Saturday, December 24, 2016

This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom

Gather 'round, folks ... it's the last edition of This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom EVER.

Huh. A homosexual man demanding his brethren work together to socially castigate, alienate and marginalize an entire group of peoples. Nothing ironic/hypocritical/hilarious about that!

By: Jimbo X

Russians meddling with our democracy is such a grave threat, The Huffington Post believes we should suspend democracy ourselves to combat it

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. A social justice warrior has FINALLY gone out there and said something so insane that it's not even worth my time to bother writing this column anymore. On Dec. 11, The Huffington Post - still in terminal butthurt from Hillary not winning the election despite their incessant cheerleading for her over the course of two years - published an article penned by a guy named Seth Abramson, who lists his occupation as attorney, assistant professor and poet, which is at least three reasons why you shouldn't really give a shit what he thinks about anything. Anyhoo, the "point" of his meandering screed is that because those evil goddamned Ruskies may have interfered in our election process - you know, because they TOTALLY hacked the DNC servers and gave all that shit to WikiLeaks, which as an aside doesn't do a damned thing to negate any of the terrible things the Dems did over the election cycle that were verified in said leaks - that we should've postponed the electoral college vote on Dec. 19 until a full investigation of what those dastardly Reds did can be conducted by Congress. Oh, and the only reason anyone who voted for Trump should be against this is if they either "believe the intelligence community is planning a political coup through a massive misinformation campaign and the installation of Clinton as president" or "they believe an absence of proof of Russian interference is itself proof that no such interference occurred."


This is already the most retarded thing I've ever read that wasn't actually written by a retarded person, but let's let this Abramson jerkoff keep digging, why don't we?
"By definition, we can't prove something true or untrue until it's been fully investigated ... all Americans can agree that there's not yet been a full investigation of Russian cyber activity during the election. That's the very reason even Republican congressmen are demanding that we hold just such an investigation now." 
So right after admonishing Trump supporters for committing logical fallacies, this motherfucker comes out and nails us with no less than five of his own. First off, he presents us with a false dichotomy in the first sentence ("we can't prove something true or untrue" ... perhaps the ultimate fallacious "either-or" counterwhich is coupled with an appeal to authority (so federal investigators are the only arbiters of what's factual and unfactual?) After that, he pegs us with a double wallop of of the old "No True Scotsman" fallacy and the old bandwagon approach by stating "all Americans" agree with his presupposition. Yep, because this asshole phoned up all 320 million people in the country and got their opinion on the matter, for sure. And with his final sentence, he just affirms the fuck out of that consequence, declaring an unspecified number of conservative lawmakers want an investigation because there was no anti-Russian investigation conducted during the election process. Pray tell, can you name ONE Republican legislator who was clamoring for an anti-Russian investigation before Trump was elected ... or hell, even one DEMOCRATIC legislator, for that matter? Yeah, my point exactly.

Hell, let's use Abramson's own theoretical model against him. If we can't prove something true or untrue until it's been fully investigated (of course, Abramson doesn't have the forthrightness to say fully investigated by who), that means I can confidently come out and say that Seth Abramson both raped and murdered Gary Coleman in 2010. Therefore, a full federal investigation should be conducted, as any denials by Abramson have to be considered categorically false until proven true by the great reality dictators in D.C. All that compounding "evidence," like alibis and secondary eye witness accounts and 911 transcripts and hospital logs and cellular phone records and online activity spreadsheets? To hell with all of that stupid, meaningless shit, the blood of Arnold Drummond remains forever stained on your dwarf-raping hands, Mr. Abramson. Forever stained.

And along those same lines, didn't we have the entire fucking media wehrmacht come out and completely disregard that whole #PizzaGate controversy, without once floating up the idea of investigating the matter even superficially? As far as the media is concerned, it looks like the "truth" depends a whole hell of a lot on whether or not you want it to be true first - proof, not needed to confirm or disconfirm their own take on the matter.

