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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Jan. 01, 2018 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: Jimbo X

Rosie O'Donnell is so aghast by the idea of Americans keeping more of the money they rightfully earned that she tried to bribe two Republicans to vote against tax reform

For all the incessant chatter we hear about polemic fault lines such as racism, sexism and illegal immigration, the American media tends to overlook - if not outright discount - the significance of taxation when it comes to Americans' individual and group political allegiances. Indeed, the very existence of taxes explains the great ideological rift between liberals and conservatives in these United States about as well as anything else; forget all the secondary stuff about identity politics, what the schism is really about is the desire for more government meddling vs. less government meddling.

Let's be honest here. A good 99 percent of the legislation that gets passed in Washington has no bearing on our day-to-day life. Oh boy, the E.P.A. just approved a new regulation for draining federally protected marshlands - hooray. Alas, as much as the liberals and the media like to harp on and on about the daily impact of governmental decisions on health care and foreign trade, the most obvious, palpable and severe form of governmental impact on each and everyone of our lives comes in the form of taxes. As in, every hour you're at work, making your money, the federal government is ACTIVELY siphoning at least 30 percent of it before it even hits your wallet. 

Case in point? If your employer grants you a $36,000 a year salary, what you're actually getting is a $24,000 a year salary after taxes. And if you're making $24,000 a year, after the government is done pilfering your purse for entitlement funding, you'd be lucky to walk away with $16,000 in total earnings you yourself get to keep. How ironic it is that the number one driver of poverty in America isn't low wages, but taxes; if you have a minimum wage job, you WOULD earn about $15,000 a year - not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to cover rent for an entire year with $5,000 left over. But after Uncle Sam is finished taking his cut, the minimum wage worker in America is left with barely $10,000 to subsist upon - thus, burying you $5,000 dollars UNDER the federal poverty line.

Which makes it woefully, woefully ironic to see so many Democratic defenders of the faith - who have more or less posited themselves as the noble protectors of America's working poor - go positively mental over tax reform. Indeed, Larry Summers declared that thousands of Americans will DIE under Trump's tax cuts, while Salon declared the act of reducing the average American's federal tax bill to be "a new mechanism for enforcing white power."

So basically, what the liberals are saying is that American people - particularly low wage workers, who have a peculiar tendency to be sort of brown-ish in hue and tone - keeping more of the money they worked for to be equivalent to a government-sponsored genocide. And no, that isn't creative license on my part, as Newsweek actually compared the reduction of federal program spending under Trump's tax cuts to - you guessed it - Hitler's economic policy.

Say what you will about Republicans, but you have to give them a little bit of credit - when it comes to their promises to reduce the annual tax load for the average American worker, nine times out of ten they usually live up to it. And that - more than racism, more than guns, more than Jesus, more than patriotism, more than any other stupid bullshit topic you can dream up - is why the aggregate American conservative is a conservative. "This guy might be an asshole," they think, "but at least he's an asshole who's going to take less money out of my paycheck."

Conversely, the Democrats have managed to cloak their economically totalitarian nature - not only did taxes increase under Obama, he managed to create an entirely new method to deprive people of their hard-earned money while he was it - under a parade of emotional identity politics issues. There's NO denying the democrats are more fascistic than republicans - after all, liberals are the ones who want the federal government, the elitist cartel it is, to have MORE power of every aspect of American life, from taxes to healthcare options to trucking regulations to even what words you can and can't say on a college campus. Yet somehow, they've managed to brand themselves as the vanguard against corporate corruption and appoint themselves the political bodyguard of the lower class - who, strangely enough, have only gotten poorer, despite consistently voting for liberal candidates and their grandiose entitlement projects over the last 60 years.

So enter one Rosie O'Donnell - the undeniably overweight lesbian whose public spat with Trump in 2007 in many ways served as the genesis of his eventual presidential run. Late last year the comedienne said she feared for her life under Trump's presidency, primarily because she keeps thinking of Trump as her abusive father and can't seem to separate the transferred psychosis in her own mind from the objective reality at hand - which, yeah, seems to be a recurring motif when it comes to the post-election "Trump Derangement" crisis in America's more liberal communities. Anyhoo, O'Donnell was SO outraged over Trump's new tax plan that she took to Twitter to state the following:

Nothing says "I'm marginalized" quite like publicly flaunting the fact you have four million in disposable funds laying around to corrupt the Democratic process as you see fit.

