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Revisiting ECW November To Remember 2000

Roughly two months away from insolvency, ECW tried its darndest to make its marquee show of the year in 2000 stand out … and the results are, well, underwhelming, to say the least

By: Jimbo X
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Since we’re adjacent to Thanksgiving, that’s a good enough excuse for me to talk about one of my favorite things ever — Extreme Championship Wrestling. And no, not just because New Jack had a fondness for carving underage white boys like turkeys … but it is an excellent seasonal aside, I’ll give you that.

Although short-lived (aye, can you believe TNA has now lasted TWICE as long as ECW?), Paul Heyman’s renegade pawn shop promotion remains one of the most influential pop cultural constructs of the 1990s. Simply put, without ECW, there would’ve been no such thing as an “Attitude Era,” and there’s a pretty strong likelihood that the entire concept of pro wrestling itself could’ve died out by the early 2000s had E-C-Dub not shown Vinny Mac the golden way.

Of course, we all know the fate of ECW by now. The company’s 1999 deal with The Nashville Network was supposed to make it a legit national company, but barely a year later it was sans a cable deal and hemorrhaging money like MC Hammer with a hole in his parachute pants pockets. By the time November To Remember 2000 was an all-go, the writing was pretty much on the walls: ECW wasn’t just dying, it was getting ready to emit its death sharts.

Oh, what a difference a year makes. 1999’s NTR had such a jubilant, optimistic tone. So what if Taz and the Dudleys were headed to the ‘F, they just got Raven and The Sandman back, plus the company had so many homegrown stars to tout, like Mike Awesome, Sabu and especially Rob Van Dam … indeed, it seemed like the sky was the veritable limit for Paul H. and pals. Well, fast forward 360-or-so days and the company roster was so depleted that they had to make Jerry Lynn their world champion, with STEVE CORINO waiting in the wings as his heir apparent.

Yeah … things were not looking good at this point. Not looking good at all.

Of course, it’s easy to let the fog of nostalgia taint our collective memories, but why rely on our 18-year-old recollections when I just so happen to have a VHS copy of the original PPV broadcast right here? Oh, I think you know what’s up, folks; grab you a plate of sweet potato pie, set that turkey sammich for a two-minute nuke in the microwave and get ready to party like it’s 2-0-0-0 … and also, be extremely disappointed in the process … as we vividly recollect one of the least memorable Pay-Per-Views ever!

You mean you WOULDN'T want to spend $29.99 to see this?

The show begins with World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn saying that he made a promise to defend the title when he won it at Anarchy Rulz, and goddamnit, he's serious. He says if he has to walks through The Sandman, Justin Credible, Steve Corino or even the whole locker room tonight, it don't matter because he's the world (insert death metal growl here) CHAMPIIIIIOOOON. Then Dawn Marie (or is that Beulah or Francine? They all kind of run together to me) cuts a promo saying Justin Credible HAS to win tonight or else he won't get any vagina from here on out. The Sandman says he's proud to be politically incorrect and puts a cigarette out on his palm. And Steve Corino ... well, he looks a LOT like C.M. Punk, except blond. Then Jack Victory tries to hook up with Dawn Marie, gets turned down and says "high spot!" Yeah ... this totally doesn't feel like a dying company, at all.

