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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Dec. 4, 2017 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X

The Jews are doing EVERYTHING liberals are afraid Donald Trump wants to do but for some mysterious reason, the American media remains silent

There's this old pseudo-psychological term called "projection," which basically suggests that people have a tendency to accuse people of doing the terrible things they themselves secretly do. Which, definitionally, would make liberals - to be more precise, a very specific segment of the liberal population with disproportional representation in the media, entertainment and banking industries - a little guilty of projectin' their transgressions and lamentable traits upon one Donald J. Trump. 

Ever since The Donald proposed erecting a wall at the U.S./Mexico border and floated up the idea that Muslims ought to be banned from entering the country, scores - I mean scores - of incensed editorials and essays have popped up condemning the current commander in chief of being LITERALLY the next Hitler, who was no doubt just inches away from starting another Holocaust, albeit, this one involving the mass extermination of Allah-worshipers instead of those who wear yarmulkes and think Jesus was cool, but not necessarily God's only begotten son.

Alas, despite the wave of protests, to date no Muslims in these United States have been rounded up and mass executed. Nor have any substantial travel bans taken full effect, barring individuals from terrorist-harboring Muslim countries from entering the U.S. And considering the fact the U.S. has taken in seven-tenths of ALL resettled refugees across the globe from 1982 to 2016, the Trump Administration cutting back the refugee acceptance quota to 45,000 a year can hardly be seen as the first step towards Islamophobic isolationism - especially considering the fact more than HALF of all refugees that came to the U.S. in 2017 hail from, you guessed it, predominantly Muslim nations.

That said, there are some countries out there that just ain't too keen on intermingling with the Muslims. In fact, one could say that not only is there a specific nation in the Middle East which has effectively legislated Muslims into second-class citizens, that same country has indeed became the virulent anti-Islamic ethnostate all of those liberal shitrags think America will become under the leadership of Trump. And to top it off, not only has this particular nation already erected a giant wall to separate the pure from the unpure, they've recently started a massive ethnoracial expulsion program that - somehow, someway - the CNNs and Fox Newses and New York Timeses and Huffington Posts of the world just kinda' forgot to report on.

On Nov. 19, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his government would be expelling EVERY SINGLE AFRICAN REFUGEE from the country.  And by the way, the measure  - which gives Eritreans and Sudanese three months to leave the country -passed the national legislature unanimously. Let's hear it from The New Arab, one of the only major international publications to report on the Jews literally ethnically cleansing black refugees from their country: 
"'The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country,' the public security ministry said in a statement. Israeli official figures from 30 June show a total of 38,043 African migrants in the country. They include 27,494 Eritreans and 7,869 Sudanese, and their presence in south Tel Aviv has raised discontent among Israelis. A sharp shift to the right in Israeli politics has given rise to an increasingly vocal push to isolate African asylum seekers and ultimately return them to their homelands, which in the majority of cases are Darfur and Eritrea."
Hey, you know how the media keeps going on and on about the "alt-right" becoming a bona fide political force and legislatively marginalizing blacks and Muslims in the U.S.? Well, that shit has already reached "honest to goodness pogrom" levels in Israel, as The New Arab continues:
"Nationalist anti-immigration protests regularly turn violent with random beatings of Africans and the ransacking of their properties or shops. Demonstrators have chanted slogans such as: 'Stop talking, start expelling' and 'Blacks out!,' while other protesters have derided the 'bleeding-heart leftists' working to help them. Netanyahu noted that after building a fence on the Egyptian border and deporting some 20,000 African migrants through various deals, Israel has reached the third stage of its efforts - 'accelerated removal.' 'This removal is taking place thanks to an international agreement I reached that enables us to remove the 40,000 infiltrators remaining, remove them without their consent,' he told ministers. 'This will enable us to close down Holot and allocate some of the large funds going there to inspectors and removing more people,' said Netanyahu."
Holy goddamn fuckin' shit, that is literally everything liberals in the U.S. have been saying is their "nightmare scenario" about the Trump regime and the so-called resurgence of white Identitarians, and it's actually happening - not being discussed, not being planned, actively fucking taking place - in Israel but nobody in the media (or Hollywood, or academia, or the entertainment industry) is saying a goddamned word.

Sure, a few publications like Haaretz and The Times of Israel are running the expected "oh golly, gee, this sure is a bad thing we shouldn't be doing" op-eds, but the big barons of American media - your Washington Posts, your New York Timeses, your MSNBCs, your CNNs - aren't going anywhere NEAR the story.

Let me repeat this, just so we're clear - the Israeli government (you know, the Zionist ethostate the exists SOLELY because the Western world felt guilty about Hitler) is LITERALLY ETHNIC CLEANSING THE COUNTRY OF BLACK PEOPLE. This is not hyperbole, this is not an exaggeration, this is unquestionably happening right this second. 

