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This Week In Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Nov. 6, 2017 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X

Virtually every man in the world now accused of being a sexual harasser, molester or rapist ... but why now?

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein brouhaha, the veritable floodgates have opened, with scores of alleged victims of sexual harassment and abuse - in some cases, dating back decades ago - coming forward to let the masses know they ain't gonna' let their abusers, oppressors and victimizers get away with it no more.

More than three hundred women have come out of the woodwork to accuse Hollywood writer and director James Toback of sexual maltreatment, including such A-listers as Julianne Moore, Rachel McAdams and Selma Blair.

Model Natasha Prince has now accused magician David Blaine of raping her in 2004.

Ditto for Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez, who has been accused of rape by Jack Off Jill frontwoman Jessicka Addams multiple times throughout the 1990s.

Dozens of accusers have come to light accusing Mark Halperin of rampant sexual misconduct (which includes numerous reports of him grinding his boner on colleagues) in the news room, with several stating ABC execs looked the other way because he was in tight with the Clintons and Al Gore.

Meanwhile, former President George H.W. Bush has been accused of pinching women's asses, Cosmos star Neil DeGrasse-Tyson has been accused of raping a former classmatethe director of the award-winning Holocaust documentary Shoah has been accused of sexually assaulting a reporter, Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old more than 30 years ago, six actresses including Olivia Munn have accused Brett Ratner of a litany of sexual abuse allegations (with Natasha Henstridge claiming he orally raped her) and Roman Polanski has been accused of sexually assaulting another 10-year-old girl in 1975. Indeed, every day it seems like a new heavy hitter in Hollywood or the media/entertainment complex is being decried as a rapist, sexual harasser or sexual abuser. Hell, I just did a Google check five minutes ago and now Nickelodeon producer Chris Savino has been fired after a dozen women accused him of making unwelcome sexual advances towards them and threatening to take "actions" after breaking up with them.

But the explosion in sexual harassment allegations isn't just limited to to film, television and music. It's also happening en masse in Silicon Valley, as evident by the recent ousters of Robert Scoble and NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka for alleged - yet still unverified - sexual harassment of the womensfolk.

Naturally, the deluge of sexual abuse and maltreatment accusations has been cast into something of a proxy women's empowerment movement, complete with its own Twitter-ready hashtag, #MeToo, which, among other triumphs of the Internet age, has tried to pin the blame for the rash of harassment allegations on a caustic "rape culture" perpetrated by ... Pepe Le Pew.

Of course, it would be downright uncouth of us to even DARE ponder whether or not most of these allegations have any merit, or mull the possibility that some accusers are lying through their teeth just so they can get free money and, even better, free publicity. Indeed, the whole HarveyGate flap has given Rose McGowan the biggest bump of her professional career, to the point the former Charmed actress (who was once lambasted by the media for saying gay men were far more misogynistic than straight men) is now being asked to give the opening remarks at massive women's conferences. Then again, one might wonder just how averse to sexual abuse McGowan really is, seeing as how she had no qualms about working with a CONVICTED child molester for a 2011 movie, but again - it's just plain wrong of us to even question her motives in this trying time of her's.

But it is interesting how the whole "sexual harasser" purge has largely steered clear of a.) perpetrators of the non-white male persuasion and b.) individuals either accused of or charged with sexual assault of young men. Indeed, the media armada will shit multiple bricks of fluctuating size and consistency when Adam Sandler touches an interviewee's knees one time too many, but they won't even bring up Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan being accused of rape in France, nor will they make a fuss about Vungle CEO Zain Jaffer being arrested for committing a lewd act on his own three-year-old child. Hell, for that matter, the mainstream media was more concerned about celebrating Kevin Spacey coming out of the closet than the fact what forced him out was allegations that he tried to bed a 14-year-old boy in 1986. Of course, the mainstream media has been hyper-vigilant to make sure its readers don't draw their own conclusions and conflate Kevin Spacey's gayness with his apparent pedophilia, although some highly problematic studies suggest that homosexuals may be 40 times likelier to sexually abuse children, but hey - that's totally irrelevant to the discussion, don't ya' know.

And is it or is it not just a little peculiar how the media writes off Corey Feldman's long-standing accusations of homosexual child abuse in Hollywood as a desperate attempt to cash in on a flimsy victimization narrative, yet play public relations guardians for women citing sexual harassment against large tech firms without nary a shred of evidence? And along those lines, surely, it's not stepping outside the boundaries of good taste to wonder if the media-entertainment-complex's perpetuation of a patriarchal rape culture is just a little iffy considering the fact more men are raped in the U.S. than women and that the bulk of children violated in the juvenile justice and public education systems of the country are male, is it?

