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LIVE(ish) Play-By-Play From Week 4's Raiders vs. Broncos Game!

This Week's Episode:
"Just Virtue Signal, Baby ..."

By: Jimbo X

It's that time of year again, folks! As is the tradition here at The Internet Is In America, we're going to do our damnedest to give you LIVE play-by-play coverage of every single Oakland Raiders game of the season, including today's road game against Denver. Join us LIVE on Sunday, Oct. 1 for our patented possession-by-possession coverage of week 4's Raiders vs. Broncos game, with the festivities beginning at 4 p.m. eastern time. There'll be updates every commercial break, so be sure to bookmark this shit prior to kickoff. And, as always, do us and yourselves a kindness and let all your fellow Raiders fans know what we're up to by posting links to our coverage on your social media pages. Hey, we're all in this together, remember (#SilverAndBlackLivesMatter) 

12:54 PM - We've got about four hours until kickoff. Of course, the big story heading into this week's game are the rumors (that I may or may not have started myself) that the Raiders' threw last week's game against the Redskins because Derek Carr wouldn't kneel for the national anthem. Obviously, the cohesion of the offensive line is going to be an interesting subplot all game long, so do keep an eye on what develops there. 

12:57 PM - The Raiders top wideout Michael Crabtree is doubtful for today's game. Safety Keith McGill and corner back Gareon Conley are both listed a questionable.

12:58 PM - For the Broncos, wide receiver Cody Latimer is listed as questionable.

12:59 PM - ESPN's Football Power Index gives the Broncos a 57.3 percent chance of winning the game. Vegas has the Broncos listed as a -3.5 favorite, with the over/under set at 44.

1:00 PM - Comparing and contrasting QBs, Derek Carr has 610 yards, six touchdown passes and two INTs three games into the season. Trevor Siemian has 709 yards, six touchdown passes and four interceptions. 

1:01 PM - The Broncos' top rusher is C.J. Anderson, with 235 yards and one score on 53 carries. The Raiders' best back is Marshawn Lynch, who has 139 yards and one TD run on 36 touches. 

1:02 PM - The Raiders are posting 27 points per game, the Broncos 27.3. Oakland is allowing 21 points per game and the Broncos are allowing 21.3. 

1:04 PM - Offensively, the Raiders are averaging 310.3 yards per game - 203.3 passing and 107 rushing. The Broncos are averaging 379.3 yards per game - 236.3 passing and 143 rushing.

1:05 PM - Defensively, the Raiders are allowing an average of 374.7 yards per game - 262.3 passing and 112.3 rushing. The Broncos, conversely, are only allowing an average of 274 yards per game - 214.3 passing and a scant 59.7 passing.

2:30 PM - Heads up: me and the misses are going to pick up some groceries, so I may or may not be back in time for the 4:30 kick. Don't say I didn't give you ample warning time.

4:20 PM - We should be kicking off any minute now. In the downtime, they're showing the final three minutes of the Jets/Jaguars game on CBS. How come I'm just now learning they shortened overtime periods to ten minutes?

4:26 PM - Raiders won the coin toss and elected to defer.

4:26 PM - The Broncos are more than complacent taking the touchback.

4:27 PM - Anderson hit right at the line on the first down run.


4:28 PM - Third and 20 for Denver. And Anderson goes down well short of the first down sticks. Time for the Broncos to punt.

4:29 PM - Richard handling return duties. He goes down at the OAK 38.

4:29 PM - Lynch runs for about a yard.

4:30 PM - Second and eight. Patterson with about a four yard reception.

4:30 PM - Third and three. The pass from Carr is incomplete.

4:31 PM - Raiders have to punt. Here comes Marquette King.

4:31 PM - The ball goes out of bounds within the 20.

4:32 PM - Three receiver set. The back loses one on the aborted run.

4:33 PM - Fowler hauls it in to move the sticks. A 17-yard pick-up.

4:33 PM - The deep shot to Thomas is disrupted by T.J. Carrie.

4:34 PM - Second and 10. Anderson runs for a few yards.

4:35 PM - Third and seven. Siemian is hit as he throws, but Fowler somehow hauls in the catch.

4:35 PM - Denver now at midfield. Derby pulls it down to the OAK 20 on a 29 yard catch and run.

4:36 PM - Great, my fucking WiFi just went down.

4:40 PM - Well, there's a commercial break on CBS. We'll see what happened when the broadcast resumes.

4:41 PM - Looks like the Broncos put seven on the board while my Internet crapped out.

4:41 PM - Raiders have possession again. Holding call against the Raiders. That's a re-do of second down.

4:42 PM - AJ Derby hauled in the last TD catch, by the way. Second and 21 for the Raiders. Patterson picks up five yards on the catch.

4:42 PM - Patterson barely makes it back to the line. Facemask call against the Raiders.

4:43 PM - McKenzie takes the return all the way down to the Raiders' 10, but a flag is down.

4:44 PM - LOL, it's against the Broncos, so the entire run comes back.

4:48 PM - Broncos backed up to their own 10. Thomas with enough to move the sticks.

4:48 PM - Jamal Charles runs it up the gut for 10-plus.

