democrats, ever-so-fearful that Trump would not accept election results, are doing everything they can to overturn election results

The media direly, direly, DIRELY wanted Donald Trump's wishy-washy response on whether or not he would accept the results of the 2016 presidential election as valid to be his campaign backbreaker. Even though he said absolutely nothing of the sort, that didn't stop the ABCs and Huffington Posts of the world from interpreting his response as "fuck democracy, if I don't win I'm going to drag my feet and yell and cry and shout until somebody caves in and gives me what I want." Which - naturally - doesn't make Democrats anything even remotely resembling hypocrites for, well, not accepting the outcome of the election as valid. Since physically threatening state electors into changing their votes didn't seem to be working, a gaggle of irate leftists - led by, of all people, Jill "Flintstones Chewable Vitamins Cause Autism" Stein - are desperately, direly trying to get all of the ballots in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin recounted, because a good god-damn, there's just no possible way Trump could've gotten more votes in such (formally) liberal strongholds. Stein - who I believe received her doctorate in the unsung art of Thugonomics - said she aspires to raise almost $10 million to fund the recount efforts, and what do you know, a whole bunch of Hillary donors are trying to get some cash coughed into the coffers, too. Stein's ever-increasing cash contribution goals, however, has even some staunch Democrats suspicious of her endgame - especially since Stein herself acknowledged that there's a strong possibility (read: absolute certainty) that not all of the procured funds would go toward recount efforts, but rather, the notably vague cause of "election integrity efforts and and to promote voting system reform." Well, nothing shady about all that - I'm sure that mansion in Guam she buys in January - complete with a fleet of Ferraris and a different Rolex for every day of the week - were purchased with her sound investments in the stock market ... primarily culled from that bluest of blue chips, Ignorant Ass Millennial Voter, Inc.

Haven for liberal indoctrination and hyper-multiculturalism attacked by knife wielding Muslim immigrant

You know, despite all of the fearmongering leftists have been doing about Trump, we've yet to see one example of a pro-Trumpster staging a mass violent episode against his or her political rivals. Even more ironically, a ton of leftists are shaking in their boots wondering what horrid fates await gays and women under the Trump regime, when there isn't a predominantly Muslim country on the planet where homosexuals and females aren't treated like absolute shit. Which makes it at least somewhat fitting that THE Ohio State - that beautiful bastion of left-wing, multiculturalism-uber-alles indoctrination it is - became the site of mass stabbing attack, perpetrated by ... yep, you guessed it, some Somali Muslim guy. Interestingly enough, the school newspaper actually interviewed the attacker for their piece of shit Humans of New York wannabe series, with the terrorist who would go on to attempt to murder 11 people stating:
"I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media. I'm a Muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen. But I don't blame them. It's the media that put that picture in their heads so they're just going to have it and it, it's going to make them feel uncomfortable."
That a boy, Abdul ... go on ahead and blame the media for making people suspicious of Islamists, not the fact that crazy assholes like you routinely trying to run over people and then stab them to death with butcher knives after posting shit on Facebook declaring "by Allah, I am willing to use a billion infidels in retribution" and "BTW, every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America!"

Alas, despite attempting to mass murder his classmates, OSU's assistant director of residence life Stephanie Clemons Thompson took to Facebook to defend the wannabe terrorist shot dead by police before he could kill anybody. "Abdul Razak Ali Artan was a BUCKEYE, a member of our family," she wrote on social media. "If you think it is okay to celebrate his death and/or share a photo of his dead body and I see it in my timeline I will unfriend you. I pray you find compassion for his life, as troubled as it clearly was. Think of the pain he must have been in to feel that his actions were the only solution."

Interestingly enough, the little memo was also stamped with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, which makes me truly wonder if Thompson would have had the same shockingly passive reaction to someone trying to MURDER college students had he been a Dylan Roof-type neo-Confederate.

