Sunday, September 10, 2017

LIVE(ish) Play-By-Play from Week 1's Raiders vs. Titans Game!

This Week's Episode:
"Let the Fibula Bowl Commence!"

By: Jimbo X
It's that time of year again, folks! As is the tradition here at The Internet Is In America, we're going to do our damnedest to give you LIVE play-by-play coverage of every single Oakland Raiders game of the season, beginning with today's season opener against Tennessee. Join us LIVE on Sunday, Sept. 10 for our patented possession-by-possession coverage of week 1's Raiders vs. Titans game, with the festivities beginning at 1 p.m. eastern time. There'll be updates every commercial break, so be sure to bookmark this shit prior to kickoff. And, as always, do us and yourselves a kindness and let all your fellow Raiders fans know what we're up to by posting links to our coverage on your social media pages. Hey, we're all in this together, remember (#SilverAndBlackLivesMatter) ... 
11:52 AM - We're about an hour and some change away from kickoff. The Raiders head into this road game as +2.5 underdog. The over/under is 50 and according to ESPN's Football Power Index (read: bullshit that doesn't mean anything), the Titans have a 53.6 percent chance of winning the contest.

11:55 AM - The Raiders have a TON of players either sitting out today's game or on IR. Fullback Jamize Olawale is a known scratch, while linebacker Cory James and first round draft selection Gareon Conley are both listed as questionable. Sea-Bass and safety Obi Melifonwu are both on the injured reserve for today's game. Meanwhile, the Titans will be without cornerback LeShaun Sims this afternoon.

12:07 PM - Oh shit, now ESPN is saying Khalil Mack is questionable for today's contest.

12:08 PM - And Conley has been downgraded to inactive. Well, fuck me already.

12:52 PM - Jim Nance and Tony Romo will be doing the play-by-play, in case you are wondering.

12:53 PM - Oddly enough, this is the big return game for both of these teams' starting QBs. And even eerier, it's their big return game coming off the EXACT same kind of injury (broken fibulae) that occurred on the very same day.

1:03 PM - The Raiders won the toss and will receive.

1:04 PM - Ryan Succop set to kick off. Cordarrelle Patterson will return.  The Titans try to pull an onside kick and the Raiders recover at midfield.

1:05 PM - Cooper with a gain of six, maybe seven.

1:05 PM - Second and four. And Lynch rumbles for 14 on his first touch as a Raider.

1:06 PM - Jared Cook with another huge pick-up. The Raiders are near the TEN 10.

1:07 PM - That was a 22-yard gain. TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!


1:09 PM - The play is under review. THE TOUCHDOWN STANDS!

1:10 PM - The PAT is good. That was 4 plays and 2:21 minutes long. Raiders lead, 7-0.

1:12 PM - Tavecchio set to kick the ball. It's a touchback, so the Titans will take over at their own 20.

1:13 PM - Matthews drops the pass on first down.

1:14 PM - Bruce Irvin tips the pass. 

1:14 PM - Third and ten for the Titans. Matthews reels in the catch for a 19-yard gain.

1:15 PM - Murray gets about five on the first down run.

1:16 PM - Second and five. And Murray should have enough to move the ball into Raiders' territory.

1:16 PM - Murray with about a two-yard gain.

1:17 PM - Second and eight. Incomplete pass to Decker.

1:18 PM - Third and eight. Matthews reels in the catch to keep the Titans' drive alive.

1:19 PM - Murray gets maybe one on the run.

1:19 PM - Second and nine. Murray hit after a two-yard run.

1:20 PM - Third and seven. And the rookie Davis hauls it in around the Raiders' 10.

1:21 PM - And Mariota scrambles to put the Titans on the board. The PAT is good. It's a tied game, 7-7, with about seven minutes left in the first quarter.

1:25 PM - Touchback, so the Raiders take over at their own 20.

1:26 PM - Lynch gets three on the first down run.

1:26 PM - Second and 7. Incomplete to Cooper.

1:26 PM - Third and 7. And Cook reels it in for 12.

1:27 PM - Patterson gets about five on a reverse. 