We throw it to Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the ring. This hootenanny is coming to you LIVE (from 18 years ago) in some high school gym in suburban Chicago somewhere. Gertner's bawdy introduction includes a reference to both cunnilingus and Inspector Gadget, so that's something to note, I guess. Some guy I have no idea who he is comes down to the ring and the crowd chants "You suck dick!" at him. Wait, is that Simon Diamond? Man, I am drawing a blank here, for real. Shit, even Joel Gertner can't remember his name, he just calls him an "undercard jamoke." By the way, I think "jamoke" is a milkshake or something. Well, Tommy Dreamer comes out and wallops him with a chair, and then CW Anderson comes out and spinebusts him, then Joey Matthews and Christian York come out and it looks like they're going to have an impromptu tag match against Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger RIGHT NOW. Well, this is just sheer bedlam, with double Russian leg sweeps and stereo planchas to the outside galore. Oh, and there's no commentary, either, so I hope you guys LOVE crowd ambiance. Diamond hits, uh, one of those guys, with a series of rolling suplexes, but ... Matthews, I think ... kicks out. Diamond and Swinger hit a tandem Rock Bottom thingy, but what's his name kicks out. So now Cyrus the Virus is doing the commentary. Like fuck I know who is in the ring right now. Literally three of the dudes in this match look identical. Diamond and Swinger with a double-team DDT of sorts on ... uh, one of the other guys. CW spine busts one of the other guys, and then Swinger and Diamond double team for the "Problem Solver" to get the uno, dos, tres. We get a three on two beatdown until Kid Kash makes the save, culminating with a spot where he uses the ref as a spring board for a HUGE spring board suicide dive to the outside. And that's our cue for the next match to begin, Kash vs. Anderson, naturally. Styles is back on the mic. Kash with a series of hip tosses, and Styles makes a bizarre reference to Wile E. Coyote. CW with a big clothesline and Cyrus makes a joke about Super Crazy getting deported. Kash with a hurrancanrana over the top rope, which makes the fans chant "E-C-Dub!" because this shit was still kinda' novel back then. Kash uses a chair to launch himself into CW in the crowd. Kash clobbers CW with a chair shot. CW lands the "Ferris Wheel," which is actually a pretty nasty looking spinebuster-into-a-suplex combo. CW with a really shitty looking armdrag, so the fans chant "you fucked up." In case you're wondering, CW does indeed look like Arn Anderson, if Arn Anderson was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. CW slams a chair over Kash's arm on the outside. CW with a "shoulder stunner" and an arm wrench from the doggy-style position. Kash with a splash off the top rope, but CW kicks out at two. CW drops Kash with a discus punch, except without the discus part. CW with a spinning jaw jacker, but Kash kicks out of that, too. Kash with a sunset flip, CW with a counter sunset, and they knock each other out with dueling clotheslines. Now it's time for a slap exchange. Kash with a leapfrog and a hurrancanrana off the top rope. CW kicks out. Kash goes up again but this time CW catches him and superplexes that white nigga. Kash, of course, kicks out. Kash with an attempted school boy, CW with an inside cradle. And CW lands the spinebuster. Hey, what do you know, Kash kicks out. Kash with a tornado DDT off the ropes, and that's what gives us the three-count. Well, that was just a great big clusterfuck of guilty pleasure fun. And if that motif feels familiar, it's because Paul and the gang opened the previous year's N2R using the exact same tag-team bout dissolving into an impromptu single bout gimmick. I wouldn't call it great wrestling by any stretch, but it certainly held my interest ... I'm feeling generous with it being the holidays and all, so how's about we give it a fair [** 3/4] rating and keep dancing?

Up next, we've got Hot Commodity — that's the tag team of Julio Dinero and EZ Money, for those of you not in the know — coming to ring, alongside their manager Elektra. And also, some guy wearing a garbage bag with a Confederate flag on it. I don't even know what the fuck these gimmicks were supposed to be. Cue "Super Bon Bon" by Soul Coughing, because their opponents are none other than Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill. LOL, Dinero is billed as hailing from "Treasure Island." So far, Roadkill has gotten the biggest reaction of anybody. That oughta' tell you everything you need to know about ECW in its last three months before it went out of business. Of course, the guy in the rebel flag garbage bag (his name is Chris Hamrick, technically) interferes, but wait a minute, here comes SPIKE DUDLEY to make the save! Dinero hits Dudley with an STO and dives to the outside. So I guess this is a three-on-three now. EZ Money with a tope. Now Spike is going up top. He splashes to the outside and wipes out EVERYBODY. Roadkill with a fallaway slam on Hamrick and an elbow drop off the top. Roadkill with a powerslam on Money. Doring with a diving elbow. Dinero gets hit with a "high-capture lariat" in a rare triple team manuever. EZ hits Doring with a basic lariat (he calls it "the Money Clip") and Dinero gets the tag. He hits a spinning neckbreaker called the Vertebreaker (no relation to Shane Helms' WAY more awesome finisher) and now Hamrick is in. Doring with a "G Spot Sweep" on Hamrick. Yeah, it's just a basic Russian leg sweep. Roadkill is tagged in and he hits Dinero with a "Dirt Road Slam" after nailing EZ with the "Barn Burner." Spike's tagged in and he fucks up everybody until EZ clips his knee. Hamrick misses a top top leap frog leg drop (the Confederate Crunch) and EZ counters the Acid Drop with a fat power bomb. Elektra enters the fray and Doring gives her the Bareback and Spike hits Hamrick with a stunner while Roadkill holds him in the wheelbarrow position for the finish. So yeah, it was another cluster-fucky trainwreck of a tag team match, but damn it, I still enjoyed it. Let's give it the industry standard [** 1/2] as this PPV carries onward.