But hold your horses, Abramson isn't even closed to being finished saying outlandish shit. Roll that beautiful bean footage!
"Take every fear you have about what a Trump administration will do to America, then imagine that Trump was installed as president by Vladimir Putin. How does that change your reaction to, for instance, Social Security being privatized, or universal health care being dismantled, or over 10 million deportees being ordered and executed via a paramilitary deportation force entering American communities with guns drawn?"
Holy goddamn fucking dogshit, I don't even know where to begin. I'm going to HAVE to break this one down numerically:

1.) The only people who "installed" Donald Trump as president are the American people who voted for him, and by proxy the electors who cast their votes representing the general electorate on Dec. 19. And even if the Russians leaked the DNC data to WikiLeaks ... which, by the way, is the epitome of an N.G.O. ... then why can't you turn around and say Hillary's more nebulous backers - like, oh say, Saudi fucking Arabia - were trying to help "install" her? And even if Putin was trying to get Trump elected, how is it any worse than Barack Obama trying to influence the outcome of democratic elections in Israel? And what about all of the collusion between the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign to derail Trump's campaign? There's far more substantive proof that CNN tried to install Clinton than there is anything even remotely resembling evidence the Russians tried to install Trump, but apparently that doesn't trouble a guy like Abramson, who is SO GOSH-DARNED CONCERNED about the legitimacy of our elections. 

2.) OK, the second two things are just patently false fabrications on the part of Abramson. First off, Trump has been very consistent that he ain't touching social security, and he has made no - I repeat, NO PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS - stating an intent to privatize it. Secondly, there is no such thing as "universal health care" in the U.S., but again, Trump has long said he doesn't plan on doing anything to Medicaid or Medicare spending. The Affordable Care Act is on the chopping block, but that could hardly be considered a form of "universal health care" in any manifestation - and considering just much more expensive the program made even private market insurance, I think it's safe to say there are far more people out there who would benefit from Obamacare getting repealed than there are people who may have benefitted from it in the first place.

3.) And here, Abramson just goes full retard, accusing Trump of authorizing a Latino-chasing death squad that will systematically uproot TEN MILLION people and/or mass holocaust the whole lot of them. That's an impressive feat, to be sure, seeing as how the Obama administration could only send back 2.5 million illegal immigrants during his presidency, and not a whole lot of 'em had any trouble reentering the country time and time again. Oh, and one more thing, which is kinda' an easy oversight  - THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS TRYING TO GUILT TRIP READERS FOR SOMETHING DONALD TRUMP HASN'T ACTUALLY DONE. 

But oh now, we're STILL not done with this one. Keep the crazy talk coming, Seth!
"Trump himself has often called for getting information about potentially destabilizing situations before making any final decisions about how to proceed ... even on the very subject we're now discussing as a nation: potential voting irregularities in the United States."
No, they actually do believe that, folks.
Now pardon my language, but what in the fuckitiest of fucks is this fuck talking about? There are no "voting irregularities" being discussed here, as if Russians actually broke into the country Red Dawn '84 style, posed as Americans and cast their ballots for the Trumpster. Literally ALL we know right now is that Russian hackers may or may not have hacked into RNC and DNC files, and they potentially may have only leaked the DNC files. That's literally it, and to be frank, the amount of hard evidence on the table verifying even that is too skimpy to be considered a slam dunk. Now, if you wanted to talk about "voter irregularities," how about we start with John Podesta's emails urging undocumented immigrants to complain that having a driver's license is good enough proof of residency, or the Department of Homeland Security "accidentally" granting hundreds of illegal immigrants full residency status? And hey, what's this about Detroit - about as liberal a stronghold as you'll find anywhere in America - reporting 37 percent more ballots than it had legal voters?

And just when you think this Abramson fuck can't top himself, get a load of this concluding quip:
"This should be a non-partisan issue; indeed, supporting a temporary delay in the Dec. 19 Electoral College vote is no more than saying that American sovereignty matters."
Alright, this thing has to be a parody, right? This guy has the audacity to give us a lecture about the nation's susceptibility to outside influences when the candidate he supported LITERALLY advocated for open borders and open trade, who went on record to say she had a "public" and "private" position on economic matters, and who was so deeply embedded in Wall Street's pockets she smelled like Gary Cohn's ballsack? Sweet jesus, I just ... I just can't

That a guy THIS immune to logic and easily Googleable data not only has a professorship position and held a state job but is hand-selected by a multimedia monolith to puke out his ill-conceived propaganda on the masses is all the proof I need to officially deem SJW-dom a bona-fide mental illness. There's just no other explanation for this kind of nonsense ... and man, do I feel guilty having spent the last year and a half mocking the cognitively disabled, in hindsight.