Regardless, you can send your well-wishes to Mrs. Thompson right here

Black Panthers threaten to blow up elementary school, kill cops and kick start race war

Now here is a news story I am shocked (well, no, not really) didn't get more play in the media. On Nov. 22, Birmingham, Ala. residents Zachery Edwards and Raphel Dilligard were arrested after they placed a "fake" explosive device at the doorsteps of Magnolia Elementary in Trussville on Nov. 16 (although detectives later told local media the device was safely detonated, bringing the actual authenticity of the "hoax" device into question.) According to police investigators, Edwards' plan was to draw as many police to the school as possible so he could commit various other crimes around town, like robbing banks, before returning to the scene of the crime to open fire and waste as many policemen as possible. Per investigators, Edwards is both a member of the Black Panthers and the less-heralded Black Mafia, and his apparent endgame was to spark some sort of great racial holy war down in Dixie. That the mainstream media remained dead silent about this hate crime while everybody and their mothers knew about those kids who brought swastika cupcakes to their Jewish friend's birthday party tells you way more than you'd ever need to know about modern society, don't it?

Dozens killed in fiery rave at illegal tinderbox owned by douchey Oakland artiste

So in Oakland, Calif, there was this thing called "The Ghost Ship," which was basically an abandoned (and severely dilapidated) warehouse where a bunch of artistic (read: pretentious white people from the suburbs who were ashamed of being both affluent and Caucasian) squatted. At least 36 people have been confirmed as fatalities in a Dec. 3 blaze, which apparently began during an illegal techno rave or something along those lines (according to police, there were only two exits to the entire building and the "steps" were actually cobbled together using wooden pallets.) The death toll is almost certain to rise and there very well could be at least manslaughter charges brought against "Ghost Ship" owner Derick Ion Almena, a man who describes himself as the "love child of Manson, Pol Pot and Hitler" and whose first tweet about the conflagration lamented not the loss of God knows how many lives, but how his life work was ruined ... and why yes, it is the absolute douchiest thing you will ever read, ever. The great lesson in all of this? For the love of God, don't do such a bad job raising your kids that they turn into a bunch of vagrants whose lives revolve around finger painting, copious drug use and music that sounds like a malfunctioning bug zapper. As evident by the tragedy in Oak-town, your halfway worth a damn parenting could save untold lives.

Irrelevant NFL quarterback attempts to eulogize Fidel Castro, people who actually experienced his dictatorship tell him to STFU

Seeing as how a caring, generous and affluent white family adopted Colin Kaepernick after his African-American father unceremoniously decided to up and quit his family, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback really doesn't seem to know a whole lot about real proletariat strife. Maybe that's why the outspoken, perennially losing has-been QB keeps appointing himself defender of all those supposedly screwed over by that hideously lily white Pax Americana and attaching himself to decisively anti-democracy causes, the latest being his glowing praise of the late Fidel Castro ahead of a Niners game against the Dolphins. After losing 31-24 in Miami (by the way, it was the team's tenth consecutive defeat) Colin K. participated in a press conference in which he attempted to justify wearing a shirt emblazoned with the images of the recently deceased commie leader breaking bread with adamant liberal hater Malcolm X. "I agree with the investment in education. I also agree with the investment in free universal health care as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa," Kaepernick told reporters. "I would hope that everybody agrees those things are good things."

Unfortunately, Colin's naive adulation of Cuba's downright atrocious health care system and its brainwashing detention centers masquerading as schools doesn't jibe well with, you know, people who actually fled from Castro's regime, including Orlando Sentinel columnist and Cuban ex-pat George Diaz, who said that he found it "personally insulting that Kaepernick is oblivious to the fact that Castro is one of the most vile dictators of modern times with extensive human rights violations." Meanwhile, thousands of Cubans in south Florida mourned the loss of the man Colin posited as socialist revolutionary hero with a series of solemn, respectful vigils. Nah, just kidding - they're still celebrating his death two weeks later.

Oh, and as for Colin's first game, post-Castro's death? He managed to accumulate an impossibly bad four passing yards in a game in which he was sacked five times by Chicago Bears defenders.

