Sunday, October 8, 2017

LIVE(ish) Play-By-Play From Week 5's Raiders vs. Ravens Game!

This Week's Episode:
"Carr's in the shop ... can you operate a Manuel?"

By: Jimbo X

It's that time of year again, folks! As is the tradition here at The Internet Is In America, we're going to do our damnedest to give you LIVE play-by-play coverage of every single Oakland Raiders game of the season, including today's home stand against Baltimore. Join us LIVE on Sunday, Oct. 8 for our patented possession-by-possession coverage of week 5's Raiders vs. Ravens game, with the festivities beginning at 4 p.m. eastern time. There'll be updates every commercial break, so be sure to bookmark this shit prior to kickoff. And, as always, do us and yourselves a kindness and let all your fellow Raiders fans know what we're up to by posting links to our coverage on your social media pages. Hey, we're all in this together, remember (#SilverAndBlackLivesMatter) 

12:04 PM - We're about five hours away from kickoff. Both the Raiders and Ravens started the season 2-0, but have each dropped their last two games to fall back to .500 records.

12:05 PM - The starting QB for Oakland will be E.J. Manuel, filling in for Derek Carr (who, believe it or not, is only listed as questionable for this afternoon's contest.)

12:06 PM - Let's run down the injury report for the Raiders. Cornerbacks David Amerson and Gareon Conley are both listed as questionable, as is running back DeAndre Washington.

12:08 PM - And for the Ravens, tight end Benjamin Watson, cornerback Anthony Levine and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin are all listed as questionable. Cornerback Jaylen Hill is listed as doubtful, and defensive tackle Brandon Williams is a known scratch.

12:09 PM - Vegas has the Raiders listed as a three point favorite, with the over/under set at 40.5. ESPN's Football Power Index gives the Raiders a 72.9 percent chance to win the game.

12:11 PM - The Ravens are posting 15 points per game and allowing 20 points a contest. The Raiders are posting 22.8 points per game and allowing 19.8.

12:12 PM - The Raiders are averaging 301 yards per game (214.8 passing, 86.3 rushing) while the Ravens are averaging 296.5 yards per game (159.3 passing, 127.3 rushing.)

12:14 PM - And defensively? The Raiders are allowing 361.5 yards per game (241.5 passing, 120 rushing) and the Ravens are allowing 359.8 yards per game (232.5 passing, 1273 rushing.)

4:05 PM - The Ravens get the ball to begin. Baltimore begins their first possession at their own 25.

4:07 PM - Wallace takes it down to the OAK 25 on the very first pass.

4:07 PM - Reggie Nelson got torched on that 52-yard pass. West runs for about five.

4:08 PM - Second and six. West runs it down to the OAK 6.

4:08 PM- West is up limping, though. OK, now he's down on the grass.

4:12 PM - West is being carted off the field. Allen runs it down to the OAK 2. 

4:12 PM - And Vince Mayle runs it in for a touchdown. 

4:13 PM - Justin Tucker out for the PAT. It's good. Baltimore takes the early lead, 7-0.

4:15 PM - Patterson runs it up to about the OAK 32.

4:15 PM - Quick pass to Crabtree for maybe a three yard gain.

4:16 PM - Second and 7. And Lynch runs enough to probably get the first down.

4:16 PM - Jared Cook fumbles the ball, Jimmy Smith recovers and that's an easy six on the board for the Ravens.

4:17 PM - The PAT is good. It's 14-0, Baltimore.

4:21 PM - Patterson takes a knee in the end zone. The Raiders will take over at their own 25.

4:21 PM - Lynch runs for about nine. Then Richard runs to about midfield.

4:22 PM - Lynch runs for about four to put the Raiders in BAL territory for the first time today.

4:23 PM - Richard stopped at the BAL 44.

4:25 PM - Third and three. Cook hauls it in to move the sticks.

4:26 PM - Richard runs to the BAL 34.

4:26 PM - Second and 4. Looks like Richard has enough to earn a new set of downs. 

4:27 PM - Crabtree takes it down to the BAL 13.

4:27 PM - Lynch gets hit behind the line.

4:28 PM - Second and 12. Incomplete to Cook in the end zone.

4:29 PM - Manuel overthrows Cooper. Here comes the field goal unit.

4:30 PM - The Raiders call a timeout. Clearly, they're thinking about going for it here.

4:31 PM - Never mind, they're going for the field goal. The Italian is good. It's 14-3, Baltimore.