Media rallies behind impassioned anti-Trump spiel penned by writer at magazine that dictates what young women ought to look and think like

One look at Lauren Duca's Twitter page lets you know right from the get-go that a.) she's not a real journalist and b.) she tilts so heavily to the left she's in danger of tipping over like a broken Weeble at any minute. Despite the fact that her oeuvre consists of nothing but glowing sensationalist clickbait horse shit that's this close to being legitimate corporate propaganda like "Selena Gomez is Strong and Beautiful in Her Latest Ad Campaign" and "This 'Harry Potter' Eyeshadow Palette Is Truly Magical," that didn't stop the leftist jerk-off-a-sphere from praising, promoting and pimping her recent screed "Donald Trump is Gaslighting America." Indeed, it wasn't just your usual assortment of independent thought-averse SJWs giving Duca props, even Dan Rather (you know, the guy who sunk his entire career fabricating documents in an attempt to destroy Bush's re-election bid) gave Duca an "attagirl" via Twitter

So what is Duca's op-ed ... you know, commentary that isn't objective journalism ... doing to garner so much fanfare from irked Clinton loyalists? Well, it sure as shit isn't because the op-ed is based on factual evidence, seeing as how her very first sentence ("the CIA officially determined that Russian intervened in our election") is a blatant falsehood (tl:dr - one "anonymous source" allegedly with the CIA told a Washington Post reporter he or she thinks the Russians hacked into the DNC servers ... which, as any real journalist would be able to tell you, isn't "official confirmation" of fuckin' shit. Furthermore, seeing as how the N.S.A. has a lock on DNC data, it's impossible for a hack to occur without the most expansive, civil-liberties eroding national cyber-security program ever picking up something. Indeed, no less than SIX top U.S. intel advisors agree ... the DNC material was almost certainly leaked in the same fashion as the Bradley Manning files - a good old-fashioned USB drive-assisted inside job. To be fair, there are signs Russian malware did infect DNC computers, but the odds of it being the handiwork of actual state actors is incredibly slim. Indeed, whatever malware that did hit the DNC was almost certainly the doings of Russia's myriad Anonymous wannabes - a ragtag, non-Kremlin-sponsored assortment of low-level "glory hackers" with names like APT-28.

So basically, Duca's article is nothing more than another frothing, pissy "wah-wah-wah, we didn't get our way!" tirade from a spoiled, rich white girl who has gotten nothing but her way for the last eight years, so naturally, the moment she doesn't have executive political privilege, she acts like the entire nation has turned into The Hunger Games and by golly, we better grab our bows and arrows and start gunning for President Snow A.S.A.P. Funny how the mainstream media immediately discounts such hysterical, paranoid ranting from the right, but always deems the hyperbolic, apocalyptic delusions of dyed-blue liberals as 100 percent legitimate?

Anyhoo, we've got some meaty dollops of bullshit in this logorrheic stew of partisan retardedness, so how's about we run down the, ahem, highlights of this long-winded propaganda?  
"A foreign government's interference in our election is a threat to our freedom, and the President-elect's attempt to undermine the American people's access to that information undermines the very foundation upon which this country was built. It's also nothing new."
Well, Duca's right about that. Elected officials attempting to mask foreign investments in their campaigns is nothing new, seeing as how Barack Obama was guilty of it in 2012 and Bill Clinton accepted $1.2 million in illegal donations from a Chinese billionaire in 1996.

Furthermore Mrs. Duca - oh, who am I kidding, like anybody would marry you - can you explain how Trump has physically attempted to "undermine the American people's access to information?" Go ahead, name one instance. Just one. I can wait as long as you can, and I anticipate your response with great zeal.
"Trump won the Presidency by gas light. His rise to power has awakened a force of bigotry by condoning and encouraging hatred, but also by normalizing deception. Civil rights are now on trial, though before we can fight to reassert the march toward equality, we must regain control of the truth."
First off, "hatred" is a non-tangible, physically non-existent construct that cannot be quantified numerically. It's inherently subjective, so anybody who uses the term is flatout full of shit and trying to push an agenda. And funny how Duca doesn't say a damned thing about the scores of violent attacks committed AGAINST Trump supporters by Clinton and Sanders supporters - including instances of people simply joking about Donald Trump being fucking murdered. And as far as "normalizing deception," I hate to break it to you honey, but the fucking media has been lying like motherfuckers for decades, and hey, what do you know, CNN was literally working with the Clinton campaign to get her elected! And again - please, do tell me, WHICH PARTICULAR "CIVIL RIGHTS" are on trial right now? Are they physically on trial, or do you think they will be on trial at some point in the future? That's a pretty big distinction, Duca - because one would be concrete fact and the other would be delusional bullshit you invented in your head. Might want to remember that one, you know, for future articles.
"At the hands of Trump, facts have become interchangeable with opinions, blinding us into arguing amongst ourselves, as our very reality is called into question."
Oh, here we go, yet another rant against that made-for-television scourge, "fake news." Now, isn't it just a little bit hypocritical to say Trump is guilty of distorting facts with opinions, when, I don't know, the fucking media has been pushing its own distorted biases as fact since the inception of the newspaper medium? How come nobody was freaking out about the deleterious effects of the fake news being shat out on The Daily Show and The Onion and Weekend Update during the Bush and Obama administrations? Oh, that's right, because that's the kind of fabricated "our opinion presented as fact" agitprop that benefits the left and damages the right, whereas all these newfangled "fake news sitez" have the opposite effect. PARTY IDENTITARIANISM UBER ALLES, AIN'T THAT RIGHT?

