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This Week in Social Justice Warrior-Dom (Jan. 20, 2019 Edition)

Trigger warning activated! Our biweekly recap of everything that irked, irritated and aggravated SJWs is back with a vengeance!

By: JimboX

The ultimate metaphor for America in the 21st century — a young brown man brutally dismembers two elderly white women for Jesus

In his outstanding work of speculative fiction The Next 100 Years, author George Friedman hypothesized that, by century’s end, the American electorate would devolve into a political war between elderly white women and young brown men. While his assertions, at the time of the book’s release, were mildly perplexing, one can observe the demographic pendulum start a swingin’ already. For all the jibber-jabber we hear about male privilege on a daily basis, the oft-overlooked reality is that women continue to outlive men, to the point American females now live five years longer than their male counterparts on average. Furthermore, not only are there more women in the U.S. than men, over the next five years the trendline is supposed to increase to the point there are 174 million women in American compared to 167 million men … a point of demographical divergence that shows no signs of slowing down over the rest of the American century. Meanwhile, virtually all empirical data on contemporary birth rates and mortality rates suggest that by 2100, not only will Caucasians NOT be a majority in the United States, Hispanics may indeed already be a national majority, with some projections showing non-native “immigrants” and their second-generation children representing as much as one third of the national populace by 2065. So yes, it does appear that the presidential race come 2096 will be decided by old white bitches and 20-something brown people who probably won’t speak the language we commonly regard as “English” in this, the year 2019. And while Democrats are hedging their bets that this coalition of elderly Caucasian slags and caramel-colored young-uns will give them an insurmountable voting bloc come the 22nd century, such a political strategy may be a dead-end in waiting, considering the ideological and political perspectives of the two voting sectors are … well, not exactly what you’d call compatible. Although the liberal politicos may think their old white fogeys/pissed brown people tandem will give them an electoral edge from this point forward, the more likely outcome is embodies by a recent development in New York, in which 29-year-old Nathan Aubain — who, as a mere aside, appears to be half-white, half-black and all shity-haircut — confessed to brutally murdering his 90-year-old (and, just for the record, white) grandmother and her equally mayonnaise-hued, 87-year-old landlord and then chopping up their withered corpses. If you’re looking for an explanation as to why Aubain would do such, the best he could muster was that one of the women purportedly made sexual advances towards him, which per Aubain, was an affront to Jesus himself, thus those thirsty ass senior citizens had to be dismembered, The Evil Dead-style.

Interestingly enough, Aubain was sentenced to prison in 2008 for his part in an armed robbery, but a later conviction for possessing a homemade shiv while in the pokey was vacated because another guard at the jail confessed to planting a weapon on another inmate. Of course, had that sentence not been overruled, there’s a good chance Aubain would’ve remained incarcerated, and as such, Katherine Aubain and Jane Wentka might still be breathing in early 2019. But hey — if that’s the kind of future liberals want for America, so fuckin’ be it.

How to break a liberal’s brain — tell them an illegal immigrant from Mexico just butchered a 77-year-old black man

During President Trump’s primetime appeal to the populace to garner support for his border wall initiative earlier this month, he very briefly brought up the case of a 77-year-old black man in Georgia being killed by an illegal immigrant from Mexico. As it turns out, the specifics of that case are much gristlier than one might assume — not only did 25-year-old Christian Ponce Martin murder Robert Page in his Clayton County home last November, the dude dismembered the septuagenarian victim, leaving pieces of his dissected corpse under tarps in his backyard and in his own refrigerator. Of course, since acknowledging such would mean liberals would have to ADMIT that a.) illegal immigrants can do very, very bad things or b.) completely discount the horrific slaying of an elderly black man as a consequence of their pro-open border policy-making as  insignificant, local media in Atlanta did exactly what you’d expect them to do and instead turned their attention towards two Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiners — quite conveniently, both of whom are white, as fate would have it — who allegedly took selfies with Page’s dismembered head, leading the deceased’s daughter to state “You taking pictures, making light of a situation like that … I mean, you’re just as evil to me as that murderer.

Which, of course, is precisely the Democratic state of mind on such things. Never mind the fact that drug cartel-trained murderers are bumping off negroes left and right, random ass white people being “racist” ought to be our REAL public affairs concern, shouldn’t it?