1:28 PM - Second and five. Crabtree with enough to move the chains, but there's a flag down.

1:29 PM - It's offensive holding. The Raiders are penalized ten yeards.

1:30 PM - Second and 15. Looks like Cooper was overshot.

1:30 PM - Third and 15. Crabtree can't reel it in, put flags are down.

1:30 PM - Pass interference against the Titans. That's a 22-yard gain and a new set of downs for the Raiders.

1:31 PM - Lynch gets about three on the run.

1:32 PM - Second and 7. And Crabtree takes it down to the TEN 12. But a flag is down.

1:32 PM - OK, there's no formation penalty after all, so the play stands.

1:33 PM - A 25-yard pick up by Crabtree on that last play. Lynch runs for five yards on first down.

1:35 PM - Third and three from the five. Lynch looks maybe a yard shy.

1:36 PM - Fourth and one. The Raiders are going for it.

1:36 PM - And Oakland calls a timeout.


1:37 PM - It's a first down, the refs conclude after measurements. 

1:38 PM - First and goal for the Raiders. Cooper drops the fade pass.

1:39 PM - Seth Roberts in the slot. The pass to Cooper is broken up in the endzone.

1:40 PM - Third and goal. Off the hands of Cooper again. And that's the end of the first.

1:43 PM - Fourth and goal for the Raiders. Tavecchio is in for the field goal attempt. It's good. Raiders lead it 10-7.

1:45 PM - It's a touchback for Tennessee.

1:46 PM - Murray gets maybe one on the run.

1:47 PM - Second and nine. Henry runs for about four.

1:47 PM - Third and five. And the receiver is dropped about two yards shy of the first down line.

1:48 PM - Titans punt. Richard fumbles the punt but it safely rolls out of bounds.

1:49 PM - Raiders take over around their own 15. Washington gets one on the run.

1:49 PM - Second and 10. And Cooper takes in more than enough to move the sticks.

1:50 PM - Washington rumbles for about three yards.

1:50 PM - Second and 6. And Cook moves the chains with a 7-yard pick up.

1:51 PM - Richard gets two on the run.

1:52 PM - Second and eight. Crabtree with a 17 yard reception.

1:52 PM - Richard gets perhaps two on the run.

1:53 PM - Second and nine. And Carr gets sacked for a five yard loss.

1:54 PM - Third and 13. And Carr gets sacked again.

1:55 PM - King out to punt. And Patterson buries the ball at the TEN 2.

1:58 PM - Henry runs the ball for three.

1:58 PM - Second and 7. Henry with maybe two yards.

1:59 PM - Third and 5.  Matthews picks up 24 yards.

1:59 PM - Henry runs for two.

2:00 PM - Second and eight. Mariota scrambles and makes it all the way up to midfield.

2:01 PM - Overthrown to Walker.

There's only one thing better than Polish sausage ... Italian sausage, obviously.

2:01 PM - Second and 10. Taylor with a four yard reception.

2:02 PM - Third and six. And Walker picks up enough for a new set of downs.

2:03 PM - Davis reels it in at the Raiders 27. And that's the two-minute warning.

2:05 PM - Henry gets about seven or eight on the left side run.

2:07 PM - Second and two. And Davis takes it to the nine yard line.

2:08 PM - Second and goal. Karl Joseph bats away the TD pass in the end zone.

2:09 PM - Third and goal with about a minute left in the half. TJ Carrie bumps Mariota out of bound right at the line of scrimmage.

2:10 PM - The Titans out for a field goal. It's good and we've got a 10-10 tie.

2:13 PM - The Raiders get the ball back with 43 seconds left in the half. The Raiders take over at their own 25.

2:15 PM - Crabtree runs for ten-plus and waltzes out of bounds to save a timeout.

2:16 PM - Raiders at their own 40. Crabtree with an eight yard pick up.

2:17 PM - Second and two at midfield. Washington takes it to the TEN 39 and the Raiders call a timeout.

2:17 PM - Cook downed well short of the first down marker. Two seconds left on the clock.

2:19 PM - Tavecchio out for a 52-yard attempt. 