Maybe it's just a convenient distraction for the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, what, with all of that news coming out about the Clinton campaign footing the bill for fabricated dossiers claiming Donald Trump pissed all over a Russian hotel room, or newfound knowledge of the Clintons getting a mighty fine kickback on a uranium deal with the Ruskies in 2010, or even Russia Today dropping irrefutable evidence that Twitter tried to get them to buy higher placement for their election coverage on the social media platform. But to truly understand the root cause of any overnight social movement, you've got to start and end with the money trail.

Gloria Allred has already declared what she wants the endgame of HarveyGate to be - effectively, for the company Weinstein created to forfeit all of its assets into a giant "victim's fund," which would purportedly dole out reparations to those who say the Hollywood magnate touched them or said gross things to them. Interestingly enough - and oddly unobserved by the monoliths of the mainstream media - one of Weinstein's own attorneys just so happens to be Lisa Bloom, who, wouldn't you goddamn know it, is Allred's daughter

Either way, those two broads are going to be making a LOT of bank off the victimization - be it perceived or fabricated - of scores and scores of women in the media and entertainment industries. In that, instead of building one's own megalithic, billion-dollar mass culture machine, maybe it would be easier to simply shame, scare and maybe even coerce the funding out of some non-consensual angel investors - and boy howdy, has history proven unfounded rape accusations to be a damned effective way of accelerating both gender parity and one's own bank account

And if you think these people are above turning pussy-grabbing into a power grab for their own selfish, economic interests - well, clearly you haven't been doing your homework.

Islamic comic book writer accuses Corn Pops of promoting racism

For those of you who think America hasn't made rapid progress when it comes to civil rights, chew on this: just 50 years ago, black dudes were getting blasted in the face with water hoses and having German Shepherds bite their ball sacks just because they wanted better seats on public buses, and today, our society is so devoid of actual displays of alleged institutional prejudice that people have to literally look at the back of cereal boxes to find even the teeniest, tiniest vestiges of cultural-endorsed "racism." Or at least that's what Marvel comics cartoon writer Saladin Ahmed - as apparent by the name, a devout Jehovah's Witness - got out of it the last time he flipped over a box of Corn Pops. The acclaimed scribe behind such funny books classics as, uh, the Black Bolt series he started a couple of months back, took to Twitter to air his grievances with Kellogg's over the depiction of a slightly darker than normal Corn Pop with anthropomorphic human features serving as the custodian on the children's cereal packaging. "Why is literally the only brown Corn Pop on the whole box the janitor?" an incensed Ahmed posted online. "This is teaching kids racism." Of course, Ahmed never elucidated on why he thought the depiction of a non-yellow Corn Pop doing essential environmental services would be enough to get eight-year-olds to join the Klan, nor did the writer address his rather classist notion that being a janitor is something that children ought to look down on by default. Regardless, the tweet generated mass coverage on late night talk shows, and eventually Kellogg's (interesting enough, one of the heaviest financiers of hyper-liberal, open-border activist fronts in the U.S., having donated $2.4 million to La Raza and nearly $1 million to Black Lives Matter groups in 2015 alone) did issue a formal apology and a promise to redesign the packaging. And considering the big brouhaha this little trifle caused, I suppose it's pretty much a given we won't be seeing Cocoa Krispies making a comeback any time soon ...

Hey, remember when all those TRANSPHOBES said they were afraid of letting transwomen in the little girls' room because they were IRRATIONALLY and PREJUDICIALLY afraid they would rape children? Yeah, about that ...

You might recall about a year and a half back all of the rabble-rousin' that went on surrounding Target's decision to allow its transgendered customers/loiterers to use whichever bathroom they wanted. And if you can remember what life was like pre-Donald Trump's presidency, you might also recall the brouhaha that emerged from North Carolina's proposed legislation that would've "forced" people to use public restrooms that correlate to the genders affixed to their birth certificates. Naturally, those opposed to allowing transwomen into regular old women's bathrooms loudly and proudly sounded the exact same concern - that being that sexual predators would take advantage of the more trans-accommodating pisser and shitter policies to sexual assault women and children to their heart's desire. Naturally, those in favor of allowing transpeople to use whichever bathroom they wanted declared such a worldview to be, among other things, "hysterical," "unrealistic" and, of course, "prejudicial," since such a perspective paints transwomen, quite unjustly, as sexual predators and degenerates. Well, it only took about 18 or so months, but what all those paranoid homo-haters feared has become reality in Montana, where transwoman Miguel "Michelle" Martinez - whose age, for whatever reason, hasn't been released in any news articles I've found about the regrettable incident - has been found guilty of one count each of first degree and second degree sexual abuse of a 10-year old child. Let's let The Billings Gazette give it to us straight, why don't we?
"The 10-year-old's mother reported to Casper police in March that her daughter said Martinez sexually assaulted her in a bathroom.
The girl told police that Martinez, who is a family friend, invited her into the bathroom, touched her breasts and genitalia before penetrating her. Nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl's genitalia."