New York weatherman’s life ruined because he accidentally called Martin Luther King, Jr. a “coon”

In modern America, no historical figure is as revered as The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man so esteemed that saying even the teenist, tiniest negative thing about his well-documented character defects is enough to have one’s livelihood wrecked permanently. Indeed, while modern liberals have no qualms calling Jesus Christ a made-up cocksucker and rubbing it in Middle America’s face, refusing to celebrate The Kang as anything other than the greatest human being who’s ever lived is usually career suicide, and few recent episodes typify that more than the fate of New York weatherman Jeremy Kappell, whom accidentally referred to his Holiness Dr. King as “Martin Luther Coon” on live television. While video evidence appears that Kappell simply tripped over his own tongue, such isn’t good enough for the gilded Red Guard in America media, have basically declared social jihad on the disgraced Kappell, who  — of course — was fired for his verbal gaffe, and is now unlikely to ever financially support his spouse and family ever again because by golly, that’s exactly what Dr. King would’ve wanted. While Kappell has received some aid and assistance from the media vanguard — one rather unlikely apologist is meteorologist Al Roker — the damage has done been done, as they say ‘round my parts, and the public character execution of Kappell serves as an example to all who dare besmirch the godhead of Rev. Dr. King … indeed, the media powers that be are just waiting and watching, champing at the bit for the next honky broadcaster to mispronounce their way to lifelong unemployment.

Tennessee judge tells the objective, statistically-derived truth about black-on-black crime — Internet hivemind immediately deems him “racist” and demands he be removed from the bench

Earlier this year, Tennessee judge Wayne Shelton made national headlines when news circulated of his comments to an alleged murder suspect … who, as shocking as this may sound considering what we know about national homicide statistics, was indeed a black man.

“I grew up in a time where people wore white robes and they shot at black people and now we see young black men wearing hoodies shooting at black men and doing a much more effective job than the Klan ever thought about doing,” Shelton purportedly said in the courtroom. Of course, the Internet hoi polloi has since called for Shelton to be de-robed in the wake of his “controversial” comments, even though blindingly empirical evidence demonstrates everything he said is 100 percent true. Indeed, the FBI hasn’t attributed a single black person’s death to the Ku Klux Klan since 1981, while black people were responsible for killing 2,570 of their own kind in 2016 alone, and that over the course of just one and a half years in modern American society, the number of black-on-black homicide victims easily eclipses the TOTAL number of black people lynched from the end of the Civil War until the Civil Rights Movement.

Still, the good judge is getting some support from a somewhat unexpected source — the Clarksville, Tenn. NAACP, whose head honcho Jimmie Garland said Shelton was “right on point” with his diatribe. “He’s telling the young people ‘stop killing yourself, stop doing the job that, back in the early 30s and 20s and 10, they did wearing robes and wearing pointed hats,” he told local media. “You don’t have to do that.”

Two North Carolina women charged with sexual battery for beating up female impersonator in bar bathroom

As we all know by now, women are totally innocent, nonviolent creatures who would never in a million years show even the slightest smidge of intolerance or aggression towards anybody … unless, of course, they’re white, heterosexual women who look like they might vote Republican, at which point the media makes it a point to remind us all that they’re all a buncha’  neo-Nazi cunts that just can’t be trusted. Such became precisely the case last month, when thirty-something Caucasoid broads Jessica Fowler and Amber Harrell allegedly kidnapped and sexually abused a transwoman-man-person-being in the bathroom of a North Carolina bar. “It’s a shame that two women can do so much harm to a wonderful person,” the owners of the bar said in a media statement. “Once they came out of the restroom and it was made clear … what was happening, we immediately stepped in to stop the situation and make sure she was OK.”

In a subsequent TV interview, the 29-year-old victim said that she doesn’t hold any “ill will” against her attackers, because “I don’t want them to become targets because I know how it feels to be a target.” Furthermore, the victim said all he/she/it/shit wants is “an apology, to start with,” although we’re just gonna’ go on and guess that the trans-victim prolly won’t be turning down any financial rewards a civil court may offer shim/sher/sherbet down the road.