2:19 PM - AND IT IS RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. The Raiders regain the lead, 13-10, heading into halftime.

2:20 PM - Stats-wise, this is a really close game. Derek Carr is 13 for 18 with 153 yards and one touchdown, while Mariota is 10 for 15 for 116 yards and no passing TDs. The Titans are barely winning the rushing game, having collected 60 yards and one scrambling score to the Raiders scoreless 42 yards on the ground. Marshawn Lynch is our leading rusher at halftime with 29 yards on six carries while our top receiver is Michael Crabtree, who has 65 yards on four catches. 

2:22 PM - The Titans get the ball back when we resume.

2:33 PM - The Titans take the touchback and will start their drive at their own 25.

2:34 PM - Henry runs for about five. 

2:34 PM - Second and five. Walker goes down about a yard shy of the first down marker.

2:35 PM - Third and two. Taylor gets ten on the run.

2:36 PM - Murray with about four on the reception.

2:37 PM - Second and 6. Titans near midfield. And Murray gets dropped by Mack for a two yard loss.

2:37 PM - Third and eight. Mariota can't connect with Matthews on the run. Titans' gotta punt.

2:38 PM - Richard pushed out of bounds around the OAK 18.

2:39 PM - The Raiders get hit with an illegal block in the back call. That backs Oakland up to their own 10.

2:41 PM - Cooper ruled out of bounds on the first down pass.

2:42 PM - Second and 10. Lynch runs for about eight.

2:43 PM - Third and three. The ball's knocked out of Crabtree's hands. Raiders out to punt.

2:44 PM - The return man goes out at the 20 and flags are down.

2:45 PM - Oh shit, it's an illegal block in the back AGAINST Tennessee.

2:47 PM - Mack slams Murray behind the line of scrimmage.

2:48 PM - Second and 11. AND MARIOTA GETS SACKED! It's three and 12 for Tennessee. And 

2:49 PM - Everybody got a hold of 'em on that play. And Decker falls down before he can get to the ball.

2:50 PM - Titans punting. Richard fair catches it at the OAK 47.

2:53 PM - Lynch runs for a two-yard gain.

2:53 PM - Second and 8. Crabtree bobbles it for no gain.

2:53 PM - Third and 8. And Cooper has enough to move the chains.

2:54 PM - And Lynch gets 16 on the run.

2:55 PM - An incompletion to Lynch, who does a barrel roll for some reason after dropping the ball.

2:56 PM - Second and 10. Richard runs for one.

2:56 PM - Third and nine. COOPER REELS IT IN FOR A FIRST DOWN.

2:57 PM - But it's called back by a penalty on Rodney Hudson.

2:57 PM - Third and 18. Carr runs to the TEN 39. Here comes King to punt.

2:58 PM - King gets hit by a Tennessee defender. Flags are down.

2:58 PM - It's a five yard penalty against the Titans. 

2:59 PM - Here comes Tavecchio. It's another 52-yard attempt.

3:00 PM - AND IT'S GOOD AGAIN. The Raider extend their lead to 16-10.

3:03 PM - Tavecchio kicking the ball. The TEN return man bobbles it in the end zone and just takes the touchback.

3:03 PM - Matthews with about five on the reception.

3:04 PM - Second and 4. Murray gets six on the run up the gut.

3:05 PM - Walker reels it in at the OAK 40.

3:05 PM - That was a 23-yard gain. Walker with another catch for about four.

3:06 PM - Looks like Cory James is down for the Raiders.

3:09 PM - Second and 6 for TEN. Murray gets 21 on a huge run to the Raiders' 15.

3:09 PM - ALMOST intercepted by Mack.

3:10 PM - Second and 10. Decker about a yard short of the first down marker.

3:11 PM - Third and 2. And the Raiders CRUSH the ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage.

3:11 PM - Titans out for a field goal. It's good. That makes it a 16-13 game at the end of the third quarter. The Raiders lead by a field goal.

3:15 PM - Patterson bobbles it and takes the touchback. 

3:15 PM - A flag is down against the Titans. That gives the Raiders five extra yards.