Buzzfeed article tries to slander HGTV power couple ... not for what they believe, but what their pastor does

In one of the more desperate "guilt by association" hit pieces shat out in the wake of Donald Trump's election, cash-hemorrhaging clickbait shithole Buzzfeed posted an article slamming Chip and Joanna Gaines of the HGTV program Fixer Upper - who, as an aside, appear to be very Caucasian, very heterosexual and very happy regardless of those first two things - for attending Antioch Community Church, a megachurch whose pastor, Jimmy Seibert, believes that homosexuality is probably rooted in same-sex maltreatment as a child (of course, there is NO tangible, scientific proof of this anywhere) and that through careful reconditioning, those with homosexual leanings can be de-gayed - a highly laughable suggestions, since we all know that homosexuality is an inborn genetic condition and not a social construct that can be changed at will a'la gender and race. Now, since "reporter" Kate Arthur never actually asked if the Gaines family shared the same beliefs, that left her with very, very little to work with, so - as any journalist worth his or her salt would do - she emailed the P.R. director at HGTV, asked them if the stars of the show would ever let homosexuals on the program, and since he didn't respond half an hour later, voila! That's all the evidence she needed to go on ahead and formally declare the Fixer Upper hosts to be queer-hatin' Nazis who want to send all the gays and lesbos to internment camps. BuzzFeed E-I-C Ben Smith - who is so open-minded and serious about real journalistic standards that he doesn't allow his writers to say anything bad about gay marriage - defended the "story" by going on Twitter and attacking HGTV for not responding to his intrepid journo's stupid ass question. All I can say is that when a New York Times writer who said Trump should be assassinated on Twitter is telling you your shit ain't going to cut it, you know you really churned out some top-tier nonsense.

Much ado about PizzaGate...

Unless you've been hanging around those insidious "alt-right" havens on Reddit and 4Chan, you've probably never heard of "PizzaGate" until early Dec., when some guy with a gun waltzed into Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C. and shot a hole in the roof. According to every mainstream (and therefore, totally legitimate, right?) news source out there, the whole lamentable affair came about because, goddamnit, a whole bunch of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists got together and drummed up this cockamamie "fake news" (indeed, an Associated Press write-up of the incident contains the phrase no less than eight timesstory about the pizza parlor - owned by Beltway business heavy hitter James Alefantis - actually being a front for child sex trafficking. The gist of the whole #PizzaGate brouhaha? Because WikiLeaks revealed a long trail of strangely codewordy exchanges between John Podesta and the Comet Pizza owner, some Internet dwellers have gone on ahead and made the assumption that the whole operation is a front for pedos, with Alefantis renting out underage victims to D.C. and Hollywood's heaviest hitters. Naturally, the New York Timeses and Voxes of the world have ran with the "story," using the recent gun-toting answer-seeker to highlight the real world harm "fake news" has on those oh-so gullible denizens of the Intra-Web. Hell, #pizagate is such a toxic hashtag that even Alex Jones - ALEX MOTHERFUCKING JONES - recently made a video asking his fans to cut it out.

Of course, the mainstream media accounts also left out some details about Comet Ping Pong that, if absolutely nothing else, are pretty goddamn disturbing, such as their regular "Sex Stains" performances (in which drag performers have been filmed making jokes about pedophilia) and a whole litany of head-scratching social media postings that include images of absurdly young wee ones posed in very, very, VERY questionable positions. But of course, there's no need to even question if anything is going on, because the whole idea of #PizzaGate is so retardedly preposterous. In fact, it's so preposterous that Reddit deleted a subreddit dedicated to amateur investigations of the conspiracy theory and even fuckin' 4Chan pulled the plug on a lengthy discussion highlighting some odd findings about the pizza place and its owner - because as we all know, if something is undeniably phony, the best thing to do is to completely eradicate any and all discussion of it on the Intrawebs.

How absurd, right? It's not like the Podestas are known for participating in weird-ass Pagan rituals for recreational fun and games or one of the Clintons' top backers is a dude busted for possessing a litany of C.P. in his Florida mansion or anything. 

And for sure, the media has NEVER remained silent when it was discovered that political insiders and Hollywood bigwigs were involved in the mass exploitation, abuse and torture of children. Which means there's nothing to see here it, all people. Absolutely nothing.