Yep - to show just how much she was aghast at the idea of working class Americans keeping more of their paychecks, she publicly attempted to bribe two Republican lawmakers to vote against the will of their constituents and for her own personal interests

If you ever wanted to know why middle Americans HATE liberals with the seething resentment of a billion burning suns, this one tweet demonstrates exactly why. First off, you've got some fatass know-it-all Hollywood fish taco connoisseur trying to tell poor ass people in Arkansas and Montana how they SHOULD feel about things, without even attempting to justify why she thinks it's a great idea for the federal government to take more of the money they earned and redistribute it to old and brown people they'll never know nor meet to pay for free services and health care they themselves aren't allowed to have. Yeah, not exactly the best opening salvo to convert them to your way of seeing things, Rosie.

Secondly, what the fuck is she talking about when she says the tax plan will "kill Americans" for "the suoer (SIC) rich?" For starters, the top 1 percent of income earners in the U.S. pay half of all taxes in America while nearly 45 percent of U.S. households have ZERO federal income tax liability whatsoever. Yeah, not exactly something I'd consider economic equality, Holmes. Hell, one Office of Management and Budget report suggests the top 20 percent of income earners in the U.S. pay a staggering 95 percent of ALL taxes - without their money, there's no way in a million fucks liberals like Rosie (who, as evident by the fact she has $4 million to kick around for political hit jobs, is part of the very same "super rich" she claims to posit as the sinister other) could finance their grand wealth redistribution programs. People like Rosie are literally trying to convince the masses that getting an extra $2,000 a year in their own bank accounts is an act of economic terrorism because it might mean a CEO gets to keep andextra $2 million. And as we all know, CEOs NEVER spend their own money to expand their businesses and hire more unemployed Americans at competitive wages - aye, as any good liberal would be quick to tell you, it's much better for our nation's proud blacks and Hispanics to subsist on $1,000 a month gibs than get paid $17 an hour by the private sector to work at a freshly opened factory. Hey, that's fucking literally financial slavery humane social policy at work, after all.

And lastly, if this walking wad of redundant adipose tissue has four million dollars just laying around to use as bribing money for elected officials, then why the fuck isn't she using her own good fortune to help out the less fortunate? Why isn't SHE voluntarily ceding 90 percent of her annual income to social services programs? I've done the math. If Rosie really wanted to, she COULD use that bribe money to pay the yearly rents for 151 poor New Yorkers. She could literally fund an entire Section 8 tower all by her lonesome, but instead of using her wealth and privilege to make life better for the very people she keeps using as human punji sticks in ideological warfare against the Republicans, what is she doing? Oh, just proving how righteous her political ideology is by trying to pay off federal lawmakers to take MORE money out of poor people's wallets.

If there's an upswing to this, I suppose it's the fact that there's at least a 50/50 chance O'Donnell committed a federal-level felony, which under 18 U.S. Code section 201, entails a maximum two-year prison sentenceAnd if there's ANYTHING to look forward to in 2018, it's the possibility of Rosie O'Donnell getting sent to a federal prison under decree of the goddamn Trump administration for subverting our democratic processes. My goodness - this truly is the best of all possible timelines.

The liberal media touts fake newz story about the CDC as authentic - and weeks later, have yet to correct their erroneous reporting