Oh, and if you want to talk about "our very reality" being called into question, why don't you flip the camera around and look at what the unabashedly leftist media has been up to as of late?

You know, like using cameramen as fake anti-Trump demonstrators on live TV.

Or CNN anchors telling its viewers it's ILLEGAL to read WikiLeaks.

Or how about The Los Angeles Times submitting its stories to the C.I.A. for "official review?"
"Trump has repeatedly attempted to undermine the press, including such well-respected publications as the New York Times. He has disseminated a wealth of unsubstantiated attacks on the media, though this baseless tweet from April pretty much sums it all up, "How bad is the New York Times -- the most inaccurate coverage constantly. Always trying to belittle. Paper has lost its way!"
For starters, the New York Times' majority shareholder is Carlos Slim - a.k.a., the richest motherfucker in the world, who just so happens to own Mexico's telecommunications industry. Seeing as how Trump is hardcore against NAFTA and Slim is hardcore in favor of it - and a Trump presidency would certainly negatively impact Slim's finances - the paper would CERTAINLY have an axe to grind against The Donald simply as a matter of appeasing their owner's economic interests. And lest Duca forgot, the Times did publish a scathing hit piece against Trump, which one of the interviewees later called a whole bunch of bullshit - i.e., the paper made up things she never said. I think it's safe to say that's anything but a "baseless" criticism for the president-elect to wield. 

Oh, and that part about the Times being one of the most respected and "accurate" papers in the country? Well, that's certainly true, just as long as you overlook Jayson Blair's plagiarized and fabricated articles, Judith Miller spreading false information about Iraq's non-existent WMDs, the paper refusing to reveal information about NSA spying despite having evidence a year in advance, editors nixing an article because the White House thought it was too friendly to Iran, the paper giving MoveOn,org substantial advertising discounts, flat out lying about a black woman getting raped by Duke lacrosse players, publishing unsubstantiated claims about John McCain's relationship with a lobbyist and long-time writers like Alessandra Stanley finding ways to drop nine factual errors in a lone article. Shit, the way Trump's been talking, it's almost like one of the Times' staff writers called for his assassination on social media.

Which, by the way, actually happened. And the Times, being that beacon of objectivity they are, let the same writer KEEP penning anti-Trump screeds, all the way up to the general election
"If you find factual inaccuracies in an article, send an email to the editor, and explain how things should have been clearer. Inform yourself what outlets are trustworthy and which aren’t. If you need extra help, seek out a browser extension that flags misleading sites or print out a list of fake outlets, such as the one by communications professor Melissa Zimdars, and tape it to your laptop. Do a thorough search before believing the agenda Trump distributes on Twitter. Refuse to accept information simply because it is fed to you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. That is now the base level of what is required of all Americans. If facts become a point of debate, the very definition of freedom will be called into question."
Funny that Duca lists Zimdars much-discussed list of "phony news sites," when Zimdars herself is a left-wing moonbat whose Twitter feed reveals she has a huge vendetta against Trump and conservatives in general ... which probably explains why her blacklist includes sites like Breitbart and Red State but not their liberal analogues The Huffington Post or The Daily Beast. Furthermore, one has to wonder just how dedicated Duca is to her demand that readers "refuse to accept information simply because it is feed to you and don't be afraid to ask questions" when talks turn towards the kind of material - i.e., the biological reality of race and gender, the social dynamics of homosexuality, hard data on interracial crime and the strangely consistent results of IQ tests and SAT scores along ethnic lines - that leftists have convinced the masses are completely off-limits and non-debatable

And just how serious do you think Duca is about insisting readers send emails to editors highlighting author errors, exaggerations and fabrications? Well, we'll found out soon enough, seeing as how I just sent an e-mail to Teen Vogue about all of the falsities contained in Duca's (s)hitpiece on the president-elect. 