Unfortunately, Balls Mahoney forgot the marshmallows.

Rhino cuts a promo on New Jack, saying his chances of beating him "are very fucking slim." He then says he's going to rip New Jack's face off, make him eat his own face, and then shit his own face out his butt. OK, that was like something out of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia right there. 

Up next, Chris Chetti is being accompanied to the ring by "Lou E. Dangerously," who does indeed look and sound a LOT like Mr. Heyman. Cue Nova, who comes out wearing a leather Venom costume. Before the bell, Chetti says he wants this to be a "loser leaves town" match, so yeah, I guess this is a "loser leaves town" match then. Nova goes for a pescado early but hits nothing but concrete floor. Nova slams Chetti's head on a ringside table and the outside fisticuffs continue. Chetti has a really shitty blade job going on now. Nova goes for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Chetti counters out. Nova locks in a crossface chicken wing and Chetti drops him with a super kick. Chetti gets slung back first into a steel chair just left conveniently there by the ring post. Lou E. hits Nova in the balls and Chetti lands a leaping scissors kick while Nova untangles his testicles, that opportunistic motherfucker. Oh, by the way, these guys used to be a tag team or something, like anybody remembers/cares. Chetti with another side kick, but it's only good enough for a two-count. Now Nova's bleedin' a bit. Nova goes for a backslide, but Chetti ripostes with an inverted STO of sorts. Nova with a flying side kick on a rebound off the ropes. Chetti conks Nova with a chair but Nova pretty much no sells it and hits that motherfucker with an enzuigiri. Well, you can't say Nova didn't bring the intensity for this one. Nova hits Chetti with a Pedigree variation but Lou E. puts Chris' leg on the bottom rope to break up the count. Nova with a small package, but it only nets a two. The two exchange pinning predicaments for a while and Nova hits Chetti with two piledrivers before Lou E. clocks him over the head with a giant cell phone. Chetti goes for the pin, but Nova kicks out. This is a surprisingly intense match, believe it or not. Both men go up top, and Nova ends up reversing whatever the fuck Chetti was aiming for into a super Kryptonite Krunch and yep, that scores him the pinfall. Well, that match was MUCH better than it probably had any right to be — I'd feel comfortable giving it a considerably above average [***] rating, myself. 

Now it's New Jack's turn to talk mad shit about Rhino. He's wearing a shirt that reads "24/7 Black Mafia" and wielding a FUCKIN' SCYTHE. He says he's going to carve Rhino's guts out and eat them like a buzzard, and then he's going to pawn the ECW Television Title to pay for car repairs. Shit, if you think these two guys' promos tonight were bonkers, you ought to have heard the stuff they were saying on the TV build-up, where Rhino threatened to bathe in New Jack's blood and New Jack threatened to paint Rhino's nails and literally prostitute him on the streets. Fuck, why aren't those things on YouTube?