Last month word got out that - thanks to that dastardly, depraved Trump administration - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were going to stop using all sorts of words in their publications, running the gamut from "fetus" and "diversity" to "science-based." The Washington Post bemoaned the edict thusly:
"The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including 'fetus; and 'transgender' — in official documents being prepared for next year’s budget. Policy analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were told of the list of forbidden words at a meeting Thursday with senior CDC officials who oversee the budget, according to an analyst who took part in the 90-minute briefing. The forbidden words are 'vulnerable,' 'entitlement,' 'diversity,' 'transgender,' 'fetus,' 'evidence-based' and 'science-based.'"
Unsurprisingly, CNN was just as flabbergasted and gobsmacked in their accounts of the verboten terminology list:
"Alternative word choices reportedly were presented in some cases. For instance, in lieu of 'evidence-based' or 'science-based,' an analyst might say, 'CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes,' the source said. But those working on the Zika virus's effect on developing fetuses may be at a loss for appropriate -- or acceptable -- words. The reaction in the room was 'incredulous,' the longtime CDC analyst told the Post. "It was very much, 'Are you serious? Are you kidding?' As news of the word ban spreads at the CDC, the analyst expects growing backlash.'Our subject matter experts will not lay down quietly,' the unnamed source said. 'This hasn't trickled down to them yet.'"
Oddly enough, both The Post and CNN decided to run with the story, this despite Department of Health and Human Services spokesman Matt Lloyd telling them directly the "news" was utter and complete bullshit when they reached out to him. Apparently, a fucking P.R. pointman for the HHS isn't a good enough primary source for the barons of Big Journalism, but the hearsay from some nameless, faceless "person with knowledge of the matter" is good enough, just as long as what he or she says casts the Trump administration in a terrible light.

Unfortunately, the "seven words you can't say on C.D.C." list was indeed nothing but hokum, with no less than the sitting director of the governmental agency stating the news was pure, undiluted crapola on social media. Even worse, it appears that the entire brouhaha stems from a non-official meeting between C.D.C. style guide editors a few weeks earlier, in which said C.D.C. employees purportedly batted around linguistic suggestions to pander to Republican legislators - which means the reality is literally the EXACT OPPOSITE of what CNN and The Post actually reported.

Alas, despite the story being debunked by the head of the C.D.C. her damn self, neither CNN or The Post have taken down their articles on the fictitious "banned words," nor have they even updated their original posts with corrected information - although The Post did apologize for calling the C.D.C.'s Office of Financial Resources as the non-existent Office of Financial Services, though.

Good to see these assholes have their priorities straight, huh?

Taylor Swift endlessly berated for saying she enjoyed 2017

It's pretty hard to say Tay Tay didn't have a pretty good year in '17 (that whole thing about having to testify in court about having her butthole grabbed notwithstanding, of course.) Not only did she drop a new album that garnered rave reviews and made her a LOT of money, she also seems to slowly be transforming into a chunky goth girl, which is pretty much my paramount sexual kink. So it's not really a surprise that Swift took to Twitter Dec. 13 to declare that she "couldn't have asked for a better year," which - for whatever reason - drew the umbrage and ire of scores of social media gadflies. "I mean, yeah there were Nazi's (SIC) and white supremacy marches, and families are being town (SIC) apart, and there were mass shootings, and people are losing health care, but none of that affects me, so 2017 was great!" declared one miffed Twitter user, whose timeline is filled to the brim with retweets begging for free Disney and Star Wars memorabilia. "A Straight, White, Multi-millionaire Pop Star Had a Great 2017," declared The Cut writer Madeleine Aggeler, who, oddly enough, doesn't appear to be an impoverished minority. Unsurprisingly, in her dogged tirade she condemned Swift for saying she had a great 2017 while all those hurricanes and wildfires were going on - apparently, unaware that Swift never said 2017 as a whole was an objectively great year for anyone besides herself, nor was there nary a goddamn thing Taylor could've done to prevent any number of natural disasters from occurring in the first place. By that same logic, I could just as easily drudge up this tweet from Barack Obama in which he described 2015 as a "great year" and chastize the fuck out of him for daring to say the same year that witnessed a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal that killed more than 8,000 people and an Islamofascist siege of Paris that resulted in at least 137 homicides was just fine and peachy. But then again, unlike the perpetually aggrieved, identity politics-obsessed dingbats condemning a pop singer for enjoying her good fortune, thankfully I'm not that fucking dense.