Of course, since the incident took place in a private residence instead of a toilet at Kroger or McDonald's, the fine, outstanding folks at Snopes can technically claim this one as only a half-defeat. Although their umber at local media refusing to call the convicted rapist of a ten-year-old by his fake woman name does seem suspiciously more pronounced than their outrage over a transwoman raping a second grader in the first place. Mighty suspicious, indeed ...

Gay, black and HIV-positive public school employee in Maryland charged with sexually abusing more than 40 students

You know, for as much shit as the Catholic Church gets, it's kid diddling reputation PALES in comparison to the suspiciously under-reported amount of child sexual abuse that goes on in the United States' public school systems. Indeed, one 2002 report found that a child was 100 times more likely to be sexually mistreated by a public school employee than a member of the clergy, but for whatever reason, the mainstream media just ain't buying into the notion that their taxpayer-subsidized havens of liberal indoctrination are practically pedophile factories. Well, enter 32-year-old Carlos Deangelo Bell, a Maryland middle school aide and track coach, who has just been charged with 206 counts of child sexual abuse on at least 42 victims known to authorities. According to The Washington Post, the onslaught of man-on-boy sexual assaults stretched from May 2015 to June 2017, with the age range of the victims dipping as low as 11. Oh, and one more thing - Bell is HIV-positive, and may have been intentionally trying to infect as many young victims as he could. Of course, we shouldn't let this one little trifle goad us into thinking that all gay black pedophiles seeking to infect children with a lethal, incurable virus are bad people. After all, as our fine media would tell you themselves, the real tragedy isn't nearly 50 children getting sexually tortured by an African-American homo hell-bent on giving them a viral death sentence, but the wrongheaded homophobia it may engender.

Black media quickly dismisses 55 percent of American white people reporting discrimination by immediately discriminating against white people

Seriously, what persecution?
Recently, the three-headed Democratic Party Wehrmacht that is National Public Radio (whose chief editor, deliciously enough, recently resigned amidst sexual harassment allegations), Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report that found about 55 percent of Caucasian Americans generally believe that white people, on the basis of their skin tone alone, face some kind of public and/or private discrimination in modern America. Now, such would be readily apparent to anybody who simply types in the hashtag #whitepeople on Twitter, but even the supposedly objective researchers who conducted and paid for the study were quick to air their suspicions about the survey results. An NPR write-up quotes Betty Holton, a retired English teacher from Maryland, who says "I don't see how we can be discriminated against when have all the power ... look at government on every level. Look at the leadership in corporations. Look. Look anywhere." Of course, if Miss Holton actually did look at the composition of the nation's governmental and business elites, she might be a bit miffed to see that the most over-represented ethnic groups in federal decision-making and international commerce are actually Jewish and Asian, with no less than 14 different non-white ethnic groups all raking in higher household income averages than the aggregate white family, but ... asides. Not that it's in any way, shape or form shocking, but our fine melanated brethren over at The Root were positively gobsmacked by the assertions that white people feel as if affirmative action policies, diversity quotas and the general prevailing cultural notion that they're responsible for every bad thing that's every happened in history have hurt them, economically and socially. In an opinion article masquerading as objective coverage of the study, authoress Monique Judge stated the following:
"Mediocre white men rule the world. The greatest example of this is the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Having said that, I feel as if using him as the example is an insult to mediocre white men everywhere. Alas, it’s a truth and a reality we have to face, right along with the reality of white privilege and white supremacy. Even with all of those things being real, however, there are white people who believe that they face discrimination and people who believe that the focus on diversity overlooks white men ... Even with all these facts, there will be white people who say that the fears expressed in these surveys are true. Trump ran a campaign that played on fears such as these, and he doubles down on the idiocy every single day. Much like his relationship with the truth, these fears are founded in propaganda and lies. So while white people may be feeling extremely put upon, they need not worry; the deck is still stacked unevenly in their favor, and white men still run practically everything.Except The Root. Thank goodness for small miracles."