And if I get a response from Teen Vogue, I'll publish it in full. Yeah ... I wouldn't hold my breath, either. does that mean every time HE calls someone "racist," he's actually calling THEM a "nigger?"

U.N. dumps Wonder Woman because she's white ... I mean, not multiculturally representative enough

If you're not already familiar with the term "intersectionality," you should get hip to it - here's a good starting place to begin your research. The CliffsNotes version? Individual leftist identity politics groups are slowly crumbling apart because of - a shocker, I know - competing identity politics. Perhaps nowhere is this as evident as it is in third-wave feminism, where there's kind of a mini-civil war looming between practitioners of "white feminism" and "black feminism," which is basically African-American feminists saying they get double word score in oppression Scrabble and all them honky-feminists ought to stop promoting their own gender-oriented cases and focus on combatting racism instead. The latest casualty in this struggle for the heart and soul of proud man-haters across the globe? Why, none other than Wonder Woman herself, who recently got removed as an honorary ambassador by the United Nations just two months after the fictitious character was granted the symbolic title. The problem? By golly, aggrieved feminists and their pawns (I mean, allies) thought Wonder Woman was just too damned sexualized to be even a metaphorical emblem of women's rights. And they were ESPECIALLY miffed that the U.N. chose a fictitious Caucasian. "A large breasted, white woman of impossible proportioned, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring bodysuit with an American flag motif and knee-high boots is not an appropriate spokeswoman for the gender equality at the United Nations," one petition against the fantasy appointment read. Of course, the war against Wonder Woman's whiteness is nothing new - indeed, even BEFORE she was given the honorary U.N. designation, there were already scores of screeds on the Web - like this one and this one - that were mouth-foaming outraged that D.C. hasn't retconned W.W. as an A.A. (and that doesn't stand for "Alcoholics Anonymous," mind you.) Which, naturally, raises this million dollar question: uh, guys, didn't you want us to believe cultural appropriation was a bad thing?

Eastern Michigan University students DEMAND segregation be brought back, dammit 

Fifty years ago, black demonstrators had their skulls bashed in with truncheon sticks and dogs sicced on him and high pressure water hoses pointed at them because they had the audacity to want to attend classes alongside white students. Well, fast forward five decades and now, black protesters are fighting to bring academic segregation back in the form of "safe spaces." Enter the Eastern Michigan University Black Student Union, which is now ultra-pissed that the university interpreted their demand for a student center lounge called "The Intersection" (remember that from earlier, dear reader?) differently than they had hoped. While EMU says the lounge is "for underrepresented and underprivileged students," members of the BSU imagined something, well, a little more exclusionary. "The intersection does not fill what we spoke about, as it is a space for everyone," MLIVE quotes one unioner, "we didn't ask for a space for everyone - there are already spaces for everyone on campus. We asked for (black students.)" Of course, walling an entire segment of students off from the general university population isn't a form of gross ethnoracial prejudice on display for any and all to bare witness to - it's "a corrective action" necessary to reverse 500 years of white oppression (which, naturally, begs the question - what exactly would it take for these kids to say the balance of the Atlantic Slave Trade has been paid off?) 

Well, at least we can give EMU some dap for putting the kibosh on another BSU demand - that African-American-centric course be built into the required curriculum of every major on campus. "There are well-understood challenges in attempting to incorporate black studies into every major," said one school spokesperson. "For example, it may be difficult to incorporate black studies into certain natural science majors and doing so across all majors will require revisions to many courses."

Y'know, as if we didn't realize that was their whole endgame a long fuckin' time ago.

JIM FUCKIN' BROWN gives Donald Trump his seal of approval

Kanye West made a lot of fellow African-Americans - most notably, failed Usher clone John Legend - mighty miffed when he recently met with president-elect Trump. You know, because it's not at all racist for one black man to tell another black man which white people he can interact with and whatnot. Well, looks like we can add another fabled name to the long list of people who have been "de-blacked" for supporting Donald Trump - none other than legendary Cleveland Browns running back and action movie mega-hero Jim goddamn Brown.

Now this is especially interesting considering Brown actually attended a few fundraisers for Hillary in the run-up to her failed presidential bid. Brown - who attended a Dec. 13 meeting with Trump alongside one-time homicide defendant Ray Lewis, was so impressed by Trump's demeanor that he later went on CNN and said he "fallen in love" with the president-elect.

"When he goes through what he went through to become the president, he got my admiration because no one gave him a chance," he said. "You know, they called him names. People that called him names when he won, he reached back and brought them along with him. He held no grudges."