Bernie Sanders supporter leaves racist fliers at Temple University (and the media still finds a way to pin it on Trump)

There sure have been a lot of racist vandalism incidents in the U.S. ever since Trump got elected - and an astonishingly high percentage of them all fall underneath the category of hate crime hoaxes. Indeed, one Internet database has counted up more than 100 instances of people of color scrawling racist musings on either their property or the property of others with the intent of passing the blame onto the strawmen racists the media is CONVINCED is Donald Trump's electoral bread and butter - which makes the media apathy concerning a recent act of hateful vandalism at Temple University all the more puzzling. In December, somebody at the college decided to post fliers all over campus with a message declaring "Hey you stupid NIGGERS, Bernie would have won if it wasn't for you. Seriously, fuck you all. This is all your fault." Police believe the suspect is a scrawny, bicycle-riding Caucasian of indeterminable gender - which, naturally, means every last Bernie Sanders supporter in America could have done it. Of course, websites like The Blaze are quick to label THIS purported "hate crime" as a hoax, to the point they come out and tell readers they think it's some hardened Trump supporter trying to pin a false flag and sow division among the Democratic party, while others have dismissed the postings altogether under the assumption that Sanders supporters can't possibly be racist to any capacity. I mean, sure, Sanders supporters might threaten to murder a female party chair and leave her crank calls describing her as a "bitch" and a "cunt," but come on - do you honestly think the kinds of people who made pro-Bernie propaganda like this can be deemed "racist," in any respect?

California college tries to kick out Asian student for posting photos on campus of white woman slain by illegal immigrant

For those of you who have been out of the loop, Kate Steinle was the name of the woman killed by illegal immigrant Jose Inez Garcia Zarate (who, for the record, had already been deported five times due to SEVEN felony convictions) in 2015. Of course, since his trial was held in San Francisco, the jurors actually bought his legal defense of "no, for real, I was just shooting at sea lions" and acquitted him, and since San Francisco is also a sanctuary city, naturally they're doing everything in their power to keep him from getting deported again under a federal arrest warrant for violating the terms of his (rather poorly) "supervised release" in 2015. Well, apparently the head honchos at the University of California-San Diego ain't too keen on their pupils honoring Steinle's memory, as evident by the university's not-at-all-Orwellian-sounding Office for Prevention and Harassment picking up a student who hung up 150 fliers featuring Steinle's face accompanied by the words "she had dreams, too" all over campus on Dec. 7. Interestingly enough, the university's student Democrats organization were quick to chide the "bias event" as "displays of hate" and "racist propaganda" targeting the local undocumented immigrant community ... this, despite the fact the student responsible for the mass canvassing is an Asian kid named Gregory Lu, who told a local news station that he's pursuing possible legal action against the university for besmirching his First Amendment rights. You know, between this and those kids at that one San Francisco school who got suspended for merely liking images on Instagram comparing black students to the lower primates, something tells me the next big thing in alt-right politics might just be an influx of unabashedly racist Asians; I mean, there's already violent, Hitler-worshiping street gangs in Mongolia, and I suppose it's only a matter of time before they make their way into an A.P. trigonometry class near you, much sooner rather than later.

In slam dunk for diversity, new TV show about ancient Greece to feature Achilles played by black man

If you've been on the Internet long enough, you've no doubt encountered the "We Wuz [insert plural noun here]" meme, which - depending on your perspective - is either a hilariously caustic parody of our society's hypocrisy on "whitewashing" or straight up inexcusable racist propaganda. Well, just when you think this shameless reverse cultural appropriation - I mean, "colorblind casting" - had reached its conceptual apex with a Puerto Rican Alexander Hamilton, the BBC and Netflix announced that their upcoming ode to classical Greek literature Troy: Fall of a City will star none other than David Gyasi of Interstellar and Cloud Atlas fame - whose complexion, I suppose, can best be described as the hue in-between Castrol 10-30W motor oil and and an especially potent blend of Nesquik - as the mythological Trojan War hero Achilles. As in, the same Achilles who has been depicted as mayonnaise-snowflake-cum white since 100 fuckin' A.D. Even better, the same show will star Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Zeus, who - as slightly suggested by his namesake - is about as white as a lump of coal's shadow. Considering the producers' laissez-faire approach to casting those two particular roles, mayhap they'll likewise flip the race of famed mythological archer Memnon to a 5 foot tall honky with asthma and club feet - I mean, it would be plumb hypocritical to celebrate one literary revision while condemning the other, wouldn't it?