4:49 PM - Sanders with another first down haul.

4:49 PM - Charles takes it to the DEN 39 on a run.

4:50 PM - Fuck, David Amerson is hurt. Second and four. The Raiders literally don't have a secondary for this game.

4:51 PM - Pass interference against Reggie Nelson. That puts the ball in the red zone for Denver.

4:52 PM - Third and goal. False start call against Denver.

4:53 PM - Siemian under pressure, so he just throws that motherfucker away.

4:53 PM - The field goal is good. The Broncos lead 10-0 with less than two minutes left in the first quarter.

4:56 PM - Patterson takes the return up to the OAK 40.

4:57 PM - Incomplete pass to Lynch.

4:58 PM - Raiders looking for their first first down of the game.

4:58 PM - Patterson runs for about a yard. Maybe two.

4:59 PM - Third and eight. The pass to Amari Cooper is broken up.

5:00 PM - Raiders out to punt. The Broncos will take over at their own 4.

5:03 PM - Anderson with maybe a yard on the run.

5:03 PM - Anderson goes down about a yard shy of the first down marker.

5:04 PM - Third and one. Denver converts on a short gain.

5:04 PM - Reggie Nelson bats down the pass.

5:05 PM - Third and five. The receiver drops the pass right at the line. Denver has to punt.

5:06 PM - Richard goes down at the OAK 30.

5:09 PM - Lynch dropped at the line. Again.

5:09 PM - Cook picks up the first down catch. But flags are down. 

5:10 PM - It's against the Broncos. Obviously, the Raiders decline it.

5:11 PM - A 13-yard gain for Cook on that last play. 

5:11 PM - Roberts with a 15-yard catch.

5:11 PM - Washington runs for about four.

5:11 PM - Second and six. The pass is incomplete.

5:12 PM - Third and six. Cook hauls it in. But it looks like he is a yard short.

5:13 PM - Fourth and one. The Raiders are going for it. Lynch doesn't even get close. Denver takes over on downs.

5:16 PM - Charles with a nine-yard run.

5:17 PM - Broncos convert on second down.

5:17 PM - Siemian overthrows everybody on the deep pass.

5:18 PM - Second and 10. The back goes nowhere.

5:18 PM - Third and 10. Anderson goes down about a yard short of the first down marker.

5:19 PM - Broncos going for it on 4th and 2. And the Broncos take the delay of game penalty.

5:20 PM - And the Raiders get the ball back at their own 1.

5:23 PM - Raiders going empty from the one. Lee Smith takes it to the OAK 9.

5:23 PM - Actually, that was enough for a new set of downs. Lynch spins for about four yards, I think.

5:24 PM - Pump fake. Nobody available. That brings up third and six.

5:25 PM - And Richard moves the sticks on a catch and run. That's the Raiders' first third down conversion since week two.

5:26 PM - TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS! Johnny Holton with a 64 yard TD reception!

5:27 PM - The PAT is good. It's now Denver 10, Oakland 7.

5:31 PM - Thomas takes it over the DEN 35. 

5:31 PM - Booker with about a five yard run.

5:32 PM - Second and four. Booker hit right around the first down marker.

5:32 PM - Third and one. Holding call against the Broncos. 

5:35 PM - Third and 11. Charles converts on the run.

5:36 PM - Siemian's pass on the curl route is overthrown.

5:36 PM - Holding call against Denver. That makes it second and 15.

5:37 PM - Siemian throws it away under pressure.

5:38 PM - And Siemian gets SACKED on third and 15.

5:39 PM - Raiders fair catch it at their own 10 with less than a minute left in the half.

5:42 PM - The pass to Cooper is batted away.

5:43 PM - Richard with a decent run. Third and four.

5:43 PM - Timeout is called. Ten seconds left in the second.

5:44 PM - Richard hit behind the line. There is a flag down with four seconds left.

5:45 PM - Holding call against the Raiders. Denver turns it down. 

5:46 PM - Carr throw it out of bounds as the clock expires.

5:46 PM - Our score at halftime is still DEN 10, OAK 7.

5:47 PM - Derek Carr has complete nine out of 16 passes for 142 yards and one TD. Trevor Siemian has thrown one TD pass and amassed 148 yards, but you might as well scale that back to 134 once factoring in the two times he got sacked.

5:48 PM - Denver has 71 rushing yards while the Raiders only have 23. The top rusher thus far is Jamaal Charles, with 31 yards on three carries.

5:49 PM - And the game's top receiver thus far? Of all people, Oakland's Johnny Holton, who has one catch on the day - a 64-yard touchdown haul. 

6:00 PM - Touchback for the Raiders as the third quarter begins.

6:00 PM - Roberts with about five yards and a catch and run. Flags down. It's against the Raiders.

6:01 PM - Ineligible receiver downfield makes it first and 15.

6:01 PM - Cook can't reel it in. Second and 15.

6:02 PM - Lynch gets one yard.

6:04 PM - Third and 14. Cooper gets one yard on the catch.

6:05 PM - Broncos take over at their own 27.

6:08 PM - Anderson takes it to the 36.

6:08 PM - Anderson with a huge run. A 40-yard scamper.