PewDiePie says YouTube is trying to 'white genocide' him off the social media network

For those of you over the age of 35 who need the introduction, PewDiePie is the single most successful YouTube vlogger in history, this Swedish guy who dropped out of college to make videos of himself playing video games and yelling a lot. Well, anyway, he's got 49 million subscribers and has a Q score higher than Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio among millennials and Gen Z tykes, so it stands to reason that this nerdy Swedish meatball has a lot of social media clout. Recently, he's gotten into a tiff with the powers that be at YouTube, alleging that the social media behemoth is trying to purge his videos from the Web because they want someone a tad more ethnic atop the YouTube scrapheap. In a wild rant, he went as far as to ask the Google subsidiary if they wanted him off the channel because he was white - a sardonic barb that he immediately followed with the much more somber refrain "but I really do think that's part of the problem." Of course, the mere suggestion that the monolithic media tastemaker may be trying to socially engineer its user-generated-empire (what an absurd claim, without any sort of empirical evidence!) didn't jibe well with a lot of people, who immediately took to other social media platforms. But to this PewDiePie kids' credit, he managed to play it off like an absolute pimp - a suspiciously proud of his Nordic heritage pimp, but a pimp, nonetheless.

Amy Schumer tabbed to ruin Barbie forever

And proving once and for all that Hollywood would rather push its own bullshit agenda down our throats that actually make money anymore, word leaked out that a long-in-development live-action Barbie film will go into production shortly. Oh, and the rumored plot? It's going to star Amy Schumer - yes, this Amy Schumer - in the lead role of an exiled Barbie who is deemed "not perfect enough" to live in Barbie-Ville. And while no six or seven year old girl anywhere on the planet gives a shit about being hit with a Mack truck of fat acceptance/pro-feminist propaganda masquerading as children's theater, scores of female journalists and bloggers (who, for some peculiar reason, still have a grudge against a piece of plastic from their youth) have praised the casting decision as some sort of crucial women's rights statement, as evident in juvenile, extremely flowery screeds like these two. Of course, the film will be a critical and fiscal flop (that is, if it even gets off the drawing board), because if there's one thing 2016's cinematic offerings taught us, it's that identity politics-driven entertainment is both a complete and utter oxymoron and a recipe for financial disaster - and apparently, that's a lesson Hollywood refuses to accept, no matter how much money it's destined to cost them.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Pregnant woman shot dead in India because she wouldn't dance with drunk man

Ill-thought out 'Mannequin Challenge' video results in two Alabamians getting arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Arizona woman attempts to embark upon mass shooting spree, foiled when she realizes she doesn't know how to load rifle

The Washington Post writer blames Donald Trump for not being able to get any dates

Media outraged to learn Marlon Brando stuck butter in an actress' vagina without her permission in 1972

Family of young woman raped and murdered by teenage Afghan refugee calls for donations to be made to pro-refugee organization

Philadelphia police determine suspect who spray-painted racist, pro-Trump graffiti on cars after election was a black man

Texas twosome arrested for locking seven mentally retarded teenagers in a 5-foot-by-8-foot closet for days on end

20-year-old Memphis man hits 11-year-old girl with  car so he could rape her afterwards 

Gaggle of teenagers rob the wife of Missouri's new governor at gunpoint 

Former president of National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives considers "fake news" a form of "domestic terror," doesn't consider irony of piece being published by CNN

High school wrestler sues state of Georgia for giving him herpes

North Carolina mall santa allegedly fat shames 9-year-old boy

California burglars apprehended via GPS-tracking bottle of cough syrup

Male privilege is is so real, U.S. women now outlive U.S. men by five years

College professor calls Trump's election "an act of terrorism" - and the school wants to take actions against the kid who recorded her saying his advisers were "white supremacists"

SPLC now considers the Pulse nightclub and Dallas cop massacres acts of "right wing terror"

African-American lawyer demands fellow African-Americans acquit any and all African-Americans accused of murdering or raping Caucasians ... regardless of guilt

L.A. public schools set up hotline to "help" students upset by Trump's election

Department of Justice reveals man who killed two Kentucky women in October hit and run had already been deported eight times


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