Anyway, Da' Baldies are coming out for the next contest. I think that's Angel and Vic Grimes. No, wait, that's Devito, not Grimes, my bad. Their opponents tonight are Balls Mahoney and CHILLY WILLY, and this shit right here is a FLAMING TABLES match, which means you can only win by putting your opponent through ... well, I guess you can figure this one out on your own, can't you? Chilly Willy isn't wearing a shirt, so right off the bat you know he's not going to be the one going through the burning furniture. Balls conks both the Baldies with a steel chair and he and his tag team partner are already breaking out the tables. Now we've got some brawling in the crowd. Man, can you IMAGINE how bad Balls Mahoney's Immolation tee shirt must smell? Angel clocks Chilly Willy with a plastic garbage can, then Devito gets fed a series of fist burgers from Balls. Chilly hits Angel with a cup of beer and now they're brawling in the nosebleed section. Man, this is shit you DEFINITELY wouldn't see in today's lawsuit-happy world, that's for sure. Devito is bleeding a little from his forehead. The fans have been chanting "E-C-Dub" for, like, the last five minutes. Man, people sure were easily entertained before social media. Chilly Willy suplexes Angel on the ramp way. Then Angel gets his comeuppance with a SICK chair shot. That's an easy ten points off Willy's next IQ exam, for sure. Now Willy is rag dolling Angel back and forth across the guard rails. Angel powerbombs Willy on two chairs while Devito and Balls continue to pummel each other with chairs in the background. Da' Baldies set up a table in the ring, but Balls takes them out with a DDT. Balls and Devito go up top and Mahoney hits his patented Nutcracker Suite. Balls retrieves the flammable fluid and greases up that table real good and lights it ablaze, Angel gets powerbombed through it, and that gives Mahoney and Chilly the de facto victory. Huh ... ECW actually packaged two guys named "Balls" and "Willy" as a tag team. Now that is some real high brow humor right that. As for the bout itself, that was probably about as good a match as we should've expected, considering the circumstances. It was nothing special, of course, but to my surprise, it wasn't an absolute shit-fest, either. Let's give it the always safe and reliable [** 1/2] rating and keep chugging along, why don't we?

At this rate, those potatoes were probably less than four months away from winning the ECW tag team titles.

The Sinister Minister and Tajiri hold potatoes and talk about what they're thankful for in a backstage segment. Oh, and the segment concludes with Mikey Whipwreck hogtied on a flaming table, because ... uh, reasons, I guess.

Now it's time for the Rhino vs. New Jack bout. Shit, I need to download "Debonaire" by Dope now — that was such a dope theme. Pardon the pun. But not really. Rhino grabs a chair and just waits for New Jack to saunter down the aisle with his shopping cart of plunder en tow. Jack clocks Rhino with a trash can lid, then he hits him with a Chicago Bears helmet. Rhino gets clobbered over the skull with the rest of the trash can and then Jack breaks a pool cue over his lower back. Now it's time for Jack to choke Rhino with a steel chain. Clean, wholesome fun for the whole family right here! Jack has a sign reading "Left Turn Signal." Ironically, he uses both hands to conk Rhino with it. New Jack's assault continues on the floor below, as he launches Rhino into the guard rail. Jacks takes a running leap off the apron and clobbers Rhino with the road signage one more time. Jack tosses Rhino back into the ring. Now we've got a table in the equation. Rhino hits Jack with a cookie sheet and sets the table up in the corner. Jack with a clothesline, and it's all gangster-like, too. Jack with a snapmare, which looks dangerously like an actual wrestling maneuver so he has to hit Rhino in the balls with pool cue immediately afterwards. Then Jack pulls out the scythe, just like he promised in the pre-match promo. But Rhino drops him with a clothesline. Jack recovers and conks Rhino with a trash can in the corner. Rhino throws the referee into the way of Jack's next trash can attack, and then Jack breaks out the dreaded STAPLE GUN. We've got a new ref in, but Jack staples his ass, so I take it that means we have no refs now. Rhino lands a scoop slam and goes up top. He misses on the fat, short-man with long hair splash. Jack breaks out an acoustic guitar, strums it a few times and hits Rhino with it. But after the baby powder eruption dissipates, there is this fucking GREAT moment where Rhino completely no sells it, pounds his chest, and Jack — for what has to be the first time in his ECW career — has a look of ACTUAL FEAR in his eyes and Rhino just grabs his ass and plows him through Chekov's table in the corner for the three-count. 

For my money, that HAS to be the greatest "formula" New Jack match ever. You had all of the goofy, ultra-violent brawling you come to expect, but with a downright brilliant twist ending, of sorts. Indeed, next to The Gangstas/Thugs race war brawl in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, this is easily my favorite New Jack match ever. DO go out of your way to see this one, kids — I have no problem declaring this exemplary garbage match a solid [****] affair, and I'm not even being ironic about it, either.

In a backstage sequence, Corino goes into Sandman's locker room and tries to pour his beers in the trash and he and Sandy start brawling. Of course, we throw it back to Cyrus and Joey before anything really interesting happens. 