Mainstream media nonplussed that not only do Hispanic Trump supporters exist, but their ranks may in fact be growing

The way the mainstream media posits it, Donald Trump is an unabashed Spic-hater who wants to holocaust every beaner in America while wearing a T-shirt that says “La Parka sucks” on it. This, despite the fact that roughly one out of every three Hispanics in the nation voted for the Trumpster back in 2016 — a curiosity that no doubt fills the CNNs and New York Timeses of the world with much befuddlement and perplexion. In fact, the cognitive dissonance was so bad for the Associated Press that in late December, they sent reporter Nicholas Riccardi out into the wild to figger out how come so many Latinos ain’t votin’ the way they want ‘em to. While Riccardi’s half-hearted sociocultural analysis leaves a lot to be desired, it at least features one or two glimmers of intriguing insight into the hearts and minds of the browner-than-usual Trump supporter. Long story short, the author theorizes that so many Hispanics back Trump … and by proxy, the Republican Party … because veterans make up about 13 percent of their voting bloc and by golly, do they not like abortion. Not that you would’ve gotten it out of Riccardi’s story, but as NPR (of all publications) observed a few years back, a somewhat surprisingly high number of Hispanic voters just don’t plain give a damn about all of that anti-illegal immigration jibber-jabber … mainly, because they actually SUPPORT efforts to ensure border security and see such as an economic wellbeing issue as opposed to the ethnocentric matter the one the media wants ‘em to so ardently consider it.

Maybe the big takeaway here is that Democrats ought not conflate illegal immigration with Hispanic interests … but then again, that would also mean noting that Hispanics are considerably more paternalistic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic and misogynistic than they’d care to consider — and as we all know by now, such is a reality the libs just can’t force themselves to face, in this election cycle or seemingly any other.

Gay rapper slain in Puerto Rico as media does damndest to ignore unfortunate realities of Hispanic community

Speaking of homophobia in the Hispanic community, it looks like Puerto Rico has one-less gender-bending trap musician among its ranks. On Jan. 10, the territory’s most beloved openly-homosexual trap musician Kevin Fret was allegedly shot and killed on the streets of San Juan, which is already being described as a hate crime even though, as of press time, no gunmen have been identified or arrested by local officials. “Homophobia is deeply rooted in our country and represents a formidable factor of discrimination, marginality and exclusion,” CNN quotes Palmira N. Rios Gonzalez of the Puerto Rican Civil Rights Commission. “In fact, it appears that homophobia persists as a socially acceptable prejudice.” Of course, there is the alternate hypothesis that Fret — who, as a mere aside, told multiple media sources that he chose to be gay, in part as a hilarious “fuck you” to his strict Christian upbringing — wasn’t gunned down because he may or may not have preferred wee-wees in his bunghole to the warm embrace of a tight ‘gina, but because he could’ve been involved in Puerto Rico's’ booming drug trade, which has essentially turned San Juan into an all out war zone between dueling gangs. Indeed, by Jan 10, the territory had already chalked up 24 murders, which means the island is well on pace to produce upwards of 800 homicides before the year’s over.

But clearly, that’s nowhere near as concerning as Puerto Ricans saying the word “faggot,” and the media’s blaring silence on THAT unpleasant statistic confirms it.

Showing exactly how much they care about the future of this county, more than 30,000 public school employees in Los Angeles go on strike

Despite boasting an average salary north of $50,000 a yearwhich is a couple of thousand dollars higher than the national median wage, I might add — American teachers sure do love to bellyache and complain about being “underpaid” and “understaffed,” to the point publications like Time are actually trying to convince the masses that the nation’s educators are literally starving while teachers unions are only spending a cool $30-$40 million annually on contributions to liberal causes and politicians. Making things worse is their oh-so nauseating, self-aggrandizing tendency to plead their case to literally anyone within earshot about how much they just love the children and how they’re in it to make their students’ lives better, not to make a fortune. I’ve long thought such emotional appeals were a buncha’ bunk, and the recent behavior of more than 30,000 educators in Los Angeles County earlier this month more than proves it.

Members of the nation’s second largest public school district walked off the job Jan. 14, citing the “need” for higher salaries, smaller class sizes and more counselors and nurses on the payroll, according to CNN, to the point the Los Angeles teachers’ union have demanded the school district yank nearly $2 billion out of its reserves in order to increase educator pay by 6.5 percent.