4:33 PM - The kick sails out of the end zone. The Ravens take over at their own 25.

4:34 PM - Collins runs for about five.

4:35 PM - Collins runs up to midfield and the second and four. 

4:35 PM - Allen gets hit behind the line for a loss of a yard or two.

4:36 PM - Second and 11. Jeremy Maclin makes the diving catch at the OAK 32.

4:37 PM - Allen falls down at the line.

4:37 PM - Second and nine. Allen runs to about the OAK 27.

4:38 PM - Third and five. And Maclin catches the pass as Flacco throws while being hit.

4:39 PM - Allen gets about three on the run.

4:39 PM - Second and 7. Allen gets perhaps two on the play. And that's the end of the first quarter, kids.

4:42 PM - Looks like Allen is about a yard short of moving the sticks.

4:43 PM - Yep, it's a first down. Boyle takes it to the OAK 2.

4:43 PM - Second and 1. The pass is incomplete.

4:44 PM - Allen is stopped just inches from the end zone.

4:45 PM - Allen is short of the goal line again. That brings up second down.

4:46 PM - Second and goal. And Allen plunges into the end zone.

4:46 PM - Tucker's kick is good. That makes it 21-3, Baltimore.

4:55 PM - TOUCHDOWN MICHAEL CRABTREE! That was about a 50-yard pass from EJ Manuel.

4:56 PM - The PAT is good. That makes it 21-10, Baltimore.

4:58 PM - Baltimore at their own 25. Maclin takes it to the BAL 32.

4:59 PM - Collins runs for the first down.

5:00 PM - Collins picks up a yard or two.

5:01 PM - Second and nine. And Wallace catches the deep pass and goes down around the OAK 10.

5:01 PM - Second and goal. Watson is hit right at the line.

5:02 PM - Watson can't reel it in in the end zone. And here's an offsides call against Khalil Mack.

5:03 PM - Third and goal. It's incomplete to Watson again.

5:06 PM - Ravens kick a field goal. That makes it 24-10, Baltimore.

5:06 PM - The kick sails out of the end zone, so the Raiders will take over at their own 25.

5:07 PM - Lynch runs for about two. Flags are everywhere.

5:08 PM - It's holding against the Raiders. Time to move ten yards back.

5:08 PM - First and 20. Lynch takes it up to the OAK 25.

5:09 PM - Second and 10. Richard hit right at the line.

5:09 PM - Third and nine. And Manuel gets sacked.

5:10 PM - Raiders punt. The Ravens fair catch it at their own 36.

5:13 PM - Allen runs for four. Maybe five.

5:14 PM - Second and seven. And there's the two-minute warning.

5:16 PM - Allen takes it to the BAL 44.

5:17 PM - Third and three. Maclin hauls it in to move the sticks.

5:18 PM - Alex Collins runs for about 10 yards. But flags are down.

5:18 PM - The deep pass is incomplete.

5:20 PM - Second and 15, at midfield. That's another incompletion.

5:21 PM - The pass is good, but the Ravens are well short of moving the chains.

5:22 PM - The Ravens punt. It goes out of bounds at the OAK 5 with about 28 seconds left in the half.

5:23 PM - Olawale runs for about three yards. And that brings us to the half.

I miss you already, D.C.

5:24 PM - It's still 24-10, Baltimore. Joe Flacco has 164 yards passing, while EJ only has 88 (despite having a passing TD, something Joe doesn't.)

5:25 PM - The Ravens have a slight edge in the rushing stats, having collected 77 yards on the ground compared to Oakland's 66. Of course, the difference is Baltimore got two touchdowns off those 77 yards - the Raiders haven't gotten diddly. 

5:26 PM - Needless to say, the Raiders are getting their asses kicked, and there's so much wrong going on I don't have enough time to list everything. On the plus side, though, the Raiders do get the ball back to start the second half. Now, if only they could get some shit rolling, though ...

5:39 PM - Raiders begin at their own 25. The pass to Roberts is broken up.

5:40 PM - Lynch dropped behind the line.

5:40 PM - Third and 11. Manuel throws it away on the move. And here come the boo birds.

5:41 PM - The Ravens' return man goes out at the BAL 40.

5:41 PM - The back gets dropped for about a three yard loss.

5:42 PM - And Maclin gets dropped for another loss.

5:43 PM - Third and 16. Collins runs for about six yards. Baltimore's gotta' punt.