Even more amazing was his response when asked his opinion on the predominantly white composition of Trump's cabinet selections. He responded by saying that he never really had a father and the three men who did the most to shape his life for the better - well, they were all kind of white

"But I was in the country where I got help from people that were not of my same color," he continued. "So when I come out of the box, I don't come out of the box as racial. I look for good people, and people that will be like-minded and help me try to do good for other human beings."

Well ... I guess that explains why he didn't go hobnobbing with the democratic elite in the wake of Hillary's defeat, then.

Bernie Sanders, of all people, understands why Trump really won the election

By and large, I feel pretty safe labeling Bernie Sanders a shit-brained hippie holdover whose stunning grasp of basic lending practices represents a graver threat to democracy than 20 Donald Trumps superglued together, but even HE is now willing to admit that - more than anything - it were SJWs themselves who are MOST responsible for Trump's general election victory.

"I think he said some outrageous and painful things, but I think people are tired of the same old politically correct rhetoric," the failed Democratic presidential challenger uttered on a recent MSNBC program. "I think people believe he was speaking from his heart and willing to take on everybody."

Even more surprising, Sanders even laid out a fairly concise definition of what "political correctness" is, describing it as "you have a set of talking points which have been poll-tested and focus-group-tested and that's what you say rather than what's really going on ... and often what you are not allowed to say are things which offend very powerful people."

And then, he dropped this little H-bomb of a comment:
"Do people here think the media reflects the reality of American society? One of the arguments as to why Trump won is the belief that most or many of his supporters are sexists or racists or homophobes. I happen not to believe that's the case. I think what he did do is he said 'you know, there's a lot of pain in the country, people are scared and people are worried.' People are tired of status quo politics. He broke through that."
Take it from the bastard father of the contemporary "alt-left" movement - if even a shriveled up septuagenarian prune from the most liberal part of the country (and by proxy, the whitest, as well) who doesn't understand how the Supreme Court works can figure it out, what excuse do all the other liberals out there have?

Slate writer says Donald Trump and Dylan Roof are pretty much the same person

To put it bluntly, Jamelle Bouie is what we sometimes refer to as "an unscrupulous sack of shit." A wannabe Ta-Nehisi Coates, he's yet another successful, wealthy black man who makes a living talking about how all those damned whites have made it so dadgum hard for African-Americans to be successful financially ... this, despite the fact CBS pays him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to complain on TV about how bad he has it. Now, rather than, I don't know, elucidating on the steps he took to achieve financial success so his fellow African-Americans can emulate his achievements, Slate pays Bouie an incredible sum to write the most desperate, clickbaity "woe is Black America" (s)hit pieces this side of whatever paranoid nonsense Chauncey DeVega's writing about. Bouie's latest magnum opus? A stupid even-for-Slate op-ed titled "Brothers in White Resentment: What Gave Us Donald Trump is What Gave us Dylan Roof," which begins with the author (whose initial draft was presumably etched in crayon) insinuating that the announcement of Trump's presidential campaign may have potentially goaded the bowl-cut South Carolinian into shooting nine people to death. From there, it's just one false equivalency after another, with Bouie desperately grasping for straws to make it sound like shit Roof wrote in his manifesto eerily echoes things Trump said during his speeches - which, of course, is accompanied by all sorts of hyperbole about Steve Bannon, the flatout brass-balled rejection of George Zimmerman's innocence and Bouie himself discounting Trump's assertions that predominantly black inner city enclaves are proverbial purgatories of crime, poverty and educational regression despite the fact Federal data - well, proves it. "Seduced by demagoguery and the promise of new benefits and restored status, millions of Americans rejected the racial egalitarianism of Obama's 'more perfect union' in favor of a renewed color caste," Bouie concludes his utterly unfounded, hyper-hysterical sermon. "Yes, Roof will face justice. But the ideas that radicalized him will thrive, not just as an amorphous force in American life, but as an active presence in American politics."

Now, with all of this institutional prejudice and oppression Bouie claims is permeating literally everything in society, you might be wondering how he - plus another four million African-Americans - have managed to attain annual household salaries north of $100,000. The answer, of course, is clear - you're a goddamn racist for even asking it.

Politico columnist gets shitcanned for alleging Donald Trump has sexual intercourse with his own daughter

Utterly incapable of accepting the fact that our electoral process was won fairly and squarely by someone they didn't want to, alleged "journalists" across the globe have stooped to incredibly low depths in their feeble attempts to take down the Donald. Recently, Politico writer Julia Ioffe took such GRAVE offense to rumors (I repeat, rumors) that Ivanka Trump might get an office in the White House traditionally reserved for the First Lady that she meted out this fairly turgid riposte on Twitter: "Either Trump is fucking his own daughter or he's shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?"

