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Politics. Religion. Race. Socioeconomics. All the stuff they tell you to not talk about at the dinner table, and all tons of stuff I can't shut up about. I believe it was the late, great James Brown who made the point, most eloquently: "Living in America, huh, good god, y'all."

These are all the articles, simply put, that are about that. Especially the "huh, good god, ya'll" part.

2017 Articles

2016 Articles

2015 Articles

Taylor Swift's Success, Explained in One Word? Whiteness.

What if they Threw a Race War and Nobody Came?

When it Comes Crashing Down, and it Hurts Inside

Living in a Trans-Utopia

The War on the War on Drugs

Ten Things That Are Probably Worse Than Being Racist

Ten Things That Are Probably Worse Than Being Raped

Autism: An Economic Time Bomb?

2014 Articles

Five Southern Traditions Nobody Talks About

Six Things All White People Like

The Cop Hating Generation

Five Things You Didn't Know About Juvenile Justice in the U.S.

Ignoring the Biggest Problem in American Society?

Some Friendly Advice for Gun Control Advocates

100 Signs You Might Be a Libertarian

Is "Racism" the New McCarthyism?

When Social Sciences Triumph over ACTUAL Sciences

The Myth of Muliculturalism?

Why U.S. Drug Policies Should Be Based on the NES Game "NARC"

2013 Articles

Why Right Wing Individualists Are, Inherently, Idiots

Homosexual Hypocrisy?

How Online Media is Corrupting the Nation's Youth

American Media vs. Middle America

Why It's All Right to Be American

Why Nerd Culture is Destroying America

What's Wrong with Generation Y?

What's So Inhumane About the Death Penalty?

Why the Government SHOULD Be Spying on Our Online Data...

Why America will Never Be A Socialist Country

Explaining Right Wing Ideology in the United States

The Marginalization of the Heterosexual, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male?

The Most Important Supreme Court Case Ever?

An Argument...In Favor of Using Drone Strikes to Kill U.S. Citizens on American Soil?

The Myth of Chicago Gun Violence?

2012 Articles

More Guns? Then Expect More Gun Deaths as a Result (and Other Examples of Logic Completely Rejected by Second-Amendment Enthusiasts)

Why Libertarianism Sucks as an Ideology

Why Was Obama Re-elected?

Why Voting Doesn't Matter

LIVE Play-By-Play from the First Obama/Romney Debate

My Four Favorite Obama Conspiracy Theories

The NRA's $23 Plan to Determine the Presidency

Why the Internet is Slowly Destroying Civilization

Why Constitutional Rights Don't Exist

Three Reasons Why It's OK for EVERYBODY to Dislike Liberals

Why the Trayvon Martin Murder Has NOTHING to do with Racism

Let's Ignore All the Stark-Raving Lunatics, Why Don't We?

An Up-Close Look at Christian Terrorism

Gay Rights, Wrong Ideals?

The 2012 State of the Union Address

2011 Articles

Five Things You Need to Know About White Trash

A Few Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ron Paul...

Is China Really THAT Big of an Economic Threat to U.S. Interests?

The Problem with Modern Atheism

The Republican Debates Drinking Game!


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