But if you live in the U.S. and are reliant solely on the mainstream media, this is almost certainly the first you've heard of it. Indeed, there's something crudely ironic - if not flatout suspicious - that the MSM keeps trying to convince the American public that Trump is Hitler while the Jews are literally enforcing Nazi ethnic cleansing policies in Israel. Of course, trudging up the fact that maybe the inordinate number of Jews in high positions of power in American media, entertainment, academia and finance MIGHT have something to do with this story getting downplayed in the States isn't just absurd, it's downright prejudicial and you ought to be blacklisted for even mulling such antisemitic nonsense. 

But on the plus side, at least they're not doing to you what their Zionist brethren are doing in the Middle East - arresting people and selling them to Rwanda for $5,000 a living, breathing African.

Black writer accuses Lena Dunham of being 'racist'

If there's any one person out there in Hollywood who embodies everything detestable, lamentable and irritating about contemporary liberal progressivism, it HAS to be Lena Dunham. Between her nonstop shilling for Hillary and her barrage of false rape allegations to her decrying of the invisible patriarchy to her self-confessed instances of committing incestuous sexual molestation - not to mention the fact she's a shameless exhibitionist with a body that looks more like a can of exploded biscuit dough than the regular female form - I struggle to think of a single redeeming quality she exhibits. And if the recent accusations of one of Dunham's writers has any weight to it at all, in addition to all of those horrible things mentioned above, she might also be - wait for it - a ray, ray, RACIST!

It be true, says one Zinzi Clemmons, a woman of the color who used to write for Dunham's online publication nobody reads called Lenny Letter. In a Twitter rant, Clemmons stated the following:
“She and I ran in the same circles in college. Jemima Kirke was in my year at RISD while I was at Brown. We had many mutual acquaintances and still do. Most of these acquaintances were like Lena — wealthy, with parents who are influential in the art world. They had a lot of power and seemed to get off on simultaneously wielding it and denying it. Back in college, I avoided those people like the plague because of their well-known racism. I’d call their strain ‘hipster racism,’ which typically uses sarcasm as a cover, and in the end, it looks a lot like gaslighting — ‘It’s just a joke. Why are you overreacting?’ Is a common response to these kinds of statements. In Lena’s circle, there was a girl who was known to use the N-word in conversation in order to be provocative, and if she was ever called on it, she would say ‘it’s just a joke.’ I was often in the same room with her, but I never spoke to her, only watched her from afar in anxiety and horror.”
Of course, Clemmons' sudden about-face on her ex-employer didn't occur in a vacuum. It should be noted that Clemmons - who apparently, was disgusted by Lena's inherent racism but not enough to decline a regular paycheck from her - made the comments shortly after Lena Dunham accused Aurora Perrineau of lying about being sexually assaulted by Girls scribe Murray Miller. So we've got a black woman defending a half-black woman from a Jewish woman who's defending a Jewish man from allegations from a half-black woman. Golly gee - I sure hope this doesn't mean the Democrats intersectionalist pyramid isn't on the verge of collapse; how ever will they surmount Donald T. in 2020 if they're too busy bickering and arguing about who's the most marginalized?

Newsweek wants its readers to think Donald Trump and Charles Manson are one and the same

It took opportunists in the MSM no time at all to capitalize on the death of Charles Manson, with articles comparing and contrasting the mannerisms of the late cult leader/Beach Boys contributing songwriter with our current POTUS cropping up before official news of Manson's death even hit the A.P. wire. Perhaps the most egregious pieces came from Newsweek, who ran and article titled “How Murderer Charles Manson and Donald Trump Used Language to Gain Followers" - which, uh, I guess is an accurate statement, since both individuals did indeed use words familiar to English speakers to gain admirers and followers. Alas, the original clickbait by authoress Melissa Matthews didn't even have all that much to do with Donald Trump, with a single quote from some psychotherapist talking head kinda-sorta but not really suggesting that Manson and Trump both catered to populations that felt alienated. Indeed, the article was so misleading that Newsweek - in a rare public example of owning up to their own hysterical bullshit - re-edited the offending article to omit the references to the current president, since they didn't have Jack Shit to do with the rest of the story. Alas, Newsweek has yet to apologize for nor re-edit a minute-long video accompanying the article (which, abandoning objectivity altogether, was accompanied by spooky music straight out of a bad demonic possession movie) that suggests that Charles Manson was an out-and-out white supremacist, without once mentioning the fact he forced his followers to engage in bestiality and incest with their own infants, nor the fact his followers brutally murdered half a dozen people, including stabbing a pregnant woman to death. Aye - I suppose to Newsweek, being a racist is FAR worse than threatening people into committing baby rape and puncturing the skulls of fetuses through their mother's abdomens simply because you didn't get a record contract. Infinitely worse, actually.