It's a pretty startling - if not downright catty - thing to air to the masses, especially considering Ioffe penned a pretty long profile/stealth takedown of Trump's wife earlier this year. Indeed, it was so - I don't know, deplorable - that Politico announced they were terminating Ioffe's contract immediately. "I guess my phrasing should have been more delicate," she sardonically tweeted upon losing her job. If you're wondering why she doesn't sound a little more concerned about getting shit-canned, it's probably because she signed a contract to be a national security and foreign policy reporter for ... surprise, surprise ... the motherfuckin' Atlantic just a few days earlier, and we know they ain't going to fire her for claiming the president-elect engages in incestuous rape on a nightly basis.

Yeah ... some rather ayom behavior for someone named one of the most 50 influential Jews of 2016, ain't it?

Turning Point USA launches watchlist for radical leftist college professors, administrators

Clearly, there's something strange going on with contemporary higher education in these United States. We've got students getting kicked out of class because they don't think Donald Trump getting elected was as bad as 9/11, professors demanding white students atone for their collective Caucasian sins by committing mass suicide, and large scale symposiums, conferences and curriculums confronting the scourge of "whiteness" transpiring coast-to-coast, all-year-round, at colleges and universities throughout the country. That these things continue to happen oh so frequently all over the map leads one to assume that no, this is not just an isolated case of the crazies, there is indeed a national, concentrated effort to shape the minds of our gilded youth through a nonstop bombardment of honky-hatin'  ... I mean, white privilege challenging - programming. Enter Turning Point USA, a free market and limited government espousing student organization which recently published something it calls "Professor Watchlist," which has the stated agenda of highlighting "the specific incidents and names of professors that advance a radical agenda in lecture halls." Unsurprisingly, the full list is already a couple of hundred administrators and professors strong (a pretty astonishing feat, seeing as how the site didn't go live until Nov. 21) with more undoubtedly set to join the "radical role call" in the months and years ahead. And for those who may think this kind of stuff smacks of academic McCarthyism, a Turning Point USA spokesperson puts it thus: "The list is TPUSA using our free speech rights to publicize publicly available information," The College Fix quotes him. "Perhaps if we were calling for professors to get fired or harassed there would be reason to be concerned, but since we're simply reporting what someone else has [already] reported I would say the fears are overblown."

Huh, highly paid academics being held accountable for their own actions - now that really is radical thinking!

...and on that note, I'm fucking finished.
FINALLY, someone shines a light on the plight of homosexual ghosts

You know, I've been covering a lot of preposterous, left-leaning nonsense over the last year and a half. But now, I have no choice but to suspend the ongoing feature, because the reality of contemporary social justice warrior-dom has finally gotten so insane that it's literally lapsed over into the domain of genuine mental illness. From day uno, I've been warning you people that the endgame of SJW-dom as a cultural phenomenon isn't just to keep an iron-tight death grip on the social sciences, but eventually, to elevate their uber-liberal tao to the point it supersedes the very fundamentals of legitimate physical science - i.e., things like biology and physics - because they represent clear challenges to the "intrinsic truths" of their dogmas. Everybody likes to piss all over the "slippery slope" hypothesis, but let's face facts - we're already seeing SJWs attempting to carry over their "success" against formal social science into jihads against hard science. Case in point? With all biological evidence that "race" is genetically determined thrown out the window in favor of the much preferred "construct" theory, is it really that big of a leap for people to come out next and start claiming they're not people but actually dogs whose bizarre lifestyles out to be affirmed as a civil right? And with European history already chalked up as nothing more than centuries and centuries of cruel white oppression and little else, how long before some far-flung freshmen start saying we need to throw out their scientific and mathematical discoveries by default and replace them with the less prejudicial tenets of crude shamanism

The fact of the matter is that the longer we let aggrieved, left-wing loonies subvert the very reality around them to better correspond with their despotic identity politics, the closer we're getting to total regression as a species. How ironic is it that SJWs espouse themselves as champions of "progress" when the endgame of their crying and complaining and pissing and moaning is to essentially revert back to pre-societal primitivism? Every leftist "utopia" - from Stalin's Russia to Pol Pot's Cambodia to Chairman Mao's China - has devolved into the same state of tyrannical chaos, where a select few have unlimited power and everybody else is just various shades of poor and helpless. Oh, they may claim to want altruism and diversity and all that Book of Acts stuff, but more than anything, they want power. They want to not only marginalize non-adherent ideologues, they want them factored out of the gene pool altogether. They want the State to become God incarnate and their moral beliefs to become the new law of the land. And their dreams of a "classless" society ultimately paves the way for a one-way trip back to feudalism, and with it, a complete breakdown in technological and scientific innovation. And from there, it's just a continual free fall towards extinction, all done in the name of - you guessed it - "equality." 