5:47 PM - Lynch with a five yard run.

5:47 PM - Second and 6. Lynch hit at the line for no gain.

5:48 PM - Third and 6. And there goes the WiFi connect. Just dandy.

5:51 PM - Well, the Ravens have the ball back so I guess it's safe to assume the Raiders didn't do Jack Shit on third down.

5:52 PM - One of the Ravens is down. It's lineman Matt Skura.

5:53 PM - Flacco's pass is incomplete.

5:53 PM - Third and 10. The receiver is about eight yards short. Time to punt.

5:54 PM - Richard goes down around the OAK 35.

5:58 PM - Incomplete on a deep shot to Crabtree.

5:59 PM - Richard with a five yard run.

5:59 PM - Third and five. Roberts reels it in and rumbles down the sideline to the BAL 35.

5:59 PM - Now Baltimore is challenging the spot where Roberts stepped out of bounds.

6:00 PM - Well, the ball is only moved back four yards.

6:02 PM - Manuel scrambles and slides for about five.

6:03 PM - Crabtree catches it at the OAK 25.

6:04 PM - Incomplete to Cook on the long pass.

6:04 PM - Second and ten. Richard runs for about four.

6:05 PM - Third and seven. Crabtree looks like he has enough for a first down.

6:06 PM - Third and nine. And Manuel runs to get a new set of downs.

6:07 PM - TOUCHDOWN MARSHAWN LYNCH! A four or five yard run into the end zone!

6:08 PM - The PAT is good. That makes it 24-17, Baltimore.

6:12 PM - Ravens get it at their own 25. Baltimore takes a timeout.

6:12 PM - Allen goes down after an eight yard pick up.

6:13 PM - Second and two. Allen hit behind the line for a loss of several yards.

6:14 PM - Mack back on the field. Third and three. And the receiver hauls in the pass at the BAL 45.

6:15 PM - At least Flacco got waylaid by Mario Edwards, Jr. on the pass, though.

6:15 PM - Second and eight. The shot down the middle is incomplete.

6:16 PM - Third and eight. Looks like the Ravens are at the OAK 20. Don't know what happened because my WiFi is shit today.

6:17 PM - Second and three. That's the end of the third. Allen takes it to the OAK 10.

6:21 PM - Marquel Lee is down for the Raiders.

6:24 PM - Allen takes it down to the OAK 5.

6:24 PM - Allen takes it to the OAK 3.

6:25 PM - Flacco's pass is incomplete.

6:25 PM - The field goal is good. That makes it 27-17, Baltimore.

6:26 PM - Manuel sacked on first down.

6:28 PM - Cooper with an eight yard gain.

6:29 PM - Third and eight. Roberts gets enough to move the sticks.

6:29 PM - Lynch with about a nine yard run.

6:30 PM - Lynch gets enough to convert on second and one.

6:30 PM - Richard hit at the line.

Yeah, I'm wondering what happened to the team's rush defense, too, Derek.

6:31 PM - Crabtree with a diving catch at the BAL 45.

6:32 PM - Third and three coming up. Cook can't hold on to it.

6:33 PM - Here comes the punting unit. King makes it a touchback. The Ravens get it back at their own 25.

6:36 PM - Third and four. Maclin has enough for a new set of downs.

6:38 PM - Allen with enough for another Baltimore first down.

6:39 PM - Second and six. Collins runs down to the OAK 45. 

6:41 PM - Second and six again. And Allen gets ANOTHER first down.

6:42 PM - Raiders call a timeout with less than three minutes left in the game.

6:45 PM - Second and nine. Just three yards on the run.

6:45 PM - Raiders use their final timeout.

6:46 PM - Ravens go for a field goal. It's good. That makes it 30-17, Ravens.

6:48 PM - 2:24 left in the fourth. Raiders take over at their own 25.

6:49 PM - The pass to Richard is no good.

6:49 PM - Another third and ten. The pass to Roberts is good, but there's a flag against the Raiders. Time to scoot back ten yards.

6:51 PM - Third and 20. Seth Roberts gets waylaid on the incomplete pass.

6:52 PM - Fourth and 20. 2:05 left. Manuel tosses it away on a blitz. There's the two minute warning and we've got a turnover on downs.

6:56 PM - The Ravens are just going to run out the clock.

6:57 PM - Our final from Oakland? Ravens 30, Raiders 17. 

6:57 PM - All I can say is ... I hate football, with a passion.


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