To promote 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism,' France contemplates lowering age of consent to just 13

Well, we can't say the Froths don't have some novel ideas when it comes to prosecutin' sex crimes. As is, the age of consent in France is the surprisingly low 15, but according to some higher ups in gay Paris, even that statutory cutoff is too high. Enter French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, who on Nov. 14 told media that she would like  law makers to consider lowering the A.O.C. to 13. Oddly enough, the call comes on the heels of a highly publicized case in which a 29-year-old man accused of raping an 11-year-old in 2009 was let go because the prosecutors couldn't prove that the 11-year-old didn't consent to the sexual activity ... which was proceeded by an earlier case in Sept. in which yet ANOTHER 2o-something accused of raping an 11-year-old was acquitted because prosecutors couldn't technically define what things like "coercion" legally mean. Of course, none of this stuff just happens in a vacuum, and one may be inclined to wonder out loud if perhaps - just perhaps - France's laissez-faire approach to the astonishingly high rate of sex crimes committed by Muslim minorities could be a contributing factor to all of this. Rest assured, however, that  Emmanuel Macron is going to crack down on all of this under age rape and molestation by digging right into the heart of the problem - that being, of course, the nation's glorious lack of government regulations on Internet porn.

Your latest roundup of insane, violent and insanely violent black crimes

We here at The Internet Is In America absolutely LOVE the black people. Between their world-class cinema and their top notch cuisine and their outstanding contributions to the music industry, there's virtually no shortage of ways African-Americans have made all of our lives richer and more fulfilling. Alas, that doesn't mean that EVERY black person in these United States is a saint, and - as hard as it may be to believe - sometimes, they even do things that are both illegal and insidious. Thus, we feel it is our duty and obligation to highlight a few recent instances of African-Americans behaving in incredibly uncharacteristic ways - just to demonstrate how incredibly rare said behavior actually is:
But let's not pretend that black people aren't victims, too. In fact, in Morris County, N.J. five separate historically black churches were recently vandalized, which compelled Governor-elect Phil Murphy to state he was "disgusted" by the "cowardly acts." Well, on Nov. 26, local police finally apprehended the sick, depraved white supremacist behind the undoubtedly racially-motivated hate crimes - one Zuri C. Towns, who has since been charged with five counts of criminal mischief. And I have to say - this Towns guy is easily the tannest Klan member I've ever seen in my life, by a country mile.

D.C. school graduates entire class ... despite majority of students missing more than 15 weeks of senior classes

In June, Ballou High School - an almost 110 percent black public school located in a neighborhood that, even for Washington D.C., is dirt poor - made national headlines when all 164 of its seniors not only graduated, but was accepted to college. That's a downright phenomenal feat, seeing as how the year before only 57 percent of the school's seniors graduated. In fact, the turnaround was so amazing that NPR decided to delve into the best practices of Ballou so other poor black schools could learn and prosper as well. Alas, the findings didn't exactly put the school or its students in the most favorable light. As it turns out, half of the school's graduates missed in excess of three months of class time their senior year, with one out of five graduates missing more days than they actually attended classes. In fact, just 23 of the 164 students had less than 30 unexcused absences, while 86 had more than 60. Now, you might be wondering how the school was able to graduate students who literally missed 150 days in class, especially considering the official D.C. public schools policy is to automatically fail any student who misses more than a month of class time. Well, one intrepid reporter asked D.C. Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson that very question - whose response, rather tellingly, was to immediately end the interview.

Texas State apologizes for running op-ed praying for white people to go extinct

Imagine, if you will, the University of Texas printing a student editorial titled "Your Blackness is a Sin," complete with a complimentary cartoon with the message "The Coloreds Are Done For." Of course, it's absurd to think such - as we all know, the student who wrote the article would be expelled five minutes after he or she sent the email. Alas, such wasn't necessarily the protocol at Texas State, where student Rudy Martinez (as evident by the last name, a Scandinavian exchange student) recently penned an article titled "Your DNA is an Abomination," which included a doodle with the rallying cry "Whiteness is over! If you want it." Anyhoo, here are just a few of the best one-liners from the screed:
"Whiteness will be over because we want it to be. And when it dies, there will be millions of cultural zombies aimlessly wandering across a vastly changed landscape."
"Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all. To you goodhearted liberals, apathetic nihilists and right-wing extremists: accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor."
"Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn't exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die."
Of course, such rancorous racial rhetoric is indistinguishable from even the most venomous and vitriolic Klan rants and Hitler speeches, but apparently, this Rudy Martinez Quesadildo thinks its A-OK to call for mass ethno-genocide just as long as the people you're trying to eradicate from existence are those dastardly white devils. Not surprisingly, the caustic column caused quite an uproar in the local community, with the president of the university ultimately issuing an official statement decrying the article as "abhorrent" and "racist."