So leave it to Vice to publish a story that finally pushed me over the edge when it comes to all this SJW-crap - that inevitable point of no return where I had to throw my hands up in the air and scream "DONE!" at the top of my lungs.

That story? A meandering screed about a gaggle of LGBT paranormal investigators doing their part - and regrettably, this is a direct quote - to resist "against the often presumed heterosexuality of ghosts."

Let that sink in. These people are fighting against the "cultural oppression" of THINGS THAT DO NOT EXIST

Why yes, this stupid bullshit does indeed merit a web series, as you probably guessed. "This is a whole other way to show the history of the LGBT community," said one producer. "These are the true stories of countless lost lives, lost in the afterlife because they couldn't live freely in this one."

So what does this shit entail, you might be wondering? Well, it mostly revolves around self-described "researchers" visiting places like abandoned mental institutions - oh, goddamn, the irony - and attempting to lure polter-gays out of the ether by playing Patsy Cline and shaking metal poles they are convinced have divine properties at sounds while listening to radio static they have similarly convinced themselves is actually the shouting of the dead.

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for USC's extensive LGBT records archive, which has retroactively and non-scientifically chalked up a whole bunch of news clippings and medical records as pertaining to deceased gay individuals. "You almost do have to have a sixth sense sometimes to sense the queerness," a University of Illinois spokestard is quoted. "You do have to get creative and develop and intuition and instinct."

So, in other words? They just make bullshit up without any glimmers of scientific evidence and chalk it up as a social justice triumph

You know, there's an old saying about "hate" blinding people to reality. Well, at this point, I think it's safe to say that what SJWs deem "progress" has taken it a step further and completely lobotomized its adherents. And if you can't see the clear and present danger of an ideology that's as zealous as any apocalyptic religion and every bit as ignorant of empirical fact attempting to remold culture into its own graven image?

Let's just say history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, kids. And I do mean nasty.

...and, one last time, a few headlines that speak for themselves...

Black man admits he spray painted racist and pro-Trump graffiti on his girlfriend's car

Basketball coach accused of headbutting student at - appropriately enough - Morehead College

Newsweek columnist wants Twitter user arrested for giving him a seizure online

12-year-old Iraqi-German tries to blow up Christmas market...

...and a few days later, yet another pissed Muslim actually manages to attack a German Christmas market and kill more than a dozen people

National Geographic tries to explain why it put a nine-year-old "transgender" child on its cover by misquoting Freud, comparing plight to those of girls who have acid thrown in their faces in Muslim countries

The Virgin Mary is offensive to rape victims, reports The Washington Post

Fraternal Order of Police wants Walmart to stop selling Black Lives Matter shirts

MTV demands white men accept responsibility for all of world's ills ... and hilarity ensues

British film awards officially makes "diversity" mandatory for nominees

Irked Clinton supporter shows how much he supports women's rights by demanding women who voted for Trump be raped and murdered

UK health committee wants to ban the term "commit suicide"

Lena Dunham kinda sorta apologizes for wishing you had an abortion

Colorado State mulling mandatory womens and ethnic studies for all majors ... and hiring counselors to help students with "racial battle fatigue"

Guy who shot up Zurich mosque? Yeah, he was black

Guy who spray painted swastikas on Nassau Community College property? Yeah, he was Indian

Guy who set historically black church on fire and vandalized it with pro-Trump slogans? Yeah, he was black, and his last name is "McClinton"

19-year-old arrested for raping a 68-year-old North Carolina woman - and then setting her on fire

Muslim man kicked off plane for just speaking Arabic also happens to be YouTube prankster known for pretending to be a terrorist on airplanes

And to end it all ... an annual event meant to raise awareness of prostate cancer is now being criticized for promoting "toxic masculinity"


  1. So basically this is you being outraged about randoms on the internet also being outraged? So a manifesto a la circle jerk.

    1. How is documenting , fact checking and factually disproving the hysterical, hypocritical propaganda of the left a "circle jerk?"


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