3:16 PM - Cook rolls for an 11-yard gain.

3:16 PM - And Lynch churns up the field for almost 15 yards.

3:17 PM - Marshawn with another five yard run.

3:17 PM - Second and 6. The pass is too steep for Cooper.

3:18 PM - Third and six. Richard pulls it down right at the first down line.

3:19 PM - It moves the chains. And Crabtree takes it down to the TEN 19 on a fade.

3:20 PM - TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Seth Roberts with a 19-yard reception! The kick is good and the Raiders lead 23-13.

3:24 PM - And Adoree Jackson takes it out to the TEN 30 on the kickoff.

3:24 PM - He literally jumped over the Raiders' kicker on that one. And Walker pulls it in at midfield.

3:25 PM - Sean Smith drops Walker behind the line.

3:25 PM - Second and 10. Mariota misses his man by a few miles.

3:26 PM - Third and 10. ALMOST picked off by Reggie Nelson. Titans must punt.

3:27 PM - It's a touchback for the Raiders. They'll take over at their own 25.

3:29 PM - Washington swarmed at the line.

3:30 PM - Second and 9. Washington gets about five on the quick throw.

3:30 PM - Third and five. And Cooper damn near takes it to the midfield logo.

Three consecutive trips to Nashville, and three consecutive road wins over the Titans. Can we have these guys on our schedule next year, too?

3:31 PM - Lynch gets one, maybe two yards on the run.

3:32 PM - Second and 9. Lynch runs for about three. 

3:32 PM - Third and six. Carr under pressure and he has to throw it away.

3:33 PM - There's an injured Titan. Can't tell who, though.

3:36 PM - King out to punt. It sails into the end zone for a touchback.

3:36 PM - Murray runs for about seven.

3:37 PM - Second and 3. Walker picks up the reception at the TEN 40.

3:38 PM - The long bomb to Davis is no dice.

3:38 PM - Second and 10. Flag is down. Offsides against Bruce Irvin gives the Titans five free yards.

3:39 PM - Second and 5. Walker picks up enough to move the chains, but Bruce Irvin gets hit for a personal foul.

3:40 PM - The Titans are at the OAK 34. Walker is out of bounds in the end zone.

3:41 PM - Second and 10. Incomplete.

3:41 PM - Third and 10. And Mariota overthrows his receiver.

3:42 PM - Here comes Tennessee's kicker. It's a 52-yard attempt. 

3:43 PM - It's good. Raiders still lead, 23-16.

3:45 PM - And Patterson takes it all the way to the OAK 39.

3:45 PM - Lynch pushes the pile for about four yards.

3:45 PM - Second and 6. Lynch with another three yard run.


3:46 PM - Tennessee calls a timeout.

3:47 PM - Richard runs it up the gut for about nine.

3:48 PM - Second and 1. Lynch picks up the first down and about four extra yards.

3:49 PM - The Titans take another timeout.

3:50 PM - Lynch runs it down the middle for about two.

3:50 PM - Second and 8. Lynch barrels over the defensive line for about six. And that takes us to the two-minute warning.

3:53 PM - Third and 2. Lynch goes backwards on the play.

3:54 PM - Tavecchio out for a 43-yard field goal. The Raiders take a timeout.

3:55 PM - It's RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. That makes it 26-16, Oakland.

3:57 PM - The Titans return man takes a knee in the end zone for a touchback.

3:57 PM - Murray with a 12 yard pick up. 

3:58 PM - An incomplete pass.

3:58 PM - Second and 10. False start against the Titans pushes them back 5.

3:59 PM - Second and 15. Davis about two yards shy of the first down marker.

4:00 PM - Third and 2. Davis takes it to midfield.

4:00 PM - Mariota with an incompletion.

4:00 PM - Matthews takes the ball out of bounds after a 20 yard or so pick up.

4:01 PM - Titans out for a 52-yard field goal. And it goes WIDE RIGHT.

4:02 PM - Derek Carr takes a knee and that is all she wrote from Nashville. Our final score? Raiders 26, Titans 16. 

4:03 PM - Man ... do I love football, with a passion.


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