Up next, it's an ECW Tag Team Championship bout as Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke defend their belts against Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck. By the way, I will NEVER get tired of fans chanting "you fat fuck" at Big Sal E. Graziano. Ever. Also, LOL at Mamaluke's weight being announced in liquid ounces, for no discernible reason whatsoever. And right on cue, there's the "Where's our pizza?" chant. Luke and Mikey to begin. Mamaluke with a quick takedown and Mikey with a hammerlock. What the fuck is this, actual wrestling? Whipwreck goes for an electric flyswatter, but Mamaluke counters. Mikey hits Guido with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and he and Tajiri flapjack Mamaluke like a motherfucker. Now it's Guido and Tajiri going at it. And the chain wrestling is shockingly solid ... and even more surprising, the ECW faithful are actually CHEERING for it. Mikey gets tagged back in and he hits Guido with a guillotine leg drop. They put chairs in between Guido's head and crush it with stereo sliding dropkicks. Guido gets flapjacked on a nearby table and Tajiri conks Mamaluke with a broom. Whipwreck lands a DOUBLE Whipper-Snapper off the top rope on both members of the Full-Blooded Italians. Big Sal. E enters the fray and splashes Mikey. Here comes the gurney crew to check Mikey out. The fans chant for Super Crazy as Mikey is carted to the back. Guido locks in an armbreaker and then he and Luke put Tajiri in a combination Sicilian Crab and Camel Clutch. And yep, here comes Super Crazy to make the save. He whoops the FBI's asses with moonsaults galore. Crazy puts Mamaluke in the tree of woe and Tajiri baseball slides into him. Tajiri hits Guido with a steel chair and then Tajiri dropkicks it into his face. Now Tajiri is breaking out the Ric Flair chops. Guido locks in a reverse Fujiwara armbar and Mamaluke hits him with a belly to back suplex. Guido hits a top rope legdrop, but Tajiri kicks out. Crazy gets the hot tag and he's missile dropkicking fucking everybody. He powerbombs Mamaluke, but he kicks out at two. Guido eats a tornado DDT from Crazy. Now he and Mamaluke are brawling in the crowd. Big Sal. E attacks Super Crazy while Tajiri picks Guido apart in the middle of the ring. Guido gets his boot on the bottom rope to break up an armbar attempt. Guido's bleeding pretty heavily from the forehead. Crazy climbs up the balcony and hits a moonsault a good 10 feet to the show floor below to wipe out Big Sal. Tajiri puts Mamaluke in the Tarantula, but Guido runs over there and hits a bulldog off the ropes for the out-of-nowhere three count. Yowzers, that was just a mess from start-to-finish. But as often the case with ECW, even in absolute clusterfucks there was more good than bad, so I'd feel pretty comfortable giving that one a solid [** 3/4] rating. In the post-match, Tajiri and Super Crazy bump fists, signifying they're all cool and shit now.

...yeah, I expected a million PPV buys with THAT as the main event, too.

We cut to Jasmine taking a shower with the Blue Meanie, back when he was skinny for like a year or two before being fat again. Yeah, everybody forgets that, don't they? Meanwhile, Joey asks if Cyrus has a boner and he kind of plays it off. Styles then explains the rules of our "Double Jeopardy" main event for the ECW title. Basically, it's two singles matches going on in the ring at the same time, with the winners of those matches facing each other immediately afterwards for the championship. Well, a convoluted set-up like that surely doesn't lend itself to clusterfucky outcomes, would it? 

"Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck" as Justin Credible comes out with Francine. Damn, that girl looks like she needs a blood transfusion and a hot sandwich. Out next, it's the world champ Jerry Lynn, who, of course, beat Credible to win the title at the previous ECW PPV. Steve Corino is out next, which means we've got a good five or six minutes to watch The Sandman take goddamn forever to get to the ring. Well, Sandy isn't showing up, so Credible and Lynn decide to start rasslin' anyway. Corino drops Lynn with a Bionic Elbow and the fans start chanting "RVD." Now Credible is stompin' a mudhole in Jerry. Now Corino and Credible are trading fisticuffs. Lynn chokes Corino with his boot and then Credible starts socking him again. Cue "Enter Sandman." Sandy slowly makes his way trough the crowd, stopping halfway to feed some dude who probably has at least one rape to his criminal record a Budweiser. He canes Lynn and Credible, drinks another beer, and Corino slaps the brew out of his hand. Credible gets caned, Jack Victory gets caned and Lynn goes after Sandy. For some reason, Justin is bleeding from his titties. Lynn hits Corino with a tornado DDT. Sandman hits Corino with a leg drop while he's draped over the guardrail. Credible hits Lynn with a spinebuster. The two exchange chops and Sandman throws a ladder into the ring. Corino eats steel, and Credible gets thrown back first into the ladder, too. Hell, why not launch Lynn into it while we're doling out the punishment? Sandman suplexes Corino on the ladder, but Steve kicks out. Then Sandman bulldogs Credible onto the ladder, while Corino and Lynn pummel each other on the outside. Sandman throws a beat up piece of guardrail into the ring and Lynn hits Corino with a chair shot. All four men are juicing. The guardrail is set up in the middle of the ring, with four steel chairs being used as support beams. Naturally, Sandman uses it to suplex Corino. Lynn and Credible play the piledriver reversal game, then Dawn Marie and Francine look like they're about to get into it, then Lynn gets Sandman's cane and hits him with it and ... god, this is just a train wreck in the truest sense of the word. Then Credible hits Lynn with That's Incredible and Corino hits Sandman with the Old School Expulsion (a simple fucking neckbreaker) and pin them at the same time to set up the second stanza of our World Championship matchup. And the fans are so happy with such hectic booking that they're all chanting "bullshit!" at the top of their lungs. So Corino and Credible trade blows, complete with Steve hitting another Bionic Elbow. Corino has a crimson mask — I'd give it a good 7 out of 10 on the Muta Scale. Victory hands Corino a table and he sets it up in the corner. He chops Credible a couple of times and Credible chops him back. This is actually a pretty good exchange, believe it or not. Both men are flat on their backs after colliding into each other mid-Irish whip. Corino suplexes Credible through the table, but Justin kicks out. Corino super kicks Francine and hits Justin with the Old School Expulsion. Credible kicks out and drops Corino with a superkick. Steve kicks out. Credible gets the cane and whacks Corino with it a few times. Corino hits the Expulsion one more time, then Dawn Marie turns heel and hits Steve in the testicles. Bitches ... you just can't trust them. Credible hits Corino with the cane a good four or five times and Corino super kicks that nigga one more time for the flash pinfall ... and by default, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. In the post-match theatrics, Lynn respectfully hands the belt over to Corino ... but he makes sure to bitch slap him before he exits the arena. And with that rather uneventful tease, the show's over, kids

Considering his biggest angle to date was a one-off against Fred Durst, Steve Corino's ascension to ECW Champion cannot be described as anything other than "meteoric."

Well, needless to say, that [** 3/4] main event was just a trainwreck from start-to-finish. I’m sure the concept sounded cool when Paul H. was mulling it and also not paying his employees, but the execution was just plain crummy. Granted, the quality ratcheted up quite a bit when it was just Corino and Credible going at it, but you have to consider this one of the biggest examples of botched “Heyman booking” in company history.

I really need to do a whole series on ECW in 2000, complete with a revisit of all the major PPVs. It’s pretty amazing to think that the company began the year with RVD vs. Mike Awesome in a unification bout as its big endgame but wound up with STEVE CORINO as its world champ at years’ end. Clearly, a lot of things had to have gone array for that to happen, and retracing the slow death of ECW would certainly be a fascinating odyssey … albeit, one that’s too massive to even attempt to encapsulate here.

As lackluster as NTR 2000 may have been, I still don’t think it was a “bad” PPV, per se. For starters, Rhino vs. New Jack is probably one of the best pure-D garbage matches ECW put on in its dying days, and the Chris Chetti/Nova bout might just be the most overachieving bout in company history. Indeed, nothing on the show was really terrible, and just about every match at least held your attention until the final bell. This was clearly Heyman and the boys trying to make a feast out of table scraps, and considering the circumstances, it wasn’t really that bad of a showing at all.

EC-Dub managed to chug along for two more PPVs before going belly-up, and this show — for pretty obvious reasons — remains one of the less heralded the company put on. Really, the only thing worth going out of your way to see here is the aforementioned Rhino/New Jack bout, and you can find that pretty easily in isolated form on the Tubes and the Motions.

For ECW’s analogue to WrestleMania, this show can’t be considered anything other than a disappointment, though, and unless you are just super nostalgic for the early, early 2000s, there’s not much of a reason to go out of your way to see this one, I’m afraid.

In fact, you might even say this is one November … to not Remember. Oh yeah — I went there. I so did.


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