6:09 PM - Denver calls a timeout.

6:10 PM - MACK SACKS SIEMIAN! That's the third for the Raiders this afternoon. 

6:10 PM - Anderson with a five yard run.

6:11 PM - Third and seven. And the back goes down two yards short of the sticks.

6:12 PM - The 36-yard field goal is good. Denver makes it 13-10, Broncos.

6:15 PM - Patterson goes down around the 20.

6:15 PM - Lynch with a three yard run.

6:16 PM - Lynch dropped behind the line.

6:17 PM - Third and 11. Raiders call a timeout.

6:18 PM - And Carr gets sacked.

6:19 PM - King with a terrible punt. The return man takes it 29 yards, well into Raiders' territory.

6:20 PM - Anderson runs it up for the gut for about 11 yards.

6:20 PM - Anderson stuffed behind the line.

6:21 PM - Menelik Watson is down.


6:26 PM - The fumble is being reviewed.

6:26 PM - The call is overturned. 

6:27 PM - The back gets hit at the line. Fourth down coming up.

6:28 PM - The field goal is good. That makes it 16-7, Denver.

6:31 PM - Raiders take over at their own 33. Carr gets sacked, and he's not moving.

6:32 PM - Looks like he get kneed in the back by a Denver defender. 

6:33 PM - He's walking off the field. He may have had a stinger. 

6:33 PM - EJ Manuel comes in. Now the entire offense is black. 

6:33 PM - Second and 14. Lee Smith gets about four on the catch.

6:34 PM - Third and 10. Delay of game against the Raiders. Carr has gone inside the portable tent on the sideline.

6:35 PM - Third and 15. Patterson with maybe three yards on the catch. 

6:35 PM - Marquette King on a trick play run for negative yardage. Flags are down. 

6:36 PM - And then he gets hit by a taunting penalty. Yes, that's a 15-yard penalty. This team is imploding before our very eyes.

6:37 PM - Second and 11 at the OAK 20 for the Broncos.

6:38 PM - Carr is leaving the game, it appears.

6:38 PM - Sanders takes it to the Oakland 4.

6:39 PM - Sanders recovers a bobbled pass. Denver has a second and goal.

6:40 PM - The fourth is starting. The end zone shot is incomplete.

6:43 PM - Anderson stopped right around the line of scrimmage. Denver's field goal unit is out.

6:44 PM - Huh. The field goal is no good. What are the odds.

6:45 PM - Lynch goes nowhere on the first down run.

6:45 PM - Roberts with about five, I think.

6:46 PM - Third and four. Th Raiders call a timeout.

6:47 PM - Of course Manuel was going to get sacked. You just knew he was.

6:48 PM - Denver's return man goes down at the Broncos' 33.

6:51 PM - The Raiders have minus six yards of offense in this half.

6:51 PM - Second and 10. Anderson runs for four.

6:52 PM - Third and six. Derby hauls it in at midfield.

6:52 PM - Anderson with a one-yard run.

6:53 PM - Anderson hit for a loss.

6:54 PM - Third and 11. Derby is a yard short of converting.

6:55 PM - The Broncos are going for it on fourth and one. A penalty makes it fourth and six, so the Broncos punt.

6:56 PM - The Raiders will take over at their own 5.

6:59 PM - Patterson with enough to move the chains. Eight minutes left in the fourth.

6:59 PM - Cook with a huge gain - he takes it up to the OAK 47.

7:00 PM - Roberts with another first down pick up for the Raiders. A 22-yard gain.

7:00 PM - Cooper with about eight on the catch.

7:01 PM - Second and 2. And Patterson has enough to move the chains.

7:02 PM - Incomplete to Cook in the end zone.

7:02 PM - Second and 10. Cooper drops it - his seventh of the season. Yep, that's the League's worst record.

7:03 PM - Third and 10. And the Raiders use their last timeout.

7:05 PM - Incomplete to Cook in the end zone. 

7:05 PM - Tavecchio's field goal is good. That makes it 16-10, Denver.

7:07 PM - The Denver return man goes down at the 14. 

7:09 PM - The pass to Sanders is no good.

7:09 PM - Anderson with two on the run.

7:10 PM - The receiver is down three yards short. The Raiders turn down the holding call against the Broncos. Denver's gotta' punt.

7:11 PM - The Denver punt goes out around their own 42.

7:12 PM - Olawale runs for about four yards.

7:13 PM - Roberts hauls in the catch and gets the first down.

7:13 PM - The pass to Cook is no good.

7:14 PM - Olawale looks close to getting the first down.

7:15 PM - Third and one. And Olawale converts.

7:15 PM - And that's our two-minute warning.

7:18 PM - Flags are down. False start against the Raiders, so that costs them five yards.

7:19 PM - Almost picked off.

7:20 PM - Second and 15. And the Broncos reel in the interception.

7:22 PM - And the Broncos are just going to run out the clock. Our final score from Denver? Broncos 16, Raiders 10.

7:23 PM - Fuck football, fuck the Raiders and fuck me for wasting so much of my fucking life investing so much time and energy into this bullshit.

7:24 PM - I fucking hate football, with a fucking goddamn passion.


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