Of course, Judge seems to be a little bit oblivious to the reality that her descriptor "mediocre white men" and immediate dismissal of the grievances of others based on measurably untrue socioeconomic stereotypes and the mere basis of their skin tone kinda' exemplifies everything the whites SAY in the study about being discriminated against. The same publication issued yet another tirade against the survey results, this one penned by a columnist named Damon Young, whose clunky title for the meandering screed is the clearly not at all prejudicial "55 Percent of White Americans Believe Whites Face Racial Discrimination, Which Means 55 Percent of White Americans Are Really Stupid!" of which the final paragraph is printed below:

Of course, using the term "really stupid" to describe half the white population isn't a form of discrimination, though. And I take it we should all assume Young's inability to logically or mathematically describe why his opinion is correct isn't a sign or symptom of his own stupidity and dogged prejudice, because as we all know, only Caucasians in this day and age can be low-intelligence miscreants and/or vehement ethnocentrists

I mean, do white people really experience prejudice and wide-scale social derision every day? I mean, just one example would be helpful.

Or maybe two. Possibly three. But certainly no more than four or five. Possibly six. Seven tops, though.

Pro-Democrat attack ad suggests if Republican candidate is elected, Confederate flag-displaying trucks will run over minority children with impunity

Well, if you didn't have enough proof that the redneck racist Republican archetype was officially the great mass paranoia boogeyman of our day, then the latest anti-conservative attack ad from the not at all ethnocentric Latino Victory Fund organization ought to change your tune. In the minute-long TV spot, a white man in a black pick-up truck - sporting a rebel flag, a Gasden flag front plate and a pro-Ed Gillespie campaign sticker - is shown stalking a gaggle of black, Hispanic and Muslim children, all of whom are about to get creamed before another Hispanic child awakens from his post-Trump nightmare, which naturally, concludes with his concerned parents watching stock footage from the Charlottesville Unite the Right march as the narrator implies both Donald Trump and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Gillespie are white supremacist sympathizers who more than likely would love to run over ethnic children themselves. Alas, the hysterical, delusional and downright paraphreniac spot was not long for this world. Just hours after the ad dropped - warning Virginia voters of evil, racist white men's desires to commit vehicular genocide against elementary schoolers of color - an ACTUAL person of color plowed a Home Depot truck through a crowd in New York, murdering eight people in the process ... of whom five, irony of ironies, happened to be Hispanic. Begrudgingly, LVF pulled the ad from circulation shortly thereafter - no word on whether or not their next campaign spot will feature a crude characterization of a Muslim extremist trying to Carmaggedon an entire village of non-white kids, though.

The hottest new judicial trend? Letting minority immigrants who commit crimes completely off the hook because of 'cultural differences'

One of the greatest intellectual blind spots of our age is the 100 percent unquestionable reality that the pursuit of equality and diversity could be (and has been) just as destructive as a social policy guideline as the pursuit of segregation and cultural isolation. Indeed, considering the rather regrettable demographical backgrounds of the United States' incarcerated population (where the fact that roughly 4 percent of the entire population commits approximately half of all violent crimes in the country is quickly discarded in favor of a far more palatable "our justice system is just plain racist" canard), it's pretty obvious that perhaps the greatest barrier to liberals' social justice utopia is ... well, actual justice. Thankfully, we've got some outstanding judges out there who are doing their part to make America a more tolerant and inclusive society - if not one more than happy to overlook serious criminal misdoings if it means, by hook or by crook, maintaining a more ethnoculturally diverse socioeconomic system.

For example, Judge Kimberly Chabo in New Hampshire recently shut down efforts to reinstate a domestic-violence prosecution against a Congolese refugee - in the process, dismissing five violent counts, including one count of sexual assault - based on her reasoning that the defendant was too "culturally incompetent to stand trial." This, despite the fact the defendant took classes that explicitly outlined what constitutes domestic violence in the U.S. as part of his resettlement program.

And oddly enough, that ISN'T the only recent example of New Hampshire trying to get a refugee cleared of violent criminal charges due to cultural differences, either. Attorney Anthony Naro tried to get defendant Mohammod Rafique off the hook in late October by arguing that the Burmese refugee was incompetent to stand trial due to "communication barriers." By the way, the 27-year-old is only charged with minor criminal transgressions - you know, no biggies,  just sexually assaulting four underage girls at a sleepover, including one 7-year-old victim.

But why limit this "cultural differences" loophole to the criminal justice system? Certainly, the formula can be just as easily applied to immigration law, as evident by the case of one Jovita Mendez. After illegally living in the U.S. for 20 years, the San Diego resident recently passed a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization exam and received full status as an American citizen ... this, despite the fact she cannot read or write in English.