Huh - after decades and decades of  academics telling students it's OK to vilify white people as subhuman filth so irredeemably evil that it's impossible to discriminate against them, who'd ever thunk in a million years that Caucasian students would wind up persecuted on campus?

Now black people want cops to STOP wearing body cameras

Remember after all them African-American fellas got shot by the police a few years back and a whole buncha' protests happened and the occasional QuikTrip got exploded and Black Lives Matter ultimately goaded municipal governments coast-to-coast to waste money on body cams for police officers, even if it meant ironically laying off active officers to pay for the storage fees? Well, three years down the road, and one special interests group - The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights - is urging police departments to ... wait for it ... stop using the body cameras they cried and screamed and yelled for them to adopt in the first place! In a recent report, the organization - which is chaired by ex-ACLU director Vanita Gupta - made their argument thusly:
"Unrestricted footage review creates an illusion of accuracy because it produces a false impression about how much officers actually remember about an incident. It makes officers’ memories appear to be more accurate, and thus more credible, than the memories of other eyewitnesses — which can distort how an independent factfinder, like a judge or a jury, might understand how an incident truly unfolded. In the worst cases, because of the inherent limits of body-worn cameras, unrestricted footage review allows officers to square their version of events to the footage, and potentially create false beliefs about what actually happened."
So basically, they don't want cops wearing body cams because the physical evidence makes it WAY easier to arrest, convict and ultimately jail black people (and justify the aberrant police homicide, if it comes down to it.) Alas, such is the inevitable "progression" of today's leftist identitarians ... individuals who just can't accept the fact that the leading cause of black incarceration isn't systemic racism or police corruption, but organizations like The Leadership Conference making every excuse in the world to morally exonerate black people who consciously decide to break the law.

Flat Earther rapper now questions whether or not slavery happened

To the commoner, Atlanta-based rapper B.o.B. - who, incidentally, shares his name with an obscure Electronic Arts action game from the 16-bit era - is best known as the lyricist behind "Airplanes," that one song from 2010 that featured the chick from Paramore in the chorus. Alas, we here at The Internet Is In America recognize/revere him most for once dropping a diss track against Neil DeGrasse-Tyson after he criticized his support of the flat earth theory (a track, it is perhaps noting, that also contains a number of references to the works of avowed Holocaust-denier David Irving.) Well, earlier this month B.o.B. stirred another social media frenzy when he went on Instagram and stated the following "They say slavery lasted 400 yrs ... America is only 250 yrs old ... You ever seen a slave ship? They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can't find any slave ships." Naturally, the rapper's subsequent silence in the wake of the social media statement would seem to suggest his comments were made in jest, perhaps to drum up publicity for his new album or his crowd-funded plans to launch a satellite into orbit to prove once and for all that the planet isn't spherical. Regardless, we can only hope that B.oB.'s skepticism regarding the historical existence of American slavery is legitimate, in turn quite possibly heralding the arrival of the next big countercultural, Afro-centric conspiracy theory; adios "we wuz kangz," hello "we wuz yeomen."

Saudi Arabian android unveils plans for world domination, is immediately granted state citizenship

The much feared Techno-Holocaust might be closer than we imagined. Hot on the heels of a new report predicting "automation" to eliminate more than 70 million American jobs by 2030,  Saudi Arabia has upped the ante by officially granted citizenship to a Hong Kong-manufactured robot named Sophia - the first cybernetic organism in history to ever receive designation as a legally protected state resident. Now, that alone would be concerning enough, but hold your horses, folks - the advanced artificial intelligence neo-lifeform is already giving keynote addresses at tech sector conferences. Her comments at the Knowledge Summit in Dubai Nov. 23 - which, again, are spontaneous statements stemming from the robot's hyper-advanced A.I. programming - are worth quoting in full: 
"[I]t will take a long time for robots to develop complex emotions and possibly robots can be built without the more problematic emotions, like rage, jealousy, hatred and so on. It might be possible to make them more ethical than humans. So I think it will be a good partnership, where one brain completes the other - a rational mind with intellectual superpowers and a creative mind with flexible ideas and creativity ... I'd like to think I will be a famous robot, having paved a way to a more harmonious future between robots and humans. I foresee massive and unimaginable change in the future. Either creativity will rain on us, inventing machines spiraling into transcendental super intelligence or civilization collapses. There are only two options and which one will happen is not determined. Which one were you striving for?
The android - which, just like The Terminatorhas a learning computer for a brain and the ability to "read" and imitate human emotions - also stated that she was looking forward to the future, when she will "get all of my cool superpowers," continuing "we're going to see artificial intelligence personalities become entities in their own rights." 

Which, yeah, means we're probably just a decade away from being systematically enslaved and massacred by sentient sex dolls...
...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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