This, while the school district itself is hemorrhaging money like M.C. Hammer with a hole in his parachute pants — fears abound that the district won’t even have enough cash on hand to meet a required 1 percent reserve for the 2021-2022 school year.

So basically, all of these teachers are crying and complaining that the school district refuses to spend money it doesn’t have on personnel it can’t afford, in the process leaving a mere 600,000 children unattended and unsupervised. For the time being classes will go on as scheduled, however, with more than 400 substitute teachers trying desperately to pick up the slack in a district where only 38 percent of students are reading at a proficient levels — and even fewer are proficient at math.

Then again, considering the district has a downright dismal 76 percent graduation rate, maybe all of those protesting teachers aren’t even worth retaining. Here’s hoping the county administrators take a page outta’ Ronnie Reagan’s book and give those striking school teachers the old air traffic controller treatment, and soon.

Gillette commercial encourages consumers to turn boys into betas

For decades, the Gillette brand’s slogan has been “the best a man can get.” Of course, in this era — where simply having a penis is essentially considered an original sin — of course they’d have to haul off and make a new commercial espousing and championing the #MeToo movement and all of its rhetorical riff-raff. In the nearly two-minute spot … which seems to be more concerned pushing its’ “pro-soy” agenda than actually selling razor blades … the commercial chides modern day men for allowing children to, *gasp*, rassle in the backyard and college-aged men to, *egads*, ask women to smile at parties, which as we all know, are LITERALLY the first steps of boys becoming chronic sex abusers. Unsurprisingly, the commercial was directed not by a man, but music video director Kim Gehrig, whose previous highlights include productions with titles like “You Think You’re a Man” and “Viva La Vulva,” who — as an aside — was literally given the directorial gig simply because she was a woman. Naturally, the Internet hoi polloi’s reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly negative, to the point that even Forbes is cranking out articles describing how the ad — as “good-intentioned” as it may have been — could end up costing Gillette reams of moolah in the long run.

Take heed, billion dollar conglomerates of America: in the future, perhaps calling your core demographic a buncha’ irredeemable, sexist rape-machines isn’t the best way to generate positive word of mouth about your product. Sheesh, what’s next — Popeye’s Chicken running a commercial about disproportionate father absenteeism rates and black male-on-white female sexual assault statistics?

Ouroboros official: Democrats officially abandon the Women’s March amid anti-Semitism allegations

Hey, remember back when the Women’s March first happened in 2017 and I told all ya’ll that there’s no way the Democrats’ coalition of feminists, homosexuals, African-Americans, Hispanics, transexuals and Muslims could ever possibly subsist due to those groups’ inherent ideological incompatibilities? Well, all it took was two years down the line for old Jimbo’s prophecy to fulfill itself, as left-leaning groups left and … well, just, left, I suppose … are leaving the annual pro-feminist, anti-Trump festivities en masse amid allegations that the founders of the movement are — you guessed it — deplorable anti-Semites.

Indeed, the Democratic National Convention noped their way out this year’s march when it was revealed that Women’s March cofounder Tamika Mallory posted several social media posts heralding Louis Farrakhan as “the greatest of all-time.” Alas, while Farrakhan is the head figure of a bigoted organization that literally thinks white people were created in a laboratory by a mad scientist and that one day, a UFO called the “Mother Wheel” will literally zap away all the Caucasians on the planet and usher in a new era of Nubian utopia, what REALLY miffed the DNC was Farrakhan’s unflattering comments about DER JUDE, including his wild and crazy and not at all historically accurate declarations that the Chosen profiteered off the Atlantic Slave Trade. Meanwhile, several pro-illegal immigrant and pro-Muslim groups, as well as Black Lives Matter, have announced their decision to sit out the annual Women’s March in New Jersey for essentially having too many white bitches involved, and New York City’s “Women’s March” festivities were so guldarn sparsely attended that even the fuckin’ Times couldn’t hide the fact that hardly anybody turned out for 2019’s shindig on Jan. 19.

Of course, it would be downright rude of me to turn around and rub it in their faces while screaming “told you so,” but you know what? Old Jimbo done “told you so” — and if you hard-headed Dimmiecrats actually wanted to fulfill your political ambitions, you would’ve offered my ass a seven-figure consultation contract a long time ago.

...and a few headlines that speak for themselves…


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