Really, the sky's the limit on just how far this globalization-uber-alles, open borders creep fanaticism can seep into our legal and judicial frameworks. One day, the U.S. may be as legally progressive as some of our more civilized counterparts in the West - like the U.K., where child pornography stockpilers have their sentences drastically reduced because they say they're having "gender identity crises," or Canada, where Muslims who try to slit open the throats of college co-eds as blood sacrifices to Allah are deemed "not psychologically responsible" for their own actions. Indeed, we can all hope and pray that soon, America will be as great and tolerant as England, where officials have come up with the ultimate legal solution to the nation's systemic equality issues - simply not arresting minorities when they commit violent crimes at all while sending anyone who says anything "prejudiced" on Facebook to jail for ten years at a time.

A brief round-up of the week's wackiest African-American crimes

You know, it's not just the fact that African-Americans commit violent crimes at sometimes dizzyingly disproportionate rates compared to their overall share of the U.S. ethnoracial pie - it's also their style and manner of committing said violent crimes. Below you'll find a quick rundown of some of the more egregiously violent and off-kilter criminal trespasses made by the black folks as of late - but remember: the fact that not all black people commit violent and bizarre crimes is reason enough to totally discount and discredit the staggeringly high percentage of those who do as nothing more than the idle chatter of bigots.

Of course, we here at The Internet Is In America casts an open invite to any and all readers who would like to pen a biweekly This Week In Alt-Right Bullshit column chronicling all the cockamamie things whacked out, racist white people do. And, as always, if you're more offended by me listing all the horrific things black Americans do on a daily basis than the black Americans who ACTUALLY sit on elementary schoolers until they die from asphyxiation and assault toddlers with cutlery tools ... well, methinks you're a bigger part of "the problem" than I am.

Really, what more can you say?

Wave of "It's OK To Be White" fliers, stickers, have college campuses in an UPROAR

Not that I'm telling you anything you don't already know, but a lot of the people out there who are the most adamant about forging social equality in theory tend to want everything EXCEPT social equality in practice. Rather than striving for a level playing field, these expert identity politickers are hell bent on netting them and their kind as many special privileges as possible (most notably, immunity from all forms of criticism and self-responsibility), and few places exhibit this inherently hypocritical mindset more than the hallowed halls of academia, which practically invited the exemplary form of equality through preferential treatment in the form of affirmative action policies. Well, leave it to those brave, emboldened autistic NEETs on 4Chan to come up with one of the most brilliant mockeries of the egalitotalitarianism of the diversity-obsessed left yet created: the 'It's OK To Be White' movement. 

Long story short, IRL trolls have been leaving fliers and stickers that read, very simply and bluntly, "it's OK to be white" across college campuses coast-to-coast. Naturally, the extremely innocuous slogan has drawn the ire of many progressivist identity politicians, who claim the simple suggestion that people of the Caucasian persuasion should be allowed to exist is - you guessed it - a form of racist hate speech, with police officials called in at some locations to remove the offending agitprop as if they were biohazardous materials. Naturally, the hyper-virulent, senselessly violent reaction to the fliers and stickers begs the question: if the offended think it's not OK to be white, what exactly does that make them, definitionally?

Incensed liberals come up with the PERFECT plan to foil that dastardly Donald Trump ...

Holy shit, they've finally done it. Roughly a year after Donald Trump shocked the world and upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election - which, according to the liberal hivemind, was such a foregone conclusion that Hillary herself didn't even bother responding to Trump's criticisms with about a week to go - pissed off liberals have FINALLY come up with the solution to the Donald Trump scourge. Sure, wearing hats shaped like vaginas en masse was unsuccessful, as have all those public art installations installed by that half-queer from Holes. And no, those mass, synchronized spells all the Wiccans cast on The Donald didn't seem to do the trick, neither. But this time - for real, ya'll - they've got this shit on lockdown. On Nov. 8 - that's this Wednesday, and approximately one year after Donald Trump won the election - thousands, perhaps even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of OUTRAGED liberals are going to give it to the Donald by ... getting together en masse and screaming at the sky at the same time. "This administration has attacked everything about what it means to be American," a Cambridge, Mass. "scream-out" coordinator by the name of Johanna Schulman told Newsweek. "Who wouldn't feel helpless every day? Coming together reminds us that we are not alone, that we are part of an enormous community of activists who are motivated and angry, whose actions can make a difference."

So, long story short? Expect Donald Trump to steamroll whichever fruitcake these hysterical dingbats put up against him in 2020.

... and a few headlines that speak for themselves ... 


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