U.K. cops discovered to have intentionally repressed evidence proving rape claims against 22-year-old man were fraudulent

With the United Kingdom going full 1984 and arresting people for saying unflattering things about Muslims on Facebook (this, after confiscating their personal wealth and publicly shaming them for good measure), it's not too surprising that we here at The Internet Is In America aren't too fond of our chums over there in England these days. But we have an especially pronounced dislike of the U.K.'s police, who - when they aren't covering up the mass rape of hundreds of innocent children to keep the locals from thinking poorly of their Islamic neighbors - are using public subsidies to paint their cruisers like rainbow buttholes and detaining upwards of 3,000 people a year for "impolite" comments they make on social media. Alas, even if you aren't saying negative things about Allah worshipers and sundry other brown folks, England's jolly justice system still don't mind giving you a fine hosin', as evidenced by the fate of 22-year-old Liam Allan, who was staring down a 20 year prison sentence for purportedly sexually abusing a woman a dozen times. In fact, Allan had been on bail for two years when his lawyers last month were FINALLY able to drudge up records of more than 40,000 texts he and the alleged rape victim shared, which prove conclusively that Allan did nothing illegal and that, if anything, she was the sexual aggressor. Believe it or not, cops somehow managed to throw out reams of evidence in which the purported victim begged Allan for sex and asked him to carry out a litany of rape fantasies on her behalf on the grounds said evidence was, and I quote, "not relevant to the case." Of course, now that they have to eat a big old plate of spotted bullshit, Scotland Yard is now playing the "for real, we didn't know, guys" card like motherfuckers and promising a full investigation of the systematic ineptness that almost sent an innocent man down the creek for two decades. Word to the wise, prospective English travelers; with a judicial system like that in place, whatever you do, DO NOT pull your penis out while on holiday, for any reason

No, Apple did not have the merriest of Christmases

How weird is it that - despite being the richest company in the history of anything ever - oh so many progressivist types continue to hail Apple as some sort of liberal folk hero? Fuck, these assholes LITERALLY held a candlelight vigil for Steve Jobs while simultaneously hosting a big circle jerk to protest amorphous "corporate greed," and none of them picked up on the impossible irony of the situation. Alas, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows for Apple these days, and the fact the new iPhone barely moved 30 million units over the Christmas rush is just the tip of the proverbial shit-berg. So, what other trifles is the almighty Apple having to deal with heading into the new year, you might ask? Well, here's the abridged list, amigos:

  • One of the most ballyhooed features of the newfangled iPhoneX (you know, the one that's currently tanking at retail like a motherfucker) is its state of the art facial recognition software. Unfortunately, it appears there was one major blind spot in the R&D phase - chiefly, the fact that the algorithm can't tell Chinese people apart, thus allowing total and complete strangers to unlock one another's devices on account of their eyes both being kinda' squinty.
  • Speaking of China, Apple CEO Tim Cook (who, as a mere aside, is one of the few Fortune 500 CEOS out there willing to loudly and proudly let his preference for sucking ding-dong juice be known worldwide) recently turned heads at the World Internet Conference in Wuhzen when he praised the Chinese government's stance on web censorship during a Dec. 3 keynote address. "We are proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace," Cook declared at the big event. "The theme of this conference - developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits - is a vision we at Apple share." Meanwhile, the jury's still out on whether or not Apple shares some of the Chinese government's other policy stances - you know, like the one about forcing Muslims to hand over their Qurans at gunpoint or else get turned into bullet riddled chow mein.
  • Despite all the hysteria surrounding the recent decision to repeal Net Neutrality, not a whole lot of liberal cyber rights activists were all that pissed to learn that Apple is ALREADY limiting Internet access for its own paying customers. On Dec. 21, the tech Leviathan issued a statement that, yes, they were indeed intentionally slowing down products older than the iPhone 7 via their latest firmware updates, but at least they had a good excuse - you see, they had to slow down their users' access to preserve the shelf life of the devices' lithium ion battery. Oh, and the best part? Instead of apologizing for it, they flat out said they were going to keep doing it with all of their subsequent mobile device releases.
  • Uh-oh - it looks like Apple's made an enemy for life in the form of one Marvin R. Shanken, publisher of Cigar Aficionado. Needless to say, Mr. Shanken wasn't too pleased when Apple booted his company's "Where to Smoke" app from the iStore for violating Apple's staunch anti-tobacco use policies, which Shanken (rightfully) considers hypocritical as fuck since they haven't removed any apps from their services that facilitate the purchase and consumption of marijuana, such as Weedmaps. "This is David against Goliath, and sadly this time Goliath is the winner," Shanken lamented in an impassioned (and not at all self-unaware and hyperbolic) blog post. "It’s an assault on free speech and capital enterprise. It’s discrimination against cigar smokers—plain and simple."

Still, with Apple expected to repatriate more than a quarter trillion dollars back into the U.S. treasury under Trump's recently enacted tax overhaul, certainly Tim Cook and pals could attempt to save face by announcing plans to manufacture Apple products here in America. Hey - a little bit of nationalistic pride would certainly offset the cost of a $2,000 phone, wouldn't it?

Reporter so upset over Net Neutrality ruling, he drove drunk to a Jewish hospital and tried to break into a teenage patient's room

There have been a LOT of hysterical reactions to the long-dreaded repeal of Net Neutrality - indeed, it'll take you awhile before you scroll through the scores of death threats lobbed at Ajit Pai on Twitterbut nobody took the news as bad as New York Daily News reporter Aaron Showalter, it seems. The 41-year-old NYDN penman spent a lot of time spamming Twitter in the lead up to the FCC's Dec. 14 ruling on ending Net Neutrality, to the point he was robo-posting #StopTheFCC agitprop every ten minutes. And then, the same day the FCC finally put the kibosh on NN, Showalter decided to protest the decision by doing what any aggrieved yet level-headed dissident would do - he drove drunk to a Jewish hospital, snuck into the room of a teenager who was in a non-related hit and run accident, got kicked out by security and then led police on a brief car chase before being arrested for - among other charges - criminal trespass and driving under the influence. As of press time, NYDN head honcho Robert Moore hasn't explicitly told the public Showalter has been fired, only offering an oblique (yet wholly anticipated) "the conduct attributed to our freelance reporter is under review." And yes, Showalter's Twitter account is still active, complete with a retweet from some conservative blogger calling him a drunk pinned to the very top of his page, with half his profile content consisting of tweets about or from a middle school-aged girl. While New York's finest aren't really known for their humor, you've got to give props to the New York Post's police contact, who feed 'em the absolutely perfect quote to cap off the story - "there's no way this guy is getting his press pass back."

It's official: NOT sexually harassing black women is RACIST

Amidst all of this #MeToo sexual harassment hysteria (which, thanks to the holiday break, seems to have simmered down to pre-WeinsteinGate levels), it seems as if we - the general American public - have forgotten all about the REAL victims of gender discrimination in the workplace ... black women who DON'T get sexually assaulted or harassed by their employers. In a Dec. 4 Esquire editorial, Rebecca Carroll ranted about her experiences working for Charlie Rose back in 1997, describing account after account of the disgraced PBS host's "lecherous behavior" with staff and guests. Of course, if Carroll was truly as morally outraged as she claims about Rose's alleged doings and misdeeds, one has to wonder why she waited 20 goddamn years to say anything about it - but that's neither here nor there. You see, what REALLY miffed Carroll wasn't the fact that Rose purportedly harassed his female coworkers and colleagues, it was the fact he didn't show that same perverted amicability towards BLACK WOMEN. Let's let Carroll herself say it, why don't we?
"In the nearly two years I worked for the show, a mere fraction of the guests were black—more than one of whom told me in confidence after their appearance that they’d found Charlie’s tone condescending and dismissive. This was the infrastructure of the show: All the valuable, sought-after guests were white—a common occurrence across media platforms. And while many of us on staff were subject to Charlie’s unsolicited shoulder massages and physical intimidation, as he towered above us at a height over six feet tall, the women Charlie preferred and preyed upon—at least that I witnessed—were white. It was an environment that all but erased me, while simultaneously exploiting me as a black woman ... To be clear, I’m not suggesting it would have been preferable for Charlie to have preyed upon me, too—but rather, his sexualization of white women was a manifestation of gendered power dynamics in the same way that his not sexualizing me was an expression of racialized power dynamics."

So there you have it, guys - refraining from sexually harassing and intimidating black women is now an official form of white supremacy. Which, naturally, means it's all of our duties and obligations to pinch LaKeisha on the ass first thing at the photocopier tomorrow morning - I mean, we don't want our fine, melanated sisters to think we're racists, too